I know that this has been around forever, but every time I look at it, my heart melts, so…

Dean will never admit that Castiel is at his sexiest not dripping after a shower, or sweaty from a run, or nude and rifling through their sock drawer–but reclined on their porch swing, squinting at his phone. His feet are bare and resting on the porch railing, hair spiked and messed from splashing around in the kiddie pool they’d set up for little Mary. 

Mary, who, at two years old, is sleeping soundly on her Papa’s t-shirt-clad chest. Her teeny tiny tank top strap is falling of her shoulder, her mouth still outlined in blue from the popsicle she’d eaten before her impromptu nap. She’s peaceful and gorgeous and Dean is totally in love.

He’s stopped in the doorway, the beers in his hand sweating in the heat as he stares as his family–small, but strong, and so much more than he ever thought he’d be allowed. 

Mary makes hums in sleep and Cas kisses her forehead absently. Dean bites his lip to curb his smile. 

He’ll never admit it to anyone, but Dean thinks Castiel is at his sexiest, here: disheveled and domestic and reclining in the summer heat. 

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What's your most favourite gifset out of all the gifsets you've made? 😁

wadafa….this is torture alsjdalskdjal probably this one (this gifset)

i mean i love them all (duh) but this one really means a lot to me because it’s my first ever gifset and it makes so much sense because in 5x13 while the judge (reverend??? judge??? anyway who cares) talks about choosing the one they were staring at each other like “i choose you too” you know what i mean??? idk i can’t even explain because i’m bad at explaining BUT THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER I WANT 2 CRY!!!

and in fall, miss celine was also talking about choosing the one and AGAIN THE 👏🏼 WAY 👏🏼 THEY 👏🏼 LOOK 👏🏼 AT 👏🏼 EACH 👏🏼 O 👏🏼THER 👏🏼  this is A Proof™ that they know they chose the one and yes i am crying right now bye

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Not sure if it's too late for daddy Wednesday (dang time differences), BUT. Bucky having a 5 year old who basically idolizes him and when Bucky stumbles in after a mission he finds his son awake but in bed with his wife and he's like "why are you still up buddy?" And the kids like "Mama says you protect people. You were protecting people so I decided to protect mama like you." (In my HC he is still recovering/guilty about winter soldier and this makes him all happy and whatnot)

You’re on time! There’s still many hours. Oh god I love this headcanon, it melts my heart

Daddy Wednesday™

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Okay so i know I've mentioned this before but every time i see it, my heart melts because its the cutest thing. When Ethan's embarrassed he pulls his top over the bottom half of his face and smiles or laughs while his face goes bright red AND ITS THE CUTEST FUCKING THING, LIKE HE JUST LOOKS SO ADORABLE, I DIDNT THINK HE COULD GET ANY CUTER - El xx


Reggie Mantle x Reader: PART TWO: Undercover Serpent

Request: No. My idea. 😇

A/N:  I’m back and excited for you see this imagine as the progresses. Hopefully you guys like it and are enjoying the story so far. And thank you for all the love you have given me about my writing it seriously means the world to me you guys enjoy it. Also thank you to the ones requesting to be part of the taglist it  makes my heart melt.

Words: 1505

Summary: Next day Reader faces a new challenge? The serpent’s know about her contact with Reggie and someone may know her secret…

Spoilers: (This imagine will have FP x Alice, Betty x Archie, Veronica x Cheryl, Joaquin x Kevin, Asexual Jughead because I can and I shall see my ships rise somewhere lol. Also in this imagine Hal Cooper & Alice have been divorced for a year because he didn’t support Polly and Jason so Alice filed for divorced because she’s a queen).

Warnings: Not really a warning; I know the Blossoms & Coopers have been revealed to be related, but not in this imagine.

Part One


Another day living a lie, was another day you felt like a complete fraud. You don’t know how long you can keep up this lie, or how long this would stay a secret.

“JD?” you called as you open the door to your trailer, no answer.

Startled by being grabbed by the back and you threw a punch, only to reveal your own brother.

“Hey, hey it’s just me, man you hit hard” Joaquin spoke catching his breath.

“Sorry, why did you do that?” you questioned.

“It was a surprise hug” he retorted innocently.

“Well with how things have been I thought that maybe something happened to you, you can’t sneak up on me like that you idiot” you smacked him in the shoulder.

“Well forgive me for wanting to hug you” Joaquin gave you a small hug and a big smile.

“I said sorry, why the hug though?” you challenged his expressions.

“Well you have brought good news!” he cheered.

“What news?” you looked at Joaquin confused.

“Okay, if you won’t admit it I will, you hanging out with Mantle great idea” he pats you in the back.

“What?!” you choked on the water you had just sipped, not knowing how news of Reggie talking to you already got to the other side of the town.

“I said great idea, finding out information from a best friend of Jason, man you are amazing” Joaquin keeps going.

“Well I gotta go Kevin awaits” Joaquin announces and you give him a disapproving face.

“Can’t believe you’re still doing that” you mumbled under your breath and he heard you.

“We all have a part to play (Y/N)” he answered your comment a bit coldly.

“My god you sound exactly like FP!” you grew annoyed.

“You’re getting intel from Jason’s best friend who are you to talk!” he growled.

“I’m not doing that!” you decided to lower your voice “He approached me, we talked nothing about Jason, I would never do what you’re doing JD” you felt a lump on your throat as your words spilled out.

“What’s wrong with being with Kevin!” he protected his argument.

“That you actually like him JD!” you raised your voice to match his again “You like him, and it’s only going to hurt him and you if he finds out the truth!”

“The he never finds out then” he said with a straight face, no emotion and walked out.

You stayed home worked on your homework, waited for Joaquin to come like always, until you received a text from FP to meet him in his trailer.

As you were about to knock on his door it revealed Alice.

“Alice” you smiled.

“(Y/N)” she winked and walked away.

“Looks like that ship is sailing” you smiled at FP as you closed the door and stepped inside his trailer.

“Not the topic of today little snake” you smiled at the nickname he had given you a while back.

“What happens to be the topic then?” you asked.

“You and Mantle” he said with a straight face.

“Nothing is going on FP” you answered still wondering how the hell this news were spreading.

“It could be of use to find out what he knows little snake, he was Jason’s best friend” FP declared.

“I won’t” you spoke coldly.

“You can, and you will” Mustang emerged inside of the trailer.

“Look, I understand the need for information, but I can’t do it” you tried to reason with them.

“C’mon you’re cute, I’m sure Mantle wouldn’t mind” Mustang caressed your cheek and pulled away.

“FP come on, I’m already on Betty and Jughead and their investigation, what more do you need” you

“Look if he’s not of help-” you cut FP off.

“What? You’ll handle him like you helped handle Jason?! I won’t have it!” you

“Why are you protecting the boy?” Mustang grabbed you by the shoulders hard and FP had to get him off.

“I will not be responsible for someone else” you sprinted out of there, you tried to be strong but for some reason you started to cry.

Confused as to why? Because of Mantle? No way you barely knew the guy!

Sometimes our hearts know something’s our brain hides.


“Do what you what you feel is best” Joaquin spoke as you were about to leave to school “Your bike is fixed” he smiled and you smiled back leaving for school.

You hated arguing with him especially because he was the only you really had in life. Surprised that he made first contact, almost always it was you reaching out to apologize even when it wasn’t your fault.

You arrived at your locker to take out your supplies for your first class when he approached you once again.

“Hey (Y/N), so I was wondering if you’ll have lunch with me and we finish our game” he spoke confidently.

“Sorry Reggie, I think we shouldn’t talk anymore” you spoke coldly and walked away to your first class leaving a very confused Reggie in the hallway. Just yesterday you were sweet and sarcastic and now you were so cold he wondered on what he had done.

You felt terrible because from the small time you had with him, you were just a normal girl. You felt a connection to him you hadn’t felt with anyone. That was now gone, you couldn’t let him in, that would mean you would put him in danger.

Lunch came and you sat with the gang. They talked, but your mind was drifting. You just wanted everything to go away. You felt his gaze on you, but you ignored it. Semi listening to the gang, but your thoughts bombarded you for your attention.

“Surprisingly I’ve never been to Joaquin’s home” Kevin spoke.

“How come?” Veronica added.

“I don’t know, I feel he’s just embarrassed form being from the Southside” Kevin drank from his apple juice.

“You okay (Y/N)?” Betty asked pulling you out your thoughts.

“No uh, just thinking sorry” you answered the blonde.

“About?” Cheryl observed.

“I have a lot of school work I have to do, I’ll see guys later” you picked up your food tray and left the courtyard.

He waited in his seat for a while so it wouldn’t look so obvious and then went after you.

You felt someone’s eyes following you, not him someone else.

You walked the lonely hallway wary if anyone was following you, but you didn’t see anyone. You sat in the empty hallway you back against some lockers pondering on how rude you sounded to Reggie? How did the Serpents find out about you talking to Reggie only Betty had you two? It couldn’t have been her could it? Your brain felt like it was about to explode as he sat next to you breaking you from your thoughts.

“My favorite color is Green, I really love steak and believe it or not I love The Notebook” his statement made you chuckle and he smiled once again at the sound of it. Every small thing you did became like a drug to him. He craved it, he needed it, you pulling away only made his addiction grow stronger. He wanted you in his life.

You didn’t know what you wanted anymore.

“Never seen it, sorry” you laid your head on his shoulder. Quite unsure why he made you feel so safe, how did he make you feel laid back? He blushed as your head made contact with his shoulder as if it was dream come true after an amazing hug you shared the day before.

“How have you not? It’s a masterpiece and-” he paused trying to choose his words carefully.

“And what Mantle?” you grew curious about his argument.

“Umm well you’re a- you’re a girl” he stumbled on his words and you saw how he felt bad about his words you pushed the bit of sexism aside.

“Just because I’m a girl, man Mantle sexist much? You don’t even know me” you joked and he chuckled.

The bell rang indicating Lunch was over so he stood up and stretched his arm out to you and you took it getting up. The proximity closing in between you two, and the students started to flood the hallway as you pulled away. Leaving him alone again in the hallway. You thanked God that he ignored your comments about leaving you alone because you really enjoyed his company, he made you forget about all the things you had to do even if was just for a little while.

You don’t even know me flooded Reggie’s mind. Did this mean you would actually be someone in his life?

Walking to class you could have sworn someone was still staring at you, you scanned the hallways; nothing. Who was this person? What did they want? Why now? Did someone find out?

You don’t even know me?

The words you spoke to Reggie flooded your mind too, were you going to be his friend? Did you just agree to find out anything he knew?


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The first thing Lance does everyday after work is kick off his shoes and take your 3 month old daughter Suzie from you and not putting ther down. He eats dinner with her in his lap, cuddles with you and her on the couch while watching tv and includes her in his nightly workout in your living room before they fall asleep either on the floor or couch with Suzie on his chest. You appreciate it because it gives you a break, but love that he spends so much time with you both.

this is perfect and melts my heart omg

Daddy Wednesday™

How will foster care affect your kids?

This was a question I was asked a lot when we started two and a half years ago, and if Im honest I asked myself. My boys were 8 and 13 when we started this journey. Tonight my son showed how his heart has grown and I was so touched. When we grabbed the twins from daycare one was EXTREMELY cranky, crying, tempers, you name it. My now 10 year old looked at me and said Mom did she have a visit today? I said Yep… He said ok I know we just have to hug her through it. It is the only thing that calms her lots of snuggles, and the fact that he recognized what was going on and what to do made my heart melt 😍😍😍😍