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It just breaks my heart. Robin was sick as well and Harry had just been through Matt and then Jay's illness happened as well. How much heartbreak within one year? And yet always so lovely and kind to everyone. No wonder he was home so much the past months. And I totally understand that he became a very private person who protects his family over everything. I hope they find support in each other and I send them all my love. Heartbreaking.

He is so lovely and kind. A heart of gold and boots to match, our Hazza.

What breaks my heart the most is people vilifying the Weasleys and saying Molly was a bad, controlling mother because she didn’t let her children do whatever they wanted. No parents are perfect. She only wanted the best for them. I grew up wishing the Weasleys were my family. I would reread Harry Potter over and over for this. So these people complaining about them just have no idea what real bad parents are.

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The fact that Harry lost three loved ones in the span of less than 2 years Matt, Jay and Robin breaks my heart..

i hope he’s getting lots of cuddles and affection

I can only imagine the moments which she holds dear to remember how much she loves Franky.

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Why do Sidon fans hate Zelda? What did she ever do to them?

Well, one thing I’m sure is that NOT all Sidon fans are like that. Sadly, the haters will always be louder than the real fans and therefore, that’s why they’ll spread their unnecessary hate in. every. damn. tag. and. in. every. place. 

The result? they give their own fandom a terrible reputation and some people… just end up disliking a character thanks to those haters  *sigh*

It’s a cycle that never ends. 

I’ll be honest. It does break my heart that my girl Zelda, and any other female character in any other fandom, recieves this kind of treatment. And i’m speaking, not as a fangirl… I’m speaking as a woman. 

It happens in Naruto (people either hate Hinata or Sakura)
Tokyo Ghoul Fandom? oh boi. Some people claim that Touka tricked Kaneki into bed LMAO 
Fairy Tail fandom? some people say that all the girls are sluts. 
Nanatsu no Taizai… Dragon Ball…etc., etc., etc. 

The hate towards female characters, is like a disease. Honestly, I don’t see the point in bashing  females characters to make a any ship “look good” because, that never works LMAO

Also, Zelda did NOTHING wrong. Infact, all the contrary. She has done so many good things for EVERYONE (not only Hylians). Is thanks to her sacrifice and fortitude that all the other races in Hyrule managed to survive… and if people try to deny that, then theres nothing we can do about them.

TL;DR: Sadly, hate blinds people. 

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what really is the reason why we can't get the rest of the 5 seasons? bc it just breaks my heart ASKADSJISSNOS

No official reason has ever been given. But here are some random thoughts:

- This show was never meant to get this big. It was a small little production for Norwegian teens. The actors are amateurs and they have a life outside of the show. They’re not full time actors. They barely get paid at all. They’re not media trained. The whole crew is very small and tight and they work around the clock. This show started as a way to make teenage girls in Norway feel a little better about themselves and to educate them. In S1, the characters were actually able to communicate on instagram through comments because not too many people commented. Now the comments sections are mine fields.

- The show got too big. It got attention from all corners of the globe. Julie gets contacted by the freaking New York Times. People fly from South Korea and the US to meet the cast, some of which are teenagers who go to high school. People start becoming interested in the cast’s daily lives. It’s fun. It’s great content while we wait for S4. Their families are nice. Their friends are awesome content providers. Etc.

- The cast’s loved ones start getting targeted. Mean and cruel comments rain on their instas. “Dirty hipsters”, Rumen gets the nickname ‘Semen’ (wtf), a couple of death threats (yes legit death threats) here and there. People are no longer just interested and grateful. They’re entitled now. They demand things. Comments like “i’m disappointed. I will never see character X the same way again” can be found on their instas. Even the actors’ mothers get targeted now for being “money hungry” “fame whore”. Some actors have to pretend to be taking phone calls at school or ask their teacher to cover for them. People are now demanding and cruel. Make one mistake and you’re “canceled” “delete your existence you homophobic piece of shit” “nobody wants to hear from you your career is over” “Julie is a disgusting ableist and homophobic asshole and i will fight her” “fuck you just say you hate muslims and go” etc.

- Instagrams get deleted now. Some come back (David’s) but comments have to be disabled on some posts because some people want to sniff Tarjei’s panties. Some don’t (ruby sigh). Some actors have to post on their insta story to leave other actors alone because they’re not their characters (Iman about Josefine and Cengiz). Some stop posting for weeks when they used to post 938483 times a day (Henrik). Etc. It’s become toxic. It’s become a 24/7 thing. It’s become exhausting.

- Julie and Mari went from writing and getting the feedback of Norwegian teens to having to cater to the desires of very demanding people from all over the world. People who don’t understand that characters are allowed to fuck up from time to time, who don’t understand how POV works, who jump to conclusions and are so passionate (which is great and awesome) but also so cruel.

- They never signed up for all of this. And yes fame comes with a price and they should be grateful but honestly they never signed up for the intrusion, for the harassment, for the hate. Nobody deserves this.

- Money was probably an issue too. As a show gets bigger, you need more money. And when you remember that this is funded by taxpayer money by Norwegians, it’s kinda messed up to feel entitled at all. Yes they get fame from the international attention but how do you quantify that? At the end of the day, what do they get from that? No profit whatsoever. Not even self-esteem benefits from this because some of the cruel stuff people spew all day every day is truly upsetting. And if it keeps ME at night, then I can’t imagine what it does to them.

- Rights sold to America. This might also have created conflict. But i dont think so. I think Julie and the rest are just tired and need a vacation.

- People with NRK insiders saying that Julie actually stopped the show because NRK refused to give her a raise…….. ok. Right. Sure. As if you can spend years with these characters in your head and then just abandon them because of a raise.

- This post makes no sense. I apologize. Now am I devastated that my favorite show that no one knew about a year ago is ending? YES DAMMIT I AM CRUSHED. Do I understand that it had to? Yes to that, too.

- im sorryyy djdbsjsn

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Sfw angst with chocobros having a crush on Ravus' s/o? (break my heart)

YES!!! I am loving this! *secretly crying* Why must I hurt the things I love!



“Hello Noctis.”

Noctis turned away from the balcony edge he was, looking to the night sky of Tarabene, he already knew who it was, but still he wanted to see you. You looked absolutely beautiful in the white dress.  Not that it wasn’t uncommon to find you in white now, as you were now Tarabene upper elite. “Hi Y/N.”

Noctis smiled, as you moved forward, pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks, before cupping them. You were much older than himself, about by 7 years but still that didn’t stop his heart from fluttering every time he saw you. Ever since he was a child, he’d remember seeing you at social elite gatherings, you were also so kind to him, multiple times offering him the chance to sit with you, or moving to sit with him.

He recalled multiple times at different parties, where he was younger that you would eat most of his veggies and then split your dessert with him. Pressing a finger to your lips to stating that it was a secret, than requesting a dance later on the floor, despite him having two left feet until just  a few years ago, where he was determined to show you that he was a good dancer  now.

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i know a lot of evak fans claim that even deserves these likes because he's a pansexual bipolar character.. but have you ever seen in a western world a muslim teenage girl as a tv show character? a muslim girl falling for a non muslim boy will always be the most unique and original love story in skam, it's never been done before and they handled it so well especially in maghrib and det beste fra islam, they fell in love while sharing their opinions that educated viewers and this is what matters

honestly whenever i think of this my heart breaks and simultaneously feels whole all over again. SO BEAUTIFUL

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What also breaks my heart is how often Harry called up sick kids or sent them packages or just tried to spend some positivity. He must have been so worried and he also dealt with the loss of jay and had to help Louis, his mum and himself through. And now the same again. Unfair and horrible :( and yet he's so good. I can't believe what a strong person he is x

harry, louis, and their families all are so, so giving and so strong helping others even when they’re going through hard times themselves :( i truly don’t get why bad things happen to the best people.  

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Viki I was just watching the Even clip for the 20th time and just the way Isak hugs him in the end after the whole 'get a room' ordeal just screams how much he needs Even and how much he loves him and omg it makes me wanna cry. Also Evens face when Isak starts flipping out I can't even describe it but it just breaks my heart every time and god I think I'm gonna have to go watch the clip again

i knowww!! that scene was so heartbreaking :( tarjei and henrik really did great though, and also the way isak wrapped his arms around evens neck iM:((((

I need you to soften my heart And break me apart I need you to open my eyes To see that You’re shaping my life

All I am, I surrender

Give me faith to trust what you say That you’re good and your love is great I’m broken inside, I give you my life

yesterday a teenage boy buried his head in my neck and cried. i had to coach him through his breathing as he told me he was “supposed to be aborted”. to him, getting good grades equated to mattering. to him, my mentioning that he needed to be more succinct in his essay (he’s a creative; prone to storytelling) was a comment on his character. my heart is breaking for this beautiful, vibrant boy. i know that i have a number of young people, of students, who follow me and i just need to tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, your grades do not determine your worth. i apologise for the education system, for standardised testing, for government-mandated scoring systems. i am so sorry. but please, please, listen to me when i tell you that you are not your grades. that your value exists outside of how well you understand grammar, or pythagorus’ theorem, or photosynthesis. you are a living, breathing, feeling, beautiful entity and that has nothing to do with a letter grade. did you make someone smile today? what are you passionate about? how many times a day do you tell people you love them? what do you admire in your friends? what do you want to be when you grow up (don’t worry about how you’re gonna get there, just tell me what)? were you kind today? when you lie in bed at night, what do you wish to dream about? what gets you out of bed in the morning? what are your guilty pleasures? your idiosyncrasies? your nervous ticks? do you let yourself love out loud? are you happy with your choices? are you just happy? don’t tell me what you got in english; tell me what you love to read. don’t tell me what you got in maths; tell me precisely how much you need to save before you can afford a brand new whatever-it-is. don’t tell me what you got in history; tell me how you binge watched the tudors. don’t tell me what you got in health; tell me what doctor google diagnosed you with and what song you asked your best friend to play at your funeral. don’t tell me what you got in science; tell me about that time you climbed your next door neighbour’s tree and sat there watching the world breathe. don’t tell me about your grades. tell me about you. please.

Let’s get something straight

I keep receiving request about people wanting “x reader” fic with people of color and…It breaks my heart how almost all of them are like “I mean, if you want to of course” and other “if it bothers you then don’t do it” or “if you don’t feel comfortable with such request it’s ok”. 

People. Why would this bother me ? Why would I feel uncomfortable ? I’m probably the most open minded person you’ll ever meet (except with people who do not like Hugh Jackman, we can’t be friends if you don’t like Hugh Jackman), and I would love nothing but to write stories with someone that isn’t white (or straight or whatever). 

Like all hail diversity and all that shit. So please, if you have any requests where you want specifically the “reader” to be black, asian, hispanic, native american, Arabian etc etc…Gay, transgender, gender fluid, non-binary etc etc…Go ahead, I will write it. And please, don’t apologize because you’re making such requests. I know how important and great it feels that “what” (sorry if the word “what” is offending to anyone, I couldn’t find the right word in English) you are is represented in stories. Even if said story is one of my shit fanfiction.