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”Jasper is very different than Peridot and Lapis. Unlike them, she has a deep hate for herself because of her origins on Earth. She is determined to never be weak or vulnerable. So at the point when she’s the lowest, there’s no way she’d ever accept help, because she believes she doesn’t deserve it.

Peridot and Lapis both believed they deserved better than what happened to them, but not Jasper. She went back to Earth to face her demons, and she lost. She’s consumed by her own self pity.”

Rebecca Sugar on Jasper.

George Harrison, F.P.S.H.O.T., 2000. Photo courtesy of Radical Media, Inc.

“‘When Jeff [Lynne] and I were working on the song "Rising Sun,” it was one of the saddest and happiest things to work on,’ says Dhani [Harrison]. 'To hear the finished result, with the big strings on it like my dad had intended - it was the best thing ever. And then to realize that he never got to hear it, even though he probably just heard it in his head the whole time - for me, it’s still one of the saddest things ever.
'And at the same time, to go through my father’s music with a fine-tooth comb made me see things about him that even I hadn’t realized: that he was even more impressive than I thought he was. And that might sound like an arrogant thing to say, but, you know… even though I knew what I had, you never quite know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’“ - Guitar World, January 2003 [x]

A STALKER subreddit user is sharing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 info you guys, BUT LOOK AT THIS PARTICULAR ONE THOUGH:

A Path to the Stars. Strider and his group (Redemption) want to blow up a transceiver (one of the piles of trash that Degtyarev examined in CoP) that supposedly controls the Monolith. Strider managed to find out that the Monolithians are going to gather in one place and listen to their Preacher’s speech. The player and Redemption disguise themselves as Monolithians, and have to get to the Prometheus Movie Theater, where the gathering is going to take place. Sometimes, patrols will stop the group, but they will let them proceed if correct dialogue options are selected. The patrols can be silently killed, but Strider will scold the player for doing so. When the Preacher starts his speech, he leaves his PDA on a table in the Theater. It has to be quietly stolen. After the transceiver is located, Redemption lays down the charges, and blows it up.

Strider’s group is called Redemption 

“The patrols can be silently killed, but Strider will scold the player for doing so“

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hanzo and widow, aka titties out ponytail sniper duo. id love to hear your headcanons ( ˘ω˘ )

Petition to rename Venomous Arrow to ‘titties out ponytail sniper duo’. I’ve been thinking about them lately, so here’s a little something for you, doll.

  • Widowmaker is actually terrified to sleep in the same room as Hanzo, not fear of him, but  of what she might do. Of what she’s done. Her nightmares are of waking up next to his dead body, the knife in her hand once again.
  • Hanzo always makes tea for two, carrying the delicate cups with precise movement before finding Widowmaker in her dark room. They’ll both sit on the floor,  and she’ll tease that she loves a man who can cook just to get the pink brush on his cheeks.
  • Hanzo has a love for the beauty of ponds and lakes, and especially the fish swimming just underneath the surface. Widowmaker figures this out, and finds a beautiful koi fish pond to take him to. She stands beside him, but watches him lean over the water. Noting the soft look on his face as the usually hard lines of stress and annoyance slip away. She cherishes these little moments where he’s simply enjoying himself. Something he doesn’t do often enough.
  • Macaroons are a sweet french delicacy that Hanzo finds Widowmaker loves after an extempore comment. He hunts down a box of the pretty little cakes, all colored shades of pink. He gives the box to her, and watches her lips part, brow drawing high at the gift. He’s completely unsure of whether this is a good or bad reaction, not having seen this expression on her towards a gift. She’s stunned for a long moment, and Hanzo has to ask if she thinks that they are worthy enough for her. She surprises him once again by taking him to the little window booth in her room, making him sit. She takes out two pink macaroons, and places one in Hanzo’s palm. Together, they both bit into it, and the light sweet flavor colors their tongues. After finishing her cookie, she leans across the box she still holds in her lap. One cold hand brushing against his cheek as she uncharacteristically whispers, soft and slow, “Merci, Hanzo.”

Just some thoughts on Venomous Arrow or titties out ponytail sniper duo


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