The beauty and grace that is Westallen 🙌🏾

Guys I’ve never been so obsessed and so freaking in love with a couple like Westallen. I literally cannot watch a single second of their scenes without crying and screaming. We are blessed with cuteness and beauty and grace that is Westallen and I just cannot handle it. I love both of them as individuals but they together… oh boy it’s all I want in my life because they are literally everything 😍😍 I can hear my heart break when I see how much these two are loving each other and honestly if you don’t agree you can fight me because I’m gonna defend them till my last breath (which I have no doubt will be because of them; let’s be honest I died a couple of times in the past watching them and that’s how I would wanna go 😂). Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like my soul and heart are getting ripped out every time I see them and loving it because they are literally goals 🙌🏾❤️ I’m thankful that the writers gave (and still giving) us this healthy relationship and I’m thankful for the fandom cuz no matter where you’re from or who you are the love we feel for Westallen connects us and we would pretty much start a war if anything would happen to them 😂😘  P.S. they are so sweet I can’t even choose a gif without wanting to cry ❣️🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾

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KnB: Last Game Reaction Part 1- Kuroko


I WATCHED IT THREE TIMES ALREADY AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. IT’S SIMPLY HEART PUMPING! Even if you do not know much about the characters, I think you could get into it because of the action/direction/music. 

Of course, if you’re into the series, you’ll CRY. 

I do not know where to start so I’ll start with my own elephant in the room– THAT ONE WITH KUROKOCCHI! :D 

When I watched this scene in the movie without the influence of other fans’ reactions, I was surprisingly calm and I didn’t raise my eyebrow too high. 

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There was a power outage

and my electricity/heat was gone for 3 days because I live North of the fucking wall and we had wind gusts of 180 km/h and white snow squalls. In March. No big deal.

My biggest concerns in the three days over the weekend that I trembled, drank wine and laughed at misfortune with good company while seeing my breath:

1.) My cats are cold. PRIORITY NUMBER ONE HERE. I gave them most of my blankets because I REPEAT, MY CATS ARE COLD AND IT’S DESTROYING ME.

2.) I also happen to be cold.

3.) My food is thawing (oh wait no it isn’t, it’s too cold.) 

4.) I couldn’t fucking watch the new episode of Riverdale.


Guys. Guys. I finally just saw it today. 

My SO has been gawking over at me in horror as I cackle, shriek, cry, and gargle (yes, literally gargle) at my laptop.

Episode 7:

It has to be the BEST EPISODE YET. I loved the Bughead in the last episode but – but but but – I need to get this out of my system to someone ANYONE

-Holy SHIT Fred.
Betty being there for Jughead at the station. FIRST ON THE SCENE. 
-FP trying to be there for Jughead and showing that he genuinely loves him but failing miserably and shattering my heart into tiny sharp little glass shards because his alcoholism is consuming him and that demon is real.
-FP is proud of Jughead’s writing I am a hot mess of mascara and eyeliner here-
-Cheryl Blossom being human. I am loving her more and more each episode-
-CLUBBING with V, Reg, Kev and Josie was the ultimate!
-Hermoine doing the right thing, owning her mistake and reconciling with precious baby Ronnie.
-Betty telling Ronnie how Juggie was there for her: “SWOON.” (Yup. Me too, Ron.)
-And Oh my poor sweet Jughead caught in the act of homelessness by Archie living in a fucking closet a la Harry Potter and he DIDN’T WANT BETTY TO KNOW OH GOD. You can tell this is fucking Archie up FIERCE. FINALLY SOME DEPTH FOR ARCHIE. Jughead is like solid gold and he turns everyone elses plotline into gold just by proximity. 



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Lawd Jesus give me strength. This show is going to be the end of me.
If it gets any better I might just instantly die on my couch the second Jughead says “Our story is about a town.”

*breathes into bag*


I’m good. 

annytecture  asked:

Can we talk about when Josh Dallas cries, we cry?

His performance was so unbelievable stellar last night, it broke my heart into a million pieces and took my breath away. 

It also made me rage because WHY ARE WE JUST NOW GETTING A SCENE LIKE THAT FOR HIM???? The man clearly has the chops to do big stuff. I need more Charming STAT. 

It reminded me of S1 Charming, the one who was a large part of the reason I fell in love with Once. It was that x1000. 

Simply stunning. 


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Assassination Classroom: The Final Episode

Honest talk?

I got more emotional in this episode than I did in the one before, when Korosensei died.

I don’t know why! It’s like, two minutes into Episode 25 and I’m already about to cry.

And thank you, Lerche. For a wonderful last episode. Even if they didn’t animate the holding hands scene, it was amazing and now I’ma crawl into a hole forever because it’s over.

It starts out okay enough…

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My Heart Will Go On (Solangelo Titanic AU)

Disclaimer: I did not proofread that last half because I couldn’t bring myself to reread this. I made the mistake of playing this song on repeat and I can’t stop crying. 

Also, this includes both fact and fictional things. I did research, but I also used scenes from the movie. I tried to make this as accurate as possible, but I’m just a 17 year old with a laptop. 

It’s super lengthy because I had to build it up, add the smut, and make the end as intense as I could without experience of writing action scenes. Sorry. 

ALSO COUNTS AS SMUT REQUEST AND “How you said ‘I love you’” PROMPT NUMBERS 26 (broken as you clutch to me and beg me not to leave) AND 28 (when I am dead). 

April 11, 1912

If he didn’t think about it, Nico could imagine himself sitting in a normal restaurant dining room. The chairs and tables were in perfect order, the afternoon sky allowed a gentle glow from the windows. And as usual, he was surrounded by important people.

Mr. Aster, handsome man that he was, was glowing with pride as he looked around the room. Beside him sat Benjamin Guggenheim, a man almost as rich as Nico from New York. Then there was Mr. Ismay, a pathetically ignorant man that Nico quite enjoyed to hear talk out of sheer entertainment. Eventually, Nico preoccupied himself with watching his moustache bob with his words.

“Would you like to see the plans, Mr. D’Angelo?” Mr. Aster offered. “My wife chides me on never being able to leave the room without the plans.”

Nico smiled and nodded, not really caring, but knowing he had to pretend for his father’s sake. His father had been the business man of the family for the last several decades, and when Nico turned twenty, he passed on the responsibility to him. And his first order of business was aboard the RMS Titanic after boarding from Southampton the day before.

Mr. Andrews spread out his papers along the table, allowing Nico to see intricate plans for each deck of the ship. “Magnifico,” he said under his breath. And it was. Every small detail was planned, and it was real. He was on it now. “This is wonderful, Mr. Andrews. I’m certain my father would agree to sponsor the Titanic’s future voyages. Given that this one goes smoothly.”

“I can assure you it will,” he promised.

“The Titanic’s supremacy will never be challenged. Size means, stability, luxury, and above all strength,” Mr. Ismay said. “God himself could not sink this ship, my friend!” he exclaimed.

Nico raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t test Him,” he mumbled.

“I must agree with Mr. D’Angelo,” the ship’s designer said. “No ship is unsinkable. Rest assured, my good man, this voyage will be the best you’ve been on.”

Mr. Ismay and Mr. Andrews began another conversation with Mr. Guggenheim about the mine industry he was to inherit, and Nico again began to wonder at the design of the dining room.

“More champagne, sir?” a waiter offered. Nico waved him away without peeling his eyes from the delicate carvings of the pillars. “More champagne, sir?” he heard the waiter ask one of the businessmen around him. Then again.

“Mr. D’Angelo, what on earth are you looking at?” one of his companions asked.

Nico allowed his gaze to return to the people around him, but he stopped dead at the sight of the waiter. Eyes as blue as the ocean in the morning sunlight looked at him curiously as he was called out by his table, only to dart away and finish serving the man’s drink.

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Ok but like


High Warlock of Brooklyn, with 400 centuries old, is powerful enough to tear down the whole institute, a Prince of Hell, knows what to do in every situation, knows any kind of language and use it in his magic to get out of a situation or fix something (in this case, fix whatever the shadowhunters did) AND STILL, HE DID A TRUE LOVE KISS BECAUSE HE WAS DESPERATE!!! HE WANTED ALEC BACK AND DID THE LAST THING HE THOUGHT IT COULD WORK (not that it didn’t break my heart that it didn’t work) AND HE WAS DEVASTATED AFTERWARDS BECAUSE IT DIDN’T WORK.

I mean, he knew but a last chance to try something else, right? He knew that what Alec needed was his parabatai, and it breaks my heart to say it, but Magnus wasn’t what Alec needed.


Especially, Clary and Magnus. The hand holding and the relief and the tears. Of course, Alec had eyes just for Jace in that moment but I hope he’ll realized later that even people that are not his family (yet) are thrilled, happy, relieved that he is back.

This episode had me feeling some type of way and, ok, I’m not a Jalec fan but THIS episode is what I expect to see in later episodes. Becase it’s time for Jace to need Alec too, that they brothers and they have eachothers backs at all times. Not just when Jace is being reckless and Alec has to save his ass.

On a side note, I really hope that they introduce Magnus’ mourning because this was a closed call. I mean, he couldn’t helped his best friend and now he almost lose his future boyfriend? That leaves a mark, that leaves you shaken and he deserves a five minutes break from all this heartbreak.

Lonely Tear

Type: drabble-like scenario 

Words: 802 

Summary: Yoongi cheated on you, but he’s determined in making up for it.

Epilogue of the ‘Rapper line caught cheating’ text series. Yoongi ver.

This is the first time I try something that is not texts so excuse me

Part 1-Part 2- Part 3- Part 4 Yoongi vers. Part 4 Namjoon vers.

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Min Yoongi was always late. Always.

You got used to his feeble nature rather quickly, stealing his watch and phone and setting them ten minutes ahead just to be sure. He was always late anyway, but not as much as before. So when your parent’s doorbell rang, five minutes after you last text with Yoongi you knew it wasn’t him.

Your parents were still at work, it was three in the afternoon of a Wednesday and the silence enveloped the living room when you opened the door without even asking who it was. The perks of living all your life in one of the quietest neighborhood of the town. Over the years that place had never changed, the house were still all painted in pastels colors, the fences were white as ever and the grass always cut and green.

But something was off. Yoongi was standing, if that could be considered standing, on your porch. One hand was holding his stomach while the other was positioned on the doorframe, trying to keep himself up. He was breathing hard and sweat was trickling down on one of his eyebrows, your first instinct to wipe it off but your hand stood still on your side.

-Hey.-  he breathed with a nonchalance you felt envious of because honestly, his cold demeanor had always fascinated you. You pressed your lips in a thin line, your hand now moving just to make an awkward greeting.

-Are you going to explain why you’re here? Panting like you ran the New York Marathon too? –

Yoongi would have chuckled but a loud cough shook him. He thought he should really hit the gym with Jungkook from time to time, trying to stop himself from spitting his lungs out.

-I ran here from the train station. – he managed to say when the pain in his stomach wasn’t as bad. You furrowed your eyebrows before gesturing him to follow you inside.  Yoongi would have stop in the entrance, mesmerized by the many pictures of you hang on the wall, but your speedy façade told him this wasn’t the right time.

-Okay. Back at my first question… why are you here?- you asked turning your head and meeting his eyes for a brief moment before continuing your walk to the kitchen. Yoongi stopped in his tracks at those words but quickly made up the distance by grabbing your hand softly, mutely asking you to halt.

-I told you. I wanted to see you. – He scanned the back of your head intently, waiting for you to turn around and flash that smile he always bragged about with his members. You didn’t know that.

But you stayed still, the little hair on your neck raising up hearing Yoongi’s voice just beside you ear. You gulped and looked at the bookshelf on your side, waiting for him to talk because you had suddenly lose your ability to speak. Catching on your behavior, Yoongi opened his mouth but only a frantic exhalation could be heard.

He tightened his hand on yours and looked at it, loving how they still fit perfectly with each other even when you two felt so distant.

-I spent the last three hours on a train rehearsing this amazing speech that would have you crying your heart out of joy, but now I can’t remember it…- he breathed hopelessly and your other hand closed in a fist feeling the tension between you and Yoongi grow by the second.

-Cry my heart out of joy? You overestimate yourself. – you sighed finally turning around and gasping at the upsetting scene displayed in front of you.

Min Yoongi was crying. A lonely salty tear was rolling down his pearly cheek and he looked away, groaning and gulping down air, because his mouth was as dry as ever. He opened his mouth inhaling a shaky breath, refusing to look at you and cursing himself for not being able to hold back.

Yoongi raised his head to look at you only when that tear had dried up, and he was sure it was the first and last. You on the other hand were crying shamelessly, looking at the only man you’ve ever loved breaking down in front of you, a sight not many people had witnessed.

You never knew why Yoongi decided to hug you in that particular moment. Maybe he wanted to feel you, to know you were there for him even when he was at his worst, maybe he just needed someone to hold onto, maybe he wanted to hide the tears that suddenly began to roll down his cheeks, one by one, following the pattern of the first one, not so lonely anymore.

You never knew. But that moment you became aware of something else, more valuable and precious.

-I love you, Min Yoongi. -

ME BEFORE YOU: Every step of the way

Let’s talk a bit about Me Before You.

I’d been very busy with endless school homework and exams that I had to postpone my Me Before You movie date with my parents and brother for two weeks. Finally, I was able to see the film on the eve of the fourth of July. And here’s a short review.  

Having read the best parts of the book and watched the movie’s trailers so many times, I entered the cinema thinking that I probably wouldn’t cry anymore. Heck, I reached the beach scene, the “You’re not giving it a chance; you’re not giving me a chance” scene, the most emotional scene according to Sam himself, without shedding a single tear. My mom—MY MOM—started crying, but strangely, I remained silently watching beside her. Of course, Sam was right; the beach scene truly was a very emotional scene. (I’ll never forget how that particular scene had crushed my heart when I’d first read the book.) I knew very well how the story of the star-crossed lovers would end, but I still felt utterly sad and broken as if I wasn’t ready to witness the end. But I didn’t cry. I wasn’t crying—well, that was until the scene where Lou was on her way to Dignitas and I heard Photograph in the background. That was the moment when I completely broke down. We were the last ones to leave the theater because I just couldn’t stop crying, believe or not.

There were many scenes in the book that didn’t make it to the two-hour film; most were scenes where characters like Patrick and Treena could have stood out as they had in the book, hence, decreasing the screen time of lovely actors Matthew Lewis and Jenna Coleman. I wanted to see more of Matt and Jenna in the film, especially Jenna because of the realistic sisters love-hate relationship that her character Treena and Lou had in the book. It was a bit disappointing because we’re talking about the actors who played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, respectively. Apparently, some scenes really had to be excluded to fit the most important ones in two hours. Nonetheless, I was grateful Jojo Moyes wrote the screenplay herself, so the film remained very faithful to the book if not for the scenes and characters that were excluded.

(1) The maze scene didn’t make it to the film. Although Thea Sharrock gave a sensible reason for deleting this scene, I still believe it should have been included because that particular scene played a pivotal role as to what made Lou the way she was in the present.
(2) There was no Georgina Traynor, which was okay because her character wasn’t really necessary.
(3) Mr. Traynor’s affair was not included.
(4) Lou and Will didn’t get tattoos, much to my dismay.
(5) Lou didn’t move in with Patrick nor did she accept Will’s offer to stay in the annex during the weekends.
(6) Lou didn’t get a “birthday card” from Will. The card that actually contained money as birthday bonus for her.
(7) We didn’t see much of Camilla Traynor’s perspective, specifically the car scene where she tried hard to convince Lou to not quit after she realized Will’s planned trip to Dignitas.
(8) Lou didn’t get to chat with some quads on an online support group.
(9) Several scenes in the Clark household were also not seen in the film. We barely saw Granddad and Thomas. And of course, Treena.

Other than those deleted scenes, everything was perfect! Albeit all the negative comments I read/heard, I believe Emilia and Sam were perfectly cast as Lou and Will. I was very happy and grateful for they did justice to the characters I loved and to this film’s beautifully British star cast for they all did justice to the movie. I’d also like to mention I totally loved the soundtrack choice(s)! Ed Sheeran, X Ambassadors, Imagine Dragons, and a lot more other wonderful artists! Ed’s Photograph and Thinking Out Loud were both perfect for the story! I wouldn’t talk about the euthanasia issue because (1) I’m so done explaining to people that neither the book nor the movie is about euthanasia as well as the fact that the story never, in any way, promotes euthanasia to PWD; and (2) I’d like to focus not on the wheelchair but on the man sitting on it and the girl sitting on his lap and their utterly beautiful yet sad love story. Really, if you look at it, Me Before You is just a simple love story that would throw you into an abyss of sadness and give you life realizations that you never knew you needed.

This is probably less necessary, but I have to say I lost track of how many times I said the word PRETTY every time there was a close up Emilia Clarke scene and how many times I found myself grinning from ear to ear since the moment Lou helped Will shave, what with Sam Claflin and his gorgeous face and gorgeous smile and gorgeous dimples.

On a more serious note, this is the thing that killed me. Just when I thought the movie would end with “Just live well. Just live. Love, Will, Jojo had a more brilliant idea. Instead, she added that beautiful line that simultaneously killed and revive me:

“ Just live well. 

Just live.

I’ll be walking beside you every step of the way.

Love, Will. 

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but before Me Before You’s UK premiere, Sam had a 50-day countdown on his instagram where he posted MBY photos. He used that every-step-of-the-way line as captions for two different posts: one addressed to his fans and the other dedicated to Emilia and Thea. For some reason, it remained in my memory, so I remembered it right away after hearing the same line from the movie. I don’t know why, but I think it was just really very lovely! That line, the way Sam used it for his fans and dear friends Emilia and Thea, and finally how it ended Will’s letter and the movie beautifully. Will wanted Lou to know that he’d be by her side every moment of her journey albeit not physically.

So this is it. Me Before You is scored on my heart and will be with me every step of the way.

Things I will never get over: last half of ITA Edition

Honestly I had degrade this list so much

• building shelves scene *wink*

• Zu talking and causing me to erupt into tears

• Ruby giving Liam a kiss on the cheek before he left and Cole coming up and tapping his cheek and Ruby flicking his cheek instead

• Cole. nuf said

• oh my god Liam on the payphone crying my heart could only take so much

• when Liam was running towards Ruby and she almost shot him and has to yell at him to stop doing that

• also Ruby grabbing the gun from Liam because she didn’t want him to lose that part of him

• the walking of Thurmond scene. I get chills every time I swear

• Ruby finally reuniting with her Grams (cue more tears)

• Ruby and Liam having a conversation and not hanging up and falling asleep on the phone. smh those nerds

• Liam having Ruby and him wait for the next elevator just so he could kiss her *heart eyes*

• the fact that chubs got new glasses

• Liam planning a mini road trip and getting a mini van

• Vida and Chubs calling each other “dear”

• tdm actually ending with no epilogue (which I actually like because it leaves for us to create these headcanons for their future)

I’m honestly in tears right now. I knew that this series will hurt me a lot but I DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD AFFECT ME THIS MUCH???!?! Through the episode I couldn’t help but to look into Angelo’s eyes, let’s be honest, his eyes reflected all his feelings, I slowly started to accept his death by the end of the episode but oh look, they decided to give us all some hope for a happy ending when the ending song popped in. 

I mean ???? HOW COULD THEY DO THAT I had my hopes up for Angelo and Nero’s happy ending but then Nero kills him right after he said that he couldn’t kill Nero because he didn’t want to??? AND THEN NERO KILLS ANGELO??? JUST NOOOO I CAN’T. Why only Angelo, why not Nero? Though there might be a slight chance that Angelo didn’t die but we won’t know that anymore *sigh*

The scene in which Angelo started to cry and said ‘’You should have just killed me back then’’ was honestly so powerful, you could hear my heart break at that very moment. I was in tears till the very end and the last screentime of Angelo was just … HE LOOKED SO INNOCENT, A TRUE ANGEL

and let’s not forget about Tigre’s death ; __ ; at least Fio and Cerotto are alive

To be honest, I wasn’t affected this much by an anime ever since Zankyou no Terror which kind of left me mentally unstable. I’m so done with everything. bye.

Right when I think I can't take anymore...

This episode saved me. Of course there were a few things about this episode that I could have lived without, but nothing that I couldn’t take. What really brought me up with this episode was the return of my darling precious Mandy fucking Milkovich. When she called Ian, she looked… Not great. But he left immediately, even though they haven’t talked in god knows how long. It broke my heart to see her ruffled up, mascara running under her eyes, and spots of blood on her dress, but I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her. I was pretty heart broken to find out that she was an escort, not gonna lie. I feel like she deserves so much more, but this is an improvement for sure. It’s all worth it to know that she’s away from that abusive fuckhead Kenyatta. I still see her leaving the business and finding another job with better benefits and less strings attached, but for now, it’s enough to see her taking care of herself, finally. After all, she IS a Milkovich. It was the best kind of heartbreak to FINALLY, after so LONG, see Ian and Mandy in their rightful places. Their friendship has always been so important to me, and we lost the core of their relationship after season 2. A few scenes here or there, but nothing as pure. The return of that dynamic was something that I needed so bad, that it moved me to tears. (Again.) Ian and Mandy have always been such good friends from the moment Ian yelled, “I’m gay!” As she walked away. A rocky start, but again. It’s fucking Shameless. And, oh my dear Jesus, I almost lost it when Ian told Mandy that he was dating Caleb. When she said, that’s a step up from my brother, I was pissed. For point two seconds. Then I heard Ian say, “I miss Mickey.” Now, I’m not gonna lie, I was too busy collapsing to the floor in a literal hysterical heap to hear much of what they said afterwards. I’m gonna have to rewatch it to really focus, but that right there. Made it all worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still irritable with Ian because of the way he’s acted up to this point, but this episode showed the much needed side of Ian that we’ve all been missing. Without Caleb this week, I was really able to focus on just Ian, and it’s a goddamn relief to see him. It was a glimpse of the Ian that we all fell in love with, and God have I missed him. When Mandy started to leave, I started crying again. On one hand, I want her to stay because I missed her desperately, but on the other hand, it warms my heart to know that she has picked herself up and gotten out of Southside, somethings she thought she would never do. Mandy is essentially good at heart, whatever she has done in the past, I believe that. Fiercely loyal, a trait that we all marvel at in the Milkoviches. So, while I really just need to see one last brother and sister moment between her and Mickey, now that I’ve gotten my Ian and Mandy scene, I’m glad to know that she’s out there and that she knows who to call if she needs us. And let me just say, it gave me the deepest pleasure and a profound sense of pride to see her walk out of the Gallagher house, having seen Lip. Lip saw her, dressed nicely, no longer bruised, her Jeep right outside, and it just gave me the best feeling. I will never fully forgive Lip for how he treated Mandy. I understand that’s just how he is, but she deserved more, so I am so glad that he got to see just how well she did on her own. So, Mandy, my love. Adieu. Don’t be a stranger, because we all love you. And I am so fucking proud of you.

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Oh there’s so much to say isn’t there…

First of all, to all the beloved fanfic writers who write about Coliver: I feel like this episode was right out of your ficlets. There was something so familiar about it and almost surreal.  

- Oliver feeling insecure about his looks

- Oliver wanting to be introduced to Connor’s friends.. perhaps to reassure him that Connor is proud to admit that Oliver is his partner?  That he wants to be a part of Connor’s life?

- Oliver meeting Connor’s friends and Connor being supportive knowing Oliver is a little anxious and a little nervous

By the way, I don’t think I say this enough.. but your ficlets are beautiful. Each and every one of them. Sometimes they make me wonder… Why don’t I have something that beautiful in my life?! I want that!!! 

But as with the other Coliver scenes lately.. I’m a little… Did I like that Connor didn’t ease Oliver’s concerns that he wasn’t good looking enough for him when Oliver voiced them? No. I didn’t like that because Oliver is hot dammit.  He is the perfect amount of hot and adorkable and if he was real and liked my team I would be all over him. I didn’t like that it was Oliver who asked Connor to introduce him to the people he spent most of his time with. I get that they were supposed to take things slow and it wouldn’t be the right time to introduce Oliver to his friends.. But I also assumed that because things were a little fragile, that he would try to do things a little differently to gain Oliver’s trust back? Be a little more open? I also didn’t like the whole spiel about the maybe-future-ex-boyfriend-once-he-could-trust-him (because I think it’s a little snarky and off putting.  Was it really necessary? I kind of felt insulted when I heard it and I’m not even in the relationship)  And I didn’t like that line about Oliver being able to kill.. er.. something that I didn’t quite catch. What did he say? What was that about? I think Oliver had every right to be concerned about a trigger. (I don’t know… but I kinda felt weird about the writing here… Sometimes I felt like the lines weren’t lines which Connor would have said. Something just didn’t sit right with me. But again, these opinions are my own… Perhaps I’m just really protective of Oliver’s character and I want the best for him because he is the best dammit. Sidenote: Is it strange that I’m talking this way about completely fictional characters? Please excuse my rambling if it sounds awkward.)

I was highly amused with Michela’s Laurel’s and Wes’s reaction to the entire thing. Then again, I guess I couldn’t expect much from the three of them when they aren’t really friends right? It was quite sweet that they actually tried. (And Connor’s little eye roll thing when Michela mentioned Connor talking about Oliver all the time was hilarious.)

What I did appreciate was that Connor kept his hand on Oliver’s back when he introduced him to the group. It was sweet. He knew Oliver was nervous and he didn’t leave his side. Connor was obviously hesitant about introducing him to the group but sucked it up because Oliver wanted this, and he wanted Oliver. I thought that was really sweet.  I loved that he didn’t have a single drink at the bar because he knew Oliver would be looking out for him and he didn’t want Oliver to be concerned. I loved the way he took care of Oliver and didn’t take advantage of him, and I especially loved the little smile he had when he heard Oliver say “I love you”.  That was a smile right? But the music was so ominous. I was a little concerned. I have this horrible feeling in my gut which I can’t quite describe. I was so so SO happy when I first saw the scenes.. the kiss made me swoon.  Perhaps I’m just thinking too much.  I want this to be real for the both of them.  I want Oliver to have everything he deserves and I want Connor to fall for this man so hard.. it’s just something I’m not feeling right now? Perhaps it looks like he’s holding back a little because of the circumstances.. like he wants to fall but he can’t do it right now because that would mean dragging Oliver through the mess which he doesn’t want to do. But he can’t leave Oliver completely either? Ok I’m going to go with that because thinking about anything else just makes me really upset.  After the last Shameless episode and the Gallavich scene which made me cry I don’t think my heart could take any more pain. 


It was just an emotional episode, I guess. Rowan, August, and Sabrina apparently all had to cry in the last scene. Usually they can’t just turn those emotions off. There have been other curtain calls with them crying too. (Although seeing Auggie cry broke my heart a little lol). 

Shows that have only aired seven episodes of their season (especially on Disney Channel) don’t usually get a pickup until much later. We’re not even half way through the season yet. It feels like more because they’ve filmed so much of it, and spoilers have leaked. Episode eight hasn’t even aired yet and they’re filming episode 19. Most shows don’t get a 30 episode order every season anyway. Even though Disney can be different, 22-24 episodes a season is perfectly normal for a TV show. They didn’t get a third season pickup until late 2015. Disney’s on a different timetable then network shows that air traditionally from September to May.

So let’s not freak out until we have a credible source saying these things, or better yet an announcement from Michael Jacobs or Disney.


look at how scared they both were when they heard the raven…The Doctor was so scared but as soon as he sees Clara, he squares up his shoulders because he must be strong, even if it breaks his hearts…and by the time she faces him, she has put on her brave face too. But clearly they are both very scared of loss and death. And those last two, look at how he is smiling and pouring all his love out while she is looking…because these may be the last few moments. But the moment she turns away, you can see all the pain and suffering he has been hiding, because he doesn’t want her to see that…he doesn’t want her to be sad/guilty for them.

tony-buddenbrook  asked:

Hi! I am very curious about your opinion on "The Shepherds Crown"? Did you like it? (By the way, your blog is amazing)

(Thank you!) I did like it. I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed it because I spent the whole time crying like my heart was breaking, (because it was) but it felt a lot more like Terry’s older work before the Alzheimers took away his ability to type. And for that I was grateful, it felt like one last bright moment in the dark to say good bye before the candle went out.

I loved the Feegles. (I loved the boomerang scene, “oh aye that’s great, it’s a weapon that fights back” just, as a Scottish person who grew up in Glasgow I laughed uproariously because it’s the spiritual embodiment of every bar fight I’ve ever been around to witness) and I enjoyed Tiffany coming to terms with who she is and not who she worries she ought to be, it was a very Granny moment and I appreciated it.

I also liked the idea of a male witch as one more gentle nudge at defying gender conformity. I always felt like Pratchett was trying to poke at things he wasn’t quite sure he had the language for but knew to be a form of bullshit injustice and wish dearly he’d been around long enough to pursue those ideas.

Overall I thought it was a good way to end such a long running series. I don’t think it pushed any boundaries or ideas like some of his other works, but then I don’t think it was meant to. It felt like closure. Closure and a fond farewell, and thanks for all the words.


Pardon me while I cry myself to death because of this wonderful child. T_T I don’t care about what happens after this, this scene broke my heart!!! I’m fucking crying a waterfall here even though I know what was gonna happen! I can’t wait for more!

P.S. I listened to the last song of the “Dark Knight” film while taking these screenshots, not a good idea in my book!

Goblin Ep13 thoughts

- I totally did not expect things to go this way or at least this quickly. I knew they had to kill Park Joong Won (actually I need to point this out, but when you read the Korean part where Grim Reaper is filling out this Missing Soul form, it says 박중헌- which is Park Joong Hun in English, but whatevs) and I knew it had to do with the sword, but I thought Eun Tak would be the one to kill him after she took out the sword…

- did anyone notice when Sunny said 사람인든 사람아닌 사람같은 너 (translation: it’s as if you’re human, but not human but is like a human) to Eun Tak, it was a throwback to Soyou’s song Some? (And she sings the OST in Goblin too!!!)

- why was it that when I saw Eun Tak and Kim Shin kissing that I felt like I was intruding on something? Usually I love passionate kisses like this, but this kiss was so full of desire that I was blushing while I was watching it. Also was I the only one who thought he was gonna go in for another kiss, but he stopped himself because he needed to go fight the evil ghost? Props to you, Gong Yoo. If anyone ends up doubting your acting skills, I will refer them to this drama. And Coffee Prince. And Train to Busan. And anything else because I love you, ajjushi

-I finally realized why Kim Shin was named Kim Shin. Shin, or 신 in korean, means god (not as in God, but a god). And now everything makes sense! Because he’s a diety and he was seen as a god by the people when he was a general. Did I notice this too late…?

- I think I just noticed how sexy Gong Yoo’s voice is. Ugh. When he said, “I’ll be back”, my hearts almost stopped. And the way he looked at Eun Tak omg please save me
Now I understand what Sunny meant when she said “he makes you feel like you’re in the smallest café”

- a lot of people translated the line “너를 만난 나의삶은 상이었다” as “Meeting you in my life was a reward”, but actually it’s better translated as “My life was a reward because I met you”. And to me, this translation is so touching because although at first he considered his life a reward, near the end, he considered it a punishment. But here was when he noticed that his life was actually a reward from up above because he met Eun Tak. Ugh my heart. He needs to be resurrected!!!!!!!! (Please writer-nim)

- That last scene when Eun Tak is crying her heart out, I felt so uncomfortable. It was just so heart-wrenching and I can’t watch people cry in real life either because it makes me feel so upset because I can’t do anything, and I felt this way here. The pain felt so real. Kim Go Eun, I will be watching out for your other dramas!

- the fact they had so many fake “I love you"s made the real ones so much more effective. Before they said those things out of selfishness, but at this moment it was out of true love. Usually when people confess their love at death scenes, it always seems a little cringey to me, but not this one. This one felt REAL

- I honestly only watched one other drama by this authors, The Heirs, and I did not really enjoy that drama. It may be because I don’t like Park Shin Hye that much (don’t kill me), but it didn’t really get me that excited. But after watching this drama, I really need to go back and watch her other dramas and give The Heirs another try. (And yes, The Descendants of the Sun is first on my list)