Hello everyone! It’s time! That’s right! It’s Miyamur-a’s first follow forever. pfft i know no one would read all of this but thanks anyways.  I wish i had more time to make this look much better but meh i can’t control time sooo haha. Thanks to all who has sent me messages or had a chat with me. It made me feel like i had friends. jks ahhaha. So i kinda reached my goal so yeaah uh yeaah. Also i’m here to say, i will be on semi hiatus, due to school..just because i think this year would be an important year just to study a little harder and procrastinate less. haha nevertheless i still love you all and i hope 2015 will be a good year for y'all. Semi hiatus offically starts at 28/01/2015. I will miss you. Will you miss me? ahahha.

I do apologize if i missed anyone or spelled something wrong, if so just  message me and i shall fix for ya. ahahah

:) meheheh. Be happy and be freeeeee! 

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