The past weekend we went to INDEX ART BOOK FAIR in Mexico City, as Fuck-Zines and it was awesome! (Last edition we went as Monocromo
I got to meet a lot of cool editors and their work!! (a lot of riso print editions) we sold out our material (which wasn’t a lot) but we have zines and books from friends in our table that make it look great! (and save us):

°Mono Ebrio Editorial
°Hoyo Negro
°Edgar MT
°Diego V
°Enero y Abril
°Roto Ediciones

In this post are photos of my favorite stands:

°°Tiny Splendor (great material and amazing editors!)
°°Night Diver Press (interesting tecniques these guys use!!)
°°Crater Invertido (a fun comunity that work in mexico city and make crazy   graphics!!!)
°°Ediciones Hungría ( really interesting content and beatifully binding)
°°Gato Negro
°°Taller de Ediciones Económicas
°°Eignt Ball Zine

and a big ass book that look great but i was afraid to ask for a price, so i just take a picture…. anyways… 

L.A. Art Book Fair cooming soon, hope you can make it and buy amazing stuff and warm your heart whith stapled papers.

I swear when you tell a nigga “no” he really translates that as “‘maybe”. 🙄

“Lemme get your number.”
“Wowwwww that’s crazy! So you take mine then.”
“Nah I’m good.”
“Aight so I’ll just take yours then.”
“Yeah but no.”
“Wowww it’s like dat?!? I thought we was friends.”

My guy you spoke to me for a crisp 5 minutes and you though we were friends?!?!? Fuck. Out. Of. Here. 😑

Return to Grady: Part 2

Ok, so awhile back I made a post called “Return to Grady? I think yes.” If you’re not familiar with it, here it is:

(Return to Grady? I think yes.
So this has all probably been said before, but I’m driving my best friend crazy with it and she’s about to kill me, and I’m still not done talking about it yet so…Beth is totally still alive. She has to be. Not just because I want it to be true, but because it makes the most sense story-wise.
I’m not going to go into all that “Beth was growing so beautifully as a character for them to off her like that” mess. Because everyone already knows. But as probably everyone on #TeamDelusional has discovered, ‘coda’ does not mean ‘end’. In music, a coda means that you restart and when you come back to the coda, you skip to an alternate ending. Beth isn’t the coda. Grady is. Beth living is the alternate ending. Team Family is going to go back to Grady.
But why? I think the answer lies within a newly introduced character in 6x02, Denise. In the comic books, Denise is a surgeon who save Carl’s life after he’s shot in the eye, but as it was explained in the show, Denise is a psychiatrist instead. She went to med school to be a surgeon but switched to psych instead. Honestly I’m kinda of expecting that she’ll awkwardly diagnose everyone with PTSD. Because really. But anyway, she’s not really to be good with any major crisis, and Pete is dead, so ASZ is going to need a new doctor eventually.
But why would the group resort to going back to Grady of all places? What major thing would force their hand like that? Maggie is pregnant. They hinted at it in 6x01 and she and Glenn had talked about kids before. She’s totally knocked up and Team Family isn’t going to take any chances, not after Lori. So they’re going to go back to the one place that they know there to be a doctor. Grady.
And let’s face it guys. Out of all the places the group has left behind, the quarry, the CDC, the farm, the prison, Woodbury, Terminus, the church, all of those places were destroyed. Grady is the only place they left standing.
And what will they find when they get there? Beth of course. Because she HAS to be alive. In a flashback in 5x16, Beth is shown wearing Rick’s sheriff hat, a hat that had previously only been worn by two other people, Rick, obvs, and Carl, who claimed it was given to him as an induction to the “I Survived a Gunshot” club. Survived. A. Gunshot. And don’t even get me started on the “New Sheriff in Town/Beth saves Glenn” ordeal. Cause I’m really liking that one too.
Not to mention that they didn’t have the closure of a funeral or anything. They never show what happened to Beth’s body. And the fact that the time between 5x08 and 5x09 is 17 days, or rather, 3 weeks. 3 weeks is the estimated amount of time that Rick was in a coma after his gunshot.
So anyway, Beth is still alive and I’ll believe that until my dying day. I claim nothing I’ve said because I absolutely have not read every single Team Delusional theory and chances are somebody’s already said it. I just needed to say it too.)

So anyway, now that I’ve read/learner more about the Carl situation (come on, you know what I’m talking about), I think the group will go back to Atlanta for a different reason.

The first time Carl was shot they had Hershel to fix him up. But now Hershel is gone and sure, he was really just a veterinarian, but Denise, the only person around with any real medical knowledge, is a shrink. That’s not going to do much good. And after all of the losses that Rick and the group have faced, after the extent to which Rick himself has gone for Team Family, there is no way in hell he will risk losing his son to some little prick named Ron.

He’ll do everything he can to save his son, anything to save him. And if that includes returning to Grady, so be it.

So my aunt started dating a cop a few months back and I always used to joke around about how he could tap into her phone and do background checks on all her friends and exes and stuff…. so for a few weeks she’s been feeling weird and had a feeling he was tapping into her phone. It was just a gut feeling. So we devise this plan where her and i had an entire text conversation about a made up scenario. She texted me pretending that her ex had sent her flowers and was looking for her and wanted to get in touch with her again. we played along like it really happened. an hour later he posts a poem about cheaters and how he can’t trust a woman. and when she texted him, he was being very short and it was apparent he was very angry. HOW SCARY IS THAT???!! Imagine this guy ever lays his hands on her or something. It’s his word against hers, and we all know we don’t hold too much weight against cops and their system. ahh man.

I might be okay but I'm not fine at all...

So the love of my life that I have been with for 4 years has been acting so distant lately. So, I finally asked him what was up and he informed me that he loves me but thinking of a future with me gives him anxiety and he just doesn’t feel like he’s as in love with me as before. I am totally shattered right now. It’s crazy how love can completely tear you apart and break your confidence. I wish I could just get up and move to New York like Taylor to find myself again.

@taylorswift if you have any advice as to move past this. I am so in love with him and it hurts. He is my best friend and we played music together. I lived with him for about a year so I am used to seeing him every day. Now I am constantly checking my phone and time is going by so slow. I have no idea what to do to get back on my feet. Please help me!

I made a slight edit to this wcw photo that seems to be posted a million times a week. Even though I wasn’t really a MMPR fan, I do remember answering “the pink one” when people would ask who my favorite ranger is.😂 So yeah, I was mega gay even as a kid. Crazy to think that all these years later she and I are friends!💕

So irritated tbh. So my background for my phone is Ladrien with Lady holding Adrien in her arms, picking him up.

ANYYYYTTIMMMMEEEE my friends saw it, it wasnt “Hey what show is that?” “Lol youre a weirdo.” “Chill….” lolol

It was always “Why is SHE holding HIM?!”


But I know if it was the other way around, No one wouldve asked me shit.

Wow isnt it crazy that the world isnt always controlled by your gross gender roles???? :DDDDD


Thank you to the fantastic people who have followed me! Hello :))) Thank you for the encouragement to post more :) it’s not an easy thing to crack your heart open and let people see what’s knocking about inside. I’m floored that anyone even found this crazy blog of mine, much less taken the time to read and ENJOY my writings. I’m so happy that I’ve made this a place for me just to be me. And I’m eager to share things with you. I’ve made so many new friends lately and if you’ve sent me a request, I’ve added it to my list. Come talk to me any time xxoo

THANK YOU the bottom of my heart for giving me a place to fangirl with all of you. CHEERS TO THAT:)

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HELLO @taylorswift My name’s Kassandra! but a lot of my friends call me Kassy! That’s me in the picture up there with starlight on my head!

So, My 18th birthday is April 4th(!!!!!!!) 18, I’M GOING TO BE EIGHTEEN, that’s so crazy to me, anyways. I’m writing you now because I want nothing more than a (early) Happy Birthday wish from you! You mean so much to me and so it would mean so much to me to hear from you on my birthday, I never really do anything fun or exciting on my birthday anyways, so hearing from you would make it amazing!!!

I miss you so much!!!!!!!

I love you! always.


so I’m meeting other people who my friend says are obsessed with hamilton for the first time today wish me luck I hope they’re as crazy as I am

I used to be so judgmental. I was rigid and I thought I was better than everyone else. Anyone who smoked pot disgusted me, I thought bisexuality was an excuse for not wanting to choose, I thought outdoorsy people were crazy and anyone who practiced yoga was crazier. Well, look at me now. I’m a pot smoking bisexual who will go out of her way to practice yoga outdoors. I’m so chill now and I’m much happier because of it. Judging people is exhausting. It takes so much out of you to hate on others. Luckily, you don’t have to.


let me tell you guys
I never thought I’d be able to sit around my kitchen table and eat and talk w my favourite band
I never thought I’d be able to call them my friends
but hey life does some crazy things
also I’m sorry I look like an egg kill me

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crazy thought before you reblogged about them plagiarizing your works. i was about to say to check if they may have stolen something from you. it's been happening around to lots of blogs, and im sad that you're also a victim ):

I’ve been hearing a lot about the whole plagiarizing thing ever since I first got on here, and have had friends that’ve been victim to it too. I really didn’t think this would happen with my writing since I don’t think it’s that good lol but it’s already happened with my theories a little while back.

This is so irritating holy fuck, like, once I saw the first story I was already like, wait wtf. They I looked more on their page and I found story after story.

And I didn’t even go to work today because I was already feeling sick and gross and I was gonna pick up on my writing and now I find all this wtf.

It’s so hot in Adelaide today, and I could totally, totally go for a @bomdiabowls acai bowl right now 😍👅 Currently eating frozen fruit after school before starting on my homework!

Feeling pretty good so far about the balance in my life. Between dance, homework, friends, family, household and a million other crazy things, I’m managing to keep it all together and feel pretty confident about this year. I’m definitely one of those people that like to take on too much and end up having a little breakdown, but I think I’m in a really good place mentally to be able to say ‘no’ to some things (I’ve only just learnt how to actually say no to people). I’ve surrounded myself with the people and things that I love, and 2016 is definitely the year of new beginnings and love. (at BoM DiA BoWLs Açaí Bar)

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Don't you find it funny when you mention parts of the Bible that weren't cherry-picked and all your Christian 'friends' all have pastors who've never said anything about stoning wives or drinking poison?

My two cents? I think it is normal for pastors to never mention the crazy stuff in the Bible, and only tell people about the good stuff… 

They probably rely on the fact that most of the church-goers don’t really read the good book, and that those who DO read it, are so deeply into it that they wouldn’t question anything they read anyway, even if what they read is blatantly immoral… 

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*pounding the table* DEACON DEACON DEACON DEACON

Today has been a crazy mix of people screeching DEACON and people commenting on AO3 that don’t follow my tumblr going “WHO IS DEACON???”

Like, I’m sorry friends, please follow my tumblr for the inside scoop.

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Okay, so there's this feminine guy in my class, 8th grade. He's been called a slur which means gay and trans in a very demeaning way quite a few times, is talkative in a "women like manner" (according to our teachers), and is often told by teachers to stop being so feminine, is asked why he is so feminine when he has no sisters, and my friend even told him to "act like a man". I'd feel bad for him, but. He invades my personal space a lot. Then asks why I get scared. continued in next ask

[He also makes fun and is horrible to this other guy who may or may not have a mental disorder which makes him incapable of understanding certain things sometimes,and who also has a speech impediment. He flat out calls this guy crazy multiple times, though he’s not the only one. It makes me angry to hear this cause I went through some stuff a few years ago, however, I have the horrible tendency to get physical, so I wish to know the best way to handle him? I’m sorry, this is silly. Ahhh, sorry.]

You can feel bad for someone who experiences oppression AND check their ass for doing/saying something shitty. Some of the most vile transphobia and misogyny I’ve seen has been from hyper-feminine gay men or “butch” women. And I think this is one of the places where it starts.

You are WELL within your rights to tell this boy whats what. 

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lol I'm a trans dude so I can make my voice sound pretty feminine and I remember this crazy otherkin guy told me he wanted to "breed me" and like "stick his wolf cock in me" and I was like bro what the fuck like he skyped me and I said I didn't have a camera and I was just talkin to him cause we share a common friend but he started pulling out these dog penis dildo things and telling me how he'd use them on me and I've never been more worried for my girl friends ever

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  w h  a t