It’s taking me forever to read through neurotribes because it covers such a heavy topic over a long time (and there are so many pages it’s justified enough to have a glossary or something at the back), but it’s honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever read. For someone with a special interest in psychology, this book is brilliant. But not only that, it mentions Hans Asperges and the clinic he used to work in, using methods that are still highly confused among psychiatrists and the average person alike, and I love it. One thing that caught my eye in particular, and was the first thing I’ve smiled about in days, was the quote, “The criterion for classifying behaviour as normal or abnormal was the challenges that it created for the individual child, not whether it strayed from an idealized template of psychological health.”. It’s mind-boggling that, at that time, the way this clinic (Heilpadogigik Station) operated was considered a “throwback to the nineteenth century”, when the way Hans and his fellow staff treated individuals and classified them is still not used very much in this day and age–the twenty-first century. 

I know this book has been out for a little while now, and the hype about it has mostly died down, but I really recommend you give this book a read if you haven’t already (it’s long though, so be aware of that if you do buy it). I know I’ve just kinda gone on an infodump about it above and perhaps my special interest in psychology and neuro-types and stuff does make me kind of biased, but yeah. I think reading this is a great shout. It’s definitely one of the best non-fiction, autistic-centered books that I’ve ever read. 


These are the codes I’m currently using. They’re a sort of redo of my first CSS templates and have a few more things now such as hover effects, opacity on hover for the sidebar images, and properties to edit the bg in the very back. 

Usual stuff applies. No credit in the profile necessary; just don’t resell, claim as your own ect. ect. You’ll probably have an easier time editing these if you have some previous experience with CSS but if you have any questions feel free to pm me, I’ll do my best to help you.

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once again, have fun y’all ✌

@quill-of-thoth replied to your photo “What’s going on with faces? I was creating a Sim in Bodyshop and…”

Looks like one of the broken face templates. Google should be able to tell you how to fix it.

Maybe. The thing that confuse me is that I have the fix by Argon. Because I use some defaults, maybe the file is not needed anymore (and it’s causing problem)? Sadly, Google didn’t help me though. Then again, it’s the first time I had this problem since almost 12 years of playing this game. (≧▽≦)

@simsllama replied to your photo “What’s going on with faces? I was creating a Sim in Bodyshop and…”

OH MY GOD that freaks me out

YES! That was pretty shocking the first time I saw this!

@2spooky4blue replied to your photo “What’s going on with faces? I was creating a Sim in Bodyshop and…”

did you use a custom face template?

Yes. I use isbrealiomcaife’s All Around the World and my defaults are Joedy’s Butterflies and Hurricanes templates.