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I just cannot

I can forgive you for your actions alone, but I can’t ever forgive you for the way you made me feel.
The memories of sobbing your name and wishing that it wasn’t true or real haunt me to this day.
I will never forget feeling worthless and as if my existence didn’t matter just because you chose her over me.
I will never forget the sleepless nights, the temper tantrums and panic attacks that came with your presence haunting me on a daily basis.
I will never forget the day that my look on love completely changed just because you ruined it for me.
You can apologize all you want, I don’t think it’s really sincere, but I will never forgive you for the way I felt after you.
—  Confessions of the Soul

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Do you ever stop and think about the fact that Gintoki - at least young, pre/early-Shouyo Gintoki - probably actually had little or no idea of the value of a human life? He was constantly surrounded by death and there was no hesitation in drawing his sword on another person

Yes, I think about that a lot, and it adds to why he doesn’t necessarily value his own life, too. 

we are all so proud of you, phil.

ten years ago today, a black and white video filmed with a crappy camera with a boy talking about God knows what was uploading to the internet. exactly ten years later, that boy has written a book, gone on tours around the world, has gone to Japan with his best friend, and has made 3,330,454 people’s days just a bit brighter. ten years ago today, Phil Lester innocently uploaded a video to youtube.

///ten years of Amazingphil everybody///