Wow look I did it || Reaver

Rich stretched his arms above his head, back arching off the bed as he slowly woke. Smiling to himself, he rolled over to put his arms around his husband.

All he found was a pillow. That was odd. True, though, he could be with Vell or in the kitchen or… Anywhere in the house really. Scrubing his face, the vampire threw the sheets off of himself, not bothering to do anything else but throw on a pair off jeans to walk around the house in.

Kitchen was a no go. Reaver wasn’t in there cooking waffles like he so graciously did the bed-head standing alone in there, looking almost lost. “Reaver!” he called loudly, knowing the angel would hear him of he were in the building.

I got in a fender bender on the way home and the bank is not letting me pay my tuition even though I have the money in my account life is just peachy

I feel like a little kid. Kind of upset about my fish, (who is of course named kurt) dying. They normally don’t last as long as he did though; but then again I was running late to school and had detention and then a doctors appointment and just not much time to feed him. Rip kurt (the fish.)


a hastily thrown together thing of my artwork, to a kind of bizarre rendition of a Sami folk song

rip dominic

You were a good fish, even if I sort of forgot to feed you sometimes. It’s weird that I felt kind of sad when I saw you were dead, since I see and have to clean up dead fish all the time. I don’t know how Casey feels, but I think I should probably get him another little foe to share the tank with.


my fish died today his name was Dave Franco