EXO _ Coming Over:
I’m coming over, at any time blow up
Filled with hype, it’s gonna burst
Wherever you go, rocking show
Gimme gimme go sign, I’ll bring you so high


 I roughly redid the facial painting of  Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Kylo Ren yesterday (technologically speaking I just added some details to his face). It was just my first try at repainting so it’s still not perfect but to me his face looks a little bit better now :-p

Without model color, I used markers and nail polish (yes) for coloring. It’s just like doing your everyday makeup. Next time I may try to redo his whole face with model color so that I can give him better eyebrows LOL

I’m gonna try and do a drawing stream later, although it’ll be my first time trying, so if you join please be patient!! I’m very slow with technology ahaha

I’ll start off with playing just music but after a bit if some friends want I’ll have a Skype call goin to :0

It went awesome!!!
First place in Novice containers and second place in Novice exterior. The all around is just for qualifying in 3 of the 4 elements. (It was all low key fun so the standards were a bit lower.)

Our first search in interior was a false alert in some scent that pooled like 2 feet away from the actual source… eh, considering it was our FIRST TIME EVER outside of practice, not too disappointed. Honestly, it was my fault; I was just not reading her tells like I usually do.

And then vehicle search, it was just cold and slow and Mabel was close to done with it all, but we still qualified! So, good job!

Other than that, went great. I’m so glad this tiny little fun match was my first try at nose-work competitions and not something bigger and longer. I’m pretty sure Mabel will never do any event longer than like 4 hours because she just gets over stimulated too easily, but this was fun and worth it! She did so well!!! ❤️

Katsuki Yūri, from the Yūri!!! on Ice opening credits (History Maker)

My first try at sketching with my smartphone *\(^__^)/*

My mother’s reaction: does he have an headache? Ah. ah. Thank you mom.

Sorry for the horrid shading, have mercy ;)


I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this on Tumblr yet, but I was really pleasantly surprised to see this kind of representation on TV. This is from a UK reality show called First Dates (you can probably guess what it’s about). It’s a pretty popular show, so I’m glad people watching it can learn about what being asexual is like.

This guy’s called Richard and this isn’t the entirety of what he talked about, but it’s a good chunk of it. I’m happy to say the show doesn’t just *jump* straight into this side of his personality either, they show him talking about his schooling and interests and stuff beforehand too.

Also his date reacted very positively and open-mindedly so, yay, good stuff all around!