My love encourages healthy time alone; distance from each other and distance from all distractions. My love promotes the necessities of vibing in solidarity and the appreciation of silence spaces. My love doesn't bombard you with constant communication and understands that alone time is vital for growth. My love loves reflection, meditation and stillness.
My love resides in a scorpio being, so yes it can be possessive, commanding, jealous and intense. Nevertheless, my love survives of reciprocation, so be careful of the seeds that you sow because from that, is what will grow. Water my love with honesty, respect, passion and loyalty and that is all you will know.

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football tag

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5 favorite footballers based on their character:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Gareth Bale

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3. James Rodriguez

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo

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5. Antoine Griezmann

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5 favorite footballers purely based on Looks:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Fernando Torres

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3. Sergio Ramos

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4. Andre Silva

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5. cristiano Ronaldo

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5 favorite goalkeepers:

1. San Iker

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2. Gigi Buffon

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3. Roman bürki

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4. Jan Oblak

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3 favorite bromances/friendships:

1. James Rodriguez/Cristiano Ronaldo

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2. Marcelo/ Cristiano Ronaldo

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3. Sergio Ramos/ Fernando Torres

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3 favorite national teams:

1. Wales NT

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2. Spain NT

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3. Colombia NT

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3 favorite clubs:

1. Real Madrid!

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2. Arsenal

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3. Atletico Madrid

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