“No falls yet?” Vera smirked watching the group. 

“It’s just walking,” Onix said. “You have to be a real idit to trip over your own two feet.”

“Mhmm, keep talking,” Vera rolled her eyes and pressed a few buttons, setting the treadmill on it’s highest speed and incline. “Have fun!”

“I’m so going to win this-” Trent slipped and fell first. “Damn it! I was distracted!”

“Can’t walk and talk at the same time? Oomph!” Onix fell as he was taunting Trent. 

“Two down, three to go,” Vera called. “Who’s next? Is it you Abel?”

“Definitely not—- DAMN IT! How did you do that?”

“We can’t be here all day, I have ten other guys trying to win Snowbelle’s heart in the other room. So, who will it be, Ember or Zayne? Could Zayne win another date with Snowbelle?”

“That’s the plan,” He smirked as Ember tripped. “Have your answer?”

“Guess you really want to win this competition, huh? Head inside and rest up a bit. You’ll be going on a date with Snowbelle tomorrow but you’ll also have to face two other winners.”

Zayne is the last to fall off of the treadmill and wins another date with Snowbelle.


“It was sad to see Thad go, but with one out, we welcome one in,” Vera addressed the group in front of her. “Welcome the newest member of the ‘Melt My Frozen Heart’ family, Spot.”

“That is a dog,” Snowbelle said in shock. “What is a dog doing in here?”

“He is our dog,” Vera clarified. “Because how cute is it going to be to have a dog in all of our shots? The audience will eat it up.” 

“Our dog?” Snowbelle dropped to her knees and squeeled. “He is so cute!” Spot wagged his tail and rolled over in front of Snow. “What am I to do with it?”

“Pet it,” Vera said. “Rub it’s belly.”

“He is very cute. Who is a good boy?” Snowbelle cooed.

“I know what you’re all thinking,” Vera grinned as she turned to the boys. “Even more competition for you guys. Well, Snowbelle has always wanted a pet, so we granted her wish. As for you guys, you have a challenge today. Similar to last week, the winners will be granted a group date. Let me explain, with a dog in the house, we’re going to need to be in our best physical shape. So, this week’s challenge is a treadmill challenge! I’ll split you up into groups of five and the last one to fall will go on a date with SNowbelle.”

“And immunity?” Gino asked.

“Not exactly. Only one of you will win immunity this week. The three winners will then face off in the same challenge and the winner will get immunity. Oh, and the one who has the most relationship with our new friend Spot here will get some bonus points. Now, go and get changed. I want Abel, Trent, Ember, Zayne and Onix outside right away.” Vera crossed her arms over her chest. “Go now.”

Omg thank you for the lovely drawing of me @xnoodii 😍😮❤️ it’s so beuatiful and thank you for drawing my @hydrangeabeauty lashes on as well!!!! My heart is melting, you’re so talented! 💘🌸


“Group number two. Troy, Icarus, Eli, Eric and Adrian, are you boys ready?” Vera asked.

“Oh yeah, I have my running shoes on,”A drian said triumphantly. “I will win this.”

“Keep dreaming,” Eli shot him a glance. “I was too close to the bottom last week. I need this win.”

“I would like to win,” Eric said. “Bring it on.”

Vera started the treadmill and the first to fall was….Eric. Followed very closely by Eli. “This was a lot faster than I expected,” Eric said.

“Hands on the bars boys, we’ll be cranking up the speed. Icarus, you’re holding up well for someone who lives most of their life in the forest.”

“Well of course,” Icarus said. “You aren’t born looking this good. Well, others aren’t unfortunately-” His voice raised into a screech as he face planted onto the treadmill.

“Being cocky will get you nowhere. Adrian and Troy its neck and neck. OH! You both fell at the exact same time? How is that even possible I hadn’t planned for this, but I will only have three winners. Pull yourself up and keep walking. Next fall loses!”

“Darn it!” Adrian exclaimed as he hit the floor. “I was so close!”

“Wow, both Troy and Zayne will be getting another date with Snowbelle, I’m impressed you guys. Good work. Get ready for the immunity run. I’ll see you in a bit.” Vera waved him off. 

Troy and Adrian fell at the same time. Both got up and continued running until Adrian fell. Troy has won another date with Snowbelle.

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dude... you're so incredibly attractive? and so sweet? and nice to everyone... unreal tbh

u make my heart melt

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And he doesn’t even react. Which melts my heart because that tells me he’s used to her being touchy feely like that and it’s just a facet of their friendship and it’s so fucking beautiful. Hold me.


“Hey boy.” Abel patted Spot’s head. “Mind if I steal the pretty girl away for awhile?” Spot seemed to understand and stood to the side, keeping a watchful eye on the pair. “Seems you have a fan.”

“Two maybe,” Snowbelle grinned. “I am counting you as well.”

“Oh good, I thought you were going to say Fury or something. Then I’d be in trouble. We’re already behind him by a long shot.”

“Are you?” Snowbelle asked. “Do not doubt yourself Mr. Abel. You are very kind and compassionate. I like you very much.”

“Aww man, you;re making me feel even worse for losing this challenge. I could use that date with you,” He said.

“You are not missing much. My last date did not go as planned. You are better off home anyway.” She shrugged.

“See? You’re just going on the date with the wrong people. I am much more fun.”

“Yes? Then show me next week, if you are still here.”

“Aye aye captain.” Spot stood by his feet, staring up at him impatiently. “Ok, ok fine. You can have your bachelorette back. I’ll talk to you soon Snow?”

“Yes, please.”