Fairy Tail Chapter 416: "Tartarus Arc: The Last Chapter" Reactions

Let’s get going shall we?

FT Colour Page:

The Guild Is Repairing:

Laxus Wakes Up:

Laxus Glomps: (what is this?)

Wendy’s hair turns back to normal:

Gajeel and Levy moment:

Natsu and Happy: (Natsu’s smiling)

Gray sitting at the grave:

Juvia came to see Gray:

Juvia confesses what she did:

Gray gets mad: (Nuu stop it…)

Gray hugs Juvia: (TOO MANY FEELINGS)

Meanwhile Erza is sitting and thinking:

Jellal talks to Erza while walking 

Oracion Seis with Crime Sorciere:

That JeRza Moment:

Back to Sabertooth:

Minerva is back: (And she looks normal)

Yukino welcomes back Minerva:

Minerva cries:

Doranbolt is a member of Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail is disbanding:

Lucy’s room moment is disappointing:

Natsu and Happy are leaving for a year:

Lucy’s crying about being lonely now:

Natsu’s vow:

Zeref at the end:

“Chapter 417: Solitary Journey” (Time skip?)

Overall Chapter:

Hope you guys liked it!~~


You rarely kiss a star during rehearsals. It’s something you only want to do when the cameras are turning. I also think the worst thing that could happen is that you become infatuated with someone during a picture. You can’t play a scene well if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. At the same time, if you can convey to each other that if things weren’t the way they were, maybe something might have happened… —William Holden ( via The Evening Independent interview, article by Art Buchwald )

Just a reminder...

Kalinda Vazquez & Jane Espenson wrote an episode called ‘Best Laid Plans’ which will show on March 29, 2015.

The same writers who wrote:

‘Quite a Common Fairy’ (Jane Espenson) and gave us this…(the episode that ended my life tbh)

‘Witch Hunt’ (Jane Espenson)…

‘Quiet Minds’ (Kalinda Vasquez) with this…

‘Fall’ (Jane Espenson) and let’s not forget this…(an all time fave. OQ moment for me)

Now, I know they’ve said that this episode will focus more on Rumpelstiltskin, but based on the track record of these two and their involvement in OQ, I would expect nothing less…(even if it’s not much oq, there will be something.)

I’ll be writing my will now.

It’s times like these where I am reminded of how truly amazing Bangtan is. They are the most down to Earth, sweetest, most goofiest people ever put into one group. Seriously, can we just list how great they are? Besides their amazing songs and hard work they put in - they are much more than that.

  1. Their songs are about us. They sing and rap about the struggles of having expectations and rules that can sometimes make us unhappy. They understand what it feels like to not have a dream that you can genuinely call yours. 
  2. They post vlogs and Bangtan bombs to show us their personalities - letting us grow WITH them as their fame rises. They even post on their fan websites and SNS cute selfies with captions that always thank us and tell us how much they appreciate our support.
  3. They all aren’t afraid of being themselves. They act goofy and weird and just flat out crazy! Can we all recall when Jungkook was such a cutie, all quiet and shy maknae-like. Look at him in the recent BTS Bomb lip syncing and dancing with Taehyung! They have all grown comfortable with each other - and us fans. <3
  4. And today, with the surprise video that the members planned for J-Hope - just proved to me how much they care for each other and us too. That was really something personal that they planned for J-Hope, and to edit and post that for us ARMYS to enjoy and watch really proves how much they look to their fans as more than just fans. They trust and love us so much and even just thinks about us to the point where uploading a public video with them crying (even if it may appear to be unmanly) and showing their true emotions is something they want to share with US.

I will never ever regret listening and being inspired by Bangtan ever in my life. They literally give me strength, hope, and positivity. Thesearen'tevenallofmyfeelings. Ijusthavealotoffeelingsrightnow.