Attention everyone: The Agreste family is getting a new member!

No, it’s not another baby thank goodness, but a precious addition none the less. See today is a special day, a day that should really be a Canadian national holiday. Because today is the birthday of the lovely and talented @toriitorii, who is the primary reason this family came to be in the first place. For the past few months, Tori has been gracious enough to allow me to borrow her sweet babies for sims shenanigans, and without her we wouldn’t have the next gen characters we all know and love. 

So, in a very special one-time-only queue, Adiren and Marinette are getting a temporary child for the day, and Tori is getting her own cameo in the Miracusims! 

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Sudden Bonds?

One thing I noticed someone talking about was ‘since when were Kazuichi and Teruteru so close?’ and various other things about the relationships between the other students. And I just thought I’d put my voice in for consideration.

For one, in the game we got to know them in, they had no idea who any of the others were. It was like getting to know them for the first time. The relationships they’d built up through their school days, are gone.

Two, in Super Dangan Ronpa 2, they were the ones in a killing game. They had to keep their guard up all the time. They rarely had the idea of getting to know the others.

Third. We already know they’ve been classmates for at least a year, because of the ‘one year anniversary of Komaeda’s death’. Meaning, they have had time to bond. Hence Tanaka and Sonia’s in sync moments, Kazuichi and Teruteru having their moments, Mikan and Imposter getting close, and Fuyuhiko and Peko being more casual with their relationship.

Last note, THEY ARE SURVIVING! All the murderers and victims of the games are alive and well. Meaning we get to learn more about them then we did in the games. So don’t forget that.

Long story short, it’s not a stretch to see these guys being friends now when they weren’t so buddy buddy on the island. And seeing them all band together like they do? They’ve become a family. And, even in despair, that family stayed together.

Like someone so eloquently put in the tag not too long ago.

“The Remnants have more co-operation that the Future Foundation that’s why the world has gone to shit.”

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"Are you sabotaging my dates?" W/ Calum or Michael (because Calum would be a little cocky sh*t about it, and I could see Michael doing it as well)

a/n: i hope you like this!!!

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

He’s having a terrible day. He’s having a terrible, terrible day. He started out at his apartment which is far too big without her in it and has way too many reminders of how she used to sleep right there next to him.Waking up isn’t exactly a highlight when your first thought is to reach out for the love of your life and find empty space where they used to reside.

It’s kind of like this everyday, reminders of her everywhere he steps, in the scattered CD’s she’s not there to stack and in the wincing and burning of having to put back the second coffee cup because she’s not there. And remembering to breathe.

Michael didn’t realize that it would be so hard, losing her. He thought it would be best, thought that she’d get herself out of that shithole apartment and make herself something in this city, something big and grand and effervescent, something with as much grandeur and love as she held in her eyes.

She was as big and grand as the city itself and he wants to have the world rise up and applaud for her smile, to be in her audience and love her fiercely. As fiercely as he does.

The thing is, in theory, that’s lovely, but he misses her like she was his air. It’s so much to him, so much lack that it keeps a weight in his chest wherever he goes. It’s funny, how he knew that having her touch in the night and her fingers run through his hair felt like everything that was beautiful about being alive, he knew it, and it’s even sadder that he knows that waking up every day without it makes everything harder and weaker. He used to think that when you loved someone, it was like a wave upon sand, that you’d always meet and find your way again, because the world is fucking cruel but love is real. Now he’s cold and lonely and no one’s on their way back to warm his freezing heart, and he doesn’t believe that his love is the sand that she washes over like daybreak.

She’s dating now, Calum told him.

He knows he has no right to be heartbroken, no right to want her to pine over him when he let her go. For this exact purpose, so she could find someone worthy, someone who loves her and has got the world to give her. Because if he’d had that, Michael would’ve given her the world. He’d have written her name in the stars and written novels about the curve of her lips and written her dreams into reality. He would have, and he couldn’t, so he gave her to the world so someone could.

But it’s all mixed up because he remembers kissing her and her loving him, the wa her fingers felt and how she sat on his lap, and how she smiled into kisses and never wore pants around the house and sang into hairbrushes. How she was everything he wanted, the light of his days in the most pure way. He used to find love grandeur and bullshit and a lie people tell to sell music and books, until he met her.

So yeah, he’d follow whatever guy she was seeing and they’d see his insta plastered with photos of him and her together, photos of her crinkled eye smile (which, holy shit he’s so fucking in love with her) to the kisses and the emojis and the remnants of what they’d shared.

If Michael was going to let a world go, going to let something that claimed his heart and written the rules for his affections end, let a multiverse of possibilities and feelings and late night open-mouthed kisses end, he would be damned if whoever took that from him didn’t see what they’d built.

So, on a quiet afternoon, where he’d followed a seventh guy just that morning, he hears a knock on his door, impatient and rushed.

He opens it, slow and lethargic, not paying attention to what he’s wearing or how he’s looking like. He hasn’t in ages, he hasn’t really payed any attention since there’s no one to impress anyone. No one whose gaze means the world and he’d do anything for.

“Have you been sabotaging my dates?”

She’s in front of him, and holy shit.

Holy shit.

She’s obviously dressed for a date, and she looks so fucking beautiful it’s like his heart could give out.He’s in withdrawal of her and he wants to pull her towers him, wants to pull her swiftly into a kiss like they always did when she stood on his threshold, and when she looked up at him with wide eyes.

He’s gaping, partly because he’s so surprised, can’t even think of what to say because she’s there and in front of him and breathing in his presence and it’s hit him in this wave he’s not prepared for, not ready for.

And she’s right, he has been.


She walks straight into his apartment and he’s reeling because she’s fuming but she’s still so goddamn beautiful and he’s still so fucking in love with every piece of her.

“No, you don’t get to just leave me all on my own and stand me out like some sort of castaway and act like you don’t want me to move on. You did this, Michael!”

“I haven’t been sabotaging your dates!” He says, barely able to think.

“Oh please, you follow them with your instagram page full of pictures of me and you and everything about us and if you could’ve thrown us away like we were trash why can’t you thor away your damn pictures? Why can’t you let me be without you?” She exclaimed, throwing her hands up and walking towards him and her eyes blazing and she thinks he threw them away.

Like he hasn’t spent every fucking minute of every day loving and hoping and waiting for her happiness because that mattered s much more than his.

“I threw us away? Are you really that fucking blind? How the hell do you think that being in this hell hole without the only light i had, without the person that meant the world to me was for anything but you? I was trying to help you!”

He’s close to her face now and it’s softened now, confusion settling on her face.

“What does that even mean, Mikey?” she says softer, not moving away from him but aware of their proximity.

“It means that you were here every day loving me and keeping me with you, in this shithole apartment when you could’ve been soaring. I’m dragging you down, I still am, now. Don’t you think I wanted to call you? To fix this? I couldn’t- I can’t. You’re this star and you’re burning so  bright and gorgeos that I can’t keep you to myself. It’s not fair to you.”

“That isn’t your decision to make Michael, it’s mine. And you don’t get to make that for me! You don’t get to take the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to me and say that it’s not right because you don’t love yourself they way you should. And I love you. And I still do, when you’re a fuckhead and you won’t call me and when you’re late and even when you’ve broken my heart.”

“I didn’t mean to break anything.” He said, a bit dumbfounded on her speech. “If I hadn’t- I hadn’t donw what I did, would you be here with me now?”

“Of course I would.”

“Would it be completely selfish for me to ask you to come back?”

He hadn’t thought of this happening. THere wasn’t an alternative here, no way that she could be back here with him. She’s lovely and kind and brilliant and in front of him, and he can see it all now. Everything that he’s missed, her hands on his waist and her morning laughter, coffee for two and kisses with  her on the counter. His heart bubbling and laughing and dancing all around because she was there. He didn’t think he could have it back.

“Yes.” before he can even process how he’d let himself hope, he hears her speak again. “But I love you, and I want you, despite your selflessness and selfishness.”

And his hand shakily reaches her face and his eyes flutter close as he pulls her close to him and she closes the gap, and he gets it now, why love is a relief, why it’s flying and home and adventure and perfection because with her it’s all of that, with his hand reaching around her waist and her eyes closed because it’s overwhelming.

“I’m an idiot,” he mutters, against her lips and laughing just a bit,”A bonafide idiot. Never, ever ever letting this go, ever again.”

“If you do, I’ll find my way back to you.”

break up aus

Elizabeth Nyamayaro:

“When I first met our Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson over lunch in London in 2004, it was an immediate meeting of minds. Her first question was, “What are my deliverables?” I laughed a little, but was impressed by her dedication and I’m proud to call her my co-creator and partner. She’s more than a celebrity face. In fact, we never engage with her as a celebrity but as a thought leader. What most people don’t know is that she has been working full-time on the project since day one. We message on WhatsApp twice a day, and there are weekly meetings. She even reads and rewrites all the copy on the website.”

I haven’t really drawn anything since school started and it makes me feel so awful. i already have this weird thing where I have the crushing need to be drawing 24/7 or I feel really guilty and unproductive. on top of that i procrastinate really bad. on top of THAT I take a really long time just to do lineart and believe it or not drawing in an ipod with no pen pressure is really time consuming…so when I’m assigned essays every day and a project in the first week…I’m pretty much too tired to do anything tbh. i keep passing out without knowing it and wake up feeling up even worse. so needless to say I’ve been feeling 5000% more depressed than usual. not that I’m going to show it(my tone is probably going to stay the same as it always is even if I’m dying inside bc venting to complete strangers feels weird to me) but it might be a bit slow on here, just thought ya’ll should know.

Bear Day: a fun little Gundam Tanaka headcanon

((Okay since today’s Zetsubou-Hen episode kinda coincides with this headcanon/short story I have I thought I might share it))

Basically on the day of the first full moon of spring every year Gundam Tanaka must fight a bear. Every year, no exceptions. It’s not that he goes out and finds a bear either, no the bear always finds him. Every year since he was ten on that exact date a bear finds Tanaka and he must fight it.

No one knows exactly why this occurs, either. Tanaka claims that a bear chased down his mother when she was pregnant with him so now the bears hunger for revenge and come for him. He says that the birthmark on his shoulder that kinda looks like a bear (from a certain angle) is proof of this - he calls it “The Mark of the Bear”. He just kinda accepts that it is his sworn duty to fight this bear every year and that nothing will stop the bear until he fights it. 

It’s always a different bear every year, too. One year a brown bear, one year a panda bear, even a spirit bear once (not even native to Japan so no one knows how it got there). But the two constants is that Tanaka always wins (like he’d ever lose to a bear) and that the bear, once defeated, is always a reformed bear - a model citizen, if you will. The bear then goes on it’s merry way and the day goes on as normal. 

At first his classmates were quite alarmed, especially since they saw him jump out of a second-story window to fight the bear that had broken into campus the first time this happened. Eventually, however, everyone gets into it and it eventually turns into this school-wide festival called Bear Day. It’s got booths, food, games, and, of course, the main event - The Bear Fight. It’s pretty huge, akin to a school’s cultural festival but completely student-run. Tanaka claims it “makes a mockery out of this epic battle of nature” but secretly likes it. It’s basically the best day of the year, in everyone’s opinion. 

((Should I write a fic of this?? I really want to but would anyone even read it??))

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A concept: Dick and Barbara quit giving dumb excuses to not be together and 9 months later Bruce is at last the proud grandfather of a black haired, green eyed baby boy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

BRUCE WOULD BE SUCH A PROUD BAT GRANDPA IT’S ABSOLUTELY INSANE. and he’d totally go show the bay off to Oliver ASAP

I have tackled Batgrandpa before and I love it, hmu with all your Batgrandpa needs and I will shower you with thoughts. Like think about, he’d be a great Grandpa. He’s not actually responsible for the kids, he lets their parents deal with them and he can spend the whole time teaching them the ways of JUSTICE also give them tickles while he’s doing work in the Cave.

Because my brain runs on cute things, I was thinking of Bruce with a grandbaby the other day because my uncle does this with his grandkids. I thought Bruce would empty out one of his pockets on his utility belt and hide little presents in there. (The first time it is a check for the baby’s college fund, Batkids have to explain that no that is not a good baby present). So every time baby Bat comes over to visit, they run up to grandpa and slip their hands into his belt and pull out a little toy or candy or something and, I can assure since I have seen this happen myself, it is the cutest damn thing on this earth.

Yes, come on Dick and Babs, give the man some grandbabies, it’ll soften him up. Put a little sweetness in his salt.

                                       AUGUST 26th, 2015.

     THAT was the day i started up this blog & made my very first post. it’s absolutely MIND-BLOWING to me that it’s already been an entire YEAR. i began roleplaying about 6 years ago, but NEVER have i had the drive or attention span to keep one blog going for as long as a year. i usually lasted a few months before losing interest, but with Peter it’s been non-stop. i think a lot of it is YOU GUYS. you make me want to come back here again and again. i never thought i’d make it this far. i never thought i’d make FRIENDS on here that i’d talk to outside of tumblr! 

     this blog has been my ESCAPE. it’s been a place i can go to when i wanna have FUN. i’m a crappy person. i forget to message back, i take forever on drafts, i suck at communication, i get inspiration sporadically, i haven’t even done my giveaway prizes for the winners of my 500 follower thing! i’m awful. i dunno HOW you guys put up with me but i’m so glad you do. when real life is shitty i’ve got you guys, & i’m so grateful for that. 

     in the span of the year i’ve been here i’ve MADE friends, LOST friends, been close to some, and then drifted away. i don’t regret ANY interactions i’ve had with anyone. ( though i do regret drifting away from some friends ). they’ve really molded me into the rper i am today. 

     my skills have improved GREATLY since i began! not only have i gotten better at writing, but my PS & css skills now exist! before this blog i didn’t edit much, even though i WANTED to. i’m glad this blog really got me into it & now i can’t stop making edits! ( which reminds me, i really DO need to make those edits for the poor winners of my giveaway OTL )

     ANYWAY, what i really wanted to say was THANK YOU. old followers, new followers. new friends, old friends. you’ve really helped me improve, you’ve helped me be HAPPY

     i dunno if i wanna make this a giveaway, because i’m spectacularly BAD at doing things requested of me if i’m not feeling inspired, but i’d really love to do SOMETHING to make it up to you guys. 

     talk to me. ask me things. bug me about aesthetics. edits. drabbles. ANYTHING! i dunno. i just wanna do something for you guys. i really love all of you.

( BEWARE! below the cut is A HELLA LONG LIST OF URLS! if you’re url didn’t make it to the list, please don’t be discouraged! i don’t appreciate you ANY LESS! it’s just that once i hit hour 2 of typing names i had to stop. )

TAG: /arxneosus anniversary!

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Yes, before that. I wonder if he saw him somewhere in school and thought "wow ok how am I going to get him?.... I know. It's perfect." and it kinda backfired since he apparently doesn't know much about wooing

My headcanon is that He Tian was curious about “that readhead” before chapter 116.

It’s totally odd that in their first meeting He Tian was super interested in Guan Shan’s lips….so, imo, he was curious about him before chapter 116.

You know, I think sometimes we readers don’t realize just what a difference a single comment can make.

My very favorite supercat fic, Footsteps in Snow, was completed in early June and ended on sort of a cliffhanger. Well, a couple days ago I left a second comment on it (I’d commented previously, when I first read it) to let the author know how much their fic means to me, and they replied to my comment today telling me that my comment actually made them sit down and finish the first chapter of the sequel, and that they were editing it and would be posting it soon.

And so now, almost three months after the first fic ended, the first chapter to the sequel is up, solely because I took about two minutes out of my day to comment on a fic and tell the author how much it meant to me.

We all know that fic writers don’t get paid, and that we need to appreciate them. But I think it’s important to also remember that sometimes it’s our appreciation that can inspire them to keep writing in the first place. I know sometimes it’s hard to leave a comment, especially when you don’t know what to say, but you never know, you might just inspire an author to keep doing what they love when they were thinking of quitting. And that, I think, is what makes it all worth it.

So please, love your fanfic writers.

Imagine Ashton making you feel better after a long day...

I sat in the tub, my arms around my legs and my cheek pressing against my knees. Originally after getting home I couldn’t wait to have a bath, hoping that if I lit my favourite candle and grabbed a good book I might actually relax. However as soon as I settled into the warm water a flood of thoughts from the day clouded into my mind. 

It hadn’t been just one thing either, instead it had come in three and then three again, leaving me more exhausted then when I had first woken up this morning. I let a tear slip down my cheek as I sighed, the pit of my stomach churning anxiously. 
“Babe?” I lifted my head slightly as I heard Ashton’s voice from outside the bathroom, quiet and a little unsure. “Can I come in?” 
“Yeah Ash,” I replied, trying to smile as he walked inside, holding a single flower in his hand. 

“Want to talk about it?” He asked, smiling softly at me as he handed me the flower. 
“Not really,” I admitted. “I just want to forget about it all honestly.” 
“I can definitely help with that,” Ash grinned. 
Next thing I knew Ash was getting into the bath, shoes, skinny jeans and all. 
“What are you doing?!” I laughed, leaning back until I was resting against the edge of the bath. 
Ashton only smirked at me before he was leaning down, gripping the edge of the tub for support as he hovered over me, our lips ghosting over each other. 
I couldn’t help the giggle that fell from my lips as I heard a large amount of water splash out onto the tiles, no doubt soaking everything on the floor. 
“I’ll clean it up later,” Ash murmured, leaning in to press his lips against mine. “Right now all I care about is kissing you in this bathtub.” 
“Your such a dork,” I said, running the pad of my thumb over his cheek. “But thank you.” 

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(Gifs not mine)


Robron Awards 2016

Best Kiss

My choice for favorite Robron kiss has to be their first kiss on the lay-by. The kiss itself was so intense. Aaron walking away and Robert swinging him back around. The feet scuffing, the heavy breathing, and Robert pulling Aaron back in because he hasn’t gotten enough of him. But it was also all of their scenes in the days preceding the kiss that just added so much to it. Robert’s thirsty face (damn that tongue movement) after Aaron threw him up against the wall. Robert’s look of startled realization during the “dirty little greasemonkey” scene when Aaron told him he was gay. Arron’s confusion and little smile when Robert brings him the coffee and says he’d like them to get on. Aaron testing Robert during the Sugden family dinner and Robert having to leave because he was struggling so much with what he was feeling for Aaron. Aaron knowing exactly what Robert wants when he gets to the lay-by but waiting for Robert to make the first move. Not because he didn’t want it just as much as Robert but because he knew it had to be Robert’s decision. All of these little moments leading to this one kiss that was so electric it would have scorched anyone within a five mile radius.

Wine and Diner

Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) x Reader

Request: 26 and Magneto please?? (Ps love you!)

Prompt; Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.


Prompt List 

The graveyard shifts at a 24-hour diner had to be one of the dullest jobs anyone could work; but it was the only one you were able to work while trying to attend classes during the day and still make enough money to pay your bills.

From 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM you were stuck at Stan’s waiting on maybe two people every hour. It didn’t help that the only people that would come in were gross truck drivers and late-night factory workers. The only good part about a graveyard shift was the weekend when everyone would stumble in young, drunk and entertaining. But, tonight was a Wednesday which meant the only customers you were expecting were truck driver Frank who was way too handsy for the tip he left you and Travis, the late night pizza delivery boy in between shifts. 

It was 2:00 AM during the middle of winter in the heart of New York City. A Nina Simone song played softly from the jukebox as you leaned over next to the cash register with your chin resting in your hand and pen tapping against the linoleum counter. The snow was falling in thick chunks outside and it was probably the reason no one had come in yet for their late night meals. 

“No one’s going to come in any faster with you staring at the door like that”, Svetlana, the Russian immigrant said as she came up next to you and opened the cash register. The couple who just got up from her section gave her a wave before bracing the cold and leaving the diner completely empty once again. 

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ever-hopeful  asked:

hello steve and bucky for the character asks? :) //dumplingseb

aww grace you’re always there for me when no one sends me asks for ask games

1. Sexuality headcanon: I like the idea where bucky is gay and steve is bi but bucky’s sexuality is flexible for me

2. otp: stevebucky !!

3. brotp: sambucky is the shit and stevenat

4. notp: lmao i don’t have a lot of notps  but st*ron is not my cup of tea, i don’t have any notps for bucky 

5. first headcanon that pops into my head: I love the headcanon where steve and bucky were together before the war or that bucky was totally in love with steve but is an oblivious shit and thought that it was just bros being bros

6. Favorite line from this character. Bucky: you’re keeping the outfit, right? Steve: I can do this all day

7. one way i relate to this character: there’s an article somewhere analyzing bucky’s origin story and how it resonates with a lot of experiences women have in their lives and it’s really amazing. And for steve, his personality is so different compared to how people might perceive him at first and i think it’s the same for me.

8. The thing that gives me secondhand embarrassment: nothing, they’ve never done anything that’s made me cringe

9.  Cinnamon roll or problematic fave? they’re both perfect and have character flaws that make them great characters
The Virtual, International, and Fabulous Book Club

So last night I had the idea to start a book club.
Of course all my Tumblr girls were the first ones to jump on that.
Since we’re all over the place, and because Laura is so fast, we now have a Facebook group for our long distance book club!!
I know some of my other friends on here are readers so I thought I’d post the link.
This is like day one, so we haven’t even picked our first book yet!
Come have some fun with us ☺️

Around this time last year, I was about to go into my super senior year of high school. All my friends had graduated, I was incredibly disappointing in myself, I was pretty much alone and without any friends every day at school. I honestly thought that dropping out of high school was the only thing I could do and that I would lose all opportunities in my life if I did that.

But dropping out didn’t wound my future beyond repair. This year I’ve gotten my GED, I’ve enrolled in a college program that pays for at least two years of college. I passed my first college class this summer, and I’m studying my passion of acting this coming fall quarter! I got a really good job and I’m making decent money. and I’m full filling a life long dream of mine of becoming a knight, and I’m starting Knight training so I can join a reenactment troupe. 

I’m really happy with life right now and I’m so glad I pushed through that tough bit of life. I’m so happy lots of my friends stuck around with me, even when i wasn’t my usual positive self and I was nothing much but angry and tired. Life is so good right now!!!

that god damn beard - a carrison fic

Paring: Harrison Ford/Carrie Fisher
Rating: T
Summary: That beard he grew for whatever undisclosed reason had to go, and no one was happier to be rid of it than Carrie.
disclaimer: as this is an RPF, this fic is only meant for fun and not to offend. =)
Notes: So Harrison shaved the Beard….and for some reason I had this crack idea of Carrie shaving the beard herself and thus this fic was born. [And god help me this is my first Carrison fic and there will be probs more in the future]. also thanks @titasjournal for encouraging it

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day 3 and college has already given me constant anxiety and a major panic attack. apparently they didn’t think it would be important to tell me that they switched my 3hr friday class to 2 1hr classes on monday and wednesday so now i missed 2 classes already on my first week.

i thought i was doing pretty ok with school but apparently not!

drmuffinofdoom’s prompt: coffee shop AU

There was no sunshine that could light up the small, shabby café which Ichigo took shelter as clouds spat the first plum rain of June. He saw clear plastic umbrellas parading outside, but the continuous shower blurred images of people passing by. He thought he’d felt sad about being drenched, but there’s no more saddening emotion than the gloomy face of the woman sitting across him, three empty tables away. As if the vacancies were left open for him to see her, Ichigo looked away when she turned her head, to look at him.

Secretly, but he knew, she smiled.