The white curtain that divides my bed from the next patient’s whips back, and Johanna Mason stares down at me. At first I feel threatened, because she attacked me in the arena. I have to remind myself that she did it to save my life. It was part of the rebel plot. But still, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t despise me. Maybe her treatment of me was all an act for the Capitol?

     “I’m alive,” I say rustily.

    “No kidding, brainless.”


Silent Hill Forever (1999 - ?

List your favorite Silent Hill games in order. 

Silent Hill is a survival horror video game franchise developed 
and published by Konami that began in 1999. Silent Hill 3 is 
my favorite due to the very creepy atmosphere and offered 
ome of the most detailed environments in the 
series. Heather is also my favorite character of the bunch.