Miles Kane and Alex Turner being cute 

in the official music video for This Is Your Life.


Imagine Harrison Wells asking you to marry him. 

You laughed at the text your friend had sent you. You had been chatting with them about Harrison, gushing about how amazing he was and what he had done for your anniversary.

Harrison glanced up at you, a slight smile on his lips, “What’s so funny?”

You grinned as you flashed him your phone, “My friend wants to know why we aren’t getting married yet.”

Harrison’s response shocked you, “Why not?”

You blinked, unsure of what you had just heard, “What?”

Harrison smiled and ducked his head, “Why not get married?”

Heat crept up your cheeks, “Most people get a ring before asking someone to marry them,” you pointed out with a laugh.

Harrison shrugged sheepishly, “I’m sure it can be arranged. Assuming you want to go through with it.”

You wiped at your eyes, your smile feeling too big for your face, “Only if you say it properly.”

He chuckled, eyes twinkling with amusement, “I hope you’ll forgive me for not getting down on one knee. [f/n] [l/n], will you marry me?”

Gif Credit: Harrison


Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3 million, 450 carat Fantasy Bra at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Paris, November 30th, 2016