in light of recent events

here’s my great comet experience from 6/15/17
GREAT COMET NOTES (this is like a month after I saw it and I didn’t know it when I saw it so I prolly missed everything)

•the outside of the theatre before you go in looks like a war bunker there’s torn up posters and everything!!!
•we technically had the worst seats in the house and we got no interactions but it’s ok
•I think sumayya has our section but I’m not sure?
•no pierogis I was depressed
•they were playing korobeiniki it was lit
•gelsey was walking around pre show what a bean
•I forgot who came up to us for the safety announcement but whoever you are I love you!!
•"keep all things out of the aisles! bags, programs, children, i don’t know"
•"repeat offenders shall be sent to Siberia"
•you can’t rlly see pierre @ the beginning from my seats he’s blocked by the chandeliers
•speaking of lighting the lights on the end tables brighten and dim with the music it’s great
•during prologue everyone has a pose that’s usually “raise hand dramatically and take a shot” but dolokhov’s was fist pumping???
-azudi was in for nick and he was so good but very different from what I’ve seen of nick
-his voice lowkey reminds me of taye diggs tbh
•Josh’s pierre? Wow. you can see his facial expressions from the rear mezz legit
•the end aaaaaAAAAAAAAA at pierre? art
•grace McLean has SUCH stage presence
-she’s like lowkey mean to sonya????
•denee was a lil bit quiet but it was prolly a mic problem
•I forgot that sonya and natasha were cousins and proceeded to lowkey ship them for the majority of the show ngl
•ok bolkonsky is literally terrifying sorry guys
•people enjoy me though got laughs (he awkwardly stares at part of the banquettes it’s very weird i love it)
•the where are my glasses bit I almost had a fuckin panic attack
•also Paul pinto is bolkonskys servant here and it’s hilarious but also.
-when he’s singing he’s fuckin bent in half with like a serving tray in hand/on his back how does he do that
•like i feel u Mary your dad is legit SCARY
•"natasha is young… an WorthleSS and DUMB.“
•natasha and bolkonsky was lowkey funny tho
•HEllo. HEllo
•they grab chairs and sit around a table with some audience members and there’s an awkward 10 seconds of them shuffling around and making room for themselves
•says the mean old man in his underthings
•so I LOVE no one else!
•the fake snow!!!
•the light bulbs coming down to look like stars???!
-my entire aesthetic TBH
•the opera feels like a drug trip honestly
•Paul in a top hat(?)
•the opera singers
•just all of the opera
•the glitter falling down
•andrey(?) getting ‘killed’ and the way they do the ribbons. wow
•azudi has such prescense like damn
-like, wow. i was like. damn. he's… he’s fedya
•HELENE???? wow.
•helene and dolokhov arm in arm?more like helene and dolokhov tongue in mouth
•"no I am enjoying myself at home this evening” he says, sitting in the pit while reading a book
•like the comes in with the lights blaring, he lowkey looks like he’s been surrounded by paparazzi and he just snaps his fuckin head around by 90 degrees like “make sure to get my good angles oh wait they’re all good”
•like I love him but also me, a hardcore theatre person was pissed because WHO WALKS IN DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE ACT
•also this boy literally checked himself out every time he passed a mirror. without fail.
•natasha and anatole
•anatole fuckin peacocks up to the top of the stage where natasha is and leans against the balcony and very deliberately sticks out his ass
•the “you ought to come, please come"s are so adorable!!!! like wow Lucas despite being anatole the pompous asshole he doesn’t forget to remind people that anatole’s a child. he’s a literal child.
•the way denee says enraptured
•kiss me on the neck part is like OOOoooOoo
•on “give me this flower as a pledge” he takes Natasha’s flower from her hair and natasha gets a lil mad like ‘wtf did I say you cld do that”
•anatole walks down to where Pierre is sitting and he looks so miffed
•there’s this little shoulder thing that Lucas does during “were off to the club!” And it is so adorable like again what I said about him being a child
•lend me fifty rubles?
•I don’t know if azudi did the weird nick choksi dance I didn’t check TBH
•the fuckin strobe lights wtf
•how do they move around
•there are light up shoes
•I don’t know if there was “oh yeah show me what you got girl” rip
•also during the really cool electric part right after the “feather in my hat” thing they did this awesome thing with the lights where they synced it up so that a spotlight hit for each note and idk how to explain it but they went along like little footsteps kinda?
•I believe josh downs a glass after “pouring several glasses.”
•I think dolokhov fills helenes drink but idk
•Paul pinto’s voice is so distorted during his part the duel bc the bass is So Much the entire theatre is Vibrating
•they advance slowly towards each other and when josh fires they both look so shocked
•pierre stands right at the barrier with his arms outstretched waiting for dolokhov to shoot him
•meanwhile dolokhov is only shooting with one arm bc his other arm is propping up the shooting arm which pierre just fucking shot
•the shot goes off
•there’s like 5 seconds of silence
•and then he just, looks up, pats himself over, and is just like “wait shit,,,, I’m ok????”
•anatole carries dolokhov off
•what can I say, it’s a Gift
•honestly what can I say about dust and ashes that hasn’t already been said
-like there is such a good energy build in that song dave malloy man what a genius
•the part with the mirror is lowkey adorable
-they do the candle thing. Natasha’s like “I see my face” and sonya just gives her a look like “you know that’s not what I meant”
•also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t anatole stand so that natasha sees him in the mirror
•also grace just fuckin yelling “sUNDAY MORNING TIME FOR C H U R CH”
•Helene just walks in on natasha in her underwear and she’s like sup girl
•she swishes her dress so much it’s beautiful
•definitely got some Gay Vibes from that
•natasha starts to swish her dress too !!
•she then like epically changes into another dress
•Helene takes off Natasha’s necklace and replaces it with her own
•the transition from charming to the ball is effortless i love it
•I don’t remember much about the ball tbh
•except for:
-thinking “dang I’d go with him too if he spoke to me like that”
-the kiss!!!!!!! wow
-the silent but collective 'oh shit’ after it happened was real
-like you just feel everything natasha is feeling just through the music WOW
-the I WILL LOVE YOU ANATOOOOOOLEs wow I had a heart attack
-I’ll do anythiiing for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


ACT 2:
•SO letters is legit such a bop
•(didn’t get a letter tho rip me)
•FOR I V E BEEN STUDYING THE CABAL (I think this is the park where he slaps the book and dust flies out but I’m not sure)
•also when the chorus joins in for the “NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE"s the lights sync up w them so they brighten when it happens it’s so COOL

•the way he did the “just say yes"s was really funny for some reason?
-he gets down on his knees or at least crouched down so he’s shorter then denee
-he looks up with the puppy dog eyes of a practiced privileged white kid
-just say yeeeeeeeeessssssssss
-*pauses and awaits for natasha to respond. she does not*
-just saaaaaay yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
-*another pause. no response from natasha. audience laughs*

-……… just saayyyyyyy
-when Natasha’s like "yes! yes!” Lucas dashed over to Helene hand he’s all smiley and he gives her fake punches like “!!! i did it!!!! i really did it!!!!!!”
•ps i love the irony of natasha and pierre and mary all saying “so alone in here” at the same time
•so sonya and natasha
•sonya, friend Protector extraordinaire
•Natasha’s “I HAAAAATE YOU SONYA"s were so convincing it hurt my heart
•Brittain legit started sobbing wow
•sonya alone
•oh my god
•so as much as i love dust and ashes sonya alone is my absolute favorite solo
-she just stands alone on stage with a single lightbulb over her head
-and has this beautiful soliloquy
-i was crying. brittain was crying. everyone was crying
-the "and if i never sleep again” part is just so beautiful and heartbreaking ugh
•preparations was so good but it was like a lil bit weird to hear azudi bc he doesn’t sound At All like nick which isn’t a bad thing at all I’m just used to having a Very Clearly Midwestern 19th Century Russian Dolokhov™
•so in the beginning anatole comes up to pierre and he’s holding a bag and The Green Coat
•also shaving cream
-on the “lend me fifty rubles” Pierre gets out his wallet and takes out the money and holds it out for anatole to take and instead of taking the money anatole just takes his whole fuckin wallet
•azudi’s voice was just a lot more musical theatre-y i guess? idk
•but he still did amazing he did not miss a beat like Wow
•sadly did not get a shaker rip
•but the whole theatre was so lit during this song
•the Green Coat in all its glory
•just as squishy and majestic in person
•Paul pintos energy was off the charts!!!!
•idk what happened with danatole ugh I wasn’t lookin
•they were all dancing it was so beautiful and chaotic
•when josh goes “wOOOOOAAAAAAAAAH” they pause for a few secs to catch their breath it’s real funny
•anatole does these fun hand motions when the ensemble joins in for the next “WOAH OOAH
kinda like he’s conducting them
•The Abduction is possibly my new fav group number
•lucas’ wOAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ lasted forever oh geez
•he was finessing every man, woman, and nonbinary person in the fuckin room with that violin
•güd shit
•"smash your glasses on the floor” is the 19th century russian equivalent of “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS”
•and then there’s a whole bunch of dancing
•and then The shut The door part
•i was a lil miffed bc you couldn’t see what he was doing to the person next to him from my seat but everyone laughed so /:
•azudi in the Abduction aka slay my life
•he looks legit so concerned for anatole
•but also he’s like take the cloak you stupid fuck
•i think he takes the cloak off of pearl but if not sure
•gelsey as the maidservant!!!!
•she fuckin slayed those high notes
•they were slewn
•in my house is a song of pure unfiltered RAGE
•props to grace because it’s very hard sometimes to like a character as aggressive as mama marya but she’s one of the best characters in the show honestly
•the part where the music which had been so chaotic and energetic for like half an hour almost starts to mellow out and marya does the whole “I covered her with two quilts” thing is the auditory version of a liminal space
•the last lyrics of in my house sung by natasha are pretty haunting not gonna lie
•I don’t remember anything from a call to pierre TBH except for marya tracking pierre down and all of pierre’s “whAAAt"s getting more and more loud and honestly that’s all I needed to remember
•also grace being terrifying but what’s new
•I feel like this is weird but I really love find anatole
•like Lucas and josh have a really fun chemistry I don’t know
•josh laps the entire stage "looking” for anatole
•he literally seizes Lucas by the collar and at the bash your head in line he picks up what I originally thought was a bottle but Is actually a bear paperweight and legit looks like he wants to murder him
•also at the part where it sounds like a computers breaking down that’s when natasha poisons herself
•i personally didn’t realize this bc i was too focused on Lucas ngl
•like he looks so terrified
•pierre rather unsubtly gestures to anatole’s crotch during the “besides your pleasure” bit
•when anatole goes “you could at least take back your words, eh?” pierre just. glares at him. he’s like “are you… are you fucking kidding me”
•he held that note forever i swear
•there was a long bit of applause after that
•anatole’s exit is just as dramatic as his entrance honestly
•natasha very ill is just so… sobering? like it’s been nonstop energy and anger and panic and manic energy for like half and hour and then the whole thing just slows down
•I don’t remember much of pierre + andrey but people usually read it as andrey being sarcastic but he seemed genuinely worried about natasha to me i don’t know tho
•pierre and natasha just. wow
•denee comes in in her dressing gown and braided hair and she’s just stripped raw it’s so beautiful and impactful
•and the way denee leans on the handrails for support, she was just so so good w o w
•Josh’s "if i were not myself” monologue is done I believe as Natasha’s about to leave, then as he starts talking she just stops and listens and at the end you see her physically regain some of her innocence •and when she touches his face!!!!!!! wowwwww
•like when I see any musical, i didn’t pay much attention to the last song because oH NO THE SHOW IS ALMOST OVER WHAT NO IT CANT BE OVER
•josh has the voice of an angel wow
•the strings at the end are very anxiety inducing
•as they get higher and higher the comet glows brighter and brighter it’s really mesmerizing
•just. wow.
•i love the bows music wow it’s so amazing
•there was a standing o
•also so much applause for lucas and denee and josh

•i don’t remember half of the people that came out in sorry
•here’s what i do remember
-we came out of the wrong side of the theatre and had to fucking bolt to the other side
-josh canfield came out for sure he was so nice!
-azudi came out and he saw the great comet hat i just bought and he was jokingly like “no way i have one just like it!”
-2 girls in all purple clothing and wigs i don’t remember who they were im sorry
-gelsey came out i was crying a little bit!!!
-josh came out but he didn’t go down as far as i was (the barricades didn’t stretch that far rip)
-I had a full conversation to pearl rhein about how she looks like lulu @melchixr and she was like! “no way! my name is pearl and lulu in swahili means pearl!” she was so nice
-cathryn wake addressed my playbill to me she was so lovely wow
-lucas came out last and he was wearing a pastel green baseball cap i was living
-i asked him for a picture he was literally so nice?????? w o w
-so the line was stretching way back like past the barricades and paul god bless him was trying to exit out of the doors in the back like the one with denee’s face on it
-little did he know the line stretched back so far that the end of the line was just around said door
-he opened the door and accidentally fuckin decked the person standing in front of it
-he apologized profusely and just kinda scampered off god love him
-when i left i stopped for a sec and lucas was walking out and he patted me on the back i absolutely started crying
-side note: andy mientus was at the show and i didn’t know and when i got home and found out i was like “wHAT? DID HE GO BACKSTAGE? COULD I HAVE S E EN HIM IF I WAS CLOSER UP??”

in summary, great comet was the single most amazing and unique theatre experience I’ve ever had and i would do almost anything to get to experience again

Where the Stetson Really Went:

*Waverly and Wynonna are hecka drunk at Shorty’s*

*Drunk Champ approaches, wearing a stetson*

Champ: “How'da'ya like me now? I figured out that the only reason you’re dating that ridiculous cop is because of the hat, so now that I’m wearing hers, can you see I’m way better than her?”

Waverly: “Go away, you’re drunk and an overall cruddy human.”

Champ: *Whiny voice* “Listen to me and give me a chanceeeeeee.”

Wynonna: “SHE SAID GO AWAY” *Puts hand on Peacemaker*

Champ: *Tries to grab the gun, starts wrestling with Wynonna*

*Big bar fight breaks out*

~ A minute later ~

Nicole: *Responding to 911 call about bar fight with guns involved*


Champ: “So what if it is?”

Nicole: “All charges are dropped, but YOU’RE UNDER ARREST FOR THEFT.”

Waverly: “Nicole, are you sure? As much as I hate Champ, it’s just a-”


Champ: “Woah this isn’t even fair-”



My favorite thing about Ezra walking out on stage in the Gandalf cosplay was that Ray gave him his flash hat. You can see it tucked into Ray’s pocket and then he dramatically pulls it out for Ezra. This means they planned this out. Ezra looked to Ray and was like “hey Ray im gonna wear this gandalf costume and Imma need you to hand me my flash hat it’ll be awesome” and Ray was like “fuck YEAH I’ll do that”. When will your brotp even.

What’s this weird feeling? Confidence? Cool.

For the first time in like years i feel oddly confident about my appearance? i love it.

like i walk outside like “Yeah i got vibrant blue hair and it suits me!! I got my awesome hat that makes me look better, my sweet gaming t-shirt, my wristband and skullkey necklace. bitch i look GOOD”

this is such a nice feeling why could i not have been feeling good about how i look my entire life, what the fuck insecurity?

Just in time for some more predicted snow, I have finished a new hat for myself!
Granted that snow will likely fail to fall, but I’ll be ready just in case ❄️

The wording on the decreases kind of tripped me up for a minute, but I’m not sure how much of my problem was with the pattern translation and how much was due to me trying to follow it while watching a show with subtitles…I’m going to say it was mostly me though, because overall it’s a great pattern.

Pattern Guggeren Mütze (Brigitte Kälin)
Yarn @gamercrafting sparkle sock (reverse rainicorn)

Bazz-B rates the coolness of the stern ritter

As requested by anon. :)

Bazz-B is going to rate the coolness of his fellow stern ritter. On a scale of 1-10 “coolness fingers.” Whatever those are.

1. Ishida

“That guy is the opposite of cool. The embodiment of uncoolness. 0/10 coolness fingers.”

Ishida: So basically you’re still bitter that I replaced Haschwalth?

Bazz-B: No I am TOTALLY unbiased!

2. Haschwalth

“Haschwalth is the embodiment of coolness. His hair alone rockets him to a 10/10 coolness fingers.”

Haschwalth: Thanks. I’m also pretty proud of my eyelashes.

Bazz-B: As well you should be!

3. Askin

“His face screams ‘dork’ - especially with that ridiculous hair lock of his. But on the other hand, he was selected as part of His Majesty’s royal guard. So he’s been judged cool. Altogether…6/10 coolness fingers.”

Askin: Phew…passing.

Bazz-B: …have you ever thought about having standards?

4. Bambietta

“The hat and the attitude make Bambietta one of the coolest! Plus, her powers are Explode, and everybody knows explosions are super cool! 9/10 coolness fingers!”

Bambietta: Thanks, but I’ll still cut you in half if we’re ever alone together.

Bazz-B: And that’s why you’re cool!

5. As Nodt

“Uh…that spiky face mask *should* be cool, but As Nodt is all scared 'n’ needy and stuff, which kinda ruins it. Plus, his lack of lips just freaks me out. 4/10.”

As Nodt: Freaks out you, huh?

As Nodt: That would be depressing if it weren’t my whole reason for being.

6. Liltotto

“She ate Pepe. That’s cool. Her detachable mouth thing? Less cool and more weird. 5/10 coolness fingers.”

Liltotto: You say that knowing I eat people who piss me off, huh?

7. Cang Du

“I used to think Cang Du was cool. He has cool hair. But then he was all 'blurg urg you’re taking my fight’ and then he lost. So…yeah. 6/10 coolness fingers.”

Cang Du: I have *never* uttered the prhase “blurg urg.”

Bazz-B: I’m pretty sure you just did.

8. BG9

“Robots are automatically cool. 7/10 coolness fingers.”

BG9: If I’m automatically cool then why only a 7?

Bazz-B: Well it’s not like you’re one of those cool robots.

9. PePe

“Yeah…the floating basket and the diaper just aren’t as cool as he thinks they are. The only person less cool then that guy is Ishida. 1/10 coolness fingers.”

PePe: It’s sad that you don’t know love.

Bazz-B: It’s sad that you don’t know cool.

10. Gerard Valkyrie

“Like, I don’t even need to know what that guy’s power is. He’s just cool. So cool. 9/10 coolness fingers!”

Gerard: My winged hat is basically awesome.

11. Meninas

“I dunno. I guess her power is cool 'n’ all. But she always seems so - confused. Like, who doesn’t know who Kurosaki Ichigo is?? Gotta dock her for that. 5/10 coolness fingers.”

Meninas: Sorry I was thinking about hats and I didn’t hear a word you said.

Bazz-B: See, that’s what I’m talking about!

12. Mask de Masculine

“Masks are cool. Poses are cool. But I dunno. Something about having a tiny man follow you around to cheer for you. That just seems like the opposite of cool. Gonna have to go with a 7/10 coolness fingers.”

Mask: Got something against tiny men?

Bazz-B: I really don’t know how to answer that.

13. Candice

“Candice is definitely cool! Sure I may occasionally try to kill her on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s cool! I think she and I have a similar attitude toward life! 8/10 coolness fingers!”

Candice: I feel totally insulted.

Bazz-B: …how come nobody likes my compliments?

14. Gemmy

“Gremmy’s just a brain. A brain that could look any way he wished. I feel like with that much power, he really could have done something cooler. 4/10 coolness fingers.”

Gremmy: I’m sorry. Should I have had a mohawk like you?

Bazz-B: That’d be a start! 

15. Nianzol

“Two tongues. Which he owns. 6/10 coolness stars.”

Nianzol: I’m more than my two tongues, you know.

16. Lille

“Oh man. Lille seems totally cool. A gunman. A cool power name - anything with 'X’ in it is automatically cool! 9/10 coolness stars!”

Lille: So do you think geometry is cool too?

Bazz-B: What

17. Giselle

“Um…I’m not sure 'cool’ is really the word for Giselle the blood-drinking zombie mistress.”

Giselle: What’s the word then? “Super-cool?

Bazz-B I was leaning more toward "freaky.”