We erase women who become parents by reducing them to only motherhood as if we weren’t fully realized people before, as if we cannot continue to be interested in the things we were passionate about before, as if the only interesting thing about us is that we procreated/adopted.


Except for my nerdy friends.

It’s not like they didn’t care that I was now the proud and legally-bound caregiver of a small person, it’s that they also cared what I thought about the problematic aspects of Django Unchained and wanted to parse the time travel and continuity of Looper with me. And by “also” I mean that my kid was now another thing I was into. Yes, I know way more than I ever thought I would about carseats and onesies, but that was just another thing I did. I was still expected to have an opinion about The Walking Dead.

  • Botany professor:Extended reply tests are good because they allow the student to show their knowledge in a written form, but the problem with those tests is that then I have to read all of those replies.
  • Math professor:Your homework will be checked by computers and I bet they can count better than me.
  • Practice of scientific studies professor:Biologists most important tool? The spade! Now let's go out and dig some soil samples.
  • Toxicology professor:This class won't have any lab practice because I'm not ready to go to prison for murder.
  • Protection of intellectual property professor:Let's sing the Happy Birthday song! *silence* It's okay it's not copyrighted anymore.
  • Anthropology professor:Today is the national teachers day and technically I'm a teacher and I refuse to work on my professional holiday so you'll watch a movie instead.
  • IT teacher:You don't understand how to do this thing? Well good news for you my friend, Excel has a "help" button.
  • Biology of vertebrate procreation professor:And for your homework go to YouTube and type "angler fish" cause they are pretty cool.
  • Zoology professor:Forget everything you were taught in school. No wait don't forget everything you were taught in school, please, I don't want to explain all the basics again!
  • Math professor:So... you remember the multiplication table?
  • Biology professor:We are all children of the stars, dudes...
  • me:I'm so glad I got into the best university in the country. Everyone's a real professional!