Arashi ni Shiyagare [2016.01.23]
┕ Jun-chan finally got to eat~


Cos I’m dreaming that Sho-kun doesn’t like to share Jun-kun’s attention, be it with food or members.  V(*^o^*)V

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 06.02.2016


Today we celebrate someone who has been dear to my heart for many many years. Honestly feels like just yesterday I was fangirling over an early 20-something. You’ve come so far and even through all this time, continue to work extremely hard in any task you’re given. 

I not only love you (Cause your my bias haha) but as a person I deeply look up to you because the qualities you have are ones that I hope I can have one day too. (I’m not even going to name them because we would be here for the rest of the day)

Please stay the best looking newscaster on the planet.

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Please continue to love Masaki.

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Please never lose your hilarious reactions.

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Please continue to love food. 

Please continue to melt my heart without even trying.

And of course above all, please have a year full of happiness, good health, and be surrounded by those you care about most. 

Please stay forever chipmunk young with a heart of gold <3 Thank you for all these years and I hope for many more with whatever it is you do that will make you happy. I will continue to support you through anything and please know I am not the only one who thinks so too. We all love you sho-chan, so just continue doing what you do ❤️

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