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(w the stigma wallpaper) the same guy also asks me what i listen to and you can hear my heart stopping

I HATE WHEN PPL ASK TO LISTEN TO WHT SONG UR LISTENING TO its like Why did u just happen to ask while im listening to wolf demo version by exo And then u have to awkwardly maneuver like “haha….. its nothing. im listening to.. radio static”

Requests from last week are slowly getting done as I get through Dead Week this week, but I really wanted to share some news w/ you all!


Words can’t explain how happy I am. This is actually a big thing for me. I’ll be a first-generation college student, and this is honestly one of the biggest wishes my parents had for me. As much as I like to think that I value education a lot, there has been time where I just struggled w/ school. The students in my year are really competitive, and a majority of them come from a middle-upper class household which sometimes  just brought down my confidence on whether I would be able to get into college or not. I pondered the thought whether this path was really for me. Even now, I still don’t know what my strengths are or what I want to pursue. The school I’ve been accepted to was not my first choice school, but a school that my parents wanted me to attend because it was near home. Still, just knowing that I qualified to at least this school is a proud accomplishment for myself. You guys are a big part of my life, so I wanted you lovelies to know as well. Thank you for cheering me on. If you have any college advice, please do share! Haha. ♥

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