“Good For You’ is actually one of the first songs that I recorded for the record and I think it just sets the tone perfect for the record just because it’s sexy, but not trying to hard. The track and everything kind of does it itself. It’s sensual, it reps women in a good way. I think it does something to a woman when they look good.”


Gangsta. | Episode 1

“It’s really annoying, you take care of us and all, but… Chad, we are not your men. It’ll be bad if you don’t understand that, you get it? We aren’t very patient people. If you don’t listen our selfishness from time to time, next time I’ll break open your skull!

“[…] I’ve realised that while there’s nothing wrong with telling people about exciting or interesting things they might not have thought of doing, it’s pretty twisted to turn that into a guilt trip, that uses people’s natural anxiety about making the best use of their time on earth as a stick to beat them with. And incredibly arrogant to set ourselves up as the arbiter of things people “must do” at all, let alone putting a sodding time limit on it. So we’re gonna go back to basics, call it “Two Things To Do Before Or After You’re 30” and give it away free on a postcard.”

so we moved under the spotlight 
and never thought about the price we’d pay
when all the world around us slipped away (x)

(for hopelesstmrblogger)

ʺNot yet,ʺ I said.
He scoffed, shook his head, and opened the door. Just before leaving, he gave me one more backward glance. ʺThe contractʹs null and void, by the way.ʺ
I felt like Iʹd been slapped in the face. And in one of those rare moments, Rose Hathaway was rendered speechless. I had no witty quips, no elaborate explanations, and no profound insight.
Adrian left, and I wondered if Iʹd ever see him again.

is it sad to get sad over the fact that i love my birthday but my family has never given me a good one