OPM Dub: Episode 2!

First of all, if you need it, you can watch the episode here:

Now! On to some of my “live” reactions (I took notes as I was watching it).

  • Zach Aguilar is a great Genos. I am very interested to see how he sounds as he mellows out over the course of the season, since right now I am definitely digging the ‘I take things way too seriously’ vibe. Okay, serious comment made, on to the garbage…
  • “Acquiring target.” - YEAH, YOU ARE, BOO. GET READY.
  • I really enjoyed the voice acting for Mosquito Girl. Really great range there. Turns out it is Cristina Valenzuela, who was Rei in Sailor Moon! Nice!
  • “Incinerate.” - Yeah, if you could just say that a few more times, that would be grrrrreeeeaaaaat. I’m just going to sit here and enjoy it.
  • “Who is this idiot?” - He said, to his future husband.
  • Oh man, the delivery of Genos’s long-ass monologue was awesome. At first I was like, “Is it just me or is he talking really slowly? Wait. Oh, yeah, there it goes. LOL.”
  • Let’s just take a moment to love all of Max Mittelman’s deliveries of Saitama’s lines. Favorites include:
    • “Man, you saved me, you’re pretty amazing, aren’t you?“ (just get ready, okay. Get ready, Saitama.)
    • “Bugs. They suck.”
    • “Badump pssh.” (Thank you)
    •  “Fooooound you!” (I will admit, I was nervous about seeing some of the sillier scenes in the dub, but I am not disappointed at all!)
  • “Sensei sir!” - Oh geez. Oh geez, Genos. This fanfiction basically writes itself, I’m tellin’ ya.
  • -Pets the mini screen with Metal Bat on it- I’M JUST ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE HIM, OKAY. LET ME HAVE THIS.

i just got back from metrocon!

i have a story to tell… so i bought this really cute vld print, and i was showing my friend it when three girls asked if they could sit at our table. we said sure, the table was pretty empty and everyone was sharing tables.

one of the girls noticed my voltron print and immediately asked “who do you ship?”, pointing to my poster. i say, excitedly, “klance!” and this girl. was so rude. she like, rolled her eyes and groaned, and complained to her friend about me, right in front of my face. she pointed at shiro and keith and was like “sheith is the only good ship”, or something along those lines, i cant remember because honestly i was just shocked at how rude she was.

i immediately wanted to stop talking to her, but i was trying to be polite so i was like, “oh, i like shiro too! my fave is pidge!” and she fcking. rolls her eyes again and gives me a deadpan look, like ‘ew whats wrong with you’ and im just so awkward like,,, my voice raised like 5 octaves and i just stammered “wwhats wrong with pidge???” before she told me how much she hated her and how awful pidge is ‘for prioritizing her family over the team’.

like,,, damn,,, you could have just said “oh, i dont ship klance” or “ah, pidge isnt my favourite, i like ___ better”, you didnt have to act so annoyed with me and complain about me to your friends and make a big show of how much you hate me. its one thing to complain when someone is out of earshot, like “man, i was hoping they shipped sheith. that sucks :(” or “ugh, why does everyone like pidge? i wanna find someone else who hates her” but. right in my face, man?

@ the rude sheith shipper that made me and my friend feel so uncomfortable you made us get up and leave from our table after offering some bs excuse to get away from you: i hope we never meet again. this is like, my fifth bad experience with a sheith shipper. smh.