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It’s me. Are you still up?
Uhm… Sorry to call you all of a sudden. But I had this dream and it keeps bothering me.
…Ugh… I feel so complicated. I’ll try to organize the details and send the message to everyone.

MC: Did you have a nightmare?

No, it wasn’t a nightmare… You might not believe me even if I tell you.
I shouldn’t have woken you up. I was just so surprised that I had to call someone.
If you can’t sleep, do you want me to sing you a lullaby? Oh… maybe Jumin won’t like that.

MC: Sing me a lullaby.

Ahem… let me just get my voice ready… Ah- good.

Good night my baby~
The birds and baby lamb are sleeping~
on your front yard~
The moon is singing you to sleep~
Good night my baby~

…You’re asleep, right? I’m sorry I woke you.
Good night… and talk to you later.

My Boyfriend Yugyeom

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

He has the cutest smile and laugh ever

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He’s a bit hyperactive and strange

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But don’t let that fool you, he’s got his sexy side

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He seems innocent

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But he’s secretly a troll

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He’s great at dancing

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He’s the romantic type

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He just makes my heart melt

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I love him

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“He sounds amazing”

“He is”


This has concluded My Boyfriend Series Got7 version! Tomorrow the 25th of August I will be staring My Boyfriend Series Monsta X version, please give it lots of love!


Day 4: The moment I knew Lucas was going to always like Riley

It is really not just one moment but this is one example of those many times Lucas has looked at Riley like she is the world to him! I’ll take a look like this anytime over an almost kiss(that never happened)!

The way he looks at her melts my heart, this one single moment says a lot! It says how Lucas thinks she’s wonderful, she’s amazing, how he doesn’t know how lucky he got to meet her, how he wishes he could look at her forever! So when he looks at her this way I know that was it the moment he would always always like her!

Percabeth fandom, I’m sponsoring you one of the best fan arts of all the time, and by sponsoring I mean it’s a comission and I have seen previews and my heart is melting.

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Bonnie I have not read The Fiery Cross yet and am totally lost on the tongue into a cylinder thing. Why would Jamie go pale and everyone else freak out about that simple move? Would you mind putting it under a cut (for others who don't want a spoiler) because not I'm intrigued. Loved the part I did get to read though "Grand-da gots balls?" I would totally read a companion book just of Jamie/Jem interaction, adventures and stories. The picture of a "little Jamie" and Grand-da melts my heart.

Hi anon! Thanks for reaching out, and THANK YOU for the reminder that I need to put spoiler warnings in those book excerpt posts! 

Original excerpt: “Grand-da gots balls” which I posted from a pure, guileless enjoyment of the testicular humor therein. 

Love the idea of a companion book! The Jemmy/Jamie relationship is one of my favorites. Particularly as the boy gets older, Jem is as much of a *son* to Jamie as a grandson (the child of his blood he never got to raise). I may do a separate post just on this dynamic, because there are so many great scenes between them. I’m also anticipating lots more in the upcoming book (”Bees” to most, but I affectionately abbreviate  to GOATBAG”), at which point Jem is 8 or 9 ( I think…pedants, please don’t slaughter me, I’m just too lazy to look it up).  

Re: the tongue rolling incident, per your reuqest, see below the cut for spoilers for Drums of Autumn AND The Fiery Cross AND A Breath of Snow and Ashes [and also TW for discussion of sexual assault]

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luke and you sitting together on the couch as the T.V plays in the background. You sitting in his lap, you curled up in a small ball, hiding your face in his neck as he softly rubs your back up and down whispering your name to look at him which you do and he'd cup your face with one hand & sit you in a different position so you're straddling him and he's looking up at you & whispers 'I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE YOOOUUUUU BUBS' as he starts peppering your face with kisses making you squeal and giggle loudly

Omg my heart just melted into a puddle on the floor this is so cuTE😫😫😫😫😫

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Confession time! I hated character and players of Junkrat but I ran into the most dare I say adorable junkrat! thought they were an experienced player but nope! level 1. I was playing Roadhog and he followed me round. I literally was confused until I saw in chat "Roadie! Where you going!? D'8" and...well my freaking heart melt. (seriously, the face with "D'8" kills me) and they didn't use their alt, instead mines and traps the entire round while others used their alt. The group loved the lil guy


Junkrats can be annoying af sometimes when they are on the other team (or on your team doing nothing) but i love the ones that just hop right in to fuck shit up and it sounds adorable that you had this little fledgling Junker following you about. Nurture them, treat them well, and they will blow up tons of shit for you.

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When Stef told Lena she loved her , Lena looked at her as if it was the very first time she's ever said it .. It was so sweet . Melts my heart every time I watch that scene

I am making a gif of it right now. It’s fantastic. There’s genuine joy there. They are both happy to still be so in love. It’s still a wonder. And really, love like that, love that last. It’s beautiful, every day.

Anonymous said: I thought the reason why we don’t get kisses as often as before was because of the channel ? Now it’s because Joanna doesn’t write all the episodes ? Do you mean that we can get kisses but some writers just don’t remember to make them kiss ?? I hope it’s the channel and not because Joanna is the only writer who gets Stef and Lena well. 

I just throw things against a wall and see if they stick. I’ve said that I don’t know. I ask Brad but he says it’s not censorship but is he really going to diss his bosses? I don’t think so. I do know that Joanna will usually fight for us. And thankfully she’s just kinda writing our eps now. She wrote Metropolis and I think as much as she loves Stef and Lena, it must have sucked to sideline them so much. I also have said that when Peter and Brad want to they can also write Stef and Lena. The new lesbian writer also seems to include at least a peck. I look forward to that. It doesn’t hurt when lesbians write lesbians.

Anonymous said: I would love too see Stef and Callie talk about her over hearing Mike. Like Callie says something that makes Stef realizes that Callie overhead and goes to talk to her about it. 


Anonymous said: i liked the mike and stef scene because it had mike call callie out on her bad actions and stef defend her and call callie her daughter, overall, pretty good scene 

Yeah, I felt her defense was nice and solid. It really drove the point home, Mike was treating callie like a stray.