I’m bringing this back

We’ve all see this image so many times but I keep coming back to it? I think it’s my favourite canon picture of Yuuri and Viktor. 

It’s just so pure??? 

The way Yuuri has his eyes closed, symbolising such relaxed trust. 

The soft glow of the lighting 

The slight blush on Yuuri’s cheeks, and the soft smile 

Viktor’s obvious gentle and precise attention to Yuuri’s hair

Just the way Viktor is looking at him? With such pure love and affection? I can literally imagine him thinking ‘this man is my forever’ 

Long story short, this makes me incredibly emotional. 

This is probably my most favourite picture of EXO (even though they’re incomplete). They don’t look inhumanly, unbelievably gorgeous. They don’t look like idols. They don’t look like triple million sellers.They don’t look like members from a highly successful and internationally known Kpop group. 

Jongdae’s smile looks real and genuine. Kyungsoo, for once, was abandoning his strict and stern facial expression. Baekhyun and Chanyeol looks a little high (XD). 

They just look like a normal group of friends that’s out to have a good time. This looks like a picture of four guys in their twenties, not a picture of four members from the famous South Korean-Chinese boygroup named EXO.

I love this a lot because I think we all need to remember that idols/celebrities/artists (Not just EXO), although they appear perfect, are still just humans too.


☆*:.。. 30th March // Thursday // 三月三十日 // 목요일.。.:*☆

i originally meant for this post to be my 1000th post oops though bc it was close to that number :0 maybe i’ll delete a few posts just so i can make it the 1000th one aha
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but anyway this was from my recent bujo spread from the 11th to the 16th!!!ft smol hobi (one of my favourite pictures of him actually)
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plus two photos of some sakura trees and daisies i think???i’m sure about the sakuras but not sure about the daisies lmao idk what they are they look like daisies i guess but the point is that i took these photos when i went sakura viewing lmao

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So this is to no one in particular but I’ve been a fan of Tom for over six years now and whenever I tell people they’re always like “ugh I don’t know I mean he’s not that good looking…” So here are a few of my favourite pictures - and if that’s not good looking then I just don’t know. (feel free to add)