Okay I just saw fireflash and I just

Kayo is an amazing character like omggg she’s so badass and strong

And at the end I wanted to cry when she was telling the boys that they were her brothers and that she loved them. She risked her own life (and everyone else’s lol) to save Gordon and Alan like she loves those guys so much that they come before everything

And when she starts to say “If I don’t make it…” ALL of the Tracy boys immediately go “NO Kayo don’t say that nooo” Like this family love each other so much!! It’s beautiful man

but imagine stiles making up any excuses to kiss scott at random times like he’s just joking around he’s like bro it’s cold in here… let’s kiss lmao joking bro but he’s actually serious like one time scott said yes and stiles had this super serious expression on his face and scott bursted out laughing and stiles just gave him a little hopeful smile like im kidding but i really am not


Ok so each week my girl gives me one of her shirts to take home, she sprays it with her perfume so it smells like her. I wear them to bed or around the house (especially when im missing her) and each week I send her a picture of me wearing the shirt. When I get to see her im always curious what shirt im going to get, sometimes its only a few days in between seeing her but it feels like forever its nice to have something of hers to snuggle in. Now if that’s not the cutest shit you have ever heard…..