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If there was a Mystic Messenger version of the song copycat by Gumi would you watch it? Cause.....I wanted to make the wrinkle one but I can't at the moment ;-; and this be my first time trying something like this [please answer as soon as you can ;]

I definitely would ! I look forward to it ! Honestly , I’m a big fan of Vocaloid and Utaite , and Gumi’s my favourite so it makes me even more excited for it !

Thanks for the hard work !  ♡


This week I was blessed with another lot of lucky scouts on JP…dunno why I still bother with EN as I have terrible luck there…😒

With the 2 starter pack SSR guaranteed tickets (I’m saving the 10+1s for the upcoming set), I was expecting to get just the SSRs but lo and behold…both were URs! Little Devil Nico was a welcomed addition as I spent 150 gems trying to get her but couldn’t, but she’s home now 😀

When the Printemps box showed up I had to scout because Wedding Honoka is one of my dream URs…and I got her on my first try! 😁 I scouted again but I had that SSR Hanayo idolized already, so I sacrificed her earning my 5th SSR seal to idolize Pool Honoka ❤❤❤


I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this on Tumblr yet, but I was really pleasantly surprised to see this kind of representation on TV. This is from a UK reality show called First Dates (you can probably guess what it’s about). It’s a pretty popular show, so I’m glad people watching it can learn about what being asexual is like.

This guy’s called Richard and this isn’t the entirety of what he talked about, but it’s a good chunk of it. I’m happy to say the show doesn’t just *jump* straight into this side of his personality either, they show him talking about his schooling and interests and stuff beforehand too.

Also his date reacted very positively and open-mindedly so, yay, good stuff all around!


TG:re 72 | Kaneki Ken


Evil Bonapartists, dubious headwear tastes, fun times at the Grande Armée