Luke was home from tour and even though you really wanted to you couldn’t spend all day in bed with him. And he told you how much he’d missed you yet you had to get up early for your job. As you left the house Luke was still asleep. And so was he when you came home late at night because you had to work longer. But the house was cleaned there was a small handwritten piece of paper that read ‘dinner is in the fridge. You only need to heat it up’ on the shelf where you always put your phone so Luke made you couldn’t not see it. And there was a bouquet of your favourite flowers in the kitchen, the living room, he had put the book you read at the place on the couch where you loved to read together with a soft, cuddly blanket. The lights were dimmed the way you liked it and when you came into the bedroom Luke was fast asleep on your side of the bed, his head on your pillow because he had missed your scent so much, you blanket in his arms so he could pretent he was holding you

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because iwaizumi is so whipped. and when he's having a bad week (ex: exam week) he changes his desktop to a collage of oikawa's greatest hits selfies to motivate him, because if he gets his ass to do some studying then maybe he can go see his alien dork later that night.

Oh my god yes. I can imagine that one time Oikawa comes over to surprise Iwaizumi with cake and soda and a bunch of snacks and Iwa’s mom lets him go upstairs on his own, and Oikawa finds Iwaizumi napping at his desk

Oikawa’s about to wake him up but then he spots Iwaizumi’s computer left open, and the unspoken rule about Oikawa is that if you leave your shit unguarded he WILL go through it and use any incriminating information as embarrassing blackmail

But really Oikawa just finds himself scrolling through ALL of the pictures that Iwaizumi has saved of him and he gets increasingly more embarrassed because they go back three or four years when he just had a dinky little flip phone that only took blurry pictures. Oikawa is a blushing mess by the time Iwaizumi comes to and realizes that Oikawa has ingested like ten pounds of ego fodder and he’s never going to live this down, ever

Iwa takes the cake and runs 

he runs so fucking far

3 in japan: 

Woke up shortly before my alarm went on in some kind of a shock because I thought I had overslept XD" 

I hadn’t, so everything was fine, I had breakfast and got ready to get the campus bus since it was a hot day, but somehow there was no bus so I had to walk after all. By chance I walked into another girl from my program and walked together with her while complaining about the heat and listening to the harves flys that sing loudly since two weeks or so, giving me the real feeling of Japanese summer XD 

At 10:30am I met my group members to practice our presentation, some of them nervous because they’ll soon have some pretty important tests. 

From 11:30 we helped preparing the classroom for later and went out to find people to listen to our presentations. Since it was Open Campus, lots of high school students were strolling around looking around and getting informations about Tohoku University. 

We did our best to convince as many as possible to come and be part of the audience by telling them what cute gaijin girls will present and so on XDD It worked and I by myself got to bring quite some pupils to our classroom. 

Our presentation went quite well and it was over sooner than I had thought. 

After the presentation, there was a student wanting to talk to me because she had studied a year in Switzerland and was searching for somebody whom she could practice with. Her German was extraordinarily good!! I was impressed! Also she was quite cute and kind and it was nice to chat with her^^ 

Afterwards I helped getting new students into the classroom as audience for the next group that was going to present and then suddenly remembered that I had a date with a Japanese friend and her friend whom she wanted to introduced to me, so I quickly packed my stuff and went to the library as fast as possible. I was only 5 minutes late or so, but my friend wasn’t there yet. 

Instead a girl approached me, my friends friend and introduced herself. Just like my friend she has been to Germany for a year and studied German. Shortly after my friend finally came. We went to the cafeteria together where I hoped to get something for lunch, but they didn’t have anything for me to eat but fries DX So I only had fries for lunch… 

But chatting with them both in a mix of German and Japanese was fun, and as you can see on the photo, my friend is really great in impersonating creepy horror movie characters XD 

We had a nice time, but around 4 I told them I have to go since I still have to write an essay until tomorrow noon. 

So I made my way home, swesting and feeling disgusting and felt glorious when I reached my room,could turn on the air-conditioning and get rid of the greater part of my clothes and just sit there and dry XD Then, feeling lazy I went on the Internet until it was time for dinner. 

I took my time to cook and eat and afterwards was still too lazy to start writing. So I told myself I would continue procrastinating until 8pm and then start writing, which I did. 

But half an hour after I started, Usagi-san started chatting with me. Aaaand she……asked me to be her girlfriend for the remaining time I’m in Japan….aaaaand I said yes since I have a huge crush on her (//∇//) 

Oh my god…I know it might sound ridiculous, but I feel drawn to her and I don’t really understand why… 

I just decided to enjoy the rest of my time here to the fullest, and I will surely enjoy my time with her as well, as short as it might be❤