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Hola guys, It’s been literally over a year since I made Sims 4 CC. Mostly because every time EA came out with a new patch it ruined my mods LOL. 

Anywho, this is a new skin temp I’ve been working on for a minute, kind of a revamp of my first two skin templates. This is a skin overlay and can be found under skin details. With this skin I recommend using Ms. Blue’s set of skintones, they’re PERFECT (which can be found here). *Tag OpaqueOctober if you use please (:*

You can download this skin here! :) TSR download link.

CC Used// Hair: Anto  Eyebrows: Alfi-si Eyes: Me: :* Highlight/Bronzer: Mac-Cosimetics Face Tattoo:  OverkillSimmer Lipstick: Simpliciaty


Alrighty– I get questions about this sweater every time I wear it so I hope this helps! Here’s my guide/notes about my Mabel Pines Meow Wow sweater 💜

First off I bought whatever huge purple sweater I could get at goodwill. Unfortunately there was none with a huge collar :( the color was perfect– in the light, it’s a deep, rich purple cable knit sweater. It weighs 4 tons. A big sweater helps to make you look smaller. Mabel wears fluffy sweaters :D

The trick to making the lettering easier is to make a template out of printer paper or whatever paper you have laying around. Use this to cut out felt for your letters. Same deal with the cat. Make a quick pattern from paper and test out the size on your sweater before you paint and sew. You can always trim paper letters slightly, more so since these are block letters.

To get the texture effect as seen in the close-up shot of the show, I painted on the felt with acrylic craft paint. Dry-brushing it helps create that rough texture we see. This helps make the cat look good and also helps mimic a reflective sheen on the letters. Use a synthetic brush like a golden taklon. Bristle starts to kick up and fuss up
The felt.

I hand sewed the cat and letters on with embroidery floss because it will hold the felt better. Thin thread can cut through felt. I wear this as a cosplay a lot– and even out and about on occasion lol. I pinned the shapes before sewing and I wore it to make sure it worked.

To get the sparkle, I sewed on little plastic jems. I tested glitter but it wasn’t shiny enough for what I wanted. I used regular thread since the holes are smaller. I don’t think glue will work. I always try to sew.

Whiskers are also embroidery thread to be visible.

Care: hand wash gently, dry flat. Don’t muss up the sweater too bad. I wear a long sleeve undershirt with it to keep
It cleaner longer.

These painting techniques (on felt) should work for almost any sweater design in Mabel’s collection :)

Feel free to ask me questions! I hope you have a great time making your Mabel sweater!


I made a thing! It’s a Star Wars, BB-8 themed Valentine’s Day card! ^_^ Templates to print your own at home are linked below! :D

Had the idea a while back to make some Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day cards and needed a project to get back in to my artwork so here we are :P I made everything from scratch in, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve actually made any new artwork so I’m a bit rusty and it didn’t really turn out quite like I was hoping ^_^; I’m still getting the hang of using so please forgive my amateur art :S

I’ve uploaded the card templates so you can print them at home and fold them in to actual physical cards! :D You can get them here:

I gave it a test print at home and it seemed to work well enough, you can see the results pictured above. My printer is pretty crappy though and I was using standard paper so it came out a little dark on the inside section :( But hopefully if you have a decent printer and paper it will turn out better :)

Tip: I turned off the “Fit to Page” option when printing and it seemed to work well. Fold along the horizontal edge first (when holding the paper in portrait alignment), then the vertical edge to turn it in to the card. You’ll likely need to trim off the edges of the paper with scissors unless you have a printer that prints edge to edge.

ourqueenfelinefatale  asked:

I was wondering if you knew where to find templates for gifsets and how to download and use them? I wanted to try new ways of making graphics in my spare time and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from the ones I make myself, I get all of my templates from here, it’s honestly the best resource imo:

The great thing about gifset templates is that you don’t really have to download them to use them (at least I don’t), lemme explain. 

When I first started making gifsets, this was hands-down the best video I came across. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in knowing how to use templates for gifs in Photoshop. I’m a visual learner so I was happy to come across a step-by-step tutorial that explains everything really well.

There’s one thing that isn’t covered in the video though and I think it’s really important (assuming you’re using Photoshop):

  1. Colour your individual gif
  2. Before you copy it onto your template, click the small arrow with the lines on your timeline and select flatten frames into layers.

I cannot stress enough how important this stage is lol. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up with a horrendously coloured final product and I wish I had known that when I was starting out tbh.

Here’s part of a gifset I made a few months ago and the template (full one here) I used to achieve it. You can see the dimensions for each gif and the overall image size for the set is 245 x 300. 

Another way I like to use templates is so that the gifs are kinda “centred” like this:

All you have to do is crop the gif to the dimension you want (in this case 300 x 165) and then go to image - canvas size - select pixels from the dropdown box - and then change the width to 500 px and there you have it!

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions just let me know. :)

anonymous asked:

hi! could you explain how you did this set? /post/134323088293/damon-elena-appreciation-week-day-2-favorite

this is a tutorial explaining how to make a gif like this:

- you need to know how to make gifs and generally use photoshop (i’m using photoshop cc)
- you need timeline
- please like/reblog if this helped you, these take time to make
- let me know if you have any questions and i’ll be happy to help :)

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I am finally opening commissions ✨

Please send all commission inquiries using the template below to:

SUBJECT LINE: Commission Request

Username: Please include your Tumblr username to help me keep track of slots.
Character Reference: Please provide any form of visual aid via hyperlinks . Include photos, screenshots and/or face claims if needed. Include specific facial expression references if you have one in mind. (For cell drawings please provide references on the characters outfit)
Character Details: A short description of their personality can help me figure out how to better portray your character. Include any scars, piercings, and/or any other accessories and facial alterations as well.

Payment will be invoiced via Paypal. For more information and my terms and conditions please read here.

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Can you show us an example of a study guide that you've made? I really struggle with templates and layouts for things, I get too bogged down with things looking a certain way that I lose a lot of revision time. It's silly, I just struggle to find the halfway point between neat, pretty and useful

hey there! thank you for this suggestion - I have uploaded an example of a study guide I made in my first year of study for a module called ‘Geographies of Development’. HERE is a link to that!

In terms of templates, I will use the style sets on Microsoft Word, like these:

I usually keep their settings, but I change the ‘normal’ font to Arial. They have lots of different styles so you could try a couple and see which one you like the look of. I will use ‘heading 1′ for the title of lecture {you could just do the title of what you’re doing!}, ‘heading 2′ for subheadings and then I write the rest of the guide in bullet point form. You can see my writing style in the example I uploaded!

What I like about these style sets is that you can open the navigation pane on Word and quickly jump to a heading or subheading! see:

Once I’ve figured out my structure and such the revision guide practically writes itself - I make sure I summarise lecture notes, include readings and references, occasionally diagrams {there were no relevant ones for this class!}. It really doesn’t take me long to put these together - maybe 2 days of work. It’s so much easier than writing it out by hand, and once I have all the material together I can incorporate it in to my ‘active studying’ techniques! I hope this has helped! xo



So there would be times that you will have lots of pages per plate and drawing the border consumes much of your time. I would share to you my engineering hack of how to quickly draw the same borders :) Hope this would help you :)

1. Use the previous border that you made. The first border would have exact measurements that you want, so you have to make one which will serve as your template.

2. Mark the essential corners. Mark the essential corners which you will use as guide to know where you will start and stop inking.

3. Connect the dots :) connect the horizontal dots, then the vertical dots or vice versa.

4. For the small boxes of the lower side of the plate, mark one side of the line according to their respective distances.

5. Use a right triangle for accuracy and precision that you make a straight line perpendicular to the other line.

So there it is. I really don’t care if there would be slight changes in the measurement of the border, as long as the lines are straight, parallel and perpendicular to each other, because, it would be less likely to happen that the professor will measure every border that he is going to check, which includes your classmates works and other sections works :)


I finished my wtnv and wtdb intern shirts! :D

I used ctgraphy’s templates which you can find right here! Basically it involved freezer paper, stencils and fabric paint but if you follow that link you’ll get everything.

Anyway, this was my first time making stencils like this lol but they turned out pretty okay! You can see that it wasn’t completely painted perfectly but it’s for me so I’m happy lol

I initially wanted to make it b/c I don’t have much in terms of wtnv items besides those hair pieces I made but now I’m thinking I could possibly cosplay as an radio intern of some sort? lol what do you guys think?


(Wrong holiday i know) pokemon-global-academy, this was my first time drawing something on my 3DS that actually likes somewhat good. I did use a template for omanyte’s body except for the arms. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know. (Also made Helix’s shell clear in case I wanted to do something weird. May change it to easter later tonight)


Alright so story time-
First off the one on the left is my first ever attempt at cosplay- let me tell you the contrast is high on that picture- everything is made of cardboard, and I stuck pieces together with twine /twine/
I made a second attempt for my birthday also out of cardboard but this time with velcro- the party involved fighting with pool noodles and my armor ripped almost everywhere. Lesson - velcro does not go with cardboard.
My latest attempt or third (the one on the right) was with EVA foam and velcro, I learned I hate velcro because it sticks to everything. I’ve enjoyed all the times I’ve made armor and I’m progressively getting better and using better materials. So I am making a fourth set because I’m never pleased with myself XD
I will do a template first this time with paper and a mannequin; then I’ll use a combo of grey and black EVA foam if various thickness. I’ll have more time to be patient. Instead of velcro I’ll be using D Rings and straps. This is also going to be my first year going to a comic con and I want to be decent in my armor. Some day I’ll be like the cool cosplayers…

EDIT: I know the image still says “Won’t Do” for humans, but I shall be open to drawing them regardless. Just be aware that they are not my strong suit, but I shall endeavor to do my best. ^w^




So I updated commission information post! =3 Finally found a good template for the image versions of these things. I may be pretty dang good at drawing, but apparently graphic design stuff like that stumps me. XD Regardless, ta-da!

Also, as a note, while my jobs are no longer in jeopardy, I do need extra money via commissions. I plan on taking myself and my grandmother(aka movie buddy, best friend, fellow nerd/geek/fangirl) to the Wizard World Comic Con that’ll be taking place in Tulsa. It’ll not only be the first time WWCC has ever been this close to us, but more importantly…it’ll be both of our first times at a Con. MOST importantly, though? My grandma is a HUGE Star Trek fan–has been since the beginning. Hell, I bought her the entire set of the original movies–on DVD I think–for Christmas last year.

William Shatner is going to be there.

Last year I spoiled her with three weeks of Star Wars presents, each celebrating a different thing (her birthday, SWVII premiere, Christmas). This would be a glorious way to top it. Please, guys…if not for me, than for my grandma–for my own sweet and lovely “Carrie Fisher” (no seriously, they look similar). Please…?


I completed the set of artist trading cards, SPG edition. For no reason, mind you. I try to have something along to draw on since I often find myself waiting for stuff and I just don’t understand the people in waiting rooms staring into space or reading magazines. So I got the artist trading cards even though I know they just cut fancy art paper small, bundled it, and priced it for profit. But danged if it hasn’t been perfect for when I forget my sketchbook.

So here they are. Themed art cards of three robuts, each around 2x3″. The first is titled, “Art Deco Automaton.” The second is, “It’s Cosmic” (I love that song) and the third is “Clockwork Pinup.” I might someday augment them digitally, maybe even add color, use each as a template and make a painting of each one. But all I did this time was lower the brightness and up the contrast to compensate somewhat for the scanner. The real ones aren’t as visibly blotchy, though.

Automaton characters property of Steam Powered Giraffe.

Feather-set’s Summer To-Do List

LAST UPDATED: 5.13.15 (this post will also be continuously updated so check back often)

Hey all! As said, finals have just come to a close and I am free from the confines of academia for three whole months! With that, I can dedicate a whole chunk of time to blogging and bring us all closer together! Here is a to-do list of all the wonderful stuff I’m planning for this summer:

  • Here’s the template that I’m working on for the witchy course! This course will be one of my biggest projects this summer, and I hope you all can take part and enjoy it! You can see the notes I’ve compiled for it thus far HERE (: 
  • The “stuck in the broom closet” tips and trick booklet that I posted about HERE all those months ago will be going through its first drafting, which I hope to have out before the summer comes to a close. This booklet will be FREE and accessible to all, and I do hope that once the first draft comes out you will all help me work to make it even better. 
  • More witchy icons! I made about 16 free-to-use witch-themed icons (which you can find on Imgur here). I want to make many more, and you guys have been very helpful in providing ideas for me. I’ll be sure to make many more for you all! (This is also where my icon comes from, heheh:)
  • More informational posts and infographics like some of the ones I have floating around Tumblr right now. Here’s a preview of one I’ve been working on for a while:
  • More doodles of witchy friends here on the Tumbls. I’ve already doodled herbs-and-journals, and I have plans for many more people here! Get ready to have yourselves drawn all chibi-like because it’s going to happen (:
  • Answering all of your asks, obviously 
  • Fridays with Feather-set (FwFS) vlogs and videos like my How To Make Black Salt video (HERE

There are some more personal, non-witchy things I want to do as well, and I hope you all can enjoy them as well!

  • Music/band reviews for bands that I’m quite fond of
  • My mate and I are going to start a gaming stream/channel/blog thing with let’s plays and reviews and junk
  • More art! 
  • More writing!
  • Vlogs full of adventure while I’m in Sweden!