title is im crying and everything hurts will think of something better later

spoilers for 4x02 and spoilers because i sobbed like a baby through that mack fitz and daisy scene WHEN I SAID I WANTED MORE FITZDAISY SCENES WRITERS THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT.  Short little drabble will probably add more in the future but i have too many emotions right now i needed to get them out

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anytime i’m able to talk to him, i get really happy. i just want to be there with him and be able to kiss him whenever i want to. Instead, i lay here with him constantly on my mind and i can’t do anything about it
—  things on my mind, Day 1
I would tell my younger self to do exactly what you did. Because you found yourself in the place you’ve always wanted to be in. And those experiences and the tough places you’ve ever been in, in your life, and the times you thought it would never get better, they made you who you are, and they brought you to this place, which is the place you want to be. You have to experience all of them, because otherwise, you don’t end up with a full experience.
—  Dom Sherwood’s answer to a fan asking what he would say to his younger self.

nothing new will ever be as good as what’s been made in the past. one of the best live shows i’ve ever seen, top 3, certainly, was Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, in ATL in 2006 at the Variety Playhouse and it was simply amazing. Jenny Lewis is 40 this year and while i’m probably ready for death i can’t even fathom people i look/ed up to aging like; Jenny, Ryan, Conor, etc., etc. god. i mean, honestly, is there a better fucking anthem for your 20′s(or any age, really) than A Better Son/Daughter?


Love like you

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To celebrate their 57 years of marriage, Clemma and Sterling Elmore had a photo shoot inspired by one of their favorite films, The Notebook. They used real love notes in the photos, and Clemma was moved to tears when she saw the finished product - which she says she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Source

Could this couple be any cuter?! 


Why does this affect me so much

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