Still not over it...

I have been waiting for like an eternity but seriously there hasn’t been anything confirming anything at all. The silence just makes me more certain that they already broke up. 

They’ve been my otp for 3 years and I’ve been so supportive of both of them, following every step in their lives and careers. Now they’re separate items and they would both be following different paths. I know it’s for their own good but it’s still so hard for a shipper like me to come to terms with it. 

Is anyone as heart-broken and sad as me? I feel like the fandom is a bit too calm. No one has freaked out on tumblr or anything yet :( They were so perfect and set up such a great role model for fans like us. 

They could have had it all. 

Please. If anyone is having the same feelings as me… leave me a message so we can talk or something. I don’t want to feel so lonely here. Come talk to me if you feel like to. I’m ready to talk about my shidgit feels and the denial stage.


[Spoilers] Hey guys~! It’s time for my next K-drama review and I just finished watching Who Are You?: School 2015 and it was seriously amazing! I loved the plot, even though it was unrealistic as it showed us numerous aspects of Korean high school life. Bullying, suicide, outcasts…just everything…and I really loved how they showed the closeness of the class and how they really loved the teacher :D This is definitely makes the list my favourite dramas as it wasn’t predictable! I have watched numerous dramas and can usually pick up hints and predict plot lines and relationships but I seriously did not know who Eun Bi was going to be with until the very last episode. As much as it broke my heart that Eun Bi didn’t choose Tae Kwang in the end and she sunk all my ships, I learnt to accept her with Yi An. I mean, come on, Yi An is the cutest, fluffiest and most perfect boy ever. I’m really happy that Tae Kwang also came to forgive his parents and became a happier person. Sungjae though, I am seriously so proud of his acting he was amazing and I can’t wait to see more of his dramas! He is one of the few talented idol actors and being so young, i know he has a great future ahead of him. Overall, I would have preferred Tae Kwang and Eun Bi to be together but I absolutely loved this drama and won’t forget all the suffering, feels, and complete happiness I had while watching this. P.S I hope you like the gifs, i fangirled so much making them :D What drama should I watch next? Please send me requests ^^


Take out gifs with credit~!

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So there’s this girl in my class, me and her have been friends for a few years now and lately she basically started playing with my heart. She flirted and touched and cuddled but we never really took it seriously, but the more we acted like that the more i fell in love with her. Until one day I decided I am asking her over to sleep at my house and then I’ll make the move. The day she was supposed to sleep over we skipped class and went and sat at our school’s tennis court, that’s when she told me she had a boyfriend (which by the way I used to have a massive crush on) and basically broke my heart, she gave me the wrong message all along. And now because I am a good friend I need to help her with advice and sometimes hang out with her and her boyfriend which ends up with me feeling awkward and them making out.. Im just kinda sad and heartbroken

Thoughts on Pride

Well, I watched Pride (I know I’m late to the party on that one). I teared up a couple of times and thought I was going to make it through without really crying, but I was sobbing by the end. The whole thing is so beautiful, and it really makes me think about some of the issues people in our communities are facing right now.

The primary message of the movie, or at least what I took away from it is that we can’t do anything in isolation. Everyone needs help sometimes, and there’s no need to be embarrassed of that. Uniting people for one common goal is what helps accomplish those goals. Because of that–and if I have failed to make this clear before, I apologize–but I am here for anyone who needs help. Seriously.

I’m not going to lie: I watched it for Andrew Scott. His character’s story line broke my heart and then put it back together. However, I never thought I’d fall so in love with the cast. Holy shit they were all amazing. Every. Single. Person. I can see why Andrew is so proud of this movie now.

God. My mind is still just blown.

The Calling (2014)

An excellent film.

It’s been years since I’ve seen a film this good.

I would highly recommend. Do NOT listen to IMDB. I honestly cannot with reviews these days.

Really excellent.

Fantastic story, incredible acting.

Christopher Heyerdahl you broke my heart.

There is just so much relief..

Even though he hasn’t said it yet. Adam loves me. I know he does. I can tell by the way that he looks at me. There is just so much relief….

For two and a half years, I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to be happy again. I thought I was going to live my life constantly in pain and sadness. And now I don’t have to. There is just so much relief…

I’ve always loved Adam even when he broke my heart. My feelings for him NEVER went away (no matter how much I told my friends that they did). When I look at him in the eyes, I see the person that I fell in love with 3 years ago. He’s someone that makes me smile and laugh. He makes me forget the hell I went through the past two years. He’s seriously turned my life around.. I could’ve been dead by now and I am SO glad that I’m not because I would’ve never gotten this chance again.

I know people won’t understand because they only see the bad that came from him but I am the happiest girl on the planet. And I honestly don’t think that he’s going to hurt me again. He talks about kids and marriage and moving in together and all these things of the future and i fucking love it. He is really serious about me and us and wanting things to work out and I am SO SO SO glad. 

Love is a crazy CrAzY thing… 

July 3, 2015 7:25 pm

This is fucking bullshit. I hate this so fucking much!

You seriously broke my heart and made me the saddest I’ve been in so long and you won’t get the fuck out of my mind! Why do I even think about you? Why do you still even matter? I should be so over you like I pretend to be.

I never even loved you but you’re stuck on me. I just want to text you or see you someday and ask you why. Why did you make me feel like shit? Why was it your goal to hurt me day in and day out?

I already asked and I don’t think the answer is good enough.

But you’ve probably moved on. I probably never cross your mind. I was probably nothing to you like you were something to me.

I can’t stop blaming myself for everything that happened between us even though you told me not to. I’ve been hoing myself around to try to forget you and it makes me miss you more.

I’ve drank and done drugs more and still you’re on my mind. Just fucking leave. I fucking hate you for hurting me. You ignorant asshole

All I could think about today was you. I wanted to be with you again today but its not worth it. I wish you would make it worth it

I just found out that my high school sweetheart and pretty much the only girl I’ve ever loved is getting married to the biggest asshole that went to school with us. She thought it would be a good idea to invite me to their fucking wedding. I don’t like posting shit like this, but this seriously broke my heart. Why out of all people, you choose to marry the guy we used to make fun because of his dumbass haircut and how much of a douche he was? We were together thru the entire time we were in high school and about two and a half years after. And even if it was just during the moment, our last conversation was that we would meet again, and get married. We did not brake up over anything stupid or because one of us cheated. We just both wanted alone time. It is now the worst decision I’ve ever made. As much as I want to tell her not to marry him and to give me another chance, it sucks knowing I have to let things be. I might go to the wedding just to see her face and hear her voice one more time. But then again, I won’t because I feel it will hurt way too much. I hope she somehow finds her way to reading this without me having to tell so she knows how I feel. I will never forget you, Jocelyn Centeno.

it completely hit me today how im totally done high school. it feels so ridiculously weird and confusing that i just keep on asking myself"now what?“ I just finished a huge milestone in my life. a milestone with plenty of ups and downs. a milestone filled with laughter and tears. high school gave me a chance to meet great people, people who genuinely care/cared for me, people who ill probably never see again, although i wish that wont happen but yknow. broke some hearts, got mine broken as well(all gucci now), made good and terrible decisions, decisions that I never thought i would make but still did anyways lol. but yeah, now I seriously have to get my shit together. i have to learn when to say no and not accept anything that i dont deserve especially the shit from these fuckboys.
i need to learn how to be a grown up and have greater ambitions…
but still have some fun 😁😁😁 & theres not really a lot of changes happening right now but in reality we all know that not everythings going to stay the same. also, no matter what happened in high school ill always be thankful. thank you for the memories, the life changing experiences, the lessons, for teaching me different ways to show love & for giving me a second family & although not everyday was the best, i could honestly still say that i have no regrets. take care to all my fellow graduates out there! kick ass in university and if not university then just go have fun! make memories experience all kinds of shit and dont regret it. lets goooo adult life. we got thisss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

it’s the little things that make you feel better. me and my younger brother, bob (fyi that is his real name? i’ve had people ask why i’m using a fake name before?? but anyway) both listen to music together and sing along and stuff.

but like a few weeks ago bob asked why i never sing any of the slurs, they’re mostly gendered slurs that he doesn’t take seriously. he said that words like b*tch are ‘just words’ and don’t mean anything, and honestly it broke my heart a little. i mean he’s just 13, and yet he’s already being poisoned by toxic ideas like these.

i explained why the words were bad, and today he gave me hope. i heard him leaving the slurs out when singing, the same way i do, and he smiled at me when he did it. i know he’s a good person, i just need to help him be better about a few things.

i think that if you can, you should help the people you love be better and less ignorant, and it’s really really admirable if you can manage to help! although it is Totally understandable if you can’t, or you don’t want to. especially if they are trying their hardest to stay stubbornly ignorant, and don’t listen to you

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You should make a part 2 to the the summer one with Luke where she's leaving to go home. It seriously broke my heart into like pieces. You are an amazing writer

ah oh my god thank you!! this means the world to me :-)
should part two be when she’s going home or when she’s back home?