A STALKER subreddit user is sharing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 info you guys, BUT LOOK AT THIS PARTICULAR ONE THOUGH:

A Path to the Stars. Strider and his group (Redemption) want to blow up a transceiver (one of the piles of trash that Degtyarev examined in CoP) that supposedly controls the Monolith. Strider managed to find out that the Monolithians are going to gather in one place and listen to their Preacher’s speech. The player and Redemption disguise themselves as Monolithians, and have to get to the Prometheus Movie Theater, where the gathering is going to take place. Sometimes, patrols will stop the group, but they will let them proceed if correct dialogue options are selected. The patrols can be silently killed, but Strider will scold the player for doing so. When the Preacher starts his speech, he leaves his PDA on a table in the Theater. It has to be quietly stolen. After the transceiver is located, Redemption lays down the charges, and blows it up.

Strider’s group is called Redemption 

“The patrols can be silently killed, but Strider will scold the player for doing so“

George Harrison, F.P.S.H.O.T., 2000. Photo courtesy of Radical Media, Inc.

“‘When Jeff [Lynne] and I were working on the song "Rising Sun,” it was one of the saddest and happiest things to work on,’ says Dhani [Harrison]. 'To hear the finished result, with the big strings on it like my dad had intended - it was the best thing ever. And then to realize that he never got to hear it, even though he probably just heard it in his head the whole time - for me, it’s still one of the saddest things ever.
'And at the same time, to go through my father’s music with a fine-tooth comb made me see things about him that even I hadn’t realized: that he was even more impressive than I thought he was. And that might sound like an arrogant thing to say, but, you know… even though I knew what I had, you never quite know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’“ - Guitar World, January 2003 [x]


Call me silly, but I think
Our relationship is like
A drifting message in a bottle.

Drifting across oceans,
Sailing over seas, carrying
Scrawled secrets and conversations.

Secrets bleed through
These tattered pages, of
Our glory days and grimmest evenings.

Days as long as centuries,
Emitting the radiation of common love and
Colored with each overwhelming emotion.

Colors clean and vibrant,
Each heavy, weighing as much as
Grains of sand or schoolyard pebbles.

Most days white, simple and serene;
Some days blue, stained by nervous tears;
Many days purple, a mark of stolen kisses.

A rare day is gold, a memory immortal;
A rare day is black, corrupted by dark words;
A rare day is red, hot from breath and candles.

Not every day is perfect, but
No matter what we will become
At least this will always be constant:

I love you.

-Carson Wilber


Love like you

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Why does this affect me so much

Fancam cr. Everlasting 9791


I think that we all need this in our lives today.