Okay, who tagged me in this? hahaha I love you all! putthatazztowork barbellsandbooties squatsandsuplexes freshstruggle I think that’s it lolol.. I’m taking this as… 6 selfies total and not 6 selfies for each of you beautiful people. Because that is just a task I could not handle hahahaha.

Enjoy my sad attempt at 6 selfies. I’m seriously the worst selfier ever. Alright…

1. A total throwback in honor of getting my hair cut. When my hair was actually long AF like two years ago. IDK how I did it. That shit gets in the way so bad.

2. IDK why or when.. but it was on my phone. So take it and enjoy LOL. TBT to two days ago when I could still semi-braid my hair hahaha

3. Me not being pale. Or less pale than usual LOL.

4. My friend bought me a goat. And I brought it to work. And I took a picture with it because that’s how I roll. Mr. Goat puts me to shame.

5. Me plus my Nike Metcons. Which own the world. Sorry nanos…

6. I know so shocking.. a picture I just posted all alone. But.. cut me some slack. As you can see my selfie game is NOT strong hahahaha

Meet The Blogger

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  • name: Hunter
  • nickname: Huneybee, Sky, Skunter
  • where do you live: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  • favourite color: Mint Green
  • hair length: Medium-Long(ish)
  • hair color: Dark Brown
  • eye color: Brown
  • siblings:  3 Older Sisters
  • area of work/study: Uni/College Student, part-time.
  • are you under 18: No, I am 20 years old
  • do you live at home: On my own! ^-^
  • music genre: I recently started getting into the classic rock/pop (60s=90s) thanks to Maya, and i’ve been liking it more and more, but I generally like Alternative/Indie :DD
  • movie genre: Probably Action, Adventure or Comedy, (OR ALL THREE)

this or that:

  • are you: single or taken? taken
  • are you: short or tall? Tall af
  • are you: shy, loud, friendly, quiet or avoidable: Depends on how well I know you! But I tend to be outgoing when meeting new people than shy.
  • are you: atheist, wiccan, christian, satanic, catholic, jewish, muslim, mormon, agnostic, jehovah’s witness, or not sure what you believe? I’d rather feel more comfortable not to say, sorry! :)
  • does your future profession have anything to do with: medicine, law, children, animals, or entertainment? Yes.
  • do your fears include: commitment, heights, death, needles, the dark, or thunder? Nope.
  • do you: laugh or stutter when you’re nervous? BOTH OMFG
  • do you: chew on pens, bite your nails or shake your leg? I shake my leg usually
  • do you: want piercings or tattoos? Either would be pretty dope to have.
  • do you: want to get married eventually, never want to get married or not know if you want to get married? Hmm, yeah, I would like to get married eventually one day ^-^
  • do you: want children eventually, never want children or not know if you want children? Hmmm, not sure tbh, I’ll have to see way later down the road I guess.
  • have you ever: kissed someone who’s name begins with an e, t, l, j, m, or d? Yep!
  • have you ever: smoked a cigarette, smoked a cigar, or done hard drugs? Noooooooo
  • would you rather: live in the country or the city? The city, mainly cause, well, i’m pretty weird, like, I like quiet and I like the sound of quiet, but I like, city quiet, yknow? where there’s the sound of the city yes, but to me, it’s quiet. idfk haha


  • ever dyed your hair: Yes I have.
  • does someone like you: I’m pretty sure a lot of people like me, I’ve been told i’m a likable person ^-^
  • have you kissed anyone in the last 31 days: Ye
  • ever cheated: no
  • ever been cheated on: yes
  • do you like your body: yeah
  • favourite quote: “Motherfucking Jessie Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude Motherfucking Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit? Goddamn created Facebook and fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss Twins goddamn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man. Motherfucking Spiderman Spiderman you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking build shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg. I’m very tired. No man I’ll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spiderman crazy Winklevoss Twins rowing trent resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck invented Facebook all I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook? MARK ZUCKERBERG” - Arin Hanson
I saw this girl at subway yesterday

She was gorgeous. She was wearing a choker necklace and had beautifully died hair. When I looked at her a little too long she smiled and my heart flipped. I smiled back my widest smile because I felt butterflies when I saw her. Her name tag said Rebecca.

Later I asked my sister who works at Subway what she knew about her coworker her relapse wasn’t positive. But she did say Rebecca was a lesbian.

I stopped and frowned because I instantly realized just how screwed in life I am. I couldn’t tell my sister Rebecca’s smile made my heart flip flop because I genuinely know she didn’t exactly wanna hear about it. My family isn’t accepting and I have to avoid all homo topics at all costs.

I have feeling for boys and girls and that is going to make my life hell. I have more of a chance for sexual assault and I’ve read multiple articles telling me that my depression isn’t going to get better that life won’t get better for me.

What’s the fucking point?


Tagged by cantwithjeonwonwoo 💕 (UR SUCH A CUTIE LIKE ????????? IM SCREAMING) woke up this morning (*cough* three in the afternoon but w/e *cough*) saw that I was tagged and was like “o shiT gotta do my makeup lmao can’t be a bare faced beauty today” and to make a long story short I spent 30 minutes doing my makeup for 3 pictures that took 5 minutes to take omg. honestly I had no idea what faces to make so like, u get a basic smile, double chin af, and a hair up serious faced bad bitch one (I like that one I might put it up on instagram lol idk) fun fact I was gonna do a full body one but I’m a chubby lil poop who’s wearing a crop top (MADE FROM LEGGINGS HAHA THATS WHY THE NECKLINE IS SO MESSED UP) and short shorts so basically no one wants to see that 😂 I tagggggggg: schuylkill morningbaby littlebookninja wonwooslegs arentpotatoesgreat and anyone else who wants to! Make sure to tag me so I can see your gorgeous faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if any of the people I tagged have done this already or just don’t want to that’s totally okay its all for fun! 💕)

a crap doodle of links and zeldas as inklings because i needed to draw at least Time, Twi, Sky, and Zellie as inklings. ; n; i know their “hair” wouldn’t be like this but dslfa

I’m telling you right now, Zellie goes hard af on the roller, Sky uses the paint brush, and Time’s takes everything too seriously. As for everyone else, idk. Actually I do, but I don’t want this to get long so

don’t take away these kids, these are my kid squids 

I was tagged by ill-have-harrys-babies to do this question thing thank you beautiful :)

  1. Any scars? yh Ive got quite a few not apparent ones but like my left eyebrow looks a bit ‘chipped’ is that the word, i fell off a bunk bed when I was 3 and I had a cut there for quite a while the hair never grew back. Oh and Ive got a pretty decent scar that the doctors fucked up more on my finger but thats a long story
  2. Do you miss your ex? I’ll tell you when I get one
  3. Do you have a significant other? SINGLE AF hmu
Do you have any animals? recently got three new kittens
  5. Do you annoy ppl? I always feel like I do.
Favourite food? um this is hard…steak?
  7. Do you wear makeup?  not always no
  8. Have you got a 60s look? what does this even mean why would I wanna feel like Im in the 60s terrible times
Do you sleep in clothes? yes sadly
Do you wear crop tops? I wish
What phone? Samsung ( i hate it so much i want my xperia back)
  12. Are you mean? no I hope no one sees me like this
  13. Tall or short? average? Im 168
  14. Facebook or Twitter? I recently made a twitter yall idk what the fuk im doing but im doing it
  15. Green or blue?  bluey greeny blue
  16. Hoodies or jackets? hoodies definitely
  17. Heels or flats? I dont wear a lot of them but I LOVE HEELS
  18. Elephant or flamingo? flamingos are just funny tbh
  19. Sports or not? I’m a bit of a clutz but i do love sports 
  20. Burger King or KFC? neither oportos all the way bye
  21. Dresses or skirts? ive always been a dress person but recently Ive been trying out skirts.

Ok so Im gonna do a random tag if thats ok httplarents hazzagasmic louseh peachesharry stylesslip ziallbaes bus1forlife stylinfrog 


ofc u would be the one to send this number in I was expecting this…anyways my talented amazing daughter even though u try to kill me almost daily by tagging me in scoups pics I still love u and ur awful puns~ ps pls don’t feel negative ever about ur art ok it’s cute af (but ur much cuter and tbh when ur hair grows long I think I might die from the excessive cuteness) pls don’t forget about ur momther when ur art gets so well known ok ilysm ur a star bby ❤️❤️❤️

the question tag

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1) what’s your sign?

2) favourite form of self-expression?
music probably.

3) is your hair naturally curly or straight?
curly af. it’s a pain

4) favorite season?

5)  how did you get into the fandom you’re in right now?
friends at school

6) do you like mint gum?
yes its gr8

7) do you brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast?

8) favorite article of clothing?
boots bc i can look punk as hell when im really not lmao

9) how long is your hair?
up to the bottom of my neck

10) do you have a case on your phone and if so, what is it?

11) first fandom you were ever in?
pokémon i think

my questions: 1) do you believe in astrology? 2) are you interested in politics? 3) favourite colour? 4) best video game you’ve ever played? 5) do you want kids? 6) favourite tv show? 7) where do you think you’ll be in thirty years? 8) would you ever want to dye your hair? (if so, what colour?) 9) is your appearance important to you? 10) favourite food? `11) do you like nicknames?

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skyrayy asked:

bro did u cut your hair

nah but i wish. i want to get it short but idek because i’m still shooting for bangs but it never comes out well. still wanna get it short tho~

also i keep running my fingers through my hair since it’s long af and whenever i find loose hairs i just dramatically let them go like the anime piece of shit that i am

anonymous asked:

PERSONALLY( so don't take it the wrong way) I think the short hair suits your character more then the long hair and you look hot af with short hair 😍

everyone thinks I’m super masculine with my short hair. I’m so far from masculine and I’m getting tired of people thinking that. So I’m growing my hair out.

crystxleyes asked:

How do you get your hair so wavy?¿ I thought it might of been you not blow drying it and letting it air dry but I tried it myself and it didn't really work¿

my hair is naturally ridiculously curly, I just straighten it or put things in it so it dries straighter/“prettier”. all my dad’s side of the family has fucking insane curly hair and then my mom’s side all the hair is straight af so my hair is sorta a mix (the humidity level/how long it’s been since I washed it changes how curly it is a LOT too)