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Maggie knows that alex hates getting all dressed up and getting her hair done. So on their wedding day while alex is getting all made up, Maggie gives her a little distraction. there is a knock on Alex's door, and outside there's just a box. She opens it to find a memory from nearly every date they've been on. Bullet casings from the range, take out menu from their fav diner, the cue ball from the bar, and so much more.


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hello this isn't even a question but i just. wanted. to talk. about my beautiful girlfriend??? she's so pretty and she just. glows. she has a blue afro and today she put little bantu knots all along her hairline and it looked like a little crown... my princess..... she's just amazing and i can't get over the fact that she wanted to date me in the first place (i'm dfab nb and i don't like to call myself woman-aligned but i still enjoy fem things n call myself gay) and i'm just. super grateful

Oh my god this is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day thank you for sending me this my skin is clear and the harvest shall be good just because of this

That day when you stopped in your tracks just to turn and look at me for one last time, with eyes like the ocean and a smile of the sunset glow, time had stopped existing in that moment. That day, without knowing a single thing, you carried two hearts back home.
—  Lukas W. // You took my heart

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au where yuuko have this power for seeing soulmates and that first time when they watched victor on tv, she just know that yuuri and victor are soulmate. yet she didnt tell him and just keep shoving things abt victor, making yuuri the biggest fanboy ever, supporting him to skate competitively, and keep convincing him that eventually they'll be able to skate in the same ice bcs she just know that they'll eventually find each other.