Emma :  Well I guess … for a long time I was just coasting through life. Taking everything for granted including the people around me and I never really thought about the future … or even believe I that had one. At least not one worth dreaming about anyway… And then one day , I don’t know … Things just changed. Its like I got a second chance in life and for the first time ever I saw …hope! And suddenly I realised I am surrounded by these amazing and wonderful people who I love and who I felt love me and it was almost perfect and I … I just feel like I am living this dream ! And I would do anything , anything , to have this dream just for one more day.

              - Emma Becker ‘The Lying Game’ , When We Dead Awaken.


Sutton : Emma are you sure this is decaf mocha ? Because I swear I can taste caffeine in it !
Emma : Yes , its decaf . I even yelled at barista like you told me to . Are you sure this is the safest place for you to be right now ?
Sutton : Yeah. Dan at his trailer and Thayer is staying later with me in the cabin but until then i need to … Ok that dress is so not working for you.
Emma : Excuse me ?
Sutton :  Its fine , but this dress … So much sexier!
Emma : Ok even if I wear that dress you do realise its wont be you at that party .
Sutton : Don’t remind me. 
Ted : *nocking* Sutton ,honey , almost ready? We are leaving soon.
Emma : I have to go . Please promise , you will keep a low profile this time.
Sutton : I will do my best.