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i'm 21 and still a virgin, is that bad? like sometimes i feel so ugly and unwanted... :(

nonono, don’t feel ugly and unwanted. I’m not going to say sex doesn’t make you feel pretty and wanted, but listen.. In my opinion, losing it should be with someone special, someone that makes you feel amazing and beautiful and you will never regret that you did it. If that guy isn’t here right now, he will come. Do you want to know something? Something very personal? My first time, it was hard because I didnt like the guy. I was in love with this guy and he broke up with me, he insulted me, he made me feel ugly so there was that guy that made me feel pretty and wanted so I did it with him. I regret it. I never wanted that “romantic night” with petals and candles or music. I regret it because it wasn’t with a guy that I actually cared. So, appreciate yourself and feel pretty and wanted. Don’t let it bring you down.

One time I was reading a fic, and in it Natsu stole one of Lucy’s unfinished stories and then Levy passed it around the guild. Everyone was teasing her about it and laughing.

I clicked out of the story because i was pissed.

If anyone–anyone–ever took my work and passed it around like that, I would never trust them again. You would be out of my life in two seconds flat if you did something shitty like that.

First of all, that’s not yours, so don’t fucking touch it. And if you do touch it, don’t share it with other people. 

Don’t laugh at someone’s expense if you’re reading/looking at something that you know will embarrass them. I have a friend who likes to tease me about writing fics. Don’t. Do. That.

I never asked you to read them. I never wanted you to read them. Don’t joke about them with me. 

I would hate someone if they did this to me. I would hate them so much and I would probably never write again.

I’m not sure who wrote that fic, but I don’t think they realize how horrifying that would really be. This isn’t a joke for people to pull. This isn’t something funny.

Doing this makes people uncomfortable and angry.

So if you don’t want your friend to hate you, DON’T FUCKING DO THIS.

Fresh Cheese

So, I really wish I could tell you how delicious this cheese is. But I can’t, because I don’t like plain cheese. It has to be on something, ya know? I’ve forced others to try it, and they like it. So there’s that! Also I’m making a recipe this week WITH the cheese in it and I think that will work out simply wonderfully. You’ll just have to wait to hear my verdict ;)

Also this is a lot easier than it looks. This was my first time making cheese

Fresh Cheese


1 gallon / 3.8 L milk (any fat percentage will do)
2 cups / 0.5 L buttermilk


Pour 1 gallon of milk into a large heavy bottom pot. Heat to 100 F / 37 C, or until it’s slightly hotter than warm. (Do not make it hot, or it will kill the buttermilk culture.) Remove from heat. Shake the bottle with buttermilk and pour into the warm milk. Stir for about 1-2 minutes.
Cover with lid and allow to sit at room temperature, undisturbed for 12-24 hours depending on how warm it is. If room temperature is below 70, place pot of warm milk in the oven with just the light on. The warmer your kitchen is, the less time it will take. 
It is ready when it’s thick and you’re able to ‘cut’ it with a spoon, that means when taking a spoonful of buttermilk it holds it’s shape. Cut the buttermilk into 1 inch squares with a long knife. Insert a thermometer into one of the curds and start heating over very low heat. ( Make sure the thermometer is inserted into the curd, not the whey. Whey around the curds might even start boiling because it’s of less density than the curds.) It will take about 15 minutes to reach to 120 F / 48 C. Stir occasionally to evenly distribute the heat. Once the temperature inside the curd reaches 130-140, give it another gentle stir to break up large curd chunks.  
Carefully pour the heated curds to a different pot lined with a cheese cloth, then gather the ends of the cheesecloth, tie them and hang over the kitchen cabinet door handle or some other device. Allow the whey to drip off, until droplets fall about 30 seconds apart. At this point, transfer the cheese with the cheesecloth to the refrigerator. It will harden up and it will be easier to remove the cheesecloth without ruining the cheese ‘ball’.

Recipe adapted from here.

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Whenever I talk about how I find a tv show or film or character from either misogynistic (although I do also enjoy the thing in question - I just do it critically), someone close to me keeps talking about how I'm overly sensitive, quick to be offended, and basically a "feminazi". Obviously, this is horribly dismissive and it upset me at the time, and I couldn't think of the right words to express a counter to that without letting emotions counter them. Any suggestions on dealing with this?

I mean tbh I’ve never dealt w someone like that who was actually receptive to any of my points. Those people are almost always reactionary and defensive and completely uninterested in learning, hence the “ugh, so oversensitive” response in the first place. For this reason, I usually just say something like, “for someone who accuses me of being oversensitive, you sure do seem oversensitive to people criticizing media you enjoy.”

But if they are receptive, here are a few points:

1. “Feminazi” is a gross-as-fuck term that trivializes the actions of Nazis and was coined by professional asshole Rush Limbaugh, so literally why would anyone use it.

2. Media does not exist in vacuum. It affects and reflects dominant cultural attitudes, and media criticism is one means by which we analyze our culture.

3. Part of adulthood is realizing that nothing/nobody you like is perfect. If you can’t handle hearing your faves criticized, that’s a reflection on you, not the critic.

4. Protecting your faves from criticism will never be anywhere near as important as confronting ideas that cause tangible harm to marginalized people.

5. Being critical =/= being “offended.”

6. Some of us genuinely enjoy criticizing media we like. It’s fun. And we shouldn’t have to stop just because some people are, uh, oversensitive.

7. If someone close to you is hurt by something, why is your first response to dismiss their hurt? Maybe you don’t get it, but if you care about the person at all you should still try to understand–and if you fail, accept that your understanding isn’t necessary to validate their hurt and respect their feelings anyway. This is basic shit.

And if all that fails, make them explain:

-What type of media criticism is okay (because I guarantee they approve of some)

-What makes that criticism different from the kind of criticism you’re offering

-Whether your brand of criticism causes tangible harm, and if so, what/how

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"Pardon My Hand"

Darcy kicked Wade under the table and shot him a look. This is the first time they’ve gone out to dinner for a while. And now he’s doing something like this.

The thing I wrote in class last week was about an abusive relative, but a relative that most people don’t think of as a potential abuser. It was difficult to write, but given the prompt, it was the first thing that came to mind. I read it aloud and it elicited the emotions I hoped it would. People liked it, I guess? I don’t know what to do with this information. I have talked in therapy about the first time I realized that something was very wrong in my relationship with this person (I was 14). I was so dense. My best friend from junior high told me about how this person made her uncomfortable the first time they met. When I met up with a high school friend a couple of years ago, HE came up in conversation and she said “Well, he always was an asshole.” She was not surprised by our estrangement at all. I wish I had a normal family. My mom is dead and I miss her, but she still sucked in a lot of ways.

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(seeing what aomine wore in the knb episode last night has given me such a need for biker!aomine who wears leather jackets all the time and is tattooed af and rides a badass motorcycle and stuff and it all makes model kise weak lmao. maybe he's lost somewhere and biker aomine comes along and helps him or something hahaha (really i just want an excuse for aomine to run kise around on a motorcycle) but yes anyways, i thought you guys might like this as much as i do //rolls away)

[ I totally agree with all of this and your need fuels my need, so here… .. have a little something to dull the need…..  ]

Turning handle again, Aomine hears the purr of the engine before it rips through the air like music to his ears. The bike vibrates beneath him, sings out to him like the very first time he saw it. He knows he’s going to get an earful when he gets home, so he figures, why not bring on the pain a little early. 

He drops the visor of his brand new helmet and tugs on the last buckle of his leather jacket, more fitting than the jackets he’s used to wearing, but strangely conforming to his lean build better than he anticipates. Kise does have good taste in clothes, after all, even if Aomine thought the gift was too extravagant, too far off from his usual style. 

His line of sight is darker, taking in the new view and adjusting to it before he kicks the stand back and shifts into gear. The motorcycle lurches forward and takes off, Aomine’s chuckle muffled as he speeds down a familiar street toward a certain studio where his favorite blond is just getting out of his latest photo shoot. Aomine spots him, surrounded by a harem of fans all clamoring to get his attention, to have him sign an autograph or a body part or both, and a grin quirks his lips in mocking amusement. “Let’s get this show on the road, eh?”

With an extra grind of the handlebar to signal his arrival, he zooms past the small crowd and sees, with smug certainty, that Kise’s attention has jumped shipped and is now directed at him some yards away. The grin Aomine wears grows wider, as he skids a full one eighty, revs the engine a few more times, and eases to a stop directly in front of the growing gaggle of females. 

One look at his jacket and Kise’s eyes grow wide, his jaw falling slack in surprise. Aomine chuckles before removing the helmet, the smirk he wears as bait something that usually turns Kise to butter. “Oi, you just gonna stand there or you wanna get outta here?” he asks, tossing the extra helmet he’d brought along.

Kise’s eyes light up as he catches it with ease, the fan girls forgotten. He flashes a smile behind him as the crowd continues to look on, slips on the helmet, his arms sliding around Aomine in a way that makes Aomine wonder how long it would take to get to his apartment. “Where to, Aominecchi?”

“I got an idea where we could start…”

"Cuddle?" -Alex Gaskarth Imagine

A/N: Hi everyone, this wasn’t a request but I needed to get started somehow, right? But I do take request so feel free to ask me. I love atl with all my heart so here is my first imagine, hope you like it!

“Y/N, I wish you would come up here!” I heard your boyfriend yell from upstairs while you were in the kitchen getting a bottle of water.

“Alex, I’m getting something. I’ll be up in a minute.” I laughed.

“But Y/N, I want to cuddle now. I’m cold!” He whined.

“Use a blanket, its what they’re for.”

I heard a crash and then footsteps coming down the stairs, soon after I felt arms wrapped around my waist and myself getting picked up. I was thrown over Alex’s shoulder and dropped my water bottle on the ground.

“Alex!” I yelled as I hit his back while laughing.

“What? I’ve been calling you up here and you wouldn’t come so I took matters into my own hands.” He smirked, laying you on the bed gently.

He crawled next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist not without asking,


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If you're still doing the vine thing... well, it's not exactly a vine, but part of me wants to believe that if Kagami were to run a food blog, it would only be a matter of time before the "Kuroko rating system" would make its appearance. Like, he cooks something, taste-feeds Kuroko, and snaps a picture of the resulting expression. It was all meant to be a joke, because really, nobody should make that face over vanilla cupcakes, but it earns him like 300 extra followers after the first post, so

my face is metling YES KUROKO THE FOOD TESTER PLS 

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first off I wanna say I really admire you & I think this blog is wonderful! I have a question- it's been 3.5 years of survival for me & while I'm doing unmistakably better over time, I feel like my family & friends are just kind of forgetting about it. and to be totally honest it's making me bitter & angry that they have the luxury to just ignore something that is still so prevalent in my everyday life. how do I tell them I still need help without sounding whiny/needy? tysm in advance, God bless

Hey anon, 

I’ve got to say what you said sounds like a good way to start off: that you’re bitter/angry over them forgetting over something that is prevalent in your everyday life just because there are signs of you getting better.

You might be able to say something about surviving is not a linear thing, but is kind of never-ending. So, even if you are doing better, that doesn’t mean you don’t need support anymore, you still need support. 

Sometimes it’s good to have something specific in mind. Like I told my therapist I needed her to understand that even if I get a job or go to school or don’t stay in my bed for two + years again, that doesn’t mean I still don’t need help or that I’ve gotten “better” (and by this definition that it magically doesn’t affect me anymore). I told her it just means that I’m going to school and this still affects me everyday, or I’ve got a job and this still affects me everyday, or I’m not in my bed everyday but this still affects me everyday. It was important for me to tell her that even though I’m doing things, it doesn’t dismiss the fact that I’m still struggling, and will always (to some extent) continue to struggle. Maybe you can tell your friends and family that it’s not an either/or situation here, but an and situation. Like it’s not you’re doing unmistakably better or you’re still struggling, it’s you’re doing unmistakably better and you’re still struggling and can you acknowledge that and take steps to helping me, please? 

if they tell you you’re being whiny/needy, I’m just gonna have to call bullshit on that. Like, I get that you don’t want to be in their face about it all the time, but this is still important and a big deal almost if not all the time for you, and if they can’t recognize, respect, and support you then that’s shitty of them. And you’re allowed to be needy, people fucking need people and that’s okay and necessary and just yeah, there is nothing wrong with you asking for more. 

Hope this helps.


May 3, 2015

10 x 100m

My Times: 15, 16, 16.8, 17.5, 16.5, 17.3, 17.3, 16.8, 17.1, n/a

So, all times are kind of subjective.. I hit the start button like right when I started.. and looked down at the time as I crossed. So, there’s a little room for error. I think, if anything, my times would be slightly lower, but what do I know? IDK. LOL. The first time I actually used a stopwatch app that counts down.. but it didn’t have the fractional seconds.. so I just used my phone watch. So it was 15-something. Not sure. And the last time… I clicked my phone off while I was running. So, fuck that. But when I unlocked it, it was at like 22 seconds? So my guess is it’s probably close to my previous times. Makes sense, right? LOL. But yeah, didn’t really go in with a plan today. Really didn’t want to even go to the track today. But I forced myself. Really happy because I actually planned on doing like 6 sprints, but ended up doing 10. My legs were DEAD at the end. OMG driving home was fun… I don’t remember the last time my legs felt so drained. Oh yeah, and the rest was basically the walk back to the start line. Okay, and me chillin at the finish line heaving trying to catch my breath LMAO! IDK I’d say anywhere between 1 to 2 minutes was my rest. How long could it take to walk 100m?

Also, when I was about halfway done this nice lady came up to me and told me I had beautiful legs. I’m like.. DAMN RIGHT! Nahhh lol. No matter how many times you get compliments (I don’t get that many LOL), they never get old. So sweet.

But yeah, really happy I’m going on THREE straight weekends of running at the track! I might go again this Tuesday since I’m off work. But we’ll see. Since there’s running in tomorrows WOD. And depending what time I get out of court (yay car accidents.. yay speaking in public.. LOL). Okay, now I’m just rambling. BYE LOL.

psychoticarakita replied to your post:tbh when i was a kid i was like ‘im never going to…

omg what for ?? if u don’t mind saying that is

ok th first time was bc i had a really really really bad psychotic episode and did 6,000 dollars worth of damage to our house and attacked my mums bf aand the other times were for rreally ufcking stupid shit like taking a nap bc mum knows how terrifyingly traumatic the first arrest was for me and uses the police as like. punishment or smth when i do something she says ‘frightens her’ like. how can taking a nap firhgten u 

The Johnson’s ATA Family

I was recently reading through some of our reviews on Google and Facebook (Thank you so much!).  One of the common themes is the “family atmosphere” at Johnson’s ATA.  I do think that this is something that makes our school very different, and here’s the story of how it happened:

The first time I went to the Gracie Academy Headquarters in Torrence, CA was to test for the certification to teach Gracie Combatives.  My main training partner, Bob, was with me at the time.  We were extremely nervous about the upcoming test.  It felt like I had been practicing rock climbing and now I was going to show off my skills to Spider-man.  These guys were martial arts royalty.  The inventors of the UFC.  

In a previous group email, Rener Gracie had stated “anytime you come to the academy, make sure to bring your gi, so you can jump in!”  Even this made us nervous.  We did not feel comfortable training with the elite of the martial arts world.  Well, we didn’t want to be late Sat morning so we thought we’d go to the academy on Fri night, check it out, and then we’d know what to expect.  BUT we didn’t want to get asked to join class.  

We looked at the class schedule online.  There was a class from 7:00-8:00 that night.  Perfect.  We’ll show up at 7:30, then they can’t expect us to jump in!  So, it looks like it’ll take about 15 min to get there.  So we’ll get in the cab at 7:15 and it’ll work out.  (Yes, this is really what happened, lol)

So we got there right at 7:30.  We walked in and headed towards the training room.  Down the hall comes a slightly heavy set purple belt that we had never met.  He gets a big smile on his face.  Bob Ballard!  Ryan Johnson!  He introduces himself as Victor, our main contact at the Academy.  "Good to see you guys!“  He shakes hands with both of us, clearly very happy to meet us.  "Did you bring your gi?”  We say, “No, we just thought we’d look around”.  "Great, well here’s the main training floor, over there is the bathroom.  Through that door is the museum"  etc etc.

I want to reiterate, we had never met Victor before.  We had spoken a couple times on the phone and several times via email.  He recognized us from some training videos we had sent in!

So, we head towards the training floor.  We carefully poke our heads around the corner so as not to get noticed.  Rener is teaching and he sounds exactly like the endless number of YouTube videos he’s in.  Within seconds, he notices us.  He puts his brother Ryron in charge and heads over.  He asks our name, asks if we’re there for the certification tomorrow.  "Did you bring your gi?“  No, we’re just looking around.  "Great, come on in and have a seat and watch!”  Rener walks away and resumes teaching.  Within 2 minutes his brother Ryron comes over and introduces himself, asks our names, and chit-chats for 30 seconds or so.  

The next day was a whirlwind of training, testing, and studying.  It was stressful and yet fun at the same time.  We met, and got to know, many instructors and black belts at the academy.  Every one gave off the same vibe.
So, the short version:  the entire academy made us feel amazingly comfortable right from the first step in the door.  At one of the most stressful times in our Jiu-Jitsu careers, we also felt very comfortable and welcome.  The next time I flew to CA and went to the academy it felt like a family reunion.  I knew that this was the atmosphere that I wanted at my school as well.  Judging by the reviews, I think we’re on the right track!

Come on in and check it out, but don’t forget to bring your gi!  (We’ll be happy to loan you one if you don’t have one!)

We very passionately apply these same concepts to all of our classes; Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Bully Proof and Women Empowered!

-Ryan Johnson

Check us out at:
More info about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu:

April Larry Fic Rec

I decided to try something new and for each month make a list of the fics i’ve read. This will be my first one, so if theres anything specific you’d like to see with these monthly recs, just let me know!! 

Favorite of the Month:

Just A Feeling  (whoknows, 44k)

The first time that Harry thinks about marriage in relation to Louis, he’s eighteen years old, standing in the middle of a crowded frat house, six drinks down and another in his hand.

It’s not the first time that he’s laid eyes on Louis. It’s not even the second time, or the third time, but Harry doesn’t believe in denying what his brain is trying to tell him, and his brain has been telling him that Louis might be the prettiest person in the world ever since that first fateful meeting, when Harry hadn’t been able to stop looking and Louis had ‘accidentally’ spilled his tea all over Harry’s lap in retaliation.

***make sure you read part 1 of this fic (which is just as good) here


Always One Foot On The Ground  (lissomely, 47k)

The Valentines Day themed AU where Liam and Zayn won’t leave Louis alone about his policy against dating, Louis enlists Harry on the fake boyfriends adventure of a lifetime, and Niall is not above bribing everyone with food to get what he wants.

Gods & Monsters (velvetoscar, 201k)

The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.

Butterfly Gun (eravain, 100k)

1940’s AU. Even after six years apart, they can’t forget their shared wartime childhood.

Eight Cakes and Two Eulogies (Make A Happy Marriage) (yesllliam, 120k)

The Honourable Louis Tomlinson, heir to the Earldom of Colbury and the multi-billion pound family business, RLA Enterprises, often feels under pressure to conform to the expectations of those around him. The 30 year old, nerdy and rather homely physicist part of himself feels he ought to be getting married and carrying on the family line – as does his formidable Grandmother. The only problem is, after his last disastrous relationship, seven years ago, he has little desire to get intimate with another woman, let alone marry one. Of course, Harry, his famous actor of a best friend, always likes to pip in that he is free to marry him and while Louis loves him to pieces, the joke is getting a bit old now.

We’re Only Stones Around The Sun (anonymous, 46k)

Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation.


Space Oddity (velvetoscar, 14k)

Louis’ blessed with the inconvenience of getting his neighbor’s mail. It works out really well for the both of them.

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours (Everything Has Changed) (godgavemelou, 6k)

AU set in the backwoods of Tennessee where Louis can’t seem to find a pair of shoes and Harry is new to town.

Leave It To The Breeze (hattalove, 81k)

A great british bake off au in which louis cares about winning and winning only, harry is made of sunshine and rainbow sprinkles, and niall sticks his nose into other people’s business. also featuring liam as louis’s best friend-slash-concerned mother, and zayn as a macaron connoisseur.

Do You Realize (anonymous, 20k)

Harry really didn’t expect to be swept up in snowflakes and eyelashes and coy smiles when he’d agreed to go on a skiing holiday with his lads. Nor was he expecting to cherish the sound of someone’s voice over his own thoughts, marveling about the way it crackled against the burning embers in the fireplace. And he really, really wasn’t expecting for his peaceful life to be turned on its head, all because of a bloody snowboard.

But, then again, he also never expected that he could fall in love in less than two weeks, so. So maybe life isn’t what Harry expected.

3B Neighbour (anonymous, 10k)

A mysterious neighbour keeps slipping the worst sort of notes under Harry’s door.

L.A. LOVE (Movin’ My Hips Like Yeah) (anonymous, 19k)

The one where Louis wins a trip to LA and Harry is his very distracting tour-guide.

Can I Not Like You For A While? (larryshares, 43k)

Louis Tomlinson is awful. Harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. It makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

All You Need Is (Puppy) Love (anonymous, 6k)

The terribly fluffy story where they’re not in One Direction but they’re still madly in love and Louis is desperate to prove to Harry that they’re ready for a puppy.