To be loved

I felt as if everything was caving on top of me. My heart was clenching so painfully I was losing not just my breath but my sanity.

We need some time apart.

We did not need time apart when he had his accident. Nor when those pictures were released; to think that I believed him when he said this was during our break. Images of everything we had been through replayed in my head like old movies as I felt myself falling. Hands that’s what I felt before I could hit the cold floor. I looked up and saw the face of the one person I could count on to never break my heart. My best friend. My mentor. The reason why I am able to live my dream every day.

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Neil and Stuff

Neil has never really had a lot of stuff. He’s had his duffel bag and that’s been it for a lot of his life. He doesn’t really know how to store things except for in a duffel bag

So when his stuff collection starts growing on account of school books, notebooks, and celebratory gifts he starts to get a little overwhelmed

And there’s this one shelf in the room that’s his shelf and nobody dares to touch that shelf because Neil has stacked it so impossibly that it’s like Jenga

It is the Shelf of Unsorted Doom ™
And it’s just because Neil has so much stuff from people that care about him that he’s never had before and he doesn’t know what to do with it all

So it’s this teetering pile on a shelf

And people think he’s being careless

But he knows exactly where everything is

Liquid Courage

This isn’t a rucas fanfic. In lost moments, can be found here, I had mentioned a talk Riley had with Maya. I wanted to write something about that conversation, but it went better in my head. Here it is though. 

I had come home to visit for the holidays, Lucas was going to be down in a few days, so I decided I would use those days to spend as much time with Maya. Her life her in New York in art school had taken over her life, and my life with classes in California had taken over mine. I was sad to say, but Maya and I had drifted apart; but I never stopped considering her my best friend.

She didn’t know I was in town. I wanted to surprise her, so as soon as my plane landed I went home to drop my bags off, say hi to my parents and Auggie, and I left to Maya’s apartment.

I get to her front door, and I hesitate to knock. I don’t know what to expect things to be like between the two of us. I take a deep breath before my knuckles touch her door.

“Riles,” Maya’s voice is ecstatic, “What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming into town today! Come in,” she grabs my arm yanking me inside embracing me into a warm hug.

I laugh, “I wanted to surprise you,” I say pulling away. My eyes scan the apartment. This is the first time I’ve been here. You can definitely tell this is Maya’s studio apartment; she made her mark.

The walls are completely covered in art, I can only tell they are white by the little spots that are open. She has a corner in her apartment that has an easel with a canvas rest on it. She has paints laying around.

I look at her and notice she is dressed up. “Where are you going?”

“One of my friends from school is having a party tonight, and I said I’d go for a little bit. You should come it’ll be fun.”

I sigh, “Okay, but is it a party where there is going to be a lot of drinking? You know I don’t drink too much. Do I even look okay?”

Maya laughs, “And you look fine. Maybe tonight you’ll let your hair loose.” We both walk out. Even though we go time without seeing each other and sometimes we don’t talk, right now it feels like we were never apart.

We tumble inside her apartment her apartment laughing. We are both a little tipsy, me more than her. We drank the same, but I’m a lightweight compared to her. Maya helps guide me to her couch, while she moves to the kitchen area to get me some water.

Thoughts are starting to circle my mind, things I’ve always wanted to say but always talked myself out of it. Maya returns with a glass and hands it to me. She makes sure I drink all of it. I take a deep breath that is followed by a hiccup.

“Lucas is going to propose,” my words are slurred and rushed.

I look at Maya who is smiling at me. “How do you know?”

“He called me last weekend after he got home from a frat party. He was drunk, so I don’t think he remembers he told me,” I hiccup with a slight smile, “he has a ring. I never told you or anybody, but when he came out to California the summer right after high school he proposed.”

Her eyes widen, “What?!”

“He proposed, but I said no. We were just trying to work everything out,” my words run together, and I hope she understands. “But he’s going to propose, and I’m going to say yes,” a smile forms on my lips.

“I’m happy for you, Riles!” Maya exclaims taking a seat next to me placing an arm around me.

I sigh, “Are you?” I mumble.

She pulls away and looks at me confused, “What?”

“Are you really happy?” the words fall out. I have no control over what’s going to come out next. “You aren’t going to wait for me to walk down the aisle and say you have feelings for him?” The words just fall out. “When Lucas first came to New York you practically pushed the two of us together. I mean literally, you pushed me in the subway to him. Whenever something happened between Lucas and I, you listened to me swoon for hours at the window. Then suddenly you say you like him. I mean what the hell was that?!”

Maya is taken by surprise, “Riley, I thought we were moved past that.”

I shake my head, “No, you moved past it,” I slur. “That time still creeps up on me sometimes, and I know it does the same to him. When he thinks I’m sleeping, he’ll run his fingers through my hair and apologize for ever hurting me. For making me believe that he was ever confused about his feelings.”

“Riles, I di-“

I hold my finger out stopping her. “Yeah, I know you didn’t mean to,” my tone is sarcastic. I have no idea what’s gotten into me; I guess this is what they can liquid courage. I hiccup, “You never even said sorry.”

“Where is, all this coming from?” Maya asks confused.

I look at her, “It never went away. I couldn’t fathom how my best friend couldn’t see how much she was hurting me.” I take a deep breath, “For god sakes, I basically changed personas because you and Lucas were voted best couple in eighth grade. Why did you think I’d be okay with you and Lucas actually trying to be a real couple?”

Maya sighs and her eyes drops to the ground, “You’re kind of drunk right now. Why don’t we talk about this in the morning?” Pause. “If you’ll be able to remember,” she mumbles under her breath.

I scoff, “Fine in the morning.” Maya stands up and walks behind the room divider to her bed. Usually her and I would sleep in the same bed when we have a sleepover, but tonight I don’t think it’s a good idea. I grab the blanket is hanging over the back, kick over my boots, and wrap myself in the blanket falling asleep.

When I wake up, there are two aspirin and a bottle water on the side table for me. I have a slit headache and wait a second before sitting up, placing the pills in my mouth, and chasing them down with water. Maya was hoping that the night would wash our conversation from my mind, but everything is still fresh.

I hear rustling from behind me, and I turn my head to see Maya walking out from the restroom.

“Goodmorning,” my voice is a little groggy.

She jumps slightly, “Goodmorning. I wasn’t expecting you up. How are you feeling?”

I stand up slowly, “I’m okay. A little heandache, but the aspirin should help with that.” I watch as her eyes scan over my face, trying to figure out if I remember last night. I clear my throat, “I’m going to use the restroom,” she nods her head, and I walk past her.

I close the door behind me. I grab the listerine bottle that sits on the side of the sick and gargle a mouth full for a minute before spitting it out. I take the hair tie from my wrist and put my hair up in a messy bun. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and let out a long breath, so there are two ways this can go. One I can act like I never said anything since I’m guessing she’s hoping I forgot based on her comment last night, or two I continue our conversation from last night.

I turn on my heels and reach for the door. I walk out to see Maya placing the blanket back where it belongs, and then taking a seat on the couch.

“I could have done that,” I say taking a seat next to her.

She lets out a deep sigh, “Riley, we need to talk about last night,” I look at her, “You need to finish what you were saying.” I don’t say anything. “Do you not remember?”

I shake my head, “I remember. I just hadn’t decided if I was going to.”

“You need to say what you’ve kept bottled up for so long.”

Silence surrounds us. I don’t know where to start. I’ve always wondered how this moment would go if I ever decided to say anything to her. I guess it’s now or never, right? I inhale and exhale before I open my mouth.

“I-I, you know it’s not important. I-“

“Riles,” Maya cuts me off, “tell my exactly how you felt. I can handle it, no sugar coating it.”

I take a deep breath, “Honestly, I thought you were a horrible best friend to me,” I watch her head drop and the silence returns.

She clears her throat, “don’t stop.”

I sigh, “I was angry. I mean how could you not see how upset I was. You saw me turn into Morticia M Black, and then hid what you thought I felt. You didn’t even bother talking about it with me. I wanted to set you straight, and maybe that was my mistake for not doing that. And then there was the semi formal. You were still convinced that I saw him as a brother. I watched you dance with him at the dance and it hurt. I bet you didn’t know I cried that night.” I take a deep breath, “Then there was Texas, and you let me step back from him when you should have known as my best friend how hard that was for me.”

“You ignored my tear stained cheeks. You ignored my fake smiles and fake laughs. You put the three of us, you, me, and Lucas, through so much. Lucas and I stopped talking the way we use to because we both thought, well I thought it wasn’t fair to you. And by not talking to him, I felt like I was missing this part of me.” Exhale.

“The night of New Year’s when Farkle announced I still had feelings, you never talked to me about how I hid my feelings. I bet you didn’t know how he snuck into my room that night, and we just sat in silence. He was mad, and he had every reason to be; I lied and it led to this mess. That was my fault. He use to come to my room some night, and we’d just enjoy each other’s presence,” I start to fidget with my hands, “I asked him to stop because I knew he would have to even it out with you, and the thought of you being alone with him killed me inside.”

“When he finally picked me, I was on cloud nine, every minute I spend with him I’m on cloud nine. But when he picked me, I still felt like I couldn’t be happy because of you.” I look at Maya who is looking at the ground. “I don’t mean to make you feel bad. I just, sometimes these feelings eat me alive. You’re my best friend, and Lucas is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don’t want to have to worry about anything in the future.”

Maya gets up, and I see her walk to her corner where all her art things at. She shuffles through a couple of things before returning with a few pieces of paper in her hands. She hands me the first one, and it’s a picture of me and Lucas from the ski lodge but from the outside. The two of us are staring at each other in the drawing smiles on both of our faces.

“I watched everything from the outside,” Maya says, and I pull my gaze away from the drawing and look at her. “He looked at you with yearning in his eyes, the way he always has, I guess it was something I chose not to see, but in that moment I knew it was always you for him, Riley.”

She hands me another one. Lucas and I are in an empty classroom. I’m sitting in a desk in the front with my head down scribbling in a notebook, and Lucas is sitting in the back with his eyes locked on me and a sad smile spread across his face.

“This was senior year during the time you two were broken up.” She takes a deep breath and looks down at the drawing, “Lucas never stopped admiring you from afar. No matter what he was doing as soon as you came around him, his eyes immediately found you. I knew you two were going to work everything out. You two had to.”

She hands me the last piece of paper she had in her hands. Lucas and I are embraced in each other’s arms gazing into one another’s eyes with the beach behind us. It’s almost a cliché drawing, but this is one day I remember. I can’t help the smile that plays on my lips.

I look up, and Maya is already looking at me. “You remember that day?” I nod. “Two summers ago, we all went to Farkle’s family beach house for a week. You and Lucas were the first ones to change and run down to the beach. The rest of us eventually followed, but when we got down there he was chasing you around.”

I start laughing and return my eyes back to the paper, “He was trying to pull me into the water, but I didn’t want to. Of course, he did it anyways,” I scoff.

Maya nods, “I thought you were going to be mad, which you were at first. You stormed off, and he chased after you. He whispered something in your ear, and a smile washed across your face and just like that you forgave him.” I smile at the memory.

“These are beautiful Maya.” Pause. “Why do you have them?”

She sighs, “I have some of Farkle and Smackle, your parents, my mom and Shawn stored away. I watched you all share these moments, and I wanted to have this great love I see in all of you guys. I never thought I’d find it.”

“But you did,” I smile.

“I did,” she whispers. She clears her throat, “I’m so sorry Riles. I can’t apologize enough for what I put you through and Lucas. I should have apologized sooner, and you never have to worry about anything like that happening again.”

“Apologize accepted, and I’m sorry for my outburst.”

Maya shakes her head, “Don’t be. You had every right.”

My phone starts ringing, and I reach for it.


Riley? Where are you? You didn’t come home last night. My mom says from the other end.

I spent the night at Maya’s last night. I’ll be home in a bit.

Well, you have a surprise here.

I smile. Well what is it?

You should come home and find out. My mom isn’t going to say a word.

Lucas! I hear Auggie shout from the other end, and my heart starts racing. He wasn’t supposed to be done yet. The two of them have gotten extremely close. Auggie almost gets as excited as me.

Auggie! You ruined the surprise! My mom scolds him. Hang on a second Riley.

Hey beautiful. Where are you? Lucas’ voice fills my ears, and my heart begins to flutter.

Lucas! I exclaim. You’re here! I thought you were going to be here for a few more days.

I wanted to surprise you. Plus, I had to come a little early to talk to your dad. Anyways, you should stay with Maya. You two haven’t seen each other in a while.

There’s a knock on her front door, and Maya moves to answer it. I watch a smile spread across her face as she opens the door and leaps into someone’s arms.

I smile. I don’t think I’m need much here right now. Josh just got here, so I’ll be on my way home.

I can’t wait. I love you.

I love you too. I hang up the phone.

Josh walks in and closes the door behind him. I start to put on my boots and put on my jacket.

“Hey niece,” Josh smiles at me.

“Hey Uncle Josh.” I walk over to give him a hug.

“What you’re leaving?” Maya asks.

I nod, “Yeah. Lucas came early to surprise me.”

Josh laughs, “That explains why your dad sounded so uneasy on the phone right now. Lucas still makes your dad a little tense.”

“Yeah that’s because Lucas is the one Riley is going to marry,” Maya chimes in. “I bet he’s asking permission from Cory.”

I give Maya a look and smile, “Well, you two have fun. I’m going home.” I give them each a hug goodbye, but when I get to Maya, she holds on a little tighter and longer.

“Are we okay?” she whispers near my ear and I nod. “I love you, Riles.”

“I love you too, peaches.” I pull away, and she makes sure I promise to call her later. I walk out the door, and I feel like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  

The whole way home I feel butterflies in my stomach. I’m about to see Lucas, and I’m ready for my ride on cloud nine.

mediaevallady  asked:

can I tell the story of how me and my gf got together? we'd been friends for a while and at Mardi Gras I realised i had a crush on her, but thought she wouldn't be interested, because i'm ace and she isn't. turns out she had the same thought that day. we danced around each other for 5 months 'til someone asked if we were dating (i was lying with my head in her lap) and we just kinda looked at each other and went "i guess". it was stupidly anticlimactic and i can't think about it without grinning


ramblingrubyred  asked:

Not an ask, thought I'm sure I'll come up with something later, I just wanted to say thank you! I read your master post about a post-apocalyptic medic and now I have an entire story brewing in my head. You've given me inspiration after feeling uninspired for far too long. Thank you so very much for all you do! Hugs and high-fives!


I actually, okay, so I’m a nerd

and when i hug my friends i


i lift them off the ground

(because my legs are hella strong)

and I call them Elevator Hugs

so I’m going to give you an Elevator Hug for being so sweet and wonderful and saying nice things.

Also, if you always want to connect on the high-five, don’t watch the hand. Watch the elbow. Fix your eyes on their elbow and for some reason your high-five will always connect. It is like magic, friend.

Thanks for reading! I’m really glad I could help get the wheels turning! :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Horny morning.

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Mornings can be hellish or a joy, depending on what the day holds for you. If you wake up to a day you know is full of hassle and demanding people, it really is a case of pull the duvet over your head and hope it goes away.

However if you wake up to a day  full of promise and opportunities, then throw that duvet back and head on out into the world my friend because that day may never repeat itself.

Then there’s the really special days when you wake up horny as hell. Oh not the one where you have to grab the machine and relieve the pain of knowing there’s no one to fuck you madly. But the glorious day you wake up horny with the weight behind you of that special someone that says your luck is in my friend.

You wake from some wondrous dream that had you all hot and bothered, in to the Sleepy arms of a lover who’s body is as happy as yours and already- if you get my drift- for action.

This was one of those mornings I’d woken up with more desire than a grizzly bear for food after a very long winter’s nap, and my grizzly bear behind me was snoring but snuggly. I rolled over to face him, to see morning scruff and warm lips, just longing to be used.

Rubbing my hands over his warm solid abs, I waited for those blue eyes to open and worked out how to focus. The deep honey morning voice spoke.

“Morning Lover” and a sleepy smile spread across his face.

“Hello gorgeous” I replied with all the lusty meaning I could put into it.

And my hand moved further down to where the morning wood was waiting for attention.

“Oh like that is it, what has you all hot and horny on this fine morning, has my darling been dreaming about last night’s rapture provided by yours truly?” And the blue eyes sparkled as his mind thought of pleasure to come and pleasures already had.

“Nope I was dreaming of an all women prison and it got out of hand” why did I joke at a time like this??? Because his face changed into a very different expression and he pushed up on one arm, leaned over me and said

“Oh tell me more!”


“I was joking you woolly mammoth haired prat” I spluttered

“No, no, no, come on don’t be shy, I’m not the kind of guy to be put off by sexual fantasies about the same sex. Tell Tommy all” he was trying so hard not to look over eager, it was unreal.

“I was joking” I said again “and let’s face it there’s very few things I can say to a guy who practices legal dogging as a trade, that will shock him”

“Legal what?” His turn to look surprised.

“Well what else can you say actors do, when they are filming explicit shag scenes? We all know you get off on it, knowing all the camera crew and extras are watching”

At this point I lost the plot and started laughing my head off at his little hurt face, his little boy innocent look was the best I’d ever seen, and most likely got him out of every scrape in childhood that he’d orchestrated.

“I don’t know what you mean” he said with a mock offended voice.

“How could you think that doing this” and he slid his tongue over my lips and slowly into my mouth then withdrew.

“Or this” then he carefully and slowly covered my body, pushing my legs apart as he did so with his hips and rotating them so his crotch ground into me.

“Could turn a guy on” big innocent eyes looked down at me as he then rolled his hips just a little bit more.

“Because you awful fucker, since I’ve known you we’ve always been at it like rabbits after you’ve been doing one of these scenes”

“But my wonderful darling girl, that was just to let you know it’s really you, and only you that turns me on and now I intend to show you again so shut up and brace yourselves”

Some mornings are just so much better than others.

(picture not mine I just played)

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I had gotten it into my head that Noelle and Aristide (KDFs) would be really out of scale with my Fairyland dolls, but they’re not?  Or at least it’s not as bad as I thought.  So… they really need a shiny new f-line pegasus-unicorn-centaur friend, right?  Right?! (they’re already getting a new winged friend in the shape of Luts Holy Side Bory release this season, oh god)  Also hey, look!  I found someone on DOA who would sell me Tika’s fantasy parts, I’m so happy ^^

I love how biphobic people acts like they are the only one afraid of being cheated on in a relationship or like they are the only one to have the right to exclude a partner or give them hell due to unfounded jealousy because “hey they could like someone else”. New flash: everyone could like someone else. Your hot gay boyfriend could find someone at the office, your sweet lesbian girlfriend may fall head over heels at yoga lesson, your straight partner may cross paths with someone when he is out with his friends - everyone could potentially cheat on you. It’s about how faithful and in love your partner is, not about their sexuality. The two biggest cheaters I know in my life are a gay and a lesbian who cheated almost to all their partners, but somehow I don’t go around saying gay men are promiscuous and lesbians are just horny, because you know I have a brain and can distinguish between “one person I know”, “my fears” and “every single person under this label on planet earth”. Maybe your bi partner will end up breaking up with you and being with someone else not due to being unable to be faithful, but because you are an asshole who denies their sexuality or insults it online with no respect of their identity due to your own insecurities and fears like a controlling and prejudiced jerk yanno.

Decembird2016 day 9, Pet birds. When I saw this prompt my heart started to ache, and my chest felt tight the entire time I was drawing it. These two birds I lost just over a year apart from one another. Flora, the one on the left, had been my companion since I was 9, I adopted her when she was around 5 years old. Lonnie, on the right, was just almost 4 when I got the call that he died back in September. I can’t remember a time not having a feathery friend to come home to. 

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Styles & Co

Authors note: Hi guys! This is a CEO - AU in which I have had the pleasure to have @tinypeachee help write. Enjoy!


I erratically throw my work shirt to the floor of the cab, pulling at my jeans as I wiggle my way out of them,
“ma'am, are you kay back there?” The driver examines,
“fine, don’t look back.” my best friend instructs as she hands me a jet-black dress that’s meant to rise just above the knee. I pull the dress over my head, wiggling around to adjust the dress to my body. Getting changed and re-dressed in the back of a cab isn’t periodically my thing, but when I have a boss that loses track of time and a boyfriend who is meticulously precise with times and despises being tardy, I am left with no choice.
“Pantyhose.” I instruct, my bestfriend rummages through bags in an attempt to find the pantyhose. She throws them at me and I hurry to slide them up my legs, not being prudent in anyway.
“Damnit.” I say in a bad-tempered manner, ripping the pantyhose. I throw them off, grabbing my bag and fumbling to find my makeup. “He’s going to kill me.” I grumble, hurriedly reapplying my makeup in hope to look decent. Harry’s substantially the authoritarian, everyone must be unswervingly committed, everyone must be above reproach; dilatoriness is not an option, punctuality is a must, and he’s absolutely never content when his own girlfriend doesn’t abide by the rules.
“Lipstick, don’t forget the lipstick.” my friend urges, throwing a clutch bag into my lap as she continues to rummage around the back seat.
“Dark red or bright red?” I question, holding up two lipsticks,
“Dark.” my friend responds, “heels, put the Bloody heels on.” She mutters, forcing my black pumps at my feet. With my spare hand I adjust the heels and slide them on my feet, taking part in multitasking as I apply lipstick.
“Hair.” I babble, my friend instantaneously pulling it from its high pony tail and ruffling her hands through it.
“We’re here.” The driver clears his throat, his eyes not leaving the road– as instructed previously.
“Go-go-go, you look hot.” my friend empirically pushes me out of the car, my feet stumbling as I try to hustle. I take a breath and close the door before turning on my heel, my hands grasping my clutch bag nervously. my eyes view Harry dressed in an all black suit with no tie, standing handsomely outside his headquarters.
“You’re late.” He gripes, his eyes sullen and displeased, “thirty minutes late.” He adds, looking me up and down before cracking a small smile. “I’m sorry, I-” I begin. He shakes his head, cutting me off with his own words,
“hush, come on.” He instructs, offering his hand out to me. I place my hand on top of his, following his lead into the lavish building.

My heels hit black marble tiles and my eyes meet the inside design of the beauteous lobby, ‘Styles Head Quarters’ mantled in black on the white marbled wall.
“I’m sorry.” I breathe, We both composedly walking towards the elevators.
“I hope you have a good excuse. There is no room for fault.” He comments, pressing the up button.
“Work.” I respond calmly, looking up at him waiting for a response, but all he does is nod, his eyes concentrated upon the elevator, his facial expression staying neutral. “Don’t forget to always make eye contact, don’t stutter, and don’t look weak. They’ll try talk down to I, don’t take it.” Harry gives precise instructions, his usual routine of commands commencing, now. Every time there’s an event of any sort he gives me the run down, what not to do, and in most instances they’re the exact lectures.
I must always be on my game, there’s no room for stuttering, stumbling, uneducated statements, or ill advised conversations.
“I know,” I nod,
“never back away from a conversation, don’t discuss politics, don’t take the hard liquor, only drink the champagne offered.” I repeat by memory, mimicking his thick voice, watching as he smiles with satisfaction. “Don’t mimic me once we are there.” He prompts, trying to stay stern with a devious grin on his face.
“Don’t mimic me once we are there.” I sneer, stepping into the elevator. Harry steps in behind me, pressing the top floor before resting his eyes on me while the doors close. “I know what You’re doing.” He observes.
“I know what You’re doing.” I respond deviously, enjoying the fact that he’s stiff and struggling not to grin at my playfulness. He pushes me against the wall adamantly, but modestly. His eyes stare down at me, his lips pursed before he bites down on them.
“You look absolutely breathtaking, it’s a shame I can’t ruin your lipstick right about now.” He whispers in a profound way, his breath touching my skin as he brushes his lips against my soft cheek.
“Now, we can’t have the CEO’s girlfriend with imperfect lipstick, can we?” I pose, my eyes meeting his swarthy, stern eyes that are staring into mine.
“Don’t look at me like that.” He firmly forewarns, his eyes narrowing down on Me. I tilt my head slightly, licking my lips imperceptibly prior to giving him a response, “like what?” I delicately challenge with innocence. His hand brushes a few strands of hair behind my ear before resting comfortably in the crook of my neck,
“that devious damn grin.” He murmurs, forcing himself to resist the temptation of tasting my lips on his.
“I know, we could just go home, you can ruin the lipstick there.” I wink with quite a smirk, he rolls his eyes giving me a sigh.
“Tempting, but business awaits.” He answers back, stepping to my side and adjusting his suit jacket, tugging at it and rolling his shoulders. “If You’re nervous you have thirty seconds to redeem yourself.” Harry remarks as he appears up at the level the elevator is on. “Baby, I’m not nervous.” I delicately respond, he nods and his hand intertwines with mine and I take a deep breath, my eyes watching the numbers light up.

Harry clears his throat just as the doors open and the rein of chatter and the soft-sounding piano playing rings in my ears. We both step out of the elevator, my eyes scanning the luxurious floor full of a considerable number of impeccable businessmen and women accompanied by the Christmas decorations hanging faultlessly along rails, and dangling from the ceiling. Of course every decoration is flawlessly settled and absolutely nothing is out of line.

Before anyone can give the two of us their full attention, Harry whisks me to the bar
“Champagne only, never-” Harry begins one of his several announcement of rules and I gently cut him off, “never take a drink from another man unless it’s the bartender, I know.” I give him a small smile, taking note of how tense he is. He’s a man with great strength, but has a weakness in which is intensity, he struggles with keeping relaxed shoulders and a rested state of mind.
“I need you to mingle, there’s absolutely no room for fault, stay away from political discussions, and questions about my closing deals- you know nothing about them, okay?” He gives precise and firm instructions, just as the bartender places a glass of Bourbon in front of him.
“I’ve got it,” I reassure him, gently placing my hand to his arm,
“Good. Make eye contact, never hesitate, if you need me you know the drill.” He again briefs, taking the bourbon into his hands.
“Yes, go.” I graciously press, dismissing his lecture before he steps away.

I observe as he walks away and is pulled into a firm handshake with one of his competitors, staying firm and formalistic. I turn back to the bartender,
“Johnnie Walker-Black, Rocks,” I prompt the waiter and he gazes at Me with a baffled facial expression,
"Are you sure? We have fine champagne.” He advances, clearly referencing the conversation he overheard between me and Harry. “Johnnie Walker - Black Rocks,” I narrow my eyes on him, tilting my head lightly as I stand unamused by his proposition. Surely, I didn’t stutter or ask for something that he can’t be done. The bar tender blinks for a moment,
“Johnnie Walker, Black Label on ice.” I narrow down my order, annoyed by his lack of competence.
“Yes, sorry. Right away.” He nods with a small gulp hurrying to pour the drink I ordered. After a moment the drink is placed in front of me, “Thank you, put it on the handsome man’s tab.” I smile, hoping the bar tender catches my drift that I am referencing Harry. The bar tender nervously nods before I press the glass to my lips allowing the liquor to run right down my throat in an instant. I place the empty crystal glass on the bar top, promptly turning around and scanning the room for whom will be the next victim of my conversation.

I walk through the crowded floor, filled with men and women dressed in nothing but the finest couture. The drink I snuck in previously, helps immensely, although it has only been a short period of time, I feel more capable of succeeding in tonight’s happenings. As I walk around the room I feel out of place, but instantly remember my mission when I look across the room towards Harry. He leans against the black and gold wall, sipping a drink mostly consisting of ice. His stare is hard, and tenses my posture as he lightly nods his head - you are doing well so far. He can sense my nerves as I stare at him, with a subtle wink he whispers, “go on” before taking a sip of his liquor.

A caterer walks around me with a silver tray, topped with bubbling champagne. He stops before me, “A drink, miss?” I open my mouth, unsure of these standards, but all is made clear when Harry nods at me again. I pick up the tall glass in my left hand, raising it to the caterer before taking a sip. Now is my time, I look around the room, pinpointing a group or individual who look most vulnerable. “It is easier to start with the weak ones,” Harry always says, “although, You should never be perceived as a weak one. Carry yourself highly.” His words managing to echo in my head, reminding me of the expectations.
I spot a group of three men and decide they are my target. I’m a lion on the prowl, and I am scratching my way to the top of the Styles Tower.
my strides are long and confident as I walk over to the men. They instantly stop speaking as I approach. I smile at them, raising my drink to them as a small gesture.
“Hello gentlemen,” I smile, “A lovely set up Mr. Styles has here, don’t I agree?”
They instantly straighten their stance at my use of words. Harry always reminded me to keep my words soft, but never fail to sound immensely over educated.
“A woman can never be too educated,” Harry always convinces me, “make other’s nervous to speak around you, always sound scholarly.” His words wise and sharp as they’re reminding me of my duties.
“Of course,” One of the men answer. “Did Mr. Styles incorporate I into the scenery on purpose? You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” The man grins.
I laugh, but only out of politeness. Men have spoken to me in this manner before, as all women have been spoken to at some point in their life. Harry, however, would never speak to me like that - only out of a joke, to which my laugh would be genuine and flattered.
“A special invite, indeed.” I remark, “But as a decoration? Definitely not.” I softly speak with firmness still to my words.
“I would have your image hung around my mansion, that decoration would be of the finest art.” He says, taking a sip of his alcohol. I can smell the alcohol coming off his breath as he nears me while speaking. “So, what do you say? Let me turn you into art with oil paints, a gold frame. I want to hang you over my fireplace.” He smiles in an attempt to lour me into his words,
“Oh, sir, as much as I am flattered I must decline such a gracious offer. I have no intentions of becoming such a thing.” I sweetly decline, taking a sip of my champagne.
I am going to need another glass just to get past his firm requests. His mention of himself living in a mansion, rather than a house, gives off a vibe of him trying to impress me harder than ever. Little does he know, I am not interested in his ‘mansion.’ I am, however; more interested in the mansion in which I reside. The one that has photos of Harry and myself over the fireplace. That is my ideal, and that is all I long for.
“Don’t decline, honey,” He says, pushing the hair off my shoulder and onto my back before caressing my cheek lightly and quickly. “Let me buy you a drink first.” He proposes, not accepting my kind declines.
“I’m going to have to decline that offer as well,” I shake my head, remembering Harry’s guidelines, and my own standards. “I’m capable of purchasing my own drink, but thank You again.” I force a smile, remembering how it’s never polite for me not to smile. Harry has before mentioned that my smile can lighten the darkest of conversations.
I feel Harry’s presence watching over me as my attempt at mingling turns sour. No amount of people can possibly shake his stare from me. The man before me, who remains nameless, insists on me walking with him over to the bar. I remember how I handle and carry myself as a woman, and quickly turn harsher with his persistence.
“I actually have to use the restroom,” I excuse, “But, I will keep my offer in mind.” I respond, keeping eye contact and assertiveness.
He pouts at me, looking down at my free hand before grabbing me by the wrist. “Come on, just a glass of whiskey for the beautiful lady.” He insists. Physical contact, there it is. His clammy hand wrapping itself around my small wrist, somewhat harshly. I keep myself together, remaining calm with the idea of Harry being in the same room as me, if anything is to go wrong — well, it wouldn’t with Harry’s presence.

“I really shouldn’t, I really must be going —“
Before I finish my sentence a body pushes his way between myself and the man, breaking our contact. I mentally praise myself, and praise the tall body dressed in a designer suit who has made his presence fiercely known.
“Good evening, Jack.” Harry’s back arches as he leans closer to Jack, his voice becoming less audible. “I believe the lady has expressed that she will be on her way. It seems to me that you will also be on my way out of my company, if you continue to mistreat and disregard the personal preference of anyone who sets foot in my tower.” Harry threats, his voice staying relatively low, yet firm and dominant. Jack gulps and directs his eyes to the floor, nervously stepping around Harry and walking away without a word. Harry looks towards the two other men who have bared witness to my terrible conversation with Jack, “now, you two.” Harry narrows his eyes down on the men, grasping their attention instantly. “I’d suggest you get your ladies and leave, you have left quite the bitter taste in my mouth.” He begins, “I will not have men who allow the harassment of a woman to take place, I do not condone that in my building, or in any building.” Harry firmly continues, his eyes dark and tense as he holds the full attention of the two men. “You’re easily replaced. I’ll have a decision for your jobs Monday morning, go.” Harry dismisses the men, both men quickly offering their apologies to us both before promptly collecting their invited partners.

Harry looks down at me and I do my best to avoid eye contact, “what have I told I about eye contact?” He questions,
“Harry, please.” I softly let out, shaking my head as I take a breath, not wanting to hear a lecture. Harry nods, remembering he needs to sometimes draw a line between business etiquette and boyfriend etiquette, right now he needs to talk to me like a boyfriend, not a businessman. “Do you need some air?” He offers kindly, and I shake my head,
“I’m fine. Who am I pouncing on next?” I softly ask. Harry shakes his head,
“You’re with me.” Harry insists, irritated as I give him a disapproving look. I am fine, I am fierce, I am capable of continuing to engage in the business work of communication. Jacks alcohol infused antics are no reason to pull the reins and bring me to a halt. Harry leans closer, whispering in my ear, “it’s stay with me, or stay in the penthouse until I’m done, sweetheart.” He firmly, yet kindly whispers, once again becoming dominant before placing a soft kiss to my cheek.
I gently sigh before giving him a nod, confirming I’ll stay by his side like he wishes. I take a breath as Harry courteously escorts me towards two men, each dressed in couturier suits, with a crystal glass in their hands to polish off their sophisticated, business semblance. “Men, it’s good to see familiar faces around here.” Harry superficially smiles, his eyes staying firmly on the men as he shakes each of their hands firmly.
“Always a pleasure to be invited.” One nods with a shallow smile, his expression making me believe he’s thoroughly intimidating. He looks at me and his eyes soften but he doesn’t say a word to me. “Harry, I’ve had the time to look upon your offer.” The man begins, already moving into a business conversation. “If I do take your offer, I need at least one weekend.” He commences to negotiate. Harry nods yes, his face staying stern as his arm graciously sneaks around me, “of course, I know how important family time can be, isn’t that right?” Harry gander down at me, requesting for me to back him up and make him convincingly understanding and modest. “Yes, he always tries to make time for family.” I courteously wear a smile, backing Harry up, even though he hasn’t had a weekend off in two months.
“Businessman and family man, I like that.” The man raises his glass before taking a drink, seeming content with his negotiation, little does he know this is probably what Harry intended. “We can continue to negotiate the contract Monday, say- Eleven?” Harry advances, getting ready to dismiss the business talk and move on to something else. “Eleven works,” the man agrees,
“Right, nice to see you here. I’ll see you Monday, please feel free to have a drink on me.” Harry amiably motions towards the bar before shaking both men’s hands, beckoning them off towards the liquor counter.
Harry turns to me with a smile, “shall we leave?” He proposes, his eyes flicking towards the elevators. Without questions I coincide, walking beside him and striding towards the elevators. “It’s only ten.” I bring to his attention, indistinguishably reminding him he’s leaving a Christmas party relatively early.
“I’ve done what I needed to do.” He responds, his smirk grinning as we await the arrival of the elevator, “no questions.” Harry promptly adds callously, with absolutely no intentions to explain his current deal he’s supposedly done.
We step into the elevator composedly, Harry pressing the bottom level before the doors close. “You did well tonight.” Harry breaks the silence, looking over at me as I adjust the length of my dress,
“I did not.” I shake my head, rather frustrated with my sour conversation due to a talking indiscreetly and thoughtlessly, overly-touchy, somewhat drunk that Harry has possibly had, working for him. Instead of showering me down with praise and changing his tone to boyfriend mode, Harry moves to stand in front of me, leaning down straightway and kissing my lips wit due care, “now I can ruin your lipstick.” He murmurs against my lips, delicately kissing me further as my back is effeminately pressed against the elevator wall, his hand pressed to the wall by my head as I move my hands to rest on his shoulders.
He carefully pulls away from our small kiss, using his thumb to wipe away part of my lipstick that’s been smeared. He positions himself to stand beside me, again adjusting his suit jacket just as the doors open. He always has impeccable timing with things. We step out of the elevator and he intertwines or fingers, gently guiding me towards the broad glass doors of the lobby. “Have a goodnight Mr.Styles.” The woman still working at the lobby desk elegantly hails. “Have a good night.” Harry nods, pulling on the golden handle, opening the door, allowing me out as he holds the door. I step down the grey stairs, my heels clinking against them as Harry hurried behind me. I stop as I reach the bottom, my eyes setting on his grey Audi. “I swear you gawk over the car more than me.” Harry stifles a laugh, pressing the button to unlock the car from his keys. I chuckle to myself, overly captivated by his damn car as usual. “Can I drive it yet?” I open my hand for the keys, hoping he gives in.
“Not a chance tonight, I know something else you can drive.” He boldly winks, winning him an eye roll due to his cheeky comment and cunning smirk. “C'mon, in we get, maybe another time you can drive.” Harry expresses with gestures towards the car as he opens the door for me. With a heavy sigh I sit in the car, mentally thinking of a way to get him to let me drive his car. His car is like his baby, nobody gets in it, and certainly nobody drives it but him. Harry slides his suit jacket down his long arms and I take it from him as he gets in the car. “Thank you for attending tonight.” Harry affably shows appreciation, turning the key in the ignition, igniting the roar of the sports car. “Thank you for inviting me.” I respond as I begin to get comfortable in the leather seats, feeling the warmth of the heated seats.
“I’ll wake you when we are home, it’s an hour drive.” Harry clears his throat, placing a tender kiss to my cheek prior to pulling the car out of the parking spot, and focusing his attention on the road.

My legs are dangling off the edge,
The bottom of the bottle is my only friend,
I think I’ll slit my wrists again and I’m gone, gone, gone, gone,
My legs are dangling off the edge,
A stomach full of pills didn’t work again,
I’ll put a bullet in my head and I’m gone, gone, gone, gone.

Bullet by Hollywood Undead

How I feel rn..

stripey-mouse  asked:

my friend and I were talking about your comics and were wondering, as Tackleford's in Yorkshire, how strong your characters northern accents are (I'm from right down south - Cornwall - and just read it all in my voice, and realised they probably wouldn't sound like that). And, more generally, do you have an idea in your head of the sounds of their voices?

To be honest, it’s been 18 years of writing and I don’t think about the characters’ accents at all any more. I used to be much more careful, but I apply that care to different elements of the story now. But also, it’s been 18 years since I lived in Yorkshire. I don’t hear those voices around me all the time. It’s harder to channel.

anonymous asked:

I remember seeing a lot of people (mostly straight fangirls afaik) talking a few weeks back about how ~it just wouldn't be realistic~ to not include homophobia because they're going to Russia and honestly as a gay Russian I'm so happy to see this gay Russian man get engaged without any sort of negative reaction & I'd love to pretend the country where I've spent most of my life is a comfortable place to be openly publicly gay.

YEAH!!! YEAH. that was generally my feelings about it too!!!

i’m so so happy for you, friend - this kind of thing is a milestone in media representation and i’m so glad that one of the characters is someone you can connect to on that kind of level.

you hit the nail right on the head with how i feel about it, too - we constantly have to see ourselves belittled and hated in the real world, and in most media too - it’s exhausting to be reminded at every turn that so many people hate us and so many places are unsafe. sometimes it’s nice to have media to escape to that allows us room to breathe. it’s nice to enjoy seeing people like you fall in love without worrying about what that means for their safety.

it just sucks that “realistic media” means, to cishet people, “media where gay people get beat up”. like, fuck off, let us gays have ONE THING

jett-the-prince-of-space  asked:

The sad headcannons are hurting my heart friend! Do you have any cute/sweet/happy ones? //I love headcannons even if they're sad though

I’m sorry!! I know they hurt my heart too. I always have headcanons here we go

-head canon that the Fakes do secret santa every year because it’s the holidays and they’ve got the money to spend on each other

- The first year they did it Michael wanted Gavin so bad because it was an excuse to buy him something nice without needing an excuse

-He got Jack, and while they’re great and all it was a but of a problem. He (not so) subtly tried to switch his with whoever had Gavin, playing spy and basically ruining the surprise for everyone because by the end of it everyone knew who everyone had.

- Michael got Gavin a thick goldnen bracelet, engraved and everything and threw it into a pile of shitty candy to make it less personal. Gavin loved it. “Best Christmas present ever, boi.”

-Headcanon that Ray was absolutely terrified, as much as Ray could be, of Ryan when he joined. He’d heard the rumors and he was not an idiot like the rest of them for even talking to him at the risk of being on his bad side. He wasn’t sure his dry humor would carry over well

-When he got to know Ryan, how big of a dork he is, he was hooked on him instantly. He became the Vagabonds biggest fan at the penthouse. “Fuck yeah, me and Ryan will do it. Let’s go.” “I call Ryan as my heist buddy. Back off, bitches.”

-Ryan fell hard too and can’t help but enjoy buddying up with the little sniper, sitting on rooftops at ungodly hours and talking about nothing.

-Headcanon that Geoff is the absolute WORST when he’s sick. He’s actually worse than Gavin. Caleb has to damn near sedate him every time he’s got a stuffy nose because he simply will not shut the fuck up about it. He’s whiny and pathetic and only Jack has the patience enough to take care of him. The others make fun of him as per usual.

I just love her..she’s also my friend …in my head. Ive been following her career for a while & she inspires me. ❤️
Hopefully we can brunch the next time you are in New York.
Model: @justsza
Photographer: unknown
Flowers-Retouched: @devintracy
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11 facts about the man, the legend, me.

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1: I have a shit ton of sketchbooks that I never use.

2: I have insomnia and end up drawing in my sketchbook late at night.

3: I really like gore, not even Guro. Just, gore man.

4: My favorite subject is history.

5: My father is a science fiction author.

6: I have three maps on my wall of the world.

7: I split my head open slightly when I was like three or four.

8: I call all comic’s and 2-D animations manga and anime.

9: I have a friend who is one of the smartest brain chemists in the world.

10: I have a tendency to call female adults that I’m really close with “mom.”

11: My dream job is to be a multi-talented artist.

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