reading all those chat event trans with jongin make me laugh at how adorable and cute he is, that it looks like talking with a six year old boy who asks “hey, how can the bird fly? can i?” and he seems so real, genuine, kind-hearted, warm, awkward and weird at all the same time. plus, it just makes me want to know him as a person, not only as an idol.

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I just keep thinking about zombie!ray's little slip-ups. Little lapses in humanity where his dead eyes become completely blank, and they are happening more and more often and ray notices but he tries to ignore it and so does Joel but finally Ray realizes (maybe after getting a little too close to hurting Joel) that he can't keep dokng this. So he's on his knees just sobbing and choking begging Joel to shoot him in the head because "please don't make me do it myself Joel, please"



I will share this amazing video too from Fi Skirata.


Steve Rogers || Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

I have a lot of Steve Rogers feels lately, and everything hurts T_T