I can’t get over how grateful and gracious he is, like yeah he could have complained about the band and the restrictions it had and whatever but he didn’t, he is so thankful for the opportunities that he’s been given and my heart is melting

[My heart melts every time Jack says Bitty, instead of Bittle, Bits, or even “bud”, so I had to write this. Thanks to @ibakesouffles​ for giving this a quick read before posting.]

For a year, he is Bittle; shouted on the ice, whispered in the library, but always a hard edge on Jack’s voice when he says it, anger and frustration often tainting the word. He’s only Bitty once, and it’s said with fear and regret, and he’s not there to hear it anyway.

It’s back to Bittle after that, but it softens with time, with hours spent in a kitchen, with light hand touches covered in flour. It yields to nicer tones, to smiles and chirps. Bittle, always Bittle in thick French-Canadian accent. It’s Bittle when their arms brush and make him shiver slightly, even in the warmth of the Haus kitchen while a pie is baking.

Bittle becomes Bitty once again, a loud cry giving way to a lower whisper shared with realization and love, and mixed with a kiss that evolves into two, and then three, and then a hasty goodbye and a promise to text.

It stays Bits then, in private, goes back to Bittle in public, trying to subdue the feelings that try to spill in each letter every time the name reaches his lips, or when he tries to sound captain-ly, a joke about the rocky beginning of their friendship. It’s Bits in his head, his heart; Bittle in his phone.

Except when it matters. Then it’s Bitty, a name shared with all their friends that however means more for them, that holds a secret and reminds them what they are and how they got here. It’s Bitty when Jack feels tired and raw and so in love he would do anything for this boy.

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We are five days away of the seventh month without Lexa. I thought it'd be a good time to remember good things about her, so I'd like to know your favorite clexa scene.

Gooooosh almost 7 months and I miss my smol bean so fucking much. It will be 80 years later and I will still Lexa the most.

And all the Clexa scenes were amazing. Every single one of them. But one of my faves deffo is this one.

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Seeing Lexa so vulnerable and open to Clarke for the first time makes my heart melt away. Clarke clearly is conflicted because she cares for Lexa so much and yet she fights it. And Lexa uuuuugh, walking like this, baring herself to Clarke in this moment fills me with butterflies. I have so many feels for soft!clexa.

rockie91: So happy to spend time today with this beautiful soul. Regardless of what ANYBODY has to say, her beauty runs deep in her heart❤️. To call her a friend is putting it mildly. She has been there for me from day one but through this tragedy, I can call or text her night or day and she is there immediately. Whether acting as a confidant or just giving me sisterly advice, she is there. For you Kimmie, I am forever thankful for your friendship and continued love/support. Your concern for my kids and I well being melts my heart. Thanks for making me laugh and smile today. Love you @kimkardashian ☺️. #firsttimeonsnapchatlol #ihaveanaccountbutdontknowhowtouseit

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omg literally alot of ppl(that aren't gyeom biased) have said that when they saw yugyeom in person they were in total awe of him and he catches ppls eyes like can i ask what was it about seeing him in person that left u shook? i'm so curious

honestly!!! firstly the energy and passion he gives off when he is performing?? like maybe because he was at my side of the stage a lot so i kept looking at him and his dance is really so so powerful??? like i was shook!!! also he is an angel!!! he is so so so tall but yet so soft in personality when he smiled i was like !!!! AN ANGEL!!! his ending speech made my heart melt cos he said that the fans are like gifts to him.

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This week choitashi make me think about Mystras/Spartos relationship...You have headcanons about them? Also, Mystras entertain Spartos with his "talent" is the cutest thing ever!!!

The relationship between Spartos and Mystras is too pure and that choitashi just made my heart melt.


  • One day, Mystras decided he would teach Spartos how to ride a horse, not realizing his brother was too small/young for that. Once Mystras noticed he decided to take Spartos with him on his own horse and show him around town (excluding the ‘forbidden’ parts of Sasan because he didn’t want to ruin his brother’s purity)
  • Spartos often sneaks out to watch Mystras train, but Mystras never notices. Seeing his brother win all the time he spars, makes Spartos determined to become just as strong as his brother so maybe he could one day be the one to beat Mystras.
  • After sneaking out of the castle once (the first point), Spartos tries to get Mystras to bring him to the city even more. Mystras wants to refuse, but since he can’t resist Spartos, they go to Sasan’s market together a lot. 
  • Even if Mystras is no longer interested in Sasan’s teachings, he will gladly listen to Spartos’ tales about it.

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Rupes gif at Emmy's trying to fix his hair for photos, then looking at Amiee for help with frustration and yet with a smile. OMG, my heart melts every time I see it. He is so sexy, cute and delicious that I want to eat him up! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! 😍

He is truly a treasure!