most mermaids and mermen had tails that matched something about them, be it their eye color (like Luke’s icy blue tail), hair color (like Calum’s black tail), or personality (like Ashton’s pink tail that he got made fun of for but expressed his happiness perfectly). but Michael, his tail changed colors like a mood ring. he was the only merman that anyone had ever heard of who had a color-changing tail, and some people made fun of him for it, but he embraced his difference and purposely made himself feel things when he was bored so he could watch it change from bored grey to happy orange to sad royal blue and back up to excited bright pink. the day he sees a mermaid he’s never seen before swimming around in his village, he doesn’t even notice his tail turning a bright electric green before he swims over to her, slowly turning into a shy pastel pink when she says how much she loves how his tail changes colors, and maybe they could hang out some time so she can see just how many colors it can change into.

If you ask most Hindu people, “Would you mind if I wore a bindi?” they would probably say “No I don’t” to the question if it came from someone who isn’t a Hindu. To be honest, even I would be on the fence about the question. I don’t think it’s so much the fact that you’re culturally appropriating a part of our religion- because let’s be honest, if us Indians are not on the motherland, and if we aren’t extremely religious, we only use our bindis to wear for parties to complement our Indian clothes and for religious ceremonies- as it is frustration that you’ve made us renounce our culture to assimilate to the “American” culture whatever that may be and then come around and take up the pretty parts of our culture and make them a fashion statement.

I moved from India when I was in the 5th grade and to be honest I would not relate much to the girl that I was then. Just in September I was told that “You know, there was a girl in my 5th grade class who was fresh off the boat. She wore long skirts, she had an accent, and she was just weird.” I had to come clean to the guy that the girl he was referring to was me, and I have changed from then, and it’s true. I have an almost flawless “American” accent, I don’t wear long skirts as often, nor do I act like I used to when I first came to America. I’m pretty sure I even stopped wearing a bindi the first few days after I started school because no one else did so. Before moving I used to love using different colored kum kum to create cute designs between my eyebrows. Now I only wear a small black bindi whenever I wear Indian clothes, which isn’t that often because I find myself more comfortable in Jean and Shirts rather than Salwars or Langa Vonis (Half saris)…

When I think back to this, it frustrates me because think of how many other girls had to change themselves, give up parts of their culture that they were made fun of, like their bindis, their flavorful and aromatic- or if you want to be nasty about it, pungent- food, their beautiful Indian clothes, to assimilate into the American culture, only to see that years later, those very things they’ve given up are now fashionable. This is why we are arguing against using parts of our culture. This is why I say #ReclaimTheBindi

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Calling Booklr

I need help finding a book.
This was something that I read in primary school and absolutely loved it, the only problem is that I can’t remember the title, the author, or the general story. (yeah, I know but hear me out)
Here are the things I do recall:
• it’s about a young girl
• she lives in an impoverished part of the world
• at some point she gets sold/kidnapped/simply moved to a different - bigger place
• the book starts with the girl walking a long distance to a bus stop barefoot (I think to go to school)
• the cover was a light blue

I know that isn’t a lot to go off, but any leads would be wonderful, I’ve been searching for this book for an extremely long time and I’d really love to find it again.
If you think you know anything about it? Please message me?