I write to you from afar. From somewhere out of site. I hide behind this wall of fortress I call words. Never showing who I am. If only I had the courage to actually go up and tell you how I feel about you. Tell you that your smile uplifts my soul and that your eyes melt my heart and bring me down to my knees. If only you knew that what I write is directed to you. But I have nothing more to give than these words I compose to you. And with every piece of work I write, there’s a bit of me that goes inside each and every one of them. And I feel myself breaking apart, piece by piece, trying to figure out what I can do to show you how much I adore you. How much I wish to make you mine. But if this is the end of me, then so be it. I would rather leave this world having left myself in everything that I write for you than to leave it without having any purpose at all. 

- B.

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Am I the only one who gets turned on when BTS speaks in English? And Satoori? Oooh my lord. Satoori is the death of my virgin life.



AND WITH SATOORI it’s so weird bc I don’t understand what they’re saying but it’s so hot?? like?? ? ok boys?? calm down ??? don’t do this to me????

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Please describe the events of the day Lily and James potter were murdered. What did they do together? They were locked up but did they still dress Harry up?

I have already written that night from Lily’s and James’ POV. You can read them by clicking on their names. Also I have an AU with Remus and Sirius taking baby Harry which you can read here

If they did dress up Harry, I’m assuming he was a Snitch. Imagine him crawling on the floor with two wings on his sides, my heart melted.

I think I want to write it from Voldemort’s POV one day, I know we have it as canon but I have a few things I want to add.

xdestroying replied to your post “It always makes me smile when they play string instruments and Sho…”

Nino and Sho really BOTH are musical geniuses, but since it is Nino’s thing, Sho keeps it to himself, doesn’t show off too often. That is admirable. (:

It really is~ I love how they’re considerate of each other like that. Especially Sho since he’s good at playing the piano too but doesn’t show off~ (unless Jun asks him to because duh this has video proof lol) Ahhh Arashi, you guys melt my heart~ ♥ ♥

gosh i love my little brother so much I know he gets sick of hearing it so I need to express my feels somewhere else. he’s literally such a soft magical perfect child. so grateful that even at 10/11 he’s still so wholesome and caring and understanding and we can talk about equality and he’s so happy to learn about things and he’s so polite?? like this evening we were having dinner and he was like “leo? can i have a sip of your water please?” and it FRICKIN MAKES MY HEART MELT. I love him!!!!! I love how kind he is and how he’ll just sit for hours drawing and just be content for hours doing the same thing and he still cuddles me and sings (last night we were learning the words to gold by kiiara and he has the voice of an angel) he’ll look at me in shock when someone swears on the tv and he’s been strugglin with the idea that eddy is leaving and he’s just like such a sweetheart i am so blessed to have a lil bro like him. i just wish he wasn’t feeling pain at the moment, he doesn’t deserve it. gosh my heart is so full up i wish i could put these feelings in a bottle and keep it for him for when he’s sad then he can open the bottle and be like ah yess big bro loves me.

Ink- write a poem and post it

(this is one that I started a little while ago but im going to finish it now)

Boiling thoughts and frigid actions​
Tear my consciousness into fractions
One side freezes while the other burns
Longing to destroy for what it yearns

Whichever side meets demise
Still shares in the winner’s prize
Having in the common goal
To stop the torture in my soul

Boiling actions and frigid thoughts
Twist my innards into knots
Numbing every last sensation
Burning paths, no hesitation

Though I want to cease feeling
Such is what prevents healing
Don’t approach me anymore
If at all you cherish our rapport

Throwing salt into a fire
Only makes the flames tire
The same to ice makes it chill
The life of both, faster it will kill

So I feel that your sass
Will extinguish me, perhaps
No longer may I feel inferno
Nor encased in frost eternal

Douse me in your sodium chloride
And then my time I will bide
When my frozen heart will melt
And intense heat no longer felt

thank you for your ask!