Let me tell you how much I love Claire Temple.

Claire Temple is a strong woman. Being an ER nurse has conditioned her to set aside her fears and emotions to take care of practical situations, and thus when she has the opportunity to get herself out of her binds, she takes it. She’s no damsel, but at the same time, she lets her hero rescue her, because she knows he’s a fighter and she’s not. But as soon as her hero has her captor subdued, girl does not hesitate to take a bat to the bad guy’s head. BAMF!

Yet once it’s all over, she’s not afraid to break down in her hero’s arms. She lets him comfort her. As soon as she’s in the safety of his arms, as soon as he tells her “It’s okay,” she gives herself permission to be vulnerable, because the fear for her life was very real.

These are the kinds of women I gravitate towards, women who have nothing to prove, who don’t have a shell of hardness over their hearts, who are brave and strong and powerful, yet can be weak and soft and vulnerable when it’s safe to be weak and soft and vulnerable. Because I understand her. I am her. And the bravery and strength and courage she displays amidst terrifying situations inspires me.

Claire Temple is my hero.


SPN Season 9 AU:Sam doesn’t survive the trials but Dean can’t live without him. An angel, Ezekiel tells him that he knows a method to bring his brother back but it’s some really ancient angel mojo. In the end the spell doesn’t work perfectly and Dean gets a sixteen years old Sammy from another universe where Dean is the one who died…