Adam had seen many of Ronan’s dreams made real by now, and he knew how savage and lovely and terrifying and whimsical they could be. But this girl was the most Ronan of any of them that he’d seen. What a frightened monster she was.

Poppy (general): eternal sleep; oblivion; imagination

Biggest OTPS: Lost 
↳(almost) All of them

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife.

[ pride and prejudice fancast ] requested by anonymous

angel coulby as jane bennet | lenora crichlow as elizabeth bennet

gugu mbatha-raw as mary bennet | antonia thomas as kitty bennet | jessica sula as lydia bennet

colin salmon as mr bennet | alex kingston as mrs bennet

santiago cabrera as fitzwilliam darcy

aditya roy kapur as charles bingley | karen david as caroline bingley

constance wu as charlotte lucas | richard ayoade as william collins | godfrey gao as george wickham

pedro pascal as colonel fitzwilliam | seychelle gabriel as georgiana darcy | rita moreno as catherine de bourgh


earlier i mentioned that i’d “cast” models as the raven cycle characters, and a bunch of you said you’d like to see who i chose, so here are my top picks! i have secondary selections for everyone too, as well as racebent and genderbent versions, because that’s what happens when you have insomnia and too much time on your hands ( •⌄• ू )✧ and i’ve also found options for some secondary characters. i’ll probably be posting all of them tbh, it would be good/easy ref for me when i want to draw them!

but yeah! these are the models who come closest to the way i personally imagine the gang:

  • richard campell gansey III - arthur gosse
  • blue sargent - misha hart
  • ronan lynch - jacob hankin
  • noah czerny - gabe mador
  • adam parrish - malcom de ruiter

(and of course i hadda make/edit lil graphics because i just couldn’t just slap a bunch of photos up here haphazardly, haha. and they’re transparent!)


Hagia Sophia. St. Mark’s, in Venice. ‘What is this place?’ I asked him.

'That information is classified, I’m afraid.’

I looked around curiously. It seemed that I was the only visitor.

'Is it open to the public?’ I said.

'Not generally, no.’

I looked at him. There was so much I wanted to ask him, so much I wanted to say; but somehow I knew there wasn’t time and even if there was, that it was all, somehow, beside the point.

'Are you happy here?’ I said at last.

He considered this for a moment. 'Not particularly,’ he said.

'But you’re not very happy where you are, either.’

St. Basil’s, in Moscow. Chartres. Salisbury and Amiens. He glanced at his watch.

'I hope you’ll excuse me,’ he said, 'but I’m late for an appointment.’

He turned from me and walked away. I watched his back receding down the long, gleaming hall.”


Some of the actors of colour suggested by tumblr for Newt Scamander following casting news for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newt’s grandson, Rolf Scamander, is described as “swarthy”, meaning dark skinned and it potentially codes him as POC. This opens up the possibility of Newt himself being POC since British does not mean white only.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Riz Ahmed
Richard Ayoade
Dev Patel
Gary Carr
Suraj Sharma
Ukweli Roach
Rahul Kohli


The Founders.

Richard Madden as Godric Gryffindor

Katie McGrath as Rowena Ravenclaw 

Holliday Grainger as Helga Hufflepuff

Ben Barnes as Salazar Slytherin