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Are you a star in the night sky? Because every night I search for you and can't wait to see you again ~ ○♡○ 💝💞


When Memories Resurface

We had been from home less than a week when we took a job in Kansas City. We both wanted to take some time off of hunting and enjoy married life, but it was the closest thing I had to a hometown. I had to go. 

I pulled up to a house in a swanky part of town called Mission Hills, a world away from where I had grown up, and I took a steadying breath. The last vic had lived here. She had been died in a locked room like the others. No real cause evident. It just all seemed weird. 

The thing that had caught my eyes was her husband’s name: Mike. Same first name as my father, if I dare call him that when I have three father figures at home who are light years better than he ever was, but for better or worse, he had raised me for quite a few years. 

I looked towards Alfie and took a deep breath. Time to meet this man. Then, my heart stops. I see him walking towards us. Mike. The evil asshole who hurt me repeatedly. Here. He’s the vic’s husband. 



“Look when i get drunk, i get stupid and emotional and there’s no logic to it. It’s, like, it’s possible I got so drunk I felt like I was losing Morty to the Vindicators and maybe this is my way of saying, “okay”, you can have him but only if you know how important he is, “otherwise i’ll kill you.”

i love how matt is acting all classy in that ad with the tux and the fancy ass trenchcoat and the cologne and i’m like??? we all know you wear zebra leggings and baseball caps and talk about pumpkins and candy 24/7 boy u ain’t fooling anyone


stydia appreciation week: day 2 ❤ #the times they made me swoon

“She realized that home wasn’t a place. It was here, safe in his arms. As long as she had this, everything would be all right.”  — Amber Argyle, Witch Born