List of things that made me cry in STB
  • The camera roving over Yorktown with the music playing and how that was the very heart of Star Trek right there
  • How Sulu’s face lit up when he saw his family
  • When the Vulcans gave Spock the bad news about Spock Prime
  • When the Enterprise blew up
  • When Spock found Spock Prime’s photograph and the TOS theme started playing
  • When everybody celebrated Kirk’s birthday
  • The “Space, the Final Frontier” speech
  • In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy
  • For Anton

I am a happy idiot. 💓 I even cried as Maiden played Blood Brothers. I just broke down in tears. I only just stopped crying. I am so thankful for today, it was really worth the wait. If it wasn’t for Iron Maiden, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I would be completely different. And Bruce…man, Bruce. Bruce is a legend, and a wonderful example to have in life. I am so thankful for Iron Maiden. I really am. And Adrian Smith is just so fucking gorgeous. He’s GORGEOUS. Really. They all are. This was, hands down, one of the best days of my life. 💓

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Antihonesty last one: What did you think when Dobby died?

I was so glad! Like seriously. This elf was a pain i the neck since forever. Well, he was okay in the second book/film, because well Lucius had him well-trained. But after Harry fucking Potter freed that bitch? I hated every moment with that tny ugly guy. So yeah, huge party the second he died!

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Why does this affect me so much

Fancam cr. Everlasting 9791


I think that we all need this in our lives today.