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Yess!!! We need jack imagines man. ๐Ÿ˜ I couldn't agree with you more!

I’m just looking forward to the moment we have more episodes of SPN and the fanfiction starts floading in, because let’s be honest he has already won so many hearts over with just his first episode!

He’s so freaking precious, he makes my heart melt!

Exo scenario #3- kyungsoo ; everything comes to an end (angst)

Have you ever just ademired someone? Never talked to them because god knows we don’t want to make a fool of ourselves, but just sit and admire them from afar. That’s how I was with a man named kyungsoo. He was the most attractive man I have ever seen. His smile lit up the world, and his laugh instantly made me smile.

Knowing that I could never make him laugh like that made me stick to just admiring him from afar. I would see kyungsoo a lot due to my job as an SM trainee. He would be practicing with exo while my trainee group would be warming up for our debut in the room across. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times my friends and I would sneak out and watch them practice. Kyunsoo’s voice melted my heart everyday.

My daily watch, not stalking, of kyungsoo was cut short when I got a call from my manager saying I need to head down and talk to lee soo-man himself. I was so nervous!!! Was my dream going to be taken away from me? Would I never be able to debut?? Little did I know this meeting really was going to change me, but for the worse?

Sitting awkwardly in Lee soo-man’s office, we waited for another person to show up. Five minutes later, my heart did a complete flip. Kyungsoo walked in, and words cannot describe how handsome he was up close!

“Hello you two, I’ve called you here today because I have a proposal I would like you both to hear”, Lee soo-man said.

“What is it?” Kyungsoo said curtly. I just nodded my head and awkwardly stared at my shoes, too starstruck to even mutter a ‘yes’.

“SM entertainment has suffered and has not been getting the enough attention it deserves, so I would like you two to go out and date for a month. SM will get publicity, EXO will get publicity, and Y/N’s group will get publicity! It’s a win, win, win!” Lee soo-man exclaimed.

I sat there in complete utter shock. I’m going to be dating the man I have been secretly admiring ever since I entered SM? This has to be a dream! I was overjoyed, my heart doing flips and Summersaults! I cannot believe I’m going to be dating kyung-


What? Kyungsoo…he just said no. My heart feels like it won’t be able to beat anymore.

“Kyungsoo. Please do this one favor for us. It’s only for a month. Don’t let the EXO boys down.” Lee soo-man demanded.

“Fine.” Kyungsoo stayed and got up and left the room. He didn’t even look at me. I know I’m not as pretty as the girls he is surrounded by daily, but I’m going to be his girlfriend. Can’t he at least look at me?

~fastforward to the end of the month when the proposal is about to be over~

Kyungsoo has made me the happiest girl in the world these past weeks. Even though he acts like I don’t exist, just having him sit next to me or in public hold my hands makes me ecstatic. Tonight is our one month anniversary and also, the end of the proposal. Even though it’s the end, I am going to confess to Kyunsoo tonight and hope he will accept my heart.

Kyungsoo arrived at the restaurant we were meeting up at 30 minutes late. I was taken aback by his ‘I don’t want to be here’ attitude, but what can I say? I’m used to it. Well it’s now or never, I will tell him how I feel.

“Hey Kyunggie, can we talk”

“I told you not to call me that”


“What do you want”

“Well I just wanted to tell you that I know we were forced to be together but….I….reallylikeyousocanwepleasekeepdating”


“I really like you kyungsoo. I want to make our relationship work. Will you please keep going out with me”

“Y/N, this was a deal I didn’t even want to make. I haven’t liked you at any point during the past month, and I will never like you. Please let’s just go our separate ways and act as if this never happened”

“Oh…haha yeah!” My heart is shattered. He really does hate me. This past month I thought that I could make him love me as much as I love him. There were moments where I felt that we were starting to form a romantic bond, and I was positive he was starting to like me, too.

But everything comes to and end, huh?

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Gooood morning here is your Daily Des Headcanon of the day: he took both piano and violin lessons when he was younger and is very good at playing! however he doesnt go out of his way to play but like if theres a piano nearby he might show off. he also sometimes gives luke tips on playing the violin if he sees he's having trouble

AWWW that last one melted my heart a lil
Like he sees a piano and starts playing like immediately and sings and no one really complains all that much bc he’s good at it but still like Des That Isn’t Your Piano