After school today, I had a couple of visitors… two of my students that left me 3 years ago came by to tell me that they were graduating! I was so excited! They were both super sweet boys when I had them (from 7-9th grade) and they were taller than me now too! XD

One of the things that made me super excited was that one of the boys specifically wanted to tell me that he had caught up with the One Piece manga the year after 9th grade and that his reading had really improved and he credited it to reading manga. ;_;

(He started One Piece during 9th grade because I had the first ten or so volumes in my classroom library. I had made an effort that year to find manga and comics because so many of my kids were struggling readers and couldn’t get through the denser text of a novel. It’s still the only stuff that some of my kids will read independently.)

(I tried really hard to look like a professional adult but it was really hard not to squeal in excitement or start crying because I was so touched. I mostly succeeded. ;_;)

I was standing here singing it with you going ‘wow, one more time’, with a whole new set of really amazing musicians, and Harry and you guys. This song [Landslide] just travels through the generations, it’s crazy. So here we go, it’s one more time… and you [Harry] can do this without me.
—  Stevie Nicks