Me when Magnus and Alec kiss for the first time:

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For my lovely honey bun @bleu-strawberriez

Usted es la razón por la que el sol brilla la luna. Usted ha hecho Prometeo ir en contra de Zues para dar a los humanos el fuego para que puedan ver sus características maravillosas . Usted es la razón por la que trae el amor de Cupido . usted es increíble y usted debe saberlo.


Jsuki; DIABOLIK LOVERS LUANTIC PARADE (Selected CG translations)

My two favourites from each of the individual families~ They recently just updated the LP site with more CGs and the dialogues, just over a day ago (12th Feb). I can’t believe LP is getting released in less than 2 weeks! I really hope that the new game is good.

Below are the translations for these scenarios:


  • Ayato: …Oi, Chichinashi. If you wanna say thanks, then be with me tonight.

  • Yui: Eh, be- be with you…

  • Ayato: …Let me suck your blood. Just in time, my throat’s gotten dry.

  • Ayato: I won’t have any of the juice talk. It’s gotta be your blood or nothing. Hehe


  • Yui: (Cough…cough…)

  • Subaru: Oi…are you okay?

  • Yui: Ah…yeah. I just chocked on some water, but it seems I haven’t gotten hurt anywhere.

  • Yui: Surely, it must be thanks to Subaru-kun for protecting me.

  • Subaru: Hu- Huh!? What the heck are you saying!?

  • Yui: Eh…what you mean by ‘what’, Subaru-kun, you protected me-

  • Subaru: Ahh, shut up! Don’t say anymore!

  • Subaru: Dammit…

  • Yui: (Ah…Subaru-kun, he turned to face the other side…)

  • Yui: But, for me to have came back safely, it was really thanks to Subaru-kun.

  • Yui: For saving me, thank you.

  • Subaru: …

  • Subaru: …hmph


  • Ruki: Oi, how’d you get this wound.

  • Yui: …That…that’s when I got attacked by the beast earlier, then I got scatched a little.

  • Yui: But, I’m fine. Since it’s not like the wound’s that bad either…

  • Ruki: …

  • Ruki: There’s no way that you’re fine right? …

  • Yui: ――ah…

  • Yui: (Ruki-kun, he took my hand…)

  • Ruki: I’m not able to treat it that it returns to normal. But, the least I can do is give it some first aid――

  • Ruki: Nn…

  • Yui: Ru- Ruki-kun…!?

  • Yui: (My wound, he’s licking them…)

  • Ruki: Stay put like an adult…

  • Yui: Bu- but…


  • Kou: …Me too, I’m sorry

  • Kou: Let’s…make up, shall we?

  • Yui: Yes, of course.

  • Kou: What a relief… Then, a seal of making up──

  • Kou: ….!

  • Kou: Hey, one more time…, …

  • Yui: Kou-kun…

  • Kou: If you show me such a cute expression, I won’t be able to stop…

  • Kou: Nn…, …

  • Kou: I want more, M-neko-chan. …okay?

  • Yui: …okay…

All from DL’s official LP site HERE, translations by jsuki.tumblr. Enjoy!

Is it too to ask for Bellamy and Clarke to get in an argument and have Bellamy turn to walk away and Clarke grab his arm to pull him back saying; “No, you don’t get to walk away again.” in which Bellamy replies with sad eyes, “Why you did?” 

the L-word

01 // learn to love by needtobreathe

02 // Your love is strong by jon foreman

03 // in love with the 80′s by relient K

04 // lovely by twenty one pilots

05 // love never fails by brandon heath

06 // l-o-v-e by nat king cole

07 // more like Love by ben rector

08 // i’ve got you to love by steve moakler

09 // you are in love by taylor swift 

10 // this is love by for king & country

11 // love is magic by drew holcomb and the neighbors

12 // living of love by the avett brothers

13 // beloved by tenth avenue north

14 // ordinary love by ben rector

15 // let us love by needtobreathe

16 // Love in me by judah and the lion