Real Or Not (Nate Maloley ft. Omaha Squad)

Hi! I love your writing so much and I was wondering if it were possible to get a Nate imagine where y/n and the boys are playing truth or dare and some things get confessed Smut please if you’re comfortable with that. I love you so much!!! 😙❤💕👌
Side note: I was listening to How To Be A California Heartbreaker so some of the words are actually lyrics oops! Thanks for the request I love it oh my god! - Bri x 

“Okay…Johnson…have you ever fallen in love with a stranger?” You question, running your long nude painted nails up and down your thighs, mostly because it ticked your thighs and felt amazing but also because it drew attention to your tanned and toned thighs that you had worked very hard for…because let’s be honest, tanning your thighs was a workout in itself. 

Johnson grins at you, “Well baby, I fell in love with you when we first met and you were a stranger,” he laughs when you and the other guys roll your eyes, “just kidding! Um, yeah I mean I guess I do it all the time.” 

“That is not love, that’s lust bro.” Gilinsky reminds him and you dip your head to laugh harder. 

“Whatever my turn, my turn!” Sam demands, turning to you, “How long does it really take to get into your pants Y/N?” He was blunt, and determined to get an answer out of you. 

You shrug, “I mean, I’ve gotta stay lookin’ pure so I always kiss at the door and say goodbye.” The boys groans, “For real! Okay, fine, I guess about six or so weeks depending on our connection?” 

The boys again groan, when the word ‘connection’ comes up, of course they would groan they’re all a bunch of boys, “Whatever, it’s my turn…Nate, truth or dare?” Gilinsky questions Nate, whom was beside you and had remained the least quite of all the boys. 

“Dare.” Skate’s eyes flicker to you and he leans forward, eyeing Gilinsky. 

Gilinsky chuckles, “I dare you to eat…” he grabs a bag of skittles, “these out of Y/N’s lap.” You and Nate look at each other and both begin shaking your head, “hey you gotta do it!” Gilinsky argues. 

Nate sighs, “I’m so sorry y/n…it’s not my fault I’m going to violate you.” You laugh, a blush covering your cheeks, you had always liked Nate but if your first physical encounter was going to be this, it wasn’t ideal. Nate pours the bag onto your lap…right near your crotch region and inner thighs and then lowers himself so he can begin to eat. The other boys watch in awe. 

“Oh my god…Nate your scruff tickles!” You complain, giggling loudly, you feel his tongue run up your inner thigh and your breath hitches, eyes fluttering closed slightly as you begin to feel your blood pressure hike up. 

Sam smirks, “I think y/n’s like that.” You glare at him as the boys laugh. Nate continues to eat the rest, causing goosebumps to form on your smooth skin. He lifts his head up and flashes you a smile–well that sexual tension was obvious now, thanks Jack. 

“I have one for Y/N!” Johnson sings. 

“What?” You ask turning to face him. 

“Show us what you look like in lingerie.” This was one you didn’t mind doing, so you get up and skip towards Nate’s bedroom where you were staying. He slept on the floor and you slept on the bed. But while you were struggling with the garter belt you hear distant conversation that was about you. 

“Dude…you like her, she likes you, why don’t you just ask her out?” Sam questions, “I mean, I like her too but, you should totally just ask her out.” 

“I don’t know man, you really think she would want me?” Nate questions and your eyes grow wide…he likes you too!? This made you want to look even sexier, since duh, Nate was hot and you wanted him to ask you out. So you finish up with the garter belt and saunter out noticing all of their eyebrows raising when they see you. 

“Damn.” Both Jacks say when you see them. You don’t really pay attention though, because you were more interested in Nate. 

You walk towards him and place your arms around your neck, “Real or like me?” You question always having been confident enough in yourself that you could ask boys questions like this. 

“Real.” Nate replies back, his eyes staring into yours with a smirk on his face, “Real or like me back?” 

“How about I show you without all these perverts around?” You question, turning to the look at the boys who were quite obviously turned on and excited about how you looked. 

“That’s our cue to leave!” Jack J yells and you and Nate laugh. 

He turns your cheek, so you’re facing him, and leans in for a very tender, very genuine and very skittle-tasting kiss.