sooo i recently hit the 1k followers!!!!!! i can’t believe thank you so much guys. so i decided to do my first ‘follow forever’, i don’t follow too many blogs but anyways i’m so excited and i wanna do it.

Thanks to this blogs who do my dashboard a wonderful place to be.

# - C:

@5sos-official | @adoredstydia | @bilesallenskiimagines | @codychristian | @codychristianupdates | @cohdychristian

D - F:

@dailygrantgustin | @damnteenwolf | @dantheo | @deaconhills | @dunbarsweetheartxo | @dunwithraeken | @dylan-obiren | @fallen-imagine-angel  | @fangirloftheforest

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@grantgustinnews | @gustinpacks | @heinousomega | @itsrebeccablack |  @kr-ysten

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@lahey-raeken | @lightwoodstilinski68 | @lydias-martin | @madeleine-amber | @masterofimagines | @mayaahart | @princessxfangirl

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@rhaeken | @selfignitingargent | @skiesofthesketchy | @teeenwolf-writings | @teenwolf-theoriginals | @teenwolfallcaps | @thaeken | @theoraekenedit


hey guys!! 

lol maybe this is a bad time to post it since my dash isn’t very active so i’m assuming not a lot of you are online but i dunno 

i just wanted to say i’m really happy to be here and to be able to talk with you guys ahh this is so cheesy lmao but idk i don’t want anyone feeling bad for me or feeling obligated to message me if i’m ok or something but idk i’ve felt really shitty for a few years now (on and off in terms of severity) and especially recently so it’s really comforting to be able to be here and lol i guess “be with” you guys even if it’s just online so many of you send me messages and send me asks and initiate convos with me and idk i’m just overwhelmingly grateful because yall give me some of the few smiles throughout my day

this is so random but ahh thank you guys!! i hope as many of you guys see this 

much love!!  💖💖💖

- ava

hello everyone ~ a few days ago i reached a personal goal on both my main blog and on chokemewinwin so i decided to make my first follow forever ◠‿◠ thank you for making my time on tumblr memorable and fun, and i hope for more memories in the future! and thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over these few months and still continue to follow me, you motivate me to create the best content possible and work my hardest on maintaining this blog well ~ i love you all so much ♡

bolded: there’s a letter for you at the bottom 。◕ ‿ ◕。

@061494, @17352kv, @bbqdadtaeyong, @chittarita, @clittaphon@coconutminhyung, @cutie-lee-taeyong, @doyoung, @etaerealtaeil, @h-aechan, @haechansgf, @hansolfied, @hansoulji, @heauxscode, @hyungpaochicken, @jaehyun4u, @jaetaeme, @jenosgf, @kpopblue@lordwinwin, @nctepdnim, @nctokki, @okayjaehyun@pastuser, @taeyongfireeyes, @taeyongitslow, @taeyongshi, @taiyutaki, @taeyonghasnobutt@tensbootyhole,@winwinpiercedhisears, @yutafan, @yutagf, @yutaone

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Hello!! I’m finally doing my first follow forever after this blog for almost 2 years and I’ve met some amazing ppl. So thank you to everyone whose followed me and continues to love and support my blog💞


@01chill @305heaux @3plants @5anha @95zgf @agendersoo @aiyuji @angeljin @antisana @artheauxyongguk @babygirlnayeon @balifor @bangmln @bangsojin @bangyourshinki @bigspoonkyungsoo @blondekyungri @boahani @bts420 @chittaporn-hub @choisiwonthirstprincess @chokemewinwin @cravingnamjoon @crossgene-s


@dazzlingkai @ddonggeun @dibidibidisrespectful @double-stuffed-kookies @doyoungg @exosback @fairyminhyuk @fuckmybiaslist @gay-shit-girlgroups-do @gayoungie @gfriendtv


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@lawlliets  @letmesuga @lhoe @lunasgrl @m-ihyuns @m1nhees @mark-blackgf @minhyvkkie @minoins @minsoons @moon-hyuks @myung-y @naughty-bangtan @nct-daddy @nct-the-type-to @ncttrashaf @nmjoon @nonbinarygirls @omfgjimin @ohmgirls @oilait @oilyweather @okayjaehyun 


@parkkyunqri @peachnim @pinksorn @quietlim @r-velvet @rapbabychaeyoung @saintksoo @sanatozaki @sangthyug @scoupsanti @scoupstv @seolangel @shinestellar @shiningstellar @shinhw6 @shyseulgi @sichengz @sinb-ssi @skortgorl @snatchedhunty @soy-goth @soojunkys @soysuga @stangfriend2k16 @stop-thirstin-dae


@taendelion @taesaesthetic @taesyong @taonsil @tellmewhatislove

[2ND HALF] @satenism @tenrais @tenyonce @tiffkyu @ultjacks @v-dyo @violetnpurple @vocalsunits @wendysgf @wheejihyo @winwinism @wonhontology Y-Z @y-oji @y-ta @y-uju @yeeunz @yooa-s @yooneroos @yookihyun @yoon-to-the-oh @yoongichii @yoonjinned @yujuss @yutenor @ztaohs

this is my first time doing this and i reach 1k a few week ago so thank you for following me!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ . these are all mutuals because i follow way too many people 

♡’s = bolded mutuals who have tagged me in post or talk to me (even though i never talk to some of you guys before but i love you and thank you for tagging me in posts!! ❤️  )

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photo is mine, Baltic sea is slayin’ it tbh

this is my very first follow forever and wow I should’ve done that earlier
most of you I’ve been following since the very beginning of my tumblr journey and I’m glad I found you. you were the inspiration for my blog, and each and every one of you had a big impact on what my blog looks like now, and what I have become. some of you are my close baby bun cinammon rolls, some of you are my mutuals, but the most important thing is that I treat you all like my friends!

I want to thank:

@arambourgianie || @aaronburrder || @danisnotonfiretm || @mrphaniplier  || @tom-jen-ben-and-the-tardis || @animecookie95 || @throughtheparadox || @archetype-of-a-fangirl || @spaceplants || @ofvirtuesandvagabonds || @goodnight-sammy || @carelessdean || @padadimple || @crappy-line-of-best-fit || @niqhtwing || @wintchester-soldier || @mooses-unicorn-in-the-tardis || @vivaciouscas || @typical-murderess || @arofaithlehane || @bangin-patchouli || @fandom-encyclopedia || @notlucifersblog || @buckslut || @piietromaximoff || @hazukime || @slippery-squirt || @ewjared || @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman || @darlingjared || @excitedsammy || @buckbarnesx || @deathbyfandomonium || @mikeywvy || @dorkywincest || @clintbarhton || @lienkevampire || @alayne-of-lorien || @gay-marauder

You are all great and I adore you blogs so so much!

(If you’re reading this but aren’t here you’re great too ♥)

Hello ^^! I hit 15,000 followers about two days ago and i think its about time i do a follow forever,i made this blog about a year and a half ago and i have no idea how ive come so far but i want to thank all of you for being by my side and liking my blog! Im not really sure how to include 15,000 people in a follow forever its nearly impossible but i love you all!

Italic:blogs i love

Bold: My friends and people i admire

A - G

-arya  aeselyn  akason akinakami ann-kouhai  bbiru  ask-mirajane-strauss   bottled-genius  braiyah  celestial-bubble  celestial–queen  celestialcontrail  celtic-booty   demoby  dragneelbooty  dobengal   draagneels  dragnoots  eriboook  fandomdeluxe  fadingsoulss  fatedsong  fairytailwitch flamedork  fttalk  fulllbusters  galaxia-blade   grayhyun  grovylle

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  wendychuu  xfairydisney  xfairydrawing  yaushie  yoriru yuuba zippi44

Don’t mind this corny edit

For my followers who don’t know what Thanksgiving is, it is a holiday where people come together and eat (turkey is a typical food eaten) and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for numerous things, one of them being all the amazing people on here. I am thankful for each and every follower, mutual, and even non mutuals because their blogs keep a smile on my face.

I am going to try and add every mutual I have on here. If you noticed you weren’t added please tell me, I won’t mind it at all.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating it and if not, I hope this makes you think about what you’re thankful for!


@1236am @1800temporaryfix @305lux @3ooda97 @6weaux


@adarkzarrie @ahecapa​ @allthatmattersisbieber @analwithdrake @angelicmami @anygueys​ @asapzaddy @ashleybanksvevo @atlanica @aualissa @awokethot

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@camilasjustin​ @caucasianproph3t @celebthot @champaynepapi @charlotthes @chicalmighty @chipotlejustin @chuuuurrros @completebabe @confidentgomez @crushesmeinside @ctrlbieber @cubaheaux @cuteirishniallerj @cutelikejustindrew


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Hellooo everyone!! I’m Sarah and not that long ago I reached a milestone that I never thought I would reach tbh. I started this blog as ooverdoseonexo but I think the most of you know me as wetjongin.

I’ve gotten to know some amazing people on here and I’m feeling super happy about that. I never though anyone would talk to me on here when I started the blog and I could not even imagine so many people following this trashy blog.

To my friends: I love you guys so much and I am so happy to have gotten to know you all, you’re the best seriously /big hug/
To my followers: thank you for following me, you are so precious<3
To my mutuals: you’re the best, stay fab
To the blogs I follow: thank you for making my dash fabulous, ily

✿ - u deserve this flower oki
bold - mutuals
italic - senpais

# - d
0nthighs ✿, 99hyun ✿, acciogryffindordudes, annyeongpabo, arigataou, arojongin, arosoo, atlasofescapes, attenchen-laydees, baek-my-day, baek-tao-the-future, baekby, baekhynnie, baekhyun-ah, baekshine, baekyhns, bangtanana ✿, banhsoo, bhyunq, blondejongin, byunbaek-bch, byunbaekholic, byunbaeks, byunpupbaek, ceokaisoo, channingyeol, chanyeof, chanyeolgarbage, chanyeols-common-sense, chenrrerorocher, chenshit, chipsoo ✿, classifiedgzb, come-xing-to-me, creepy-luhan, cumbaek, cutaekai, damn-kyungsoos-ass, datkaidoe, deardodoro, dearjonginxo, death-by-jongin, dickyeol, dimplay, dimsummark93, do-me-kris, dohdoro, doksoo, dokyungsoo, dontbaekaway, drkimkai, dyo-kyungpoop, dyo-you-love-me, dyobun, dyoen ✿, dyominos, dyosoo

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doneee and I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, so if you feel like you should be in this ff, please message me so I can add you! have a nice day!! :^)

So, .4k sounds a lot cooler than 400, don’t you think? Anyways, I’ve recently reached 400 followers (thank you!) and the majority of those who voted in my poll wanted a follow forever. I apologize if I miss anyone but I follow hundreds of blogs, so just let me know if I made a mistake. I feel like I am missing a bunch of people, for a matter of fact, I just don’t know who. And now, without further ado, merlinsghosties’ first follow forever!

Mutuals | Highest reblog percentage


@10isalivingconversecommercial @aarontaylorjonhson @akane022 @aleclightworms @alexandarcho @alexandargideonlightwood @amazing-halsey @amelliwood @acklesjensn @anyathebox @archangeles @arousecas @arthurpenswaggin @aryastarks @avalonarthur @awesomesilvercat @badrcse @bisexualmerlin @bloodybaronn @blueboxacademy @bluepumpkinsandredribbons @boobraeden @boomslang666 @bootymisha @bradleyjizzames @brolin-merthur @brolinexplizit @brolinskeep @bubblegum-beach @butterbeerlovegood @bvckyrogcrs


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Okay, guys! l want to thank you for following me! lm here like for 4 weeks and l have 500 followers! That`s unbelievable! Thank you for being awesome and active and the best! l love you, guys!!! *hugs*

blog - cool, wonderful, amazing, fantastic, super-duper awesome people (l could just write every blog here with italics, but l decided to highlight only the ones who l spoke at least ones)

blog - super close to my heart people


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well i have certainly taken my time with making a follow forever i’ve been putting it off ever since i reached my goal i am so lazy but i hope you can forgive me!! seriously thank you all so much for following ♥ 

i truly never imagined this blog would blow up as much as it did, but i’m so so grateful for you all!!! thank you for all the support on my dumb bangtan videos and making me smile and filling my dash with awesome and cool posts! take a look at my blogroll to see every rad person i follow :)))

bold = mutuals who have my heart n soul
italics = sensational blogs who i deeply admire w/ passion

(i tried to put this in alphabetical order, knowing me i probably messed up somewhere or forgot to include someone so please message me if you find a mistake!)

☆ A - G ☆

agizibe // bang-tan // bangtanbyul // bangts // bangblockbaptan // bapangels // basedminyoongi // bngtned // brilliantlens // btsforever // bwiyomi // cuteyoongi // coldlung // deepthoughtsbykanyewest //  deerjimin // dopemansuga // doujinssi // dumtae // foxbro //
freakdafunk // gasinaya // gayh0pe // gayinexcelsis // glucoseoppar // granulatedsuga

☆ H - M ☆

hoebi // honbgin // hoseokh // iceheal // ikjee // j-helpless // janitorjimin // jaypecks // jeosychi // jhopeandfaith // jhorses // jhorze //
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jungcookie// jungcrocs// junghobis // jungjh0pe// junglekook//
jungucci // kimvaehyung // kookiebu // kwisseu // leesungjohn // marktuahns // 
midicronica // minsugahs // minsugoi // minyoongucci

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namjinvevo // onlyonemango // oppafightme // parkedjimin // prefectsuga // radboysehun // royaltaehyung // sehuns-left-testicle // senpai-noticed-you-so-he // shoulder-hyung // shugakookies // sugabae // sugafuck // sugagi // sugapark // sugsoo //  sweetyoongi

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taerrection // taehyeonq // teurim // toiletae // untaolerable // v-hoped // veautae // vhyung // vlientae // vrotic // vtaemins // wealthyhousewife // xiuru // yeoboong // yoongiboo // yoongiismybrownie // yoongijpg // yoonhgi // yoonmxn // z1c

so recently I reached 500 followers?!!! I made this account roughly four months ago as a place for me to learn more about bangtan and to be able to share my love for them. I honestly didn’t think that this many people would look at my account let alone click follow. I’ve made many amazing friends through this blog and I’m so grateful to have met all of them. Thank you all for following me, I dont know what to say… I’ve been staring at my screen for way too long thinking of what to say aishh… just, thank you so much!!!!!  ♡ I wanted to celebrate the blogs I follow that make me smile on a daily basis, blogs that fill my dash with amazing, wonderful content that make my day. Please take the time to check them out!!!

♡ // faves,, //mutuals,, doubles // people I consider my friends!

{#- e}

@94218 / @adorablejungkook ♡ ♡ / @agustd ♡/ @ahjuicy ♡/ @bangtaanvines / @bangtan-hoseok / @bangtan-namjoon / @bangtanbighit ♡/ @bangtanella ♡ ♡/ @bangtannoonas / @bangtext / @blondejeon / @booptae ♡/ @boyfriendjimin / @bts  ♡/ @bts-hoe-forever / @bts-jiminniebear / @bts0726  ♡/ @bts420 / @btsgmfu / @btskimtaehyung ♡/ @btstease / @btstrash1 / @busanplayboy / @bwibelle ♡/ @cassidylynn2600 / @cataerpie / @cherrybts / @chim-chimii / @chimchams ♡/ @chimcheroo / @chimchiminnie ♡ ♡/ @cloudjimin / @cloudtaehyung / @cuddlestae ♡/ @d-boyz ♡/ @daesungisbaesung ♡ ♡/ @damnnjoon / @dirty-bts-imagine / @dreamyoongi ♡/ @eatjin ♡/

{f- j}

@fanofsuga / @fantastic94rm / @finnyisbored ♡ ♡/ @fluffyjiimin ♡ ♡/ @forjimin / @foryoongi / @fourthwalls ♡ ♡/ @fuckyeahjapanandkorea / @fy-jeonkook / @fy-jiminnie ♡/ @fy-seokjin / @fyeahbangtaned ♡/ @fyeahjunghoseok / @fyrapmon / @goldsugakookie ♡ ♡/ @grumpygreenglucose ♡ ♡/ @hobaeyourthirst ♡/ @holdmehoseok ♡/ @honeyinhales / @hoseokedpanties / @hoseoksadamsapple / @hugtae ♡/ @jamlessvanny ♡/ @jeonghanshalo / @jeongiggle ♡ ♡/ @jeonheart / @jeonsshi ♡/ @ji-minnie ♡/ @jimin-is-life / @jimineh ♡/ @jiminned ♡/ @jiminnejams / @jiminniejagi ♡/ @jimins-pelvis / @jimins-taesty-kookie ♡/ @jiminsbeach/ @jiminsbee ♡/ @jingif / @jinskookie / @jinyoungaf/ @jitamin ♡/ @jungkookau ♡/ @jungkookiedaily / @just-namjooned /

{k- p}

@kainks/ @keemcandy / @kimjooon / @kimnamjoonnie / @kimtaetaeisbae  ♡ ♡/ @kimtqtae ♡/ @kimvtaehyvng ♡/ @kkaebtae ♡ ♡/ @kookie-time / @kooksnovia ♡ ♡/ @kths ♡/ @letmesuga / @lleeluda / @mamamoo- / @marriedtothe-cypher / @min-swga ♡ ♡/ @mingenius ♡/ @minpout ♡ ♡/     @minpuffs ♡/ @miyoong ♡ ♡/ @mysteriousgirl228/ @namjoon-daily/ @namjoonsrightdimple ♡ ♡/ @namoster / @namstarluv ♡ ♡/ @nas-taehyung / @naughtybts / @njootd / @nmisuga ♡/ @nmjoon ♡/ @oh-jhope ♡/ @ohparkjimin / @pdnamjoon ♡ ♡/ @pjiminnie ♡/ @prncessjin

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@rapsuckas ♡/ @s-wag-suga / @sakurap ♡/ @sayjjanhae / @sickofsuga ♡ ♡/ @sirsuga ♡/ @squeakjimin ♡/ @suga-slut / @sugacoups / @sugagifs / @sugasunderwear ♡/ @sugutie ♡/ @sunshine-hobi / @syubbie ♡/ @t-hvng / @taehyu ♡/ @taehyungifs / @taesmixtape ♡ / @taevisual / @tbhobi ♡/ @theking-or-thekid / @thetaebooty ♡ ♡/ @tripty-chim ♡ ♡/ @turtle-yoongi ♡ ♡

{v- z}

@varietae ♡ ♡/ @versigny / @violetjimin ♡ ♡/ @vrehpyc / @wataermelon ♡/ @we-hate-bts / @whyparkjimin ♡/ @xparkjxmin / @yoo-ngie ♡/ @yoon-hobii ♡ ♡/ @yoongichii ♡/ @yoongichill ♡ ♡/ @yoonimin ♡ ♡/ @yoonmin ♡/ @yooseok ♡/ @yourdailyseokjin/

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first follow forever! Ive recently hit a large milestone of 1k followers & when i found out i was like “ wtf is this , no way “ but thank you guys so much for following this blog even though I don’t make edits (I wish I could), gifs or write fanfics like wow thank you all for sticking with me (: 

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I just passed my 1000th follower, so it was about time to do my first Follow Forever, because without these blogs tumblr wouldn’t be such an amazing experience.

Thank You ♥

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jakeparalta, judithgrimes, just--some--guy, kira-yukimura
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pauljesusmonroepraxidqueen-carol, ♥quodl♥, redvipers, 
rickslori, septiclovebite, stevensyeunstillnotspoiledyet
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+ Blogroll

Hey guys! I’ve reached 1200 followers so I wanted to thank all of you for following me and I decided to make my first Follow Forever. I feel like there will be a lot of blogs in this FF but it’s my first one and I didn’t know how to do it:$ Thank you so much to every single one of you for making my dash bright, and congratulations because your blog is flawless, I love you 

A - C

aaronjramsey - aaronramsey-s - adeline- - all-stars-shining - angela-multifandoms - antoneshair - arseneswengers - baltazahr -barcacastle-iancolin-always barca-forever barca-penguins - barcapersempre - bartra-marc -bemycescky - beregreysessedlux - blaugr4na- campnouforever - carlilessmile - catalaans - chelseadortmund - croatoansammy 

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V - Z

viscaelbarcaa - v-valdes - welcometoinsideofmymind -  wortsammlerin - xaviers-hernandez - xmysweetscapex - yasmine-fcbarcelona-1998

1 - 9

29november1899 - 5loveliesyo - 5secondsofsummerisoutofmylimit

Hope I didn’t forget anyone If I do I’m so sorry <3 The bolded ones are my favourites<3


Hi sorry for the shitty ass edit i did lmao. This is my first ever follow forever so I don’t rlly know how it works. I hope you like it tho. Um i’ve been on tumblr for a whole year now and i just want to thank all these people for making my dash amazing :). I’m really really really sorry if i forgot anyone on here please tell me if you weren’t, I will add you on. 

I know this is long overdue but here it is! thank you all so much for the last year. I have bonded and made some great friends! thank you for my followers- those who where there since the beginning and those who have just arrived. Thank you for those Wednesday’s when we’d all go mad like a bunch of gorillas because of Naruto. dear lord. thank you for reblogging and liking my posts. thank you for everything. I hope you guys have such a nice christmas that you feel like your stomach could fall out of your butt. jks. I pray for all of you to have a safe and happy holiday season. always try your best and never give up! you can do it dattebayo! ( you see what I’ve become) each and every single one of you are so amazing and beautiful and when things bring you down, rise up and punch that obstacle straight in the dick. you guys are the best.

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope you guys have a safe holiday.

Thank you so much for sticking with me for a whole year omg. :))))   


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I can’t believe that I hit 400 followers. I am but a smol meme child who posts mostly on queue through my phone. But hey, I guess 400+ people enjoy it! I still feel like a #n00b but it works.

You guys all mean so much to me, and I cant believe there are that many people who give enough of a crap about me to click follow. Just that much puts me in awe. I’ve gotten so many laughs and comfort from everyone, I wouldnt be the same tbh. I really cant express how much this means to me. Thank you all so much. Really. From the bottom of my heart.

Bolded are my close friends/IRL friends

Bolded and Italicized are my very best friends


a-doodle-production a-light-like-the-setting-sun aizy-boy al-chimiste alikouhai an-twuh-net archdemoning ask-miss-vargas askkingdombrats askthefiremaster attack-on-stevenuniverse autistic–amethyst axel-mapleleafflame axelslittlelovemuffin baguettedragon basicvanitas baspork22 beynanasplit bicol-express blackberrymilkshake blazes-of-glory blueruby457
bronii-chan bunnyslastwords burnthissite cadetpixel castlesasune celestial–kitten chainofdespair chariflare cherrycocacole chihiro-fuji-booty childishanimelover cloaked–schemer completely-and-utterly-mad consulting-hunter-inthe-tardis ctmm122 darandomnellz dark-cloud-2 datanamines daysovertwo dduscae dearly-beloved-hetalian despairdoctortsumiki despairinggunslinger disneyslament disneysora divinitions dixiemame33 doesthisvesselmakemybuttlookbig doing-the-brave-thing dorkneki
dragondicktittysprinkles dramaticalhearts elpineapplejp emmanoelle1220 erinchu erueyebrows erzascarletscake excusemewhileiplaykh


faintlyglow fallingintothisrabbithole finalkingdomace finnh01 flamesilockes
forever-stepping-on-legos foxinadaze fried-rices fuckevangelion gaarashukaku gamergirl1977 garycolemania gaymy-raudenfeld gaynyway giggling-corpse gingienator gladiolvs goryfae grimspecter gundam-ronpa haganenoheart haisewanwan hanjisdoppelganger headlinecreative hematobiologist hikaharus hisocunt hoestarcore http-robot hunkdwarf hypccrlte icapturedthesun inkiestslinky inmystictimeline insane-pyrospook insertbadusernamepunhere jaegers-lover-levi jay-is-still-dead jeremiahdaveyjones jessi-aka-pyro jillgregory807 jkiyru jordan-eitc ju-ju-butter-bean katiekookiez katreenaah kawaii-mcnipples kawaiieiko kazuichiiiii kh-memes khazon khoathkeeper13 killanotherwalker kimimimaro kingdom-hearts-betch kingdom-lessthanthrees kingdomaniacofhearts kingdomhhearts kirakishous krystalizedforest krystalmelodie kurohas-comin-for-dat-booty


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tanakagundham tentaclehorror terminallycabitchious terradork that-one-awkward-heartless that-someone-guy thatkeybladefreak thats-not-my-namine the-light-filled-prince the-valiantium the-vashta-nerdvana the666-101 thearmedzion thebloodysideofthemoon thefearlesspumpkin thegreatblackfox thelengendofcate thelunardiviner theosaurusrexx therequiemofkingdomhearts thermostatvia tigressunderwater translavellann tsukiyamaa tsumyiu ultimate-alpaca ultimatecreativity uptownss ur-so-noizy vanelephant vanillavanitas vansoffthetrack vanvenilla veronikamacabre wethetragedy whyamiheartless wingblade xemnas-plushie xems-ass xemynort xion-xiii xions-tear xxaespurrxx xxaxel-xx xxtruleyinsanexx yanderekitten yasaij yawningpunk yexlim you-and-i-are-not-impossible yumlish yuu-narukamis zaidelles zexion-zexioff

If I missed anyone please let me know!

I’d say it’s not bad for my first follow forever~!

here’s to many more friends and good times on this website!

Ahh… i don’t even know where to start or how to start. Hiiiii guys. Why am i getting nervous now…. well i’ve been on tumblr for 3 months and 15 days oh wow exactly 3 and half months. Which means i haven’t been here for awhile but the amount of friends i’ve made here in such a short time has made me feel like ive been here for years. I was going to postpone this but Riya knows my procrastination problems so she told me to do it. 
I want to thank all of you 500+ Followers that are following me, you all might not talk to me but all of you have made me smile just by taking your time to press that follow button. Hope you guys actually enjoy my posts. XD 
I suck at expressing my feelings but i would like to let all of you know that i really appreciate all of you. ♥

Here we go…

Bold- People that i stalk, ikidd. The blogs that kind of look up to. 

Italic- The ones that i extremely love having on my dashboard.

 Heart♥- It’s a link to a little special note to the people i’ve gained a connection with, my close friends. 

Star* - The ones i know in real life.~ 




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Wooh. That took awhile, i felt like writing everyone’s url. XD 
I probably don’t talk to a lot of you are have talked to once or more.Sorry if i missed anyone out, i have a poop memory. >.> Really, thank you to all my followers.


i recently hit 1k followers and i have been wanting to make a follow forever for a while but wanted to wait, now that i have reached my goal i can make the follow forever. so we all know that i am not a graphic designer,,, this banner was made by the love of my life whisper.  so i gotta thank a few people first before i move onto my gc’s and the rest of the lovely people i follow

@marievizuete marie you will always be first and you were one of the first friends i made here on tumblr about a year ago,,,, we haven’t stopped talking since and i love that. you’re always there for me and I’m there for you,,,, and we have to meet soon before you go off to college even tho you won’t be that far, marie i love you so much i hope we still keep talking and hopefully we meet soon.

@yslfanfic mahaa i love you so much you’re fucking amazing and you honestly deserve the world… mahaa you get trashed a lot bc of your age and religion and thats not right,,, i also want to thank you for accepting me into such a beautiful faith and for answering my questions! i hope we keep up our friendship!!

@zouieau maryum saw my post about wanting to convert to the islam religion and quickly reached out to help me with any questions i may have and even found a new muslim name for myself,,, i really appreciate everything you did for me and I’m glad you and i are friends!

@reverthelp Mustafa you were also one of the first to reach out when i made the post about wanting to convert and answered all of my questions,,, i can now help others out and I’m really glad you are still helping me with everything,,, i really appreciate all this thank you so much!

now onto my gc’s !!

my first gc this one was first i was put into it was first called one direction sux, then hey angle, then harry emailed zayn, then we’d die for denise, then we’d die for zourry and denise, then we’d die for denise and yj so many mores but for now its zourry squad,,, i fucking love you guys so much

@peachyzourry @ziamcollab @latenightsdrunkallsummer @trampstampau @theriseofzayn @zaynftliamvevoand @mattetroye @neonzourry @galaxyzourry

bus 1 gc that is now the holy spirit of dick lmfao 

@louistumlinson @tiozou  @zoudidas  @aceniall @aroacezouis @dancerlouis @zainsaccent @acestyles @acryliclypretentious @marievizuete if i missed anyone I’m so sorry

then i created a gc with @peachyzourry and @louis2k15

louis hoe’s gc

@punkharryau @blesslourry  @yesofcoursealwaays @silverspoonharry @agenderzouis @pastelpinkharry @louisbuttcheek and @louistumlinson

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