Jealous? [Jughead Jones x Reader x Archie Andrews]

Request :  Can you please write an ×-reader where Archie Andrews asks out the reader by singing outside her house, but Jughead is with her and they’re in a secret relationship and Jughead gets jealous.

Summary : You and Jughead were enjoying your time together, but got interrupted by a certain redhead playing a song outside your house for you.

“I love you.” You said out of the blue. 

Jughead was shocked by your statement. He stayed silent for a few seconds, no expression on his face. You were pretty scared that you said it to fast, but you managed to calm down a bit when he smiled and looked down, with a tint of pink in his cheeks. You knew that Juggie wasn’t that type of boyfriend, he wasn’t such a big fan of PDA, but this was different.

You were in your room with him.You’ve been dating for three weeks now and it was a secret. You weren’t ready yet to come clean to the world about your relationship, so the only time you two were affectionate was when you were alone in a room. Or not in public.

“I love you too.” He said, making you smile. 

You gave him a sweet kiss, that turned into a make out session. But all that was interrupted when a familiar voice started singing outside your balcony.

This song wasn’t supposed to be a sappy one, but I can’t it, I like more than anyone.” That angelic voice. It was Archie. “Wanna test that theory?” Jughead said, hearing the lyrics, as he jumped from your bed, but you caught his arm. “Stay here.” You said, and went to the balcony, where Archie was still singing. “Oh and when you smile, my heart flutters and it kinda stops for a while…” You chuckled at that lyric, and Archie’s smile grew when he saw you. He listed a few more things that he likes about you, and then he stopped. You frowned. “So, Y/N… Will you go out with me?” He smiled.

Oh. Oh boy. You told him to come up, since you were home alone and have been friends with Archie since fifth grade, he knew where you had a spare key. You told Jughead to hide in the bathroom, who by the way, had steam coming out of his ears. 

“Y/N? Can I come in?” You heard Archie knocking. You opened the door and smiled as you both sat on the bed. “That’s the cutest thing anyone has ever done to me.” You said. “But… I am already dating someone.” You added. “You… You are?” Archie raised his brow. “Why are you so surprised?” You laughed, playfully hitting him in the arm. “I haven’t seen you with a boy.” He said. “It’s kind of a secret.” You shrugged. “But, you are an amazing person and you’d make the best boyfriend. I’m sure of it!” You smiled. “Thanks. I just wished I knew sooner so I wouldn’t be so embarrassed now.” He said, making you chuckle. “Don’t worry, it’s all good.” You said, as he sat up. “But… may I ask who’s the lucky one?” He turned to you, before heading out the door. “Still a secret.” You booped his nose.

You walked him to the door, reassuring him that it’s all good, and apologized for letting him down. You just both hoped that things wouldn’t get awkward. 

After he had left, you saw a furious Jughead coming down the stairs.

“What’s up with you?” You raised your brows, but he only shrugged.

Wait a bit. Was he acting like that because he was… No… It couldn’t be…Could it? Was Jughead Jones… Jealous? You smiled at that thought, and headed to the kitchen, where he was getting a glass of water. You gave him a hug from behind, and smiling you said,

“I love you and only you.” He loosened up a little at your words. “You little jealous shit.”

Sayonara to another kg 👏🙏🙌 exactly 6kg lost!

So like just over a month ago I was at work in the lab, and half way through a sentence I couldn’t speak… I felt my heart stop and I woke up on the ground. My friend caught me! An emergency code was called and after weeks of cardiologists they found I have Mobitz heart block - every now and then my heart just kinda stops beating which can make me drop. I’ve been given the all clear to (carefully) drive after a month of being banned and I’m allowed to exercise again but I’m nervous as all fuck because I can feel it do its little start-stop routines and the dizziness is insane. I get fuck all warning. I’ve done NO exercise but thankfully I’m still slowly losing, being on the correct dose of thyroxine is helping and I’m eating right. I feel simultaneously guilty for not training and absolutely petrified of training! Super conflicted ahhhh help