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YamaYachi needs more love!! (Sorry, are you still doing the unpopular opinion thing?)

(Heck yeah i’m still doing it!)

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YamaYachi is a super cute shippppp! They canonically blush around each other and it makes my heart melt. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Look at Yams the first time he sees her!

And then precious Yachi when she tries to make him less nervous before the Seijou match!

They are cute dorks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overwatch skins

These new overwatch skins make me even gayer for the ladies here’s some reasons why

•pharah rocks out with her rocket launcher and little sparks happen with music
• tracer looks like a graffiti artist and my heart just melts.
• tracers finger gun emote alone is so pure
• tracers dancing emote is such a good emote, I fakin love her.
•widowmakers dancing emote is her doing ballet makes me super happy.
•mercys little shuffle dance alone is cute as fuck.
•symmetras new skin is so damn cool looking.
•symmetras new dancing emote is bad ass, and I love it so much.
•sombras dancing emote makes me laugh and it’s so great


“Hanzo -” His voice was strangled, his lips drier than the desert.

“That’s better,” Hanzo murmured as he rose up on his toes and brushed his nose against Jesse’s once, twice, three times. “Eskimo kiss,” he explained. “You looked sad and I’ve been told that kisses fix stuff.”

I’m so glad you’ve commissioned me to draw this scene, @mariejacquelyn. It’s beautiful. The whole fic is. You’re an awesome writer; please, keep gracing us with your stuff <3

Guys you can read it here!