Ok controversial positivity post, but honestly? Shoutout to all the straight siblings and parents and best friends who never considered someone they loved might be queer but are still trying so hard to be the best ally they can be, especially the ones that have no earthly idea where to begin supporting their queer loved one but still do their absolute best and it shows. Shoutout to all the conservative families who do the right thing and choose their child over their beliefs, because for all it’s only right and should be the only option, it’s still hard to do, and lots still don’t. Shoutout to all the people who might have been surprised or blindsided by a coming out, because it isn’t always obvious and it isn’t always easy, but still choose to love and accept, even when they’re completely lost or overcoming a lot of prejudice, because it matters. Support should be something we can take for granted, but it isn’t, and it’s really clear who’s trying and who’s not, and I just really appreciate all the straight-ally loved ones who might fuck up, but make the genuine and serious effort to be supportive of their queer loved ones whenever they can, because it really does matter, and it really does make a difference.

Sleepy Space Buns

also found on ao3! 

written for @subminhonet​‘s current challenge

rated: g

pairing: platonic!jongho feat. trans!junghee and nb!minho

warnings: brief mention of gender dysphoria

Minho was tired. Junghee noticed the minute he walked through the front door. It was the week before finals and his schedule was packed with group projects, essays, and studying. Just the night before he had stayed up late working on a paper. Junghee was lucky that her university gave them a few days off before finals. She only had one this semester so she decided to spend the break with Minho at his apartment to keep him functioning because he was bad at self care, especially when stressed. Minho walked to his room without greeting her. He came out in his favorite crop top and comfy short shorts. He plopped down in front of Junghee, handed her his secret box of hair accessories, and looked up at her pouting, “Please play with my hair.”

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