”I sometimes see myself as already a worthy pastor with a good-natured homebody for a wife, a voluminous library, and duties to perform, positions to hold, in every sphere of society. Six days for meditation; on the seventh, one opens one’s mouth. When you take your walk, schoolboys and girls shake hands with you. And when you return home, the coffee is steaming, a big cake is served, and girls bring apples in through the garden door. Can you imagine anything finer?”

    “What I imagine is half-closed eyelashes, half-opened lips, and Turkish draperies! Look, I don’t believe in their grand manner: our elders pull their stupidities from us. Among themselves they call each other dunderheads just like us. When I’m a m i l l i o n a r e, I’ll build a monument to God.”
- Ernst and Hanschen // Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind / translated by Eric Bentley / pages 73-74 //