“From this day forth, you are a Grey Warden.”

The blood is nearly black in the goblet, reflecting a distorted image of her face back at her. There’s some form of symbolism in that, she thinks, with a tinge of bitterness.

She glances at Daveth’s prone form, his face twisted in agony, and wonders if she will survive this.  Some part of her, still back in the pantry with her parents, hopes that she doesn’t. 


“I wasn’t paying attention! All I saw was red hair, I was thinking about having to go to Weisshaupt, the Wardens - thinking of Carver, you know? And–”
     “– because Carver used to like your kisses so much.”
     “He loved them. :D And anyway yeah then on the way to the camp at the lake Varric said to me you know that guy has a little crush on you, right? and I just-”
     *Anders spilling his drink laughing*

@living-in-headcanon why is Iain so hard to paint??? xD

ETA: I hope the canon is still that he’s the brother. :D Otherwise I’ll be embarrassed too!

I don’t even know what this is, I was just a bit fed up of writing the ‘Caroline is in love with Olly and it pains her and she has to tell him and they end up together’ narrative. Plus someone requesting Caroline comforting Olly eons ago and bits of this were writing themselves in my head at work and then on my walk home(at midnight when it was freezing cold and I had no way of writing, fecking inconvinient brain) so anyhoo this is the result, yup. 

To dinner and to bed, carolly rpf

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well i just had my first college audition :^)

at least the professor’s dog was cute

leverage is that one show that always makes you feel better no matter what’s wrong. feel sick? watch leverage. sad? leverage will cheer you up. overwhelmed by how shitty life seems at the moment? watching a team of thieves take down corporate assholes can help with that.

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What things would John do before you were together that secretly turned your crank?

  • Coming out of the shower in just a short terry robe, smelling clean, and fresh, and tantalising.  
  • Falling asleep in his chair, in front of the fire some evenings.  
  • Protecting me on cases.  
  • Not being completely quiet when he would pleasure himself.  
  • Licking his lips.  
  • Staring at my lips.  
  • Staring at my neck.  
  • Feeling my forehead to see if I’m warm, or stitching me up, or cleaning my cuts and scrapes.  He’s always so gentle.
  • Wearing the jeans that showed off his thighs.

Full Name: Areasa  Korine 

Gender and Sexuality: Cis Female, Pansexual, no preference.
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Alternian Troll
Birthplace and Birthdate: October 15th, Eastern Alternian Caverns
Guilty Pleasures: Super long baths. I mean when you can keep your water hot for as long as you want :’D
Phobias: The ocean, molten metal, anyone that’s against mutations.
What They Would Be Famous For: Blowing something that belonged to the fleet up.
What They Would Get Arrested For: arson, murder of a highblood, theft, aiding the rebellion.
OC You Ship Them With: Samson, Eneara.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Tobias (corgitroll’s seadweller has a HUGE BEEF with her) And Jeedat if he ever got into the city to do bounties,
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Strong female leads that are smart and independent.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Count down timers that take WAY too long for five seconds, forced romane.
Talents and/or Powers:  Pyrokinesis, bomb making
Why Someone Might Love Them: Her confidence and energy makes her a wonderful person to hand out with and get a confidence boost.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Her tendency to be very closed off from anyone that she doesn’t immediately click with and now she can/will ignore them. She distances herself from people in the same way and will even go so far as to say something horrid to make sure they don’t try and be her friend again. 
How They Change: When she was young Areasa was very unorganized and rash, which led to a life changing accident. Now she’s a lot more careful and reserved, holding back a lot of her habits she found fun, not to mention she was forced to move into a very sketchy part of town that makes her even more reserved about her blood color. Once she finds a job that can make her more and that she loves she’ll be in a much better place, BUUUUT that job may or may not involved those that wish to remove some aspects of the empire eue She’ll be able to do more dangerous but fun things again at least!
Why You Love Them: I love how happy she is! She’s the adventurous scientist with a want for adventure  AND EXPLOSIONS! She’s a girl with a bad past that’s just trying to get by at this point, her life in a holding pattern of working two jobs and staying home. Now that she’s dating I can’t wait to see how her life progresses and what surprises will come!!

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uhh, can i request a match up? im pretty shy around strangers and i tend to take some time before warming up to people? ;; and im super awkward with physical affection and i suck at expressing my feelings, hah. im kinda quiet but if i warmed up to someone all i do is lame dick jokes and sorts. and i always try to make my friends happy ;; im smol and a bit chubby and my eyesight is pretty bad TT OH and im panromantic and so both are fine! tyvm!!

I ship you with Bartolomeo!

Imagine: He loved teasing you, it wasn’t anything vicious, he just liked poking fun at your quietness and how short you were. He poked fun but he actually loved your personality and how small you were but he wouldn’t tell you that. It’d be too embarrassing on you and on himself. It was a a very unconventional relationship but you both didn’t mind. You two were friends and after the relationship started, that didn’t seem to change. The one thing you found out was that he was jealous whenever someone got too close to you. Especially Cavendish. When the blonde man tried to get close to you, Barto stood in front of you protectively and growled at the man. It was pretty funny but it also made your heart race a little. He knew how great you were but it still pissed him off when someone tried to make a move on you. He had to admit however that he found it cute when you awkwardly shuffled away from people that you didn’t know.

Cute gif for you: 

Honestly, where the fuck have you been hiding?

Campsite 12 has a couple of “beach” areas for visitors to enjoy, spaces where the water is very calm and deep enough for a relaxing swim on a hot summer day. Of course, Citico Creek was absolutely frigid the other day. When I stuck my hands underwater to focus the shots with my GoPro, I was left without feeling anything for a few minutes until my hands were warmed up again. The creek is naturally cold to begin with due to its sources coming from the higher elevations.

Emotions I've never felt before

I feel



But a cold feeling up my spine

Like I want to kill someone

Or kill myself

I feel like no one would show up to my funeral if I died

I hate my flashbacks

Of my past

I hear the voices from my past yelling at me

Torturing me

Killing me

My sanity is fading away

And insanity is taking it’s place

I can’t live like this anymore

No one has never been happy with what I do

And no one will be

I’m going to die alone

I’ll never find anyone to love

Or someone to hold me in the shelter of their arm’s

Everybody calls me a asshole

A jackass

A good for nothing freak

A retard

A Faggot piece of shit

I never felt these emotions before

I need some to help me before I make a mess of walls and sheets and turn them red………

God help me please