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Chapter 1: Crimson

Caesura /sɪˈzjʊərə/ n. In poetry, a rhythmic pause in a poetic line or a sentence where the reader stops to breathe.

England, 1915, the world is having a war to end all wars. But, in the midst of the nightmare that seems to encompass their every hour, two people find one another and learn to how to breathe again.

(WW1 War Artist AU)

rated T | words: 3.5k | Prologue | ffnet | ao3

London, England

Winter, 1915

Tonight he paints the water.

His brush moves in wide, harsh strokes, the helpless rage that plagues him apparent in the roiling, twisting image of the storm he paints upon his canvas. He paints the moon, distorted and reflecting off the large wave that washes over the side of a ship leaning dangerously sideways. He paints the deep, endless blue of the sky, peppered with stars that twinkle quietly even as the water beneath buckles under straining creaking metal, as the the edges of the words painted on the ship’s hull disappear under the waves. He paints the rich purple of the storm clouds lurking in the distance, alive and sparkling with lightning, waiting to come in and wash away the screams of anguish that ring out below them. He paints the emerald greens of the crashing waves, the white of the sea foam suffocating the men who had fallen.

He paints the red.

The edges of the flames licking across the deck, the ocean changing colour beneath the ship, the rips in the sails, the large hole in the hull.

He paints the terrible beauty of the night he lost it all.

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Video Game Challenge > [1/7 Videogames]


“What is better - to be born good or to overcome your evil through great effort?”

[2 - Fallout 4] [3 - Life is Strange] [4 - Twilight Princess]

i’m real bad with these so i’m gonna keep this short ) ░ ∗ ◕ ں ◕ ∗ ░  but i’ve been around the hq fandom for only a week and a day so far && everything has been such a joy !  i was pretty nervous joining the hq fandom before all this tbh but i’ve met such great people in this fandom && i’ve reconnected with people i once knew in other fandoms && i can’t thank you all enough for being so welcoming to both me && alibae. lyk there’s already 200 of u memes && all i’ve done so far is sin WeEps // shot.  but all of you are amazing people && i love u all❤ ❤

     (   つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧     DOWN UNDER YO.

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                                      OOPS – I did it again !!
      I played with your heart! Got lost in the game!
                       Oops, you think I’m in love; that I’m sent from above!        
                                             I’M NOT THAT INNOCENT!              

                              character graphics: Kaoru Hitachiin from OHSHC

In celebration of my one year anniversary on Sona (she started on July 11th, 2015), and me hitting 600 followers, I figured it’d be time to do something I’ve never quite done before. So I guess you could call this follow forever time. It’s not very extensive, as I just wanna keep it for those I’ve been friends with for a while and such, so heh ;u;

But first things first, please do keep in mind that, regardless on whether you’re on here or not, I fucking love you. Thank you for following me, I hope you guys You’re appreciated, and I’d honestly love to get to know you, all of you and your muses. Please stay smiling.

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