Never gonna let you go
Giving you my heart and soul


*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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You know what? I’ve been thinking about Shou’s Mogami world and now that I’ve thought about it? Mogami would probably make it better than his real life to get him to stay in the fake reality. He wouldn’t fall for the “everything is awful in the world” deal.

 He and his dad would have a great relationship. His dad expresses how much he’s proud of him. His mom and dad would be together. They would have dinner together every night. Neither him or his dad has their powers. Toichiro encourages Shou’s creativity and him to be unique. His mom would be the definition of a great mother. Everything is perfect.

  But that’s Mogami’s biggest mistake. Everything is too perfect. His dad is too proud of him. His mom is too comfortable around him. Everything is how he thought he wanted it to be, but he can’t shake the feeling of everything being wrong. In the back of his mind he expects his dad to blow off everything he does and say he should be more like him. He expects his mom to disappear one day when he comes home from school. He expects the worse, but it never comes. That’s when he’ll realize it’s not real, and how bad his life actually is…

these lovebirbs slay me

grandpavsprowler: Fearless leader and fire starter

dannymasterson: Shoe game on point.

Sayonara to another kg 👏🙏🙌 exactly 6kg lost!

So like just over a month ago I was at work in the lab, and half way through a sentence I couldn’t speak… I felt my heart stop and I woke up on the ground. My friend caught me! An emergency code was called and after weeks of cardiologists they found I have Mobitz heart block - every now and then my heart just kinda stops beating which can make me drop. I’ve been given the all clear to (carefully) drive after a month of being banned and I’m allowed to exercise again but I’m nervous as all fuck because I can feel it do its little start-stop routines and the dizziness is insane. I get fuck all warning. I’ve done NO exercise but thankfully I’m still slowly losing, being on the correct dose of thyroxine is helping and I’m eating right. I feel simultaneously guilty for not training and absolutely petrified of training! Super conflicted ahhhh help


Iron Man AU  - When jet-setting, genius-industrialist Regina Mills is captured in enemy territory, she builds a high-tech suit of armour to escape. Once returned to safety - and her dedicated assistant, Robin Locksley - she sets about perfecting the suit and becomes a hero in her own right.

Now, she’s on a mission to save the world from the damage her mother’s company created, proving that good isn’t born; it’s made, and sometimes, even those with the coldest of hearts can be granted a second chance.  


Whitney Engen | USWNT