Danny: What are the perks of being a cop?
Steve: Well…
Danny: Pay sucks, the hours suck, sometimes, I get… no, no, not sometimes… all the time, I get shot at all the time.
Steve: What are you talking about? You never… you hardly ever get shot at.
Danny: Is that a joke? You making a joke?
Steve: Okay, when was the last time you got clipped?
Danny: You’re not a funny person. Are you trying to be funny? You’re not.

Hawaii Five-0 - 2x05 - Ma'ema'e (Clean)

Bulma is very very pregnant and yet still doing the CEO thing and Yamcha’s running around after her like “please go on maternity leave just go it’ll be fine” Vegeta trails along behind because he’s worried too but trying to pretend he isn’t

Bulma refuses to leave until the whole Cell thing is dealt with and they’ve hired a new HR guy. Jaco gets put in charge while she’s away and is immediately in over his head. Her enemies probably use this against her in a “oh this is why we shouldn’t have women in charge because they go off and have kids” and she shows up at their businesses with a month-old Trunks in tow like “HEY BITCH DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING GO”

She also comes by the library constantly with baby Trunks and there’s always a gaggle of staff following her around when she does. She can pretty safely hand Trunks to any staff member and expect he’ll be safe. ~Somehow~ he always seems to end up in Tech Serv.

anonymous asked:

Well then, is there anyone that you'd fuck? Dare you to name someone from each team.

                  ❛   FUCK, HUH ? well, let’s see ——   ❜
           he was actually giving this some real, honest to
          god thought, lips pursed  &  eyebrows furrowed
        in perfect concentration  &  all.  ❛  i was ‘gonna say
           my ‘lil pud for my team but if kenma heard i bet
         he’d KILL ME so yaku, i guess. he’s cute, isn’t he ?
           for karasuno ;  tsukki, my favourite bespectacled
       tsundere ! then i’d o b v i o u s l y pick my bro bokuto
     for fukurodani but i mean, akaashi’s real pretty, isn’t he ?
            can i pick both ? —— anyway, MOVING ON …
           eyebrow-sama for seijou ! maybe he’ll FINALLY
            share me his secrets if i show him a good time.
              i’d say oikawa too but he seems like he’d be
             super HIGH-MAINTENANCE. i don’t know how
                 iwaizumi deals with it, really.  &  OH —— !
               shiratorizawa has that real cute setter / pinch
             server. semu … semi ? well, him, whoever he is.   ❜