I was tagged by @littleneptuneflower to do the song challenge I believe it’s called!

1. WIFI - D.R.A.M ft. Erykah Badu
“All I need is you with me, don’t want you to stress me babe, I just want you to make me feel good, I don’t want you pressure me, can you just get this on dog style”

2. Too good - Drake ft. Rihanna
“ I wanna tell you my intentions, I wanna do the things that I mention, I wanna benefit from the friendship, I wanna get that late night message from you…”

3. Cold Blooded - Khalid
“ the way you’ve been treating me is getting out of hand, and you’re walking around like you’re so innocent I have you my heart and it melted in your hands this ain’t a place where I belong”

4. Thinkin bout you - frank ocean
“ I remember how could I forget house you feel? You were my first time, a new feel, it will never get old not in my soul not in my spirit keep it alive we’ll go down this road till it goes from color to black and white”

5. Dangerously in love - Destiny’s child
“ every time I see your face, my heart smiles, every time it feels so good, it hurts sometimes, created in this world to love to hold to feel to breathe to live you, dangerously in love”

6. Cranes in the sky - Solange
“ I tried to run it away, thought then my head be thinking clearer, traveled seventy states, thought moving around make me feel better, I tried to let go my lover, thought if I was alone maybe then I could recover, to write it down or cry it away”

7. Loved by you - Kirby
“ I heard that heaven ain’t easy get to, the closest I’ll get might be right next to you, so I’ve got to know, how good it feels, how it feels, to be loved by you, oh I’ve gotta touch something real, can I feel loved by you”

8. Orion’s Belt - Sabrina Claudio
“ I know that you’re not used to this but will you let me teach you? Your mind is asking for my love and you just need to hear it, try not to wander off to much, don’t let your feels control you, keep you attentive with authentic kisses filled with amor”

9. Close to you - Rihanna
“ Nothing but a year that’s all for breakfast, watching you pretend you’re unaffected, you’re pulling our connections expecting me to let you go but I won’t”

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Sana being able to talk to her mum about “her crush” just melts my heart. It’s so precious to see a relationship like that, when mostly parents and their teenage children are shown to be fighting about everything and not being able to be honest about their feelings.

anonymous asked:

Ok, I have to say, this blog is so freaking adorable! I love how you make Bowser act so kind and loving to the koopalings, and it just melts my heart. Your art is great too! (I wish I had drawing skills as good as yours, mine suck). This is the best blog ever!

((Really…Thank you!))


“Hanzo -” His voice was strangled, his lips drier than the desert.

“That’s better,” Hanzo murmured as he rose up on his toes and brushed his nose against Jesse’s once, twice, three times. “Eskimo kiss,” he explained. “You looked sad and I’ve been told that kisses fix stuff.”

I’m so glad you’ve commissioned me to draw this scene, @mariejacquelyn. It’s beautiful. The whole fic is. You’re an awesome writer; please, keep gracing us with your stuff <3

Guys you can read it here!