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OH GOD THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU, I didn't think that that many people knew about welcome to hell and I see you drawing it agzgshah!

I found it a couple months ago (Im actually scrollign through me and felixdaartist‘s texts trying to find the first day I saw it so give me a moment). and I just

(Edit: Fun fact. I drew my first W2H fanart on May 23rd. And from what I can gather I saw it for the first time on May 11th.)

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Wizardshark huh? Are you actually magic? What kind of magic can you do?

the magic i cast is all about sharks and the nuances of them

for example I can make my skin sand papery

or my teeth kinda sharpish

my heart stops if i stop swimming

those kinds of things

I’m not supposed to be able to see things like that on my newsfeed and my heart kinda stopped lol good night time to turn off feelings ✌🏼️

“the truth is, i never move on” . . . . . . . so, as usual, i always check timehop app daily and then i found this. finding out that few years ago you said easily that you could move on, kinda stop my heart a beat. because, the truth is, until now, i always hoping that i could go back in time when i had that ‘snmptn’ test and do better so i could pursue my dream. i never move on. since i got this major and minoring in ohs, i always trying to think that this is bot bad. you still can pursue some of your highschool dreams. highschool is dumb anyways…. but, do you know why i always fail? . . . . because, i still want that two letters after my name and a coma.