JB give attention and patiently follow Youngjae who will try to climb up the slide in reverse way…💕

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izayainformantorihara  asked:

Omg. Your art is so amazing. I found your tumblr not long ago and completely love it. My fav are H2O Delirious drawings. Those melt my heart 💖💖💖 If you ever can I would love to see a Vanoss with Delirious drawing ;v; I'msosorryifthisisabother-

Nah, I’m not bothered at all! Boom, le babus~

jahooliah  asked:

Okay for the remaining Matsu(Kara, Ichi, Jyushi), Which voice would you pick as: A ring tone, alarm clock, and car horn?

Pffftt ahahah this is honestly the best ask I’ve seen in a while thank you! 😂

Alright, so to get down to business…

I’d pick Kara as my ringtone–singing of course, because his voice is positively heart-melting~

Jyushi for an alarm clock bc are you serious who else would get you up better than the hyperactive matsu I mean come on

And finally, Ichi for the car horn, but I’m honestly confused with this one like?? Do I get to pick what he says or is it just him going ‘beep beep’ because that’s honestly so great yes please

anonymous asked:

Hey what do you guys think of Jhope's voice? Not rapping voice but when he's singing. That's it he's a golden horse, he can rap, sing, dance, beatbox,... I Stan a multitalented horse.

LOVE! Legit, I love his voice. I love when he sings, when he smiles, when he laughs, when he raps, when he dances. Legit, he melt my heart and he isn’t even my ultimate bias <3

-Admin Kat 

His voice is like melting bars of gold combining with chocolate from the heavens (is my bias showing?? Oops) -Admin Morgyn

धीमी धीमी खुशबू हैं तेरा बदन

Softly, subtly…

Your body is like fragrance

सुलगे महके पिघले दहके क्यों ना बहके मेरा मन

It gleans, perfumes, melts, consumes..

How could my heart not be swayed…<3


Music: AR Rehman

Vocals: HariHaran

Film: 1947 Earth.

bveselin  asked:

Josh being able to tell the difference between DID!Tyler and Blurry and when they switch makes my heart melt

yes yes he ttlly sees thm as two different ppl cause they r!! he brags t ppl abt his two handsome bfs n knows jus hw t treat both of thm ty n blur r so thankful

“One drink coffee mommy? Please? Tiny drink coffee?”

“If I give you just one tiny drink will you let mommy finish it?”

“Yeah one drink mommy pleeeease”

*has sip of iced coffee*

“Yummy coffee thank you mama” and a kiss on the cheek. Melts my widdle heart 😭 and as soon as she’s done with her tiny sip she doesn’t even ask again until the next day.

I can’t wait (but I totally can) until she’s older/a teenager and we can go get coffee together and be best friends and tbh things like this are why I want only one kid because she’s my best friend and while I’m sure I’ll love another child as much I don’t know if they will be my bff as much as she is

anonymous asked:

How I just saw one of your selfies, and I don't mean to intrude or anything like that but I must say you look like... like something else. You look like the forest is in your blood. Like the trees turing dark in twilight, the night sky cascading with starlight, and the whirl of embers around a campfire. You look like the spirit of these things wandered and twisted and spun, forming a person who could wrap wisps of smoke around their fingers. You look incredible. So I can only imagine how you are

I feel like if I were in an anime this would be my introduction to every scene.. my heart has melted this is so cute ily💕