3.14 update reactions omg
  • bitty thank you for being an amazing Gay Icon with good coming out advice
  • GEORGE <3
    • can we pls discuss what a Look she has oh my god
  • “okay. for you and bits.” !!! JACK ZIMMERMANN IS A BEAUT
  • “what’s up, kid?” have i mentioned how much i love this bromance
  • like seriously
  • jack confiding in george is the best thing since sliced bread
  • hahahaha the confusion on george’s face/the complete horror on jack’s lmaooo
  • six months this friday !!! oh my lord is ngozi gonna do some cute anniversary shit
  • “he’s cute” hell yEAH he is
  • george being all proud of her team the falcs!! casually dropping in “i’ll fight homophobes” for jack!!
    • the hug
  • okay this was literally so cute im squealing
~ Oliness ~

Dedicated to zenwisterias, because I love Nessa and Oliver so freaking much! I hope they’re not too ooc and that you like it!

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Oliver groans loudly when the door doesn’t open at the tenth knock.

“Princess!” he calls “I know you’re inside, and I promise this time I don’t-”

“Oh, Duke Messer!” a light voice exclaims.

He turns to be faced with Nessa’s lady, Meredith.

“Meredith, is everything alright?“

The girl straightens her dress and shakes her head “The princess isn’t inside, my lord” she says “She had a bad fight with the King and when I came into the room she wasn’t here. I was just looking for her but I can’t find her anywhere”

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and every morning she drags out the screaming black creatures of resentment and bitterness from her soul, and bolts the door after them six times.
she goes into the depths of that soul, dark and sad;
flings back the window shutters, pulls open the curtains, shakes the dust, letting the light come
stamping the hate from the carpets, planting sunflowers in the tender blood, weeping in the corners;

planting gentleness.

growing kindness and vibrant empathy and wild feeling, getting her hands dirty, grime on her body, fierce tears upon tears,
and the next morning, again -

stamping the hate.

shaking the dust.

keeping the creatures at bay, keeping the faith, keeping the love alive
trembling, weeping, uprooting, planting, feeling -
she sings and she shouts and preaches, oh Lord, she howls and whispers; and the refrain is holy:

even so, it is well with my soul.

—  even so, fight for your kindness. 
  • Somewhere in S9 hopefully...(prolly won't happen but this seems to be a running theme/joke)
  • Nurse: *hands the Doctor the baby* Congratulations you have a son! He's a perfect mix of you and Ms. Oswald.
  • Doctor: *carrying the baby O_O looks at Clara* He's is a perfect mix of us Clara...half time lord...half human...It's almost--
  • Clara: *shaking her head* hoe don't do it!
  • Doctor: It's almost like he's a (*gasp*) hybrid!
  • Clara: oh my god!
Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 10


“Want to go see that new film at the cinema?” Adele snaps her fingers in an attempt to remember the film name.

“Is it the one that’s supposed to have like, a ton of sex scenes?” Gigi supplies and she claps excitedly,

“Yes! That’s the one! Some raunchy shit. Are you all for it?” I’m the first to respond.

“Actually, Jack wanted to go try this coffee place my agent told me about” I squeeze Jack’s hand and pray to the lord that he’d keep his cute, innocent little mouth shut.

“Oh! Which one we could all co-” I interrupt Niall with a timid smile and start to pout a little.

“It’s sort of supposed to be date night…” Adele waves us off and shakes her head,

“get out of here you crazy kids” and with that Jack and I watch as the group walks away, Kylie flashing me a suspicious smile.

“You didn’t want to see that movie huh?” Jack asks with his always handsome smile, placing an arm around my shoulders.

“I thought we could make better use of our time” I trail my fingers up the front of his light denim jacket and he gulps. The truth was that I was so horny that seeing a movie with multiple sex scenes in it would snap my composure and I’d jump and hump the closest thing next to me.

“Then let’s head back to our place,” I do an Irish jig in my head.

I have not gotten laid since the last threesome Justin, Rhiannon, and I had. Jack and I had donee
oral things to each other, but he had never  pushed for sex. In fact, I think he’s afraid to have sex with me. I mean, I would be too because this pussy is basically cocaine in vagina form. Anyway, tonight is the night that I take Jack Gilinsky’s Selena Gomez virginity.


“Stop!” My voice comes out in a whine as Justin nuzzles his lightly stubbled face against my inner thigh.

“You actually want me to stop?” I pause and rethink my entire existence.

“No… But it actually tickles so much” he laughs and then grips the lace band of my panties with his teeth. He blows cool air directly onto my clit and I shudder and grip at his head but…

“Guess we didn’t think this through” he says with a laugh before placing a tentative kiss to my bundle of nerves. My hips jerk and I try once more to grab at his head, but my fingers catch nothing but peach fuzz.

“Oh my god. I never should’ve let you cut your hair. What the fuck was I thinking?”

“That I was messing up this London aesthetic we have going on” he tried to joke, but I’m actually so heartbroken that I think I might cry, or come, maybe both.

“Just grip the sheets baby”

“It’s not the same”

“I could stop…” My hands tighten around the sheets.

I buck my hips as his lips start to cover and suckle on  my throbbing clit. It was way too much way too soon, and in an effort to get away from the intensity I twist my hips away.

“Girl. Get back here. The fuck you doing?” His arms press my thighs to the bed so I couldn’t escape if I tried.

“Don’t move baby,”

“I mean I could but why would I want to?”  We both laugh at my use of Selena’s famous line, but my laughs turn into stretched out moans when his tongue presses into me. He works me up so badly that I’m writhing against the bed, his palm pressing firmly on my abdomen so that I can’t move too much and when he gives me a particularly hard lick I start to come. hard.

“Come on baby,” he mumbles into my pussy. My body contracts, and my breaths escape in rapid little pants. He crawls up my body and presses a quaint kiss to my lips and I can taste myself on the tip of his tongue.

“Your turn,” I say sexily reaching into his pants and finding him hard and pulsing. He pushes me away and reaches into his back pocket for his phone.

“This thing has been going off for awhile. Give me a minute babe” I pout but let him attend to business reaching over to check my own phone.

“Jay check this, these hoes are chilling with Adele” I show him a picture that Harry snapped me of Kendall and Cara cheesing away with the British superstar he smiles distractedly and continues to listen to his voicemail with a troubled expression.

“Justin? Is everything alright?” He puts down the phone and looks at me with a shocked expression.

“I’m being sued”


“Sued. For the damage I caused when we… crashed” I process the information and try not to think of the accident.

“Okay. Okay that’s fine. We’ll work it out. how much do they want?”

“1.5 Million”

“thats nothing to you though baby, and if it bothers you that much I can-”  he shakes his head and tosses the phone across the room.

“No way Nonnie. I know it’s not, but we lost so much and now we have to pay for it? Just seems fucked up” his voice is distant and sad and he barely grazes my neck with a kiss when I wrap my arms around him for a hug.


“Strip for me Jack” I step out of our shared closet in nothing but a pair of black panties. He sits up on the bed with a startled expression settled on his face before his eyes linger on my impressive boobs.

“Like dance…?” I laugh like he’s the funniest boy alive and stalk towards him. With each step he shrinks into the pillows.

“No, you can dance for me later, but for now just…” I take the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head exposing the hard, tanned abs that make up his lean stomach. I straddle him and grind my heat on top of his jean covered jeans.

“I want you inside me, like now” my voice is whiny and the pent up horniness makes my stomach knot uncomfortably.

“Sel,” I  reach for the button on his jeans.

“Selly,” I unbutton his jeans and reach into his boxers pulling out his hard length.

“Selena, wait” I look at him now and see that his chiseled face is struggling with several emotions at once.

“What is it cuteheart?” Jack smiles at the special endearment and runs a hand through my hair, tugging at the ends.

“I’m a virgin” the words hit me like a ton of bricks and I’m sure that I must look stupid with how many times I blink.

“like… A virgin, virgin?” He nods biting his plump bottom lip.

“But you’re so good at… other things” he gave the best head. Jack laughs nervously and massages my bare thighs with his large hands,

“well thank you, but it’s true, I just wanted to let you know in case it sucked or something…” I shake my head and lean forward so my head rests against his chest.

“I sincerely doubt that sexing you up would suck Jack G” he laughs again and I join in my stomach starting to knot again and  my panties starting to soak at the thought of not only taking Jack Gilinksy’s Selena Gomez virginity, but also his virginity, virginity.