*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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these lovebirbs slay me


Iron Man AU  - When jet-setting, genius-industrialist Regina Mills is captured in enemy territory, she builds a high-tech suit of armour to escape. Once returned to safety - and her dedicated assistant, Robin Locksley - she sets about perfecting the suit and becomes a hero in her own right.

Now, she’s on a mission to save the world from the damage her mother’s company created, proving that good isn’t born; it’s made, and sometimes, even those with the coldest of hearts can be granted a second chance.  

grandpavsprowler: Fearless leader and fire starter

dannymasterson: Shoe game on point.

After they had been walking through the darkness for a while now, side by side, Gilbert suddenly started crying.

Not with any noises, just tears that streamed down his cheeks and dropped off his chin. He quickly used his right hand to cover his eyes but the tears didn’t stop, of course not.

Alice on his right side looked up at him surprised.

“Oi, Seaweed-Head! Why are you suddenly crying?!”, she blurted out in her always direct manner and Oz could hear a bit concern in her voice, weak, but definitely there. 

He must have realized…

… Oz thought to himself and watched the expression of his servant.

But instead of the deep sadness he’d expected to see, Gil looked more determined than ever. If it weren’t for the tears, Oz wouldn’t even have suspected that there’d be something wrong. But those drops of salty water continued to fall and Oz could only try to imagine the pain his servant must feel right now.

Ten years must have been a long time. A very long time to get used to the presence of someone, to them being just there. Even if Break had annoyed his servant, Oz knew that Gilbert had liked that man, had considered him a mentor.

Maybe, no, of course, even a friend. 

His actions at Isla-Yuras party had proven just that. 

And now he had to leave that man behind. Had to let go of ten years full of memories and precious moments and feelings. There hasn’t been a ‘Goodbye’ and Gilbert had just realized that.

So even if Oz himself felt that crushing loss tugging at his nerves, he knew he had to push that back to the deepest corner of his mind. He would have time to grieve about it later. 

Just as Gilbert had time to break down later. Now was only the time for silent tears.

So in another silent gesture, Oz just took the swaying left sleeve of his servant’s black coat as they continued walking further into the darkness. 

tell me, where can i find something i can do? i got hurt enough, and i’ve run as much as i could. i’ve stumbled over and over, and cried, yet i still believe in a better future. i just wanted to be alone. i’m still looking for the thing i really want to do. i’ve overreached myself, and as such i stumble down. even if i repeat this over and over, and get worn out, i still want to love that part of myself. it’s so painful. even on those suffocating times, i can’t stop. i just don’t want to stop until i achieve my goal. ( lyrics: xx )

Sayonara to another kg 👏🙏🙌 exactly 6kg lost!

So like just over a month ago I was at work in the lab, and half way through a sentence I couldn’t speak… I felt my heart stop and I woke up on the ground. My friend caught me! An emergency code was called and after weeks of cardiologists they found I have Mobitz heart block - every now and then my heart just kinda stops beating which can make me drop. I’ve been given the all clear to (carefully) drive after a month of being banned and I’m allowed to exercise again but I’m nervous as all fuck because I can feel it do its little start-stop routines and the dizziness is insane. I get fuck all warning. I’ve done NO exercise but thankfully I’m still slowly losing, being on the correct dose of thyroxine is helping and I’m eating right. I feel simultaneously guilty for not training and absolutely petrified of training! Super conflicted ahhhh help

After the individual contest in Kulm

2. Polish judge in the jury, finally!
3. Ski jumpers landing diagonally kinda Kubacki Style.
4. My heart stopped beating when Kenneth fell in the trial serie.
5. Superman is real, I mean Johann Andre Forfang. I can’t imagine how determined and strong he is to just stand up after terrible looking fall and hold his hands in a gesture of glory.
6. Watching the last 10 ski jumpers landing further and further made me feel like “they all are crazy. Fucking freaks. And they love it”.
7. This season sukcs. Almost all the previous champions and record breakers burned out.
8. Kamil Stoch aka the great absent.
9. Iconic Gangnes and Prevc moment.
10. Watching ski flying contests like “the next jump, the next hill record”.
11. Polish tv showing Abba’s gig instead of the final serie, lol.

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Omfg, (F slur warning) okay, earlier today I was standing up for LGBT in front of my extremely homophobic family, and my mom turns to me and asks "are you so interested in fag* rights because you identify as one?" and I swear my heart (1/?)

(2/?) stopped. I kinda stuttered a convincing “no way, i just like being well informed” or something, but know I’m anxious. Partly bc, if they find out I’m Pan, i will be kicked out, disowned, etc, and

(3/3) I don’t have any where to go. And partly bc, I feel like I disowned LGBTQIA by saying that, and yeah. I’m scared


it’s okay hon! we have to lie sometimes like that, and it might not feel good but sometimes it’s necessary. you didn’t betray anyone. 💜💜