So, in tonight’s edition of little magic moments that makes your heart skip...

I bring you this gif* from the Sochi SD NTMLSS.

Somehow, in the middle of their freakin Olympic performance they manage to share a private moment that make Scott smile a genuine huge smile that melts my heart.

(*credit unknown at the time - message me if it’s yours and I promise to give credit)

Okay so I’ve been obsessed with Calvin’s smile in his latest facecam video and I just realized why; it’s because it’s a genuine smile and he looks so genuinely happy and it melts my heart and makes me so happy knowing that he’s happy because he deserves to be happy and I worry all the time about him not being happy or healthy and seeing him smile like that really makes me feel better

That time on Marinus when Ian got out of jail and Susan was so happy to have her Space Family back together again she just had to cuddle Barbara and shout ‘WHOOPEEEEEEEE!’ like the loveable weirdo she is. And then my heart melted. And then I got sad because I started thinking about how her parents were probably dead or something which is why she’s so attached to Barbara and Ian which means the Doctor’s also lost a child and nothing is ok.

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hs!joshler where j doesn't know that ty can sing so when he walks into ty's room seeing ty playing his ukulele and singing his heart melts bc omg my boyfriend can sing and ty gets all red and puts the ukulele down but j's like "please keep singing"

aw j melts “please keep singing, you’re amazing” n he sits on the bed next to ty “c'mon baby, y'sound so good! for me, please?” n ty sings can’t help falling in love to j looking through his eyelashes at him n j thinks his boyfriend is the prettiest n most talented in the whole world

matchmaker tag ~

tagged by: @milkjoons thx Holly <3


01. ship the person who tagged you

02. answer questions

03. write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04. tag as many blogs as you want

people I ship you with;

BTS: listen- hear me out here- Yoongi. You are so savage and funny and I feel like your sense of humor would be one that he would totally appreciate ~ ALSO it would be so cute bc you are both beauties and my heart melts at the thought t b h <3

Seventeen: Jun!!! LISTEN YOU REMIND ME OF HIM and I could see you guys taking stupid snapchat videos with all the filters and shit lol wow. #GOALS #OTP ALSO DANCING TOGETHER IM OUT

monsta x: Changkyun for sure like?? first of all yall are both F I R E the visuals in this couple would be lit. you guys would literally just stay in and cuddle all day and shit it’d be perfect and im lowkey jealous bYE

a group of my choice (NCT 127): winwin. you said you liked sexy so.. #choke…me….

what is your chinese zodiac/animal:

an Ox wtf does that even mean tbh

what is your sun sign:

Leo !!!!

what is your height:

5′0 im smol

what kind of body shape do you have:

i am… very tiny ok. i only weigh like 103. i have muscular legs though bc im a gymnast

describe your fashion type:

sporty and tom boyish!!

what are your hobbies:

dance!!!! listening to music, playing with puppies!!!!! talking too louding and too much… studying…. eating… taking selfies…

describe your personality:

i’m literally almost always giggling if i’m with people, i like to talk a lot and sometimes im a bit #extra but idk i like to talk to people!! i like to think i’m a pretty fun person to be with and i never sit still lol

what do you like and dislike:

likes - spicy food, baseball caps, eyeliner, DANCING, hiking, walking, exercising , studying (yes i like it), dramas, horror movies, reading, laughing, people who are shy, people who arent, PUPPIES, people, kittens, and coffee.

dislikes - bras, being ignored, feeling annoying, crowds, bananas, wearing my hair up, and heels.

what kind of height do you prefer:

i dont care honestly, im very small so most people all look tall to me

what kind of position do you prefer:

this is too dirty for me

do you prefer innocent or sexy:

since im an innocent child kind of i’d like my partner to be more sexy so they knew what they were doing ya know.

what are some turn ons:

DANCING, when someone is genuinely interested in what i have to say, someone who is silly and sexy at the same time, playfulness

what are some turn offs:

anger, overbearing jealousy

what kind of fear would it be okay for them to have:


what would be an ideal date for you:

amusement park, a walk in the city, cute coffee date any of those <3

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groups i’d want to be shipped with! :

Got7 , EXO, monsta x and seventeen!! (dont have to do all or any)

dont ship me just bc you know my bias tell me who you really think!! i cant wait to see all of yours omg<3

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Do you know whose faces are hidden in BTS Bon Voayage? Some have emoji and I was curios. Especially about this girl whose face is hidden, is she someone from the crew or girlfriend of one of the members?

LOL they are Bight’s staff members. Their faces are usually covered in videos like Bangtan Bombs

LisTEn I am still in pain from yoonmin in the latest bon voyage but my fav moment has got to be when yoongi had his arm on jimin’s waist srsly I had to rewind and make sure I was seeing it right cause cameras??? But yoongi was too whipped to even realize he was doing it in front of everyone!! Srsly they were squished up against each other and yoongi was smiling like a fool lmao they really look like boyfriends on a trip, now I keep imagining yoongi’s arms around jimins little waist its beautiful

IKR???!!!!! I had to rewind too lmao cuz I thought I was just seeing things. BUT NUH UH. My heart had melted when Yoongi posed for Jimin at the waterfall, but seeing them squished together on the train ride aldsjfglashdfkasdfh DEAD. And fun fact, when they first got squished together in the seat, I thought Jimin was sitting on Yoongi’s lap. 

Could you please please gif this vmin moment? It’s one of my favorites. This was the best video I could find (/watch?v=5GtFbX5_ceY). Btw, not sure if you’ve been asked this, but, which ship is your favorite? I’m literal vmin trash.

Oh! I remember that video. I think someone made a gifset already, but if I can’t find it and reblog it, I’ll make it ^^ And from the above answer, you probably can already guess I’m absolute yoonmin trash ahaha…

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"Michael, it's time to wake up." Ryan was a ball of jittery energy. He'd been up for hours already, baking, and the house smelled like a bakery. Red velvet cupcakes, homemade chocolate frosting, fresh strawberries...a birthday surprise!

Michael groaned and pulled the covers over his head. “10 more minutes.” He groaned sleepily, but smiled anyway. “Why so excited so early for?” (My heart literally melted this is so cute. I ran to the bathroom to reply omg)

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Oh my god I just had a thought and it made my heart melt and die. Au where Clarke and lexa are kids in kindergarten and they both like finger painting a lot, Clarke because she's an artist even at 6, and lexa likes it better on her face as her signature "war paint" than on paper. That connection becomes the start of their friendship and as they grow up they become best friends and become inseparable

this is the absolute cutest i need 50k words omg. 

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Despite the fact that almost everyone thinks Kuroo is a sex god(I believe its because of that smirk of his XD) I like to think he'd try to be smooth but he's really just a dork & isn't exactly sure about everything & just knows the basics! The first few times with someone he loves are nice & sweet but a little clumsy. Then after a few more times he starts to get better at a lot of stuff & then he gets really really good! But he'll always remain a dork to make her feel comfortable no matter what!

My heart melts for dorky Kuroo. He’d be so sweet and tender with you all while trying to crack jokes. You’d definitely laugh during sex with him!

-Admin Lana