After the upsetting things that’s been said about him lately, I wanted to do a lil something for this guy bcs he deserves better. It’s my first time drawing him, but eh… The intention is what counts the most, right?

All the best, Mi! I hope your smile stays forever with you :)

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SUSIE I don't know if you've already gotten this request or if they're even open, but based on one of the MLTs I saw these past few days, can you write something where Harry's girl's nudes get leaked somehow and how they would deal with them? love youuuuu!

Broke my damn heart writing this.  Ugh.

For the first time in my life, I was at a loss for words.  I had no idea what to say.  What could I say?  There was no way to make this any better.  In fact, I was probably going to make it worse if I tried to go in there and calm her down.

I mean, it was my fault anyway.  My job, my fans, my life choices that brought us to this point.  It was my fault.  

It was just supposed to be fun.  Something the two of us could do together at home on a rainy evening.  I liked taking pictures.  More importantly I liked taking pictures of her.  Her body parts, her face, her hair…all of it.  She was my muse in more ways than one.

I erased them.  I swore I did.  The next day after I’d taken a moment to appreciate how beautiful she was, I erased them.  But I took them with my phone.  My phone that automatically uploaded to the cloud.

You know the rest.

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Hey! I just want to tell someone but is it embarrassing to study for the subject you love when you're on break? I get flustered and embarrassed with the feeling of someone catching me study. Please walk me through my fears!

Hi 😊 of course not! First of all most people wont notice or care, unless you make it a thing. So just do whatever you like and just focus on the fact that you already found something that you like so much that you want to keep doing it on your spare time 😊

GOT7 reaction to them meeting/ seeing you at the party

Anon said:  Hello ( ・ิ∀・ิ )ノ May I request something like a reaction when got7 meets you for the first time at a party. Like who do you think would approach you first and what would they do ? Thank you c:

- Hiii! Hope you likee it and this is just my opinion who would talk to girl who would do something else haha ENJOOOOY :D

Jaebum: As he notices you in the crowd, he would approach you and just want to get to know you more and better. He would flirt here and there, but not go into a lot. 

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Jackson: “Hi what’s your name beautiful?” *he would say, smiling at you* 
He would also ask you to dance and spend the night just getting to know you better

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Mark: He would notice you, how beautiful you are but isn’t brave enough to approach you, so you would make a first step. Soon as you start talking he would tease you, make jokes, but flirt with you also.

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Bambam: “You are really pretty” he would smile and wink. Mostly he would want you to dance with him, until he just gets close, starts flirting and on the end kisses you. *i am so sorry*

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Youngjae: If he thinks you are so beautiful he would buy you a drink and give it to you smiling. He would flirt with you and maybe sing a song to you so you fall for him more 

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Yugyeom: Sees you dancing on the dance floor, comes next to you and starts dancing with you, wrapping his arms around your waist, putting them on your hips, hold you close, talks to your ear, on the end maybe kisses you 

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Jr: He would so approach you first, talk to you, buy you drinks and flirt soooo much… On the end he would just pull you close to him and kiss you. 

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Do you still make videos using your phone and if you do how do you edit them? I really want to try making videos on YouTube but I won't be able to get a camera for awhile.

yeaaah these days it depends most times I use my iphone but ocassionally i’ll use my dslr for some small sections if my phones run out of storage or something (like in my first london vlog i actually used my dslr for most parts but my other videos when I’m writing and stuff are done with my phone) and i use imovie!!

I think the last 12 hours have been absolutely wonderful.
So, yesterday evening my husband (Daniel) decided to quit his job to pursue a creative path, basically how I did about a month ago. (which has really helped me out) This came as a relief to both of us. His stress was IMMEDIATELY lifted. We both worked for my parents company which was something neither of us wanted to do in the first place so we finally decided now was just as good as any other time to get the wheels turning in our lives. We made this giant leap knowing that we can make something better for ourselves, especially with our online presence. Daniel will start making videos and I hope that you all will support that and allow me to share his videos with you. If I can I would love for you to message me expressing that you would like to see them or hear about them c: 
Now lets move on with what happened during the course of the night, I didn’t get that much sleep because one of the best things happened!
A thunderstorm! Rain included! It was really nice because I have experienced a good storm since I lived on the east coast of North America. If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know what it means to have thunder. I got really excited by this and as I finally got to sleep I hoped that when I woke up the storm would still be around so I could enjoy it with a cup of hot creamy coffee and some morning Netflix binge watching.  
When I did wake up it wasn’t storming any longer but there were heavy clouds and you could feel the chance of rain increasing. So I got my hot cup of creamy coffee and got on the computer. 
Currently, there still isn’t rain but I’ve looked at the forecast today and there is a 60% chance of it raining within the next couple of hours. I’m very excited, because the last few days have been hot and sunny (my least favourite weather). I hope that the weather keeps up like this and I can enjoy a cozy day under a blanket with a hot drink at all times c:
I’ll talk to all of you soon! I hope you like these updates! I will continue with them as long as you all are open to them!
I hope you all have a cozy day! And as always Happy Holidays!  

My first attempt at university ended very quickly in disaster. But now, four years later, I feel like I’m ready to go back; to dive in full-time. Today my therapist suggested something that I’ve somehow never considered: leaving the city for school.

And I think that would be really good for me? I’ve had an idea for a while now, that at some point, I’d have to get away, and why not do it sooner than later? I think a clean slate would be really great. Montreal has a couple schools with interesting programs, and I figure that if I can get into three different U of T programs, I can probably get in to other places with relative ease. I don’t know when this would be for, but as soon as I’m able.

So, yeah. I might leave Toronto at some point, and I think it could be really exciting. 

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There’s this song I found that is giving me serious Ballie feels. It’s called Doing Something Right by Billy Carrington. Especially the lines ‘Must be doin’ something right/I just heard you sigh/You leaned into my kiss/And closed those deep blue need you eyes/Don’t know what I did/To earn a love like this, but baby, I/Must be doin’ something right’. It just makes me think so much of the first time Ballie are together, the nervousness then awe Bea must as felt when she touched Allie for the first time. The amazement when Allie responded to her touch & the wonder that she was actually able to find such happiness after so long. Sorry I needed to share this cuz I’m flailing a little bit at the perfection of this song for these two (if you ignore the pronouns at the start of the song lol).

Thanks for the song rec, anon!  The lyrics really do suit them, don’t they?  I’ve been putting a playlist together of songs I like that remind me of them.  A couple that really stood out are If You Wait by London Grammar, and Give Away Your Heart by The Unthanks.  I’m so glad you sent this message, though, because one thing I’ve always loved about Wentworth is the music.  Their montage scenes are always so beautifully put together and I’ve downloaded pretty much all the tunes they use in the show.

A recent song that I fell in love with is Symphony by Anna O.  It’s the song that plays over Allie and Bea coming out of the slot.  Gorgeous and very evocative.

What’s your fave Wentworth tune, peeps?


S is for summer fun and swimming oceans and maybe even silly boys in pretty sensational beaches.



Hogwarts AU || Barry Allen as a Hufflepuff

Nora: See, you’re not afraid of the dark, Barry, you’re afraid of being alone in the dark and that goes away when you realize something. You’re never really alone.



As a congrats for the new anime, and also the revival of my obsession, I complied a little fanzine!! Andante is a soft cover A5 booklet with 150gsm internals, and it features 14 (COUGHS) full colour illustrations I’ve made, most of which I haven’t posted in full here!

I’ll also be selling the zine at Animaga 2016 in Melbourne (27th - 28th Aug), so I can also do pick-ups for Animaga! just select the Animaga shipping option during checkout, and provide a receipt/email record and order number when you pick up!

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How about a marriage proposal or superman Sterek?? Or both?!

I’m hoping you already saw the Superman one, so how about marriage proposal. Fun fact… this is loosely based on true events.

They’ve had the talk already. You know, the talk that all couples have when they’re super serious and it’s either “I love you, let’s get married to show the world how committed we are to each other” or “I can’t see myself building a future with you and while this is fun we should probably just break up”.

Derek and Stiles’s conversation had been decidedly and happily in the first camp. They had discussed kids, a house, future wedding plans, rings, and Derek was just waiting. Waiting for Stiles to finally ask him to marry him.

Which, he realizes now, now that it’s been a few months since that conversation, that they hadn’t discussed who would do the proposing. Derek had assumed it would be Stiles because he had been the one adamant about getting the rings and making sure Derek picked one he liked. And logic would suggest that the one getting the ring would do the asking, right?

But Stiles hasn’t said anything, hasn’t planned any fancy dinner, or told Derek to take off work for any trips, and Derek is getting kind of… impatient. But he tries not to be, tries to act normal like he’s not waiting for Stiles to take him on a trip to the preserve and get down on one knee.

He’s acting so normal that when they end up wrestling on the ground to get the remote and it turns into kissing and Stiles stops and says, “Derek, will you marry me?” he doesn’t even register what Stiles has said.

“What?” Derek says a little out of breath from both the wrestling and the kissing.

Stiles smiles, but it’s starting to fall. “Marry me?”

Derek stares and stares because this, this he was not expecting, and… he knows deep down that what really matters is that they’re together, but he’s also a little upset and disappointed that Stiles isn’t really trying to make this special. He’s so upset in fact that he blurts out, “Seriously?”

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So how I make the glitch effects for both Fatal and the comic is probably the thing I get asked the most about, haha. That and the red eye hug thing :)

And I know some of ya’ll have been asking for a WHILE now (like, a few of the very first asks on this blog were about the glitches), so I apologize for taking so long to finally get around to explain it. I knew I wanted to do something like this and I just needed some time to get it done. Hope it’s worth the wait, and I hope you find it helpful :)

okay so at the park today, while i was playing pokemon go, i was passing by one of the gyms. some of team mystic was beating the gym and then reclaiming it.

but for a few seconds, it was unclaimed. and what did i do, like the asshole i am? i claimed it with the first pokemon i could tap - a 10 CP weedle. 

im far enough away that my sudden bout of laughter is just weird to anyone else.

i keep walking.

later, like 30 minutes later, im walking down the path around a different gym. im a bit behind these two guys who are standing to the side and are clearly doing something pokemon related. i didnt register it at the time, but they were right by one of the other gyms. i see them cheer and the gym goes unclaimed. i know what is happening. i open the gym and claim it with the last thing i caught - a 43 cp pidgey. they do not notice, because one of them is still choosing what to put in the gym.

 im still walking.

im a little in front of them when i hear a “What?” and other confused noises. i look back and one of them is just staring dead at me. i smile a shit-eating grin like the little bastard i am. i admit my crime and mention what i did w the weedle earlier (apparently that had been a point of discussion. funnily enough, it would be another hour or more before someone took down my weedle. by this point, my fellows had added to the gym). one of them is incredulous w my choice of pidgey. but i check, and there is a new pokemon added.

a 1023 cp lapras

my comment on it of “nice” is met by confusion by the other man, who i had assumed placed it there. a guy walks past w another person looks over and just says “I figured we needed a little backup”. i walk away and some shouted exchanges occur.

god bless this game


I received this anon message asking to show the evolution of my work. It’s the first time I do something like this, I’m quite surprised to see how things changed along time. 10 YEARS OF DRAWINGS !!!

From 2006 to 2007 : I was still in highschool, at Lycée Pasteur (Besançon). I was heavily influenced by manga, as you can tell. And I had a thing for markers haha. Anon, the illustration you mentionned in your comment is the one on the right. OMG it’s hard to look at this stuff today… so kitsch.

From 2007 to 2009 : I moved to Paris, quite a cultural enlightment! At that time I was studying illustration at Ecole Estienne. Big redirection in my style! I made a small selection, but I tested A LOT of different styles and mediums during this period.

From 2010 to 2013 : My 3 years at Gobelins, studying animation ! Another big turn… I dropped traditional mediums progressively to go deeper into the depths of Photoshop ahah! I miss traditional art, I should go back to it sometime. But I learned a lot. 

From 2013 to 2016 : After graduation, I felt very disoriented. What now ? No assignments? No classmates to challenge you to do always better ? Tough time, but my style got more personal as well, I think. I still gotta find myself !

Well I hope you’ll enjoy this exercise !
Let me know what you think !


For this, I remember Sam telling me early on, “You’re gonna be on morphine, you’ll be doing a lot of drugs, you’re gonna be very focused. I don’t see you eating much throughout playing this character.” I think the only time I ate during the first season was on the pilot, I ate some McDonald’s french fries. I hadn’t been eating much getting ready for that and going through the ringer of my own personal training. I was devouring fries during that scene like nobody’s business. They might have had to tell me to slow down at one point. I get on this regimen. I worked with Paul Thomas Anderson once, and he said, “It’ll do something to your face.” For a guy like that, if you can see that he’s going through something and everything’s a bit more sunken, it’s less work you have to do as an actor when the camera’s actually rolling