this tweet broke my heart. please keep her in your thoughts as she tries to deal with the inevitable guilt she is feeling even though none of this is her fault. keep the families of those who passed and were injured, the ones who came out alive but now have memories they should have never had…. keep them all in your thoughts. send out nothing but love.

Pokémon Go

Summary: In which Pokémon Go is Steve’s ticket to spending more time with you.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1,859

A/N: This one is for a true angel, @buckysberrie. Mar, you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and I adore you with all my heart. Your comments on my fics never cease to make my day and I love being able to fangirl with you about all things One Direction-related. I hope you have an amazing birthday because that’s exactly what you deserve.

@avengerstories - thank you for editing this, you real-life queen.

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“Good morning, Steve!”

The super soldier curses under his breath, hating that you’ve spotted him. He had every intention of sulking all the way back to his room and maybe hiding out there until his training session with Nat. He didn’t want to stay here, where he would be forced to bear witness to something that made his chest ache. “Hey, Y/N.”

You smile at him for a few seconds, long enough to make his heart skip a beat, before diverting your attention back to your phone and the person sitting next to you. Sam.

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HOLY MOLY it’s finally here! Happy “the boys are back in town robron day” we survived the drought and we’re still here! Thanks to everyone for keeping me sane during those 6 weeks without the boys. It was really hard. But we’re here now and the boys will be back and they’ll kill me with their love and beauty and break my heart on thursday but I love it and I am ecxited to see what’s coming next. You guys are all wonderful and warming my heart with all your love for Aaron and Robert.

maybe I loved you too much,
a fire in the middle 
of a hot summer day,
the night is so far away 
and you won’t cool down 
from these scorching kisses-
I burned you with my love.

your heart is still on fire.
maybe I could have loved you less,
but would you have been drawn to me
in the cold winter evenings
if I wasn’t so warm, so bright?

you wanted to touch my light 
and maybe you loved me too much, too.

—  maybe’s on my mind || O.L.

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just wondering if there's any new hogwarts based fics? 🌸💫

this search, this search, and this tag. for new fics:

know my way around your heart by silentinfluence

Steve shuffles over to one side of the bed to make some space, and yawns briefly before saying, “We should cuddle. Like, right now,” and even fluffs up the pillow on his side to make the offer more inviting.

His eyes are wide and hopeful, and he’s still got that dazed look on his face and a lopsided grin and flushed cheeks. He’s everything Bucky wants, and he has to physically force out the soft, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Stevie,” that doesn’t want to leave his mouth.

[A Harry Potter AU in which Steve and Bucky finally get it right in their last year of Hogwarts.]

Angsty Quidditch Captains by colorfulbucky

The Avengers and others at Hogwarts.

What’s got your wand in a knot? by The_Crafty_Cracker

She’d gotten four years of relative peace since the battle of Hogwarts. Those had been the four best years of her teaching career.

Then Rogers and co. arrived.

And Merlin’s beard, it was happening again.

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To your Touch-starved Sheith. I can imagine that Shiro wouldn't be too keen on being touched *in any way* when he's without his prosthetic. Might even isolate himself just to be sure no one would catch him off guard. His dominant hand--which is also a prosthetic, would be one of his only means of defense. I'd imagine it would be a HUGE milestone in their relationship for Shiro to let Keith stay with him after removing the limb as well as letting him touch and caress him without it. Defenseless.

(talking about this post)

Oh man I am RIGHT there with you. You’re killing me here but I can definitely see that happening.

I imagine Shiro would avoid taking if off as much as possible, for the reasons you mentioned, and as a result it gets very sore and cramped. He would be in incredible pain and might even get a fever from the inflamed skin. I can see Keith realizing this, or maybe Shiro’s in so much pain he can’t hide it and Keith just sits him on the bed and gently confronts him about it. Part of my prosthetic theory is that his arm also has straps that go around his shoulders and chest for extra stability to keep it on while fighting, and if left on too long those would chafe and dig into the skin terribly.

Keith coaxes Shiro to remove his shirt and pleads to let him take of the prosthetic, but poor Shiro has this mental block and he doesn’t want to, but he’s in so much pain. Finally he just gives up and lets Keith take it off. His eyes are closed the whole time and he is in tears, saying what he never wanted Keith to see him like this. Keith pressed their foreheads together and tells Shiro he loves him, right now, at this very second, no matter what. Keith tends to Shiro’s arm and makes him promise to let him take care of him.

Sorry, I kinda ran with this! But I love the idea, I’ve had a fic planned for a while and if you don’t mind I’d love to use this concept! Thanks for sharing.


Official video of our Easter Bonnet performance is up! One awesome thing about the bonnet taking place at our theatre is that we get to use our automation for things like this. 

The “Mother Earth” Dress I designed and built debuts towards the finale of our number, have a watch!

At the 31st Annual Easter Bonnet Competition, The Lion King won for both best presentation and best bonnet design. Set to spoken-word poetry written and performed by cast member L. Steven Taylor, the cast of The Lion King celebrated unity by highlighting, through dance, African, Asian, Indian and Polynesian cultures important to the show and the cast.

“We shared roots of the same tree. Bear the same fruit. Shed the same leaves
Spring up toward the same clouds. Sway to and forth in the same breeze
We were one made from the first day. Light came. Darkness gave way
My head equaled your heart. And our blood pumped through the same vein
We were all lights when the night came. We were millions of stars but the same flame
Ruled over the sky in the black of night. We were all gods by the same name
But something in the matrix began to morph. Shapeshift
We once danced side by side. No we can’t recall each other’s faces
But there’s one way we can get back to place that we all started at
For the tree to bear fruit it takes all the roots and that’s the way we make impact.”

The show’s elegant bonnet, designed by Mikey Clifton, Matthew Keating, Brenda O’Brien and Ilya Vett, emerged as an elaborate tribute to Mother Earth, “grown” onstage during the number.

we watched the sunset (over the castle on the hill) by peaceminusme  (taekook, 20k)

“My heart is yours, Jeon Jeongguk. And I want you to know - right now - that a life without you in it is no life at all.”   

Jeongguk’s let out the breath that he didn’t know he had been holding, and pressed his lips softly against Taehyung’s. Jeongguk smiled into the kiss as he pulled Taehyung even closer, feeling the other boy’s hands come to rest on his chest, and kissed him even harder, until they were both breathless. As if to say - my heart is yours, too - it’s been yours, for a long time.

N: it’s so beautiful, it’s so well written, it’s so painful ;;

And every beat of my heart calls out for your name, every beat it produces aches for you. The harder I try to let go, the more it beats faster to the rhythm of your laugh.

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You are a whovian after my own heart. Your love for 9 and your thoughts on Donna speak to my soul ❤️ You are a lovely human being and I just really want good things for you.

You are lovely and kind, anon. <3 

It’s just that Nine - and Donna, too, later on - they’re just the really good bits about humanity, all wrapped up in characters. Nine just loves the fact that normal people exist, doing normal things, and he’s delighted by them, and he has such a lot of love even when things have been so hard for him, and he’s lost so very much. And Donna, who isn’t anyone’s idea of a hero but ends up being more of one than anyone else, who we watch grow into herself and then has it all stolen from her, christ, it’s the biggest fucking tragedy of all and I don’t think the writers even realised. You don’t need to be anything out of the ordinary to do the right thing, to try, to love, and that’s what you get with both of them. The beauty in the ordinary.

You Wear My Heart On Your Sleeve - reliquiaen

Word Count: 2, 816

Summary: “She waited for a protest to that (usually Kara would have something to say such as ‘but I always love it when you’re at the door’ or another similarly cheesy response), but she got nothing. Eventually she looked up.”

Two prompts: ‘lena teasing kara’ & 'lena knows kara is supergirl but doesn’t say anything and wears a #1 fan shirt and it’s Weird™ and kara is like ???? !!!!’. Also there’s this art that is almost certainly behind the whole thing:

this is stupid i know. today is the first time i noticed that i haven’t thought about you. your name simply passes through my ears and i don’t say anything in response to it. this is so bittersweet to me, i am happy but at the same time i miss very specific details of you and i when people intentionally call it to mind. you’re fading in my heart and i cannot remember the scent of your sheets after we made love as if my memories of us are the sheets being washed so your mother would never find out. i cannot remember your arms around me (you stopped holding me a long time ago but i felt you linger for months after as my heart was still in your hands). but what i can remember is the sting of your goodbyes against my lips like the lip gloss i wore the night you made a move, because i wanted to have big lips so you would find me beautiful like the other girls you were looking at. i can still feel the choking of your hatred in my throat like your hand wrapped around my neck so tight when i told you i wanted to feel pain equivalent to the amount of love you felt for me. and you hated me because someone accused me of cheating (funny how fast rumors grow) though i gave every ounce of my soul to you like a puppy to his master. the thorns of our relationship never ceased to draw blood and the petals were never pretty enough to keep you around. i began to bleed when i found out you loved/love/will continue to love her (jokes on you she’s a lesbian), and when you told them you lost feelings for me long before you ever stopped using me for sex. your heart, my dear- has become as shallow as a bird bath and i am done soaking in it’s tainted water. i am so happy to never have to speak to you again but i am nevertheless broken by you. but from here on out i build and i will plant stars underneath my skin where the pain that you caused me is living. and now this will be my last time thinking about you until someone asks, “what happened with you two?” in which my only response can be this message.
—  pmt /excerpt from a book i’ll never write
I deserved you. You didn’t deserve me. I deserved your love. You didn’t deserve mine. I worked so hard to try to please you and prove that I was worthy. Every minute of my day I tried to figure out a way to make you happier. But somehow your love faded. Now I’m standing around feeling like a failure because my efforts and intentions didn’t go as planned. I thought we were in this together. Now that I have to let go of my claim on you, I’m disappointed that our relationship will have to disappear. It breaks my heart to even look at your face because you hurt me when I needed you the most. I wanted a happy ending for us but you should’ve never been apart of my story.
—  kajecollins 

10 girls I keep in my heart

1. Beauty was never your goal. Your eyeliner is sharp, a blade, war paint. Your laugh is deep and unwavering, open mouthed to bear fangs. I remember when you cut your long hair off and streaked it with pink. Not like a fairy but like a fire. Yet water runs through your veins. You love your mother so.

2. Oh girl of the earth, you never liked poetry. I think you were carved from the mountains that you’ve never seen. The strongest winds cannot move you. Your hands never rub raw. Yet your edges are soft for stone.

3. Your house is full of beautiful things but you don’t see any of it. Nothing ever feels like home. Storms blow through you so often I think you gave up on rebuilding. And now you live among the rubble. Your anger broke my windows and cut at my cheeks. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

4. How does your smile always manage to reach your ears? So wide you have to close your eyes to make room. Your hugs nearly suffocate me but I don’t mind at all. You play nirvana on your guitar and you don’t understand the lyrics. I hope you never do.

5. I miss you everyday. The gentlest soul on earth. The world hasn’t given you half as much as you deserve. I can’t believe how many people don’t even know your name. Your heart is full of tulips and an angel sent you my way.

6. My first love. You opened my eyes. We spoke our own language and danced like no one was watching. I kept every drawing you made for me. I wonder if you remember me from time to time.

7. My oldest friend. We are holding hands underwater. We are hiding in bushes. We are spinning elaborate stories and pretending not to notice how they unravel. You used to fall asleep on my shoulder. I hope our paths cross soon.

8. You are so much made from so little. You radiate with the force of the sun your body can barely contain you. How you saw me through your own light I do not know. Your name is from the moon and Jupiter is in the art you make. Oh girl born to live.

9. I’ve seen 7000 sides of you. Multidimensional and deep as an ocean. And what lives under the surface bites. I’ve mastered the art of walking on water. I was never good enough to reach you. But someone will be. Someone is coming. I promise.

10. How is it that every song is about you? I wonder if you realize that I look for you everywhere. Your soul is in splinters they’ve flown up to space. They’re tangled in trees. You’ve sent them my way. Oh I’ve felt you exploding not in anger but in creation. Galaxy after galaxy. Oh nebulas light my way home. You are dandelions spilling over rolling hills. You are grass stained jeans. You are Ferris wheels at sunset

I really do think of you at 2pm when I’m busy running errands. I think of you as soon as I wake up. Because I’m already wishing for you. I think of you at 8pm when I’m off at a dinner or a movie with my family. I think of you at 1am when all I can think of is how you smell. Thinking about how I love your laugh, and how I wish with everything I am that we were in the same bed kissing goodnight.
“I wish you were here. But you’re not you’re there, and there doesn’t know how lucky it is.”