The 100 3x04

OMFG LEXA!!! She seriosuly is so fucking badass yet cute; my heart cannot take it. It’s ok Lexa, Clarke just doesn’t wanna admit that she loves you. Arhghghpsj I thought they were gonna kiss though…

Lincoln, Octavia and Monty remain beautiful precious cinnamon rolls.

Bellamy, Pike, Jasper and most of the Skikru can go to hell!

@nadiacreek answered your question “FIVE SHIPS I WILL GO DOWN WITH”


uh, yeah, I’ve said the canon broke them for me, did I not?  SORRY.  They are still the ship I’ve spent most time actively shipping, the only ones I’ve finished/posted fic about to date, the OTP-est OTP I ever had.  But my heart cannot take endless revisions of an ongoing story I’m constructing alongside the canon, and it especially cannot take when the last sequence of getting back together feels like it’s meant specifically to troll us.  Sorry RM, I tried to work with it, but that was just too much.

(…. there was a lot of greatness there, though.)

this job is killing me, this environment is so toxic, I am so sorry I keep whining about this but I am so f*cking done with this my heart cannot take it and I just want to like holy shit ok…ok…

But guys

I swear Benji looks like he is about to cry with relief here

Also note Ilsa getting out of her wet clothes in the background

And Benji is wearing the same outfit for the car chase through the Moroccan streets

And the exchange of dialogue before they get in the car:

’A minute ago you were dead!’

‘What are you talking about?’

In conclusion:

Ethan is going to drown in that underwater sequence

Ilsa is going to jump in and save him

And Benji is going to watch Ethan come back from the dead

My Ethan/Benji feels are on overdrive rn ;_;