A Ghost-compiled summation of observed behaviors and activities over the course of one cycle in the company of a Risen Gunslinger.

[Entry 1.1] Guardian has been standing completely still in Tower plaza for approximately 3 hours. By my count, Guardian has not slept in 36 hours.

[Entry 1.2] Guardian spent fifteen minutes repeatedly jumping off of Tower. Hence, ten minutes of near-constant Ghost revival, punctuated only by a single visit to Eris Morn. Eris refused to dance with Guardian.

[Entry 1.3] Guardian spoke briefly with Cayde-6 while crouched on Vanguard table. I could offer him no explanation.

Guardian returned to orbit; set course for Mars.

[Entry 1.4] Guardian encountered another Gunslinger while on patrol. The two attempted some kind of synchronized handshake or greeting for the better part of five minutes without speaking. I do not believe they succeeded in their timing.

[Entry 1.5] Both Guardians spent one hour attempting to kills Vex Hydras with nothing but throwing knives. Succeeded. Admired each other’s cloaks.

Guardian returned to orbit alone; set course for Luna.

[Entry 1.6] Guardian spent one hour repeatedly trying to jump over the Hellmouth while riding Sparrow. Did not succeed. Guardian has not slept in 42 hours.

[Entry 1.7] Guardian received assassination bounty from Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Danced upon receipt; shot several rockets into the sky while spinning in circles. 

[Entry 1.8] Guardian has grown strangely quiet. Has been transmatting various weapons and armor for several minutes.

[Entry 1.9] Guardian has equipped gauntlets crafted from the bones of an extinct creature. Spent 45 minutes adjusting color scheme of armor. Seems quite fond of appearance; asked me for several image-captures. Complimented her own cloak several times. 

[Entry 1.1.0] Guardian abruptly re-summoned Sparrow, rode Sparrow into depths of Hive temple. Did not dismount Sparrow. Sparrow destroyed due to repeated collisions with sentient and natural obstacles.

[Entry 1.1.1] Upon reaching Summoning Pits, Guardian attempted to kill Hive Abomination with sidearm. Failed.

[Entry 1.1.2] Upon Ghost revival, Guardian managed to single-handedly annihilate Hive Abomination with the combined power of the City’s finest weaponry.  Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.3] Guardian spent approximately one hour shooting walls of Hive tunnels, attempting to spell rude words.

Guardian returned to orbit, set course for Tower. 

[Entry 1.1.4] Guardian spent 5 hours attempting to persuade Commander Zavala to read lewd/inappropriate Fireteam names over Tower PA system. Guardian has not slept in 55 hours.

Guardian returned to Orbit. Set course for the Reef.

[Entry 1.1.5] Guardian spent seven minutes crouched behind Petra Venj, trying to hide from other Guardians. Obtained bounties from the regent. Leapt to her death in apparent celebration.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Venus.

[Entry 1.1.6] Guardian singlehandedly killed Stirok, Banner of Oryx. Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.7] Guardian lost consciousness [slept?] for ~30 seconds while dancing; jerked awake screaming, related a description of a “Giant, bottomless mouth” attempting to devour her.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Taken Dreadnought. 

[Entry 1.1.8] Appears to be in a bad mood. Refused to speak with me. Spent duration of journey in silence, stroking bone gauntlets.

[Entry 1.1.9] Guardian descended into depths of Dreadnought. Grim of aspect. Has repeatedly refused comm contacts from Vanguard. Seems determined.  Guardian has not slept in 62 hours.

[Entry] Guardian has utterly destroyed legions of Hive thrall, several minor priests, and a Coven Mother.

[Entry] Guardian has discovered apparent target: Hive Priest.

[Entry] Guardian has dispatched said target using only her boot-knife. Did not cease stabbing corpse of creature until long after it had expired and her armor was covered in gore and ichor. Ignored my attempts to drag her away - too busy laughing. I returned to stasis in protest. 

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Tower. 

[Entry] Guardian repeatedly asking me “What I just said.” I have not said anything to her. She seems distracted. Has not slept in at least 68 hours. 

[Entry] Guardian spoke briefly to Hunter Vanguard while dancing on table. Returned to Tower plaza.

[Entry] Guardian has been staring into the sky without blinking for one hour. Guardian is muttering to someone who is not me.

[Entry] Guardian refuses to sleep.

My best friend has this guy on her LoL friends list who is like her sugar daddy (they don’t know each other IRL). She says she likes whatever skin is up, and the next day he buys it for her without asking anything in return. She got Arcade Ahri, Elementalist Lux, full SG skins, Project Soraka, DJ Sona, all skins for Lulu, Karma and Miss Fortune and now he also bought the Rakan and Xayah skins and champs for her. I’m honestly a bit jealous of her…I wish someone would be that nice to me.

Artwork by Momonekonyan

for the sake of sparkles

words: 3.3k
summary: Of all things Allura expected to happen today, getting stranded in the pod bay of a space mall with Keith was definitely not on the list. Neither was breaking into the mall with him and Pidge to steal a necklace. 

But hey, things can change real quickly when you’re bored as hell.

a/n: I probably shouldn’t be posting a story close to midnight on a Thursday night, but here I am, lol. This is my first story for this pairing, and as you will see, it’s not actually romantic at all! It’s more of a gen fic featuring Pidge the Magnificent, but there are sparks— because I like these two a lot. 

What really intrigues me about the dynamic between Keith and Allura are the impulses they bring out in each other, and when I saw the prompt “Stranded” for Day 1 of @kalluraweek, I’m not entirely sure why, but this is where my mind went! It’s silly and fun and I hope you enjoy— and I’d love to see your comments at the end. Thanks for reading!


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look; there’s an angel over there,
can’t you see her halo?
she’s beauty among chaos,
my guardian angel has come to me.

look; the devil in sheep’s clothing.
no one knows except for me,
they’re all fooled by her smile,
but they don’t pay attention to her horns.

look; the outcast. don’t you see him?
midnight wind, I can’t comprehend
how he lives without sunlight
painting his cheeks.

look; there is no hero here.
everyone in this room is muddled,
smeared with lies and sins,
a hall of disaster waiting to happen.

—  we are not what you think we are

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Sometimes people will be just charging away from me into combat and spamming the "I need healing" Like slow your ass down I'm tryin.




these are the kinds of things that tempt me into playing Lucio tbh…

-Mod Mercy

asksandyshores  asked:

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

Aaaaw man I sure do, especially with my oldest OCs. Guardian particularly has his bunch of memories. I made him as a scared and lonely kid who needed company and Guardian still is a protecting figure to me. I liked to imagine him walking by my side, reassuring me, encouraging me and would dream of him all the time. I drew him a lot during the time I was in a boarding school and felt very unsecure there. Yes I was an extremely edgy child I know lmao

Appreciate some quality art from back then lmao
It’s shit but this portrait means a lot to me, in the reason why I made it and just the fact that I’ve been in love with this good neigh since so long. As I said earlier I create my characters with a symbolic, and Guardian’s was to by my guardian angel, he, therefore, has a very strong meaning to me. I made him when I was like 10! 

But honestly, my fondest memories with them is how they made me meet my friend and all the beautiful things we could create together thanks to our reciprocated love for our OCs. I’m still so glad to share such fond friendships and to be able to make something so beautiful out of it! 

like, listen. i care about destiny bc i care about my guardian and some of the lore is cool, but the SHEER AMOUNT of PERSONAL, EMOTIONAL labor required to Actually Care about the half-assed npcs is… frankly, too much. but now i’m just kind of listless bc even my care for my guardian has kind of eroded in the face of the realization that she’s a cool character In The Wrong Game, and like? ok? what’s a bitch to do. this bitch doesn’t know and is kind of leery abt being Let Down By Bungie Once More

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That ending made my heart scream in agony while the opening made me laugh my ass off the entire time. Did Dark write the script because wow that movie played with my emotions super easily

guardians has always been my fave marvel comic/movie series and honestly this movie was so fucking amazing,,, I was literally crying laughing at some points (and then hysterically sobbing in others),,, they did my screwed up family so much justice


Happy 18th Birthday Prince Michael Jackson Jr. (born Feb 13, 1997)

Before I turn 18 tomorrow I really want to thank a few people and first is obviously my dad,not only did he give me the gift of life, he gave me an incredible opportunity to make something of myself. Secondly, my cousin/guardian TJ, he has made so many sacrifices to help me along and he’s been there when I’ve needed him and helped shape who I am. Finally, my grandmother/guardian, she has been through so much and is such a strong woman to have in my life. So much that she’s an inspiration, to keep going no matter what and she has always been there for us. I love them all.

So, I’m starting WoT and I decided to do one of those thingies

What I know about The Wheel of Time based on what I’ve seen on my dash:

  • the main character is Rand al'Thor (that’s a very cool name)
  • he’s a hot redhead
  • he’s a firebender or something
  • and a little shit but the fandom loves him (or maybe that’s just Kvothe and I’m mixing stuff in my head)
  • the Wheel turns and makes the ages come and go (oh really)
  • some prophecies
  • something about a dragon reborn
  • which I’m sure is Rand based on said fire powers
  • shit will go down when the dragon is reborn
  • Rand’s got a couple of cool friends and the fandom loves the trio
  • (there are always those trios in the stories aren’t there)
  • Aes Sedai are women who can use magic
  • idk what ajahs are but they have something to do with aes sedai
  • there’s a black ajah (?)
  • there’s a girl called Aviendha
  • she’s an aes sedai I guess
  • and also Rand’s girlfriend or something
  • the series is made of like a hundred books and all of them are fucking huge why am i starting this what am i doing with my life
  • no wonder the author died before he could finish everything
  • and then Brandon Sanderson wrote the last books based on what the author had told him
  • “blood and ashes”
  • something about the light
  • cool wheel and infinity-shaped ouroboros symbol
  • that’s not from my dash but Blind Guardian has some great songs about WoT

that’s it I guess

Journey of Raven Curator Music Aesthetic /Story

“My time as a Guardian has taught me much. No matter where we come from; the comfort of Earth, the frigid outposts of the Reef, or the mysterious void beyond the Jovians, we are the same. Users of Light and users of the Dark. The Cabal, Vex, Fallen, Hive, Taken… we all come from stardust. Everything is balanced and recycled. My fellow Warlocks would agree with my solitary studies. Although I am a Guardian that serves the light to protect those in need, I am still me. I am still Raven Curator, my mind will still seek out answers to our universe. I don’t care if my revelations align in opposition to my fellow Guardians, for Light and Dark are two sides of the same coin.” ~ Raven Curator to the Speaker

After the events of the Taken King, Raven like Osiris and other truth-seekers, was exiled from the Last City by the Speaker. This action did not go unnoticed, other Guardians believed in Raven’s revelation and utter exhaustion of being used as a mere weapon. With her support from the Vanguard and majority of Guardians, Raven’s exile was removed and her status reinstated. Although thankful, Raven still left the Tower to embark on her quest to search for Osiris. Other Guardians also fled in numbers searching for solace, closure, their families, homes, or a new life. Raven’s younger sister Eleana also went her own way to find peace in her void abilities. Selena, the older sister out of the three, remained with their clan and kept eye over their family. A family of dysfunctional Guardians but a family regardless.

Raven eventually found Osiris, the elder secluded Warlock was on Mercury. There, the master taught the apprentice, told her truths that were thought to be old stories, and Raven soon went under the training of becoming a Thanatonaut. In death, Raven got insight of more powerful abilities and collected the fragmented memories of her past. Once whole in light, soul, and being Raven Curator was reborn. She had successfully navigated back to the world from the Death Plane. This action changed her from a Radiant Skinned Sunsinger to a Fireborn Sunsinger. She trained for months, learning to control her new powerful flames. But to teach her raw power, Osiris had a colleague. Sol, an Ahamkara. He didn’t grant a boon or ask for a bargain. He simply acknowledged Raven down to her basic presence. A raging fire that should be respected.

Under the guidance of two masters, Raven became a wise powerful being. With her recovered memories, she did seek to repair destroyed bridges and reconnect her ties to friends and family, and the one person who held her heart for years. She had been following whispers and digging through old battle reports that Petra allowed her to rummage through. Something caught her attention; “But as an Armada Paladin of the Awoken, it is my duty to officially recommend declaration of death of the following: Paladin Yasmin Eld, Paladin Leona Bryl, Paladin Abra Zire, Paladin Pavel Nolg, Techeun Shuro, Techeun Sedia, Techeun Kali, and the Awoken Queen Mara Sov. Note that as acting regent-commander it is NOT your duty to actually declare these deaths at this time.” Raven knew her former Queen well, Mara had plans within plans. There was no way she could be dead. But Raven noticed that her Prince Uldren Sov was not listed. Perhaps it was common knowledge that he was alive, until Raven discovered that his current location was unknown.

Thus, began her quest of searching for her lost prince. The clues and little echos of information lead her to Mars. No traces of Uldren or even his crows. Venus was next, only faint traces of activity near the Vault of Glass that didn’t match to Fallen or Vex. It was at this time that Raven began to lose hope. Whispered mentions of her lover sounded like legends. A self exiled prince free from the bonds of leadership, responsibility, and living in the shadow of his sister. Raven knew him well, if Uldren didn’t want to be found he’d execute it. Raven began to ponder his reasons and motives, perhaps there was nothing for him back home, or he was searching for Mara. Whatever the reason was, Raven ended her search and returned to Earth during the events of Rise of Iron.

After rejoining her team she discovered that Eleana had not returned after much time. But SIVA had become the primary focus to deal with. Back in the swing of being a Guardian again, Raven assisted her friends and team against the SIVA threat and Aksis. With the title of Iron Lord, Lady Raven had heard the whispering threat of her sister Eleana. Corrupted in her solitude and connecting with the void, Eleana had gone down the path of darkness to resurrect the Black Heart. Personal loathing and hatred of Raven and her accomplishments fueled Eleana. Acknowledging the threat that would consume her younger sister, Raven confronted her in the Black Garden. There the two sisters clashed, both equally matched. As Raven trained in the basking heat of Mercury, Eleana trained and meditated the overwhelming cold of the Void. Desperate for an advantage, Raven called upon powers that threaten to incinerate the entire Garden, for Eleana, threaten to tear a hole into dark matter. Eventually Raven battered her sister to the ground and with the help of their fireteam they suppressed her. With her scorched sword, Raven tore into Eleana and extracted the corrupting fragment that was lodged into Elean’s own heart. The fragment was a shard of the Black Heart, black tendrils squirming and reaching back to the young Curator.  

The battle left both sisters in shambles, left to recover in the new home that Selena and the rest of the fireteam found. Hidden in a Vex gate was a secure bunker of archived texts, labs, and vex technology. The fireteam found old research and blueprints of the facility, called the Archive. Here, the two sisters recovered in safety. After they awoke the Curator sisters made amends and a pact. Between the three sisters and the knowledge they shared, they became the Fates. The Fates soon became a council and inner circle within the clan. All seemed well until Raven heard one whisper. A whisper of beckoning from the wilds beyond the Cosmodrome. Alone, Raven searched for this odd yet familiar presence. One thing that Raven will never realize is that she is always, always being watched by small agents of black metallic feathers. All crows have masters, only their master now stood as the Kell of Kings. Raven felt a shiver of pained longing, joy, and confusion. Yet there was time to settle that, like her Uldren Sov had also been busy.

Strictly Business (Caito/Kaider)

Theme: None
Other: Employee/Customer AU
Words: 2,105


She reads the sign as she brings up exactly what it is she’s there for.

The shop is new, just opened, and rumor has it that it’s the cheapest place for hover, android, and cyborg parts.

Cinder takes a deep breath and enters, not much a fan of new things. Towards the back of the shop, she hears a ding alerting the employees to a customer.

Well, employee.

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I mean. Ya can't really blame that anon for there concern. If I thought y'all only had two months experience working with spirits, I'd freak too ✌

I would too! But it states in the welcome page that she’s had lot of experience as well as in other posts that she has worked under me for a long time! I would never start a shop if we have less then a years forth of intense experience under our belt! All of us here understand this isn’t a game and very serious!

Mod Jade

The other anon is also completely misrepresenting my level of experience. L was my first regular companion she only came a few months ago. Sen, my guardian, has been with me for 15 years. I had actually meant to start expanding my family years ago after I left for college and was living on my own. However, over the first two years I was in college between a very traumatic abusive relationship, and severe health problems, I was in no shape to be caring for a being that needed as much love and care as a companion does and didn’t have the energy to pour in to really training and expanding my skills. In the last year I have been able to finally start the heal and pull myself together and get back to doing what I love which is witchcraft and spirit work. Sen understood what I was going through and was there for me through everything even when I could barely feel her presence but it would have been cruel and wildly irresponsible to take on another spirit when I could barley take care of myself, let alone be reasonable to another living being.

Mod Kat

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I hope this makes sense because I'm not a native speaker: imagine finding Negan passed out in the forest, taking him to the bunker you're currently living in, and caring for him for a few days. As soon as he wakes up, you start flirting with each other. He tries to persuade you to join the Saviors but his techniques fail, so he changes his strategy and tries to convince you with... More gentle manners.

His Saviour - Negan X Reader

Imagine finding Negan passed out in the forest. You take him back to your bunker and care for him. When he wakes up, he takes a liking to you and tries to convince you to join the saviours. His original techniques of persuasion fail, so he tries winning you over with more gentle manners.

A/N: This idea is awesome! I hope you like it :) P.s: Hope the gentle manners were what you expected or something!

Word Count: 2,164 (I guess I got a little carried away. But this idea was awesome.)

Warnings: Bad language, little bit of fluff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Originally posted by the-walking-dead-art

You came across the strange man lying in the forest when you were hunting for supplies. He was lying on the floor, passed out and his clothes were bloody and you realised he had been injured on the shoulder. You contemplated whether you should leave him or not, but you were all alone in this world, so you figured why not help someone out. Besides, you could use the company.

Once you had brought the man back to your bunker, you put him in the spare room, using an old ambulance bed you had found a while back. You knew the man was alive because he still had a pulse. During this time you cleaned up his wound. It was clear that he was shot with a crossbow of some sort and must have passed out as he got ill. 

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sentinel gear in every slot, even as exotics, is a profound expense i have avoided for years

but now my guardian has over 30k health and is ready as hell for world vs world

ready for those

loot bags


Final sentences:

[‘I did not know that; I am not certain that I know it now.] But I know that my dearest little pets are very pretty, and that my darling is very beautiful, and that my husband is very handsome, and that my guardian has the brightest and most benevolent face that ever was seen, and that they can very well do without much beauty in me—even supposing—.’

From Bleak House

And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us, everyone!

From A Christmas Carol

O Agnes, O my soul, so may thy face be by me when I close my life indeed; so may I, when realities are melting from me like the shadows which I now dismiss, still find thee near me, pointing upward!

From David Copperfield

I took her hand in mine, and we went out of the ruined place; and as the morning mists had risen long ago when I first left the forge, so the evening mists were now, and in all the broad expanse of tranquil light they showed to me, I saw no shadow of another parting from her.

From Great Expectations

We shall sit with lighter bosoms on the hearth, to see the ashes of our fires turn gray and cold.

From Hard Times

They went quietly down in the roaring streets, inseparable and blessed, and as they passed along in the sunshine and the shade, the noisy and the eager, and the arrogant and the forward and the vain, fretted and chafed, and made their usual uproar.

From Little Dorrit

Such are the changes which a few years bring about, and so do things pass away, like a tale that is told!

From The Old Curiosity Shop

I believe it none the less because that nook is in a Church, and she was weak and erring.

From Oliver Twist

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done: it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.

From A Tale of Two Cities