Jun Ji Hyun's First On-Screen Kiss Was Not With Kim Soo Hyun, But...?

Jun Ji Hyun’s First On-Screen Kiss Was Not With Kim Soo Hyun, But…?

Actress Jun Jin Hyun was interviewed on the July 19 episode of “Let’s Go! Video Travels,” as the lead actress of her newest movie “Assassination.”

She confesses, “A lot of people think that my first kiss scene was with Kim Soo Hyun on the movie ‘The Thieves,’ but my first was actually with Hugh Jackman.”

It turns out that one of her movies outside of Korea, “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan“, had…

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it's not really a confession just funny but omg i had my first kiss outside a dollar general and taco express at 8 at night and it was like 30 degrees outside and I stepped on his foot and he laughed omg it was honestly the best

aw this sounds so cute like a movie or somethin my first kiss was nowhere as cute lol

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okay so im gay but ive kissed boys before and they all sucked but my first kiss with a girl was kinda awesome, we were watching a movie in her bed and i paused it and turned around and she asked "do you... do you want a kiss?" in a shy way and we kissed and well now we've been a couple for a year in september so yea

you’ve all have really cute stories!  im jealous hahahhahaha

u r so lucky girrrlll <3

message me and tell me about you, your fears, your crush, tell me what you’re thinking about, your first kiss story, ask me questions..!

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my first kiss was in a movie theatre w this boy and a ton of my friends (like he was my bf at the time and i just brought him along) and i was a freshman and he was a junior and my friends kept passing the message "kiss him" along the line of seats and at the end of the movie i did and i didnt like it and now im gay /

one time i had a boyfriend and he kept trying to make out w me and i never wanted to and now i knwo why

its bc im gay 

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117 &amp; 119

117 - Story of your first kiss?~ In a movie theatre with my asshole ex boyfriend who ended up spreading sexual rumors about me
119 - Have you ever kissed someone older than you?~ yeah everyone I’ve dated has been older than be minus one guy

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3, 5, 11

3. First kiss experience?

Oh god no this is the worst story. Actually it’s not even a story. Just embarrassing that my first kiss happened while we were watching the frickin’ Beavis and Butthead movie. NOT IN THE LEAST BIT ROMANTIC WHAT EVEN UGH.

5. In your opinion, cutest way to be asked out?

I dunno I’m not normally a fan of “lines.” There’s been a few good ones I’m sure I’ve reblogged but normally I just really like “Will you be my girlfriend?” or “Could I take you out on a date?” or something straightforward along those lines.

11. Do you believe in kiss on first date?

Sure, if the feeling is right and things have gone well.

Girlfriend Tag!

1. where did we meet? A birthday party.

2. what was our first date? A trip to chickfila and a movie to my house.

3. where was our first kiss and how was it? In my basement, and amazing.

4. did u know that i was the one  Yes.

5. first impression? She is really fucking cute.

6. when did u meet the family I met her parents like the day after I asked her to prom, I was waiting outside her house and they drove up and talked to me lol. And then I met her brother while he was eating a chocolate bar.

7. do we have a tradition No, wtf.

8. what was our first roadtrip We haven’t had one?

9. who said i love u first and where were we It was me and we were in the parking lot of our school, in my car. 

10. what do we argue about the most Well I couldn’t read her that well in the beginning and we would get into fights bout that. 

11. who wears the pants in the relationship Hannah.

12. if im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching Either, SU, Parks and Rec, or re-runs of the Office.

13. what dressing do i get on my salad Hannah doesn’t eat salads.

14. whats the one food dont i like Mexican food.

15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink Well she usually hates what she orders, cause she orders things impulsively, so she drinks my coke or she’ll drink something with cherry in it.

16. what size shoe do i wear 8.

17. if i was collecting anything what would it be Teapots.

18. what is my favorite type of sandwich She hates sandwiches.

19. what would i eat everyday if i could Fruit or popsicles.

20. what my fav cereal Honey Nut Cheerios.

21. what is my fav music Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, Kitten.

22. whats my fav sports team HA.

23. what is my eye color Light brown eyes.

24. who is my best friend She has a lot of good friends, but not best friends. 

25. what is something that I do that you don`t like I hate when she’s hungry and she complains for like 5 hours.

26. Where am I from? Virginia.

27. What kind of cake would bake me on my birthday? A penis cake.


29. What can I spend hours doing? Masturbating.

30. If I could live anywhere where would it be? In a white house with blue shutters, not anywhere specific.

meow-rose do this tag hoe (bf tag)

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1:Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie. ♦ i don’t know what my fav movie is
2:Talk about your first kiss. ♦ uh my first real kiss was sloppy and on a bus and my life is full of regrets
3:Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for. ♦ no one i’m a soulless shell of a being
4:Talk about the thing you regret most so far. ♦ oH boy oh boy my freshman year, my youth, my whole high school career, being with boys, ugh
5:Talk about the best birthday you’ve had. ♦ i was young and in florida

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

First, we see Christina’s (Cloris Leachman) bare feet running down the hash marks of this empty highway into Los Angeles. She then signals to a series of cars when she finally decides to risk her life by standing in the middle of the road to wave down a driver. Private dick Mike Hammer (Ralph Meeker) slams the breaks and turns to avoid the distressed, jacketed girl. Roll the credits. Backwards. And cue the original song sung by Nat King Cole as she cries and pants while he drives back to the City of Angels.

Thus begins Robert Aldrich’s Kiss Me Deadly, one of the director’s (also known for 1962′s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and 1967′s The Dirty Dozen) first films and adapted from the novel of the same name by crime novelist Mickey Spillane. Mike Hammer is Spillane’s most iconic character and is best known for being a crooked private investigator who can just be as sedate as any regular detective to being a deranged monster who could care less about the permanence of his lethal tactics. Meeker looks the part of Mike Hammer and certainly acts like it too in one of the grittiest film noirs ever produced – one that critics claim is a magnificent metaphor for Cold War paranoia even though screenwriter A.I. Bezzerides denies any such intentions.

Once the credits conclude and Nat King Cole’s sonorous voice fades into the darkened landscape, Christina and Hammer run into a police checkpoint where they here that a woman has escaped from an asylum further north. Hammer adds two and two together, but protects Christina when the police come to his car. Further along this freeway, the two encounter hoodlums who wrestle the duo from their car, escort them to an unknown location where they torture Christina to death (her lower hips down are seen; one can only imagine what else we might have seen if this film was made decades later), and later push Christina’s dead body and Hammer’s down a cliff inside Hammer’s car. Hammer jumps out in time, but is seriously injured and hospitalized. With the help of his lover-secretary Velda (Maxine Cooper), he assumes responsibility for this case. As the investigation deepens, we are introduced to Christina’s roommate and friend Lily Carver (Gaby Rodgers) and Hammer’s friend and Greek-American automobile repairman Nick (Nick Dennis). Rounding out the cast in roles I would rather not specify are Albert Dekker as a doctor, Paul Stewart, Juano Hernandez, Wesley Addy, Marian Carr, Jack Elam, and Strother Martin.

For Cold War purposes, there is also the presence of a small suitcase that is burning hot to the touch and contains a glowing, searingly blinding material inside. Kiss Me Deadly’s reputation as a great whatisit is centered around the contents of this suitcase. These prove instrumental to the final minutes of Kiss Me Deadly. Without spoiling (and Kiss Me Deadly is as spoiler-sensitive a film as they come), two versions of the film exist: the original 106-minute version that keeps the final scene and recent restorations/television edits that last 104 minutes and more strongly suggest the impending nuclear annihilation of humanity. I saw the 106-minute complete version despite a vociferous contingent of film noir fans proclaiming that the incomplete 104-minute version is perfect as is – and I will conceded that the final moments feel sloppily written and too unbelievable for me. That might be true, but the 104-minute version ends in a way Aldrich never intended – Aldrich himself never realized that, since the initial theatrical release of Kiss Me Deadly, the only way audiences ever saw his film was the cut version. Aldrich scrounged up the missing footage and had it restored alongside the print that film noir fans, for decades, believed to be Aldrich’s total vision.

With a $425,000 budget (~$3.7 million in 2015′s USD), what seems to be hand-held cameras appear during the many night scenes. With no money for greenscreen effects or studio soundstages for interior scenes, most of the exteriors were – unlike many major Hollywood studio films in the midst of the Studio System (which ran from the silent era until the early-/mid-1960s) – Aldrich and his crew were on location more often than the usual Hollywood production and were shooting at night far more than your average film noir. Cinematographer Ernest Laszlo (a master of black-and-white as evidenced by his work in 1950′s D.O.A., 1956′s While the City Sleeps, and 1961′s Judgment at Nuremberg) has a field day with the natural lighting of the undeveloped knolls surrounding the highway in the Angeles Mountains and employs only just enough lighting in the urban scenes. Driving scenes are actually performed by Meeker as the camera is often perched on the backseat (like in the opening credits) of Mike Hammer’s vehicle. Not something you saw every day in Old Hollywood, with its infinite front-facing driving scene fakeries.

Meeker’s tough guy persona and face were ideal for films brimming with clenched-fist masculinity; Kiss Me Deadly is no different. His interpretation of Mickey Spillane’s character was so brutal and violent that the Kefauver Commission – a United States Senate committee tasked with investigating organized crime that also made statements on certain crime films they deemed to be morally reprehensible – labeled Kiss Me Deadly as a dangerous film for youths to watch. The Catholic League of Decency also condemned the film, which prompted United Artists to request Aldrich to cut some of Meeker’s  Because, of course, if a kid watches a private eye psychologically and physically torture his opponents in a film noir, all the young’uns in the audience will want to try it for themselves.

Kiss Me Deadly was poorly received in the United States in part due to American audiences’ opinions on violent scenes in film, but Aldrich’s film was embraced by French critics – particularly those who would be figureheads in the French New Wave like François Truffaut. In France, the film was hailed for its artistic independence from the evil, homogeneous Hollywood Studio System – a claim that Kiss Me Deadly’s cult fans maintain. Tightly told and edited, nasty with a vengeance for a 1950s film, and always engrossing, Kiss Me Deadly – with an erotic/violent title is sheer perfection – is a strong, sadistic film noir that is at its best when it lurks alongside darkened Californian mountains and the poorly-lit, seedier streets of Los Angeles.

My rating: 8.5/10

^ Based on my personal imdb rating. Half-points are always rounded down.

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my first kiss was at the movie theater with my boyfriend of 6 months. we were 14, and it was after the great gatsby. all my friends saw, and the first time he tried, he missed my lips :P i had been making the moves all night though! -sagittarius and taurus

Aw the best kind of cliche :)

To those who have given up on love: I say, 'Trust life a little bit.'

Falling asleep
and falling in love
are the same thing,
aren’t they?
Each night I dream of
you as your lips
trace the veins in
my eyelids.
I can’t remember just the
moment I fell asleep
or fell for you, 
but here
I am in the middle of this
great happening, of
vulnerability, and I
should hope no one
will ever wake me.


Monday evening I threw my back out and ended up in the hospital. Matthew came to the rescue with an origami rose he made before leaving his house as I was waiting for a doctor in the ER. He followed me back to my house as my sister drove me home and cuddled with me watching the first F&F movie. He kissed my forehead over and over, held my hand, and made sure I was warm enough at all times. Whether it was helping me switch between the ice pack or heating pad, getting me water, or basically any need I had he was there reminding me of how beautiful I was the entire time. 

I almost slipped. As I hobbled to my door because I insisted on walking him out I kissed him goodbye. He kissed my nose and said he’d text me when he arrived home to which I caught myself before saying, “I love you”. 


I can’t believe for the first time in my life I almost dropped the three most sacred words first. Me. Kristen Troilo. What the actual fuck? Emphasis on almost. 

In addition, Paul and Eric came by the following day with two cartons of ice cream and chocolate to make me feel better since I couldn’t move. I have the best friends. 

Matt pokes fun at me and pushes my buttons, but always comes back with some suave pick up line to make me chuckle and fall for him all over again. Tonight as I was perusing the interwebs we chatted about how we want to travel together and drive across the country. 

All the guys call him “subie bro”. People think we’re so cute to the point where I’ve been told they want to throw up because it’s too much to handle. He gets along with all my friends and the ones he isn’t too fond of he’s nice to. When I got to Volkshore tonight a couple of people asked where he was and why he wasn’t there. Truth be told, it’s not because I don’t want him there. I’m just being a mature person. We mutually agreed he doesn’t want to go and my goal is to see some friends not to shove something in society’s face. I know my boyfriend is amazing and I’m about that lowkey life. Why cause drama when it’s not necessary? 

My favorite time is when we’re being lazy in his bed. Napping and watching movies is my activity of choice and I’m glad he’s on board to spend an entire day in bed with me and it’s because it’s something he enjoys too. 

Tonight I’ll cuddle Squirt and miss his handsome face. I can’t wait for when Mary and Bob Tro go away in August. Guess who’s spending the week? We’re going to make breakfast, have dinner, and entertain friends. 

I’m a lucky girl.


It’s funny though, tonight a couple people mentioned how the drama with Charlie is over and Matt should come to Volkshore, but what they failed to understand until I said it was that it was over for me months ago. They had a, “Oh, you’re right,” moment. Although I’m glad everyone is getting over it I feel like it’s still taking time for my decisions to sink in, and you know what? No one hates me, thinks I’m crazy, or judges me. Shit, Kyle even talked to me and apparently he’s Charlie’s best friend these days. Not that they should have to get over my life and times, but whatever. This whole boy who cried sob story is going to back fire on him as if people aren’t already sick of his shit, and guess who’s too happy in a relationship and with my life to find a single fuck to give? 

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53, 94 & 99 :)

53: describe your first kiss? Was it how you imagined?
- I don’t even remember my first kiss
94: list your favorite movies
- lord of the rings, Harry Potter, hunger games, etc
99: are you happy today?
- yes I am actually pretty good today
I had a friend here over night and we’re going to get our nails done now ☺️