I love how no matter how many years have passed, Infinite has never let go of their original style. For most groups, after their first few comebacks, they do a complete 180° turn in terms of concept and music style, but Infinite has remained consistent, yet kept giving us the highest quality music there is. Every time l listen to a new song from them, I feel so refreshed but nostalgic at the same time because they haven’t let go of the things that made them unique, whether it be their dancing style or breathtaking orchestral sound. This is one of the many reasons why I love and respect them so much.


The best boy band of all the times. 

07.Jonas Brothers 

The Jonas Brothers are the only major boy band of the past decade. Whereas the boy bands of the Nineties focused on singing and dancing, the squeaky clean trio emphasized their chops as musicians and songwriters, bringing a touch of rock credibility to a genre that was considered inauthentic by many pop fans.