one of my favorite things to do for my own amusement is to try to emulate the speech patterns of Reggie Fils-Aime because his way of speaking is so peculiar

he always enunciates very clearly, his choice of words is always really simple so that even children can understand what he’s talking about, he sprinkles his speech with carefully selected marketing jargon, and he uses contractions to seem like he’s trying to be casual

let’s say that you get caught cheating in Splatoon 2 and Reggie comes to your house to destroy your console with a baseball bat. he knocks at the door, you answer, and he says:

“Hello there. With the release of our latest game in the Splatoon series, Splatoon 2, we here at Nintendo have been incredibly pleased with the amount of fun our players have been having. It seems, though, that some players have been having more fun than others. Please, step out of the way.”

Reggie readies his baseball bat and walks past you, shoving you of of the way with his body while maintaining perfect posture.

“I’m going to demonstrate to you the innovating new punitive measures we at Nintendo have come up with to ensure a safe, fun, friendly environment of play. You deserve this.”

Reggie sends his baseball bat crashing through your Nintendo switch, shattering the screen and sending it flying across the room. The whole while, Reggie never breaks eye contact with you and he never stops smiling.

The baseball bat flies through your television next, knocking it to the floor. Reggie steps on top of it, turns around to face you, and continues:

“Thank you for your loyal support of Nintendo’s family of products. We hope this experience has been valuable to you.”

my favorite thing to do is read trashy ya novels and reach as hard as i can to read secret gay subtext into them. for example, i’m reading before i fall right now and i’ve decided that the main character is a lesbian

My absolute favorite thing to do when I come home is to take off my pants, grab a snack and lay in bed. No tv. No music. Just cuddle with the pups and have quiet time. Maybe play a game on my phone. It’s glorious.

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Sanders sides au where Combferre is Logic, Courfeyrac is Morality, Enjolras is Creativity and Grantaire is Anxiety


(for anyone confused Logic = Logan, Morality = Patton, Creativity/Princey = Roman, and Anxiety = Virgil/Verge)

But it’s so perfect though when you think about it like Courf loves his friends so much and Ferre is a smart dude with fancy words, Enj is very dramatic and wants to help people, and R is cynical and depressed

but then you think about it some more and you remember that patton is the one who is really supportive of virgil, and courf is normally closer to R than the others, except relationship wise

and PRINXIETY IS OTP like exr in prinxiety au is killing me omg like enj having fun with nicknames and having to go to r’s room to find him and R stealing enj’s stuffed animals ahhhhhh

but also thomas is making sure that anxiety is a part of the group and virgil thought he wasn’t wanted and the others had to talk to him to make sure he knows he’s needed and r is full of self hate and his friends coming to talk to him about it 

and ferre and courf have onesies and enj knows shakespeare and r has the nightmare before christmas posters

amara, who is thomas though??? tbh probably marius cause he’s always in some kind of situation


I’m such a fucking shithead to be honest. Truthfully I’m just lazy 

My favorite thing to do is disassociate and listen to music. :/ 

I know I need to post on here - I know I WANt to 

its just so much effortttttttt


i run out of ideas for things to write and i know ya’ll are sick of my shit 

truthfully i have no excuse 

ive been trying to fall in love and horribly failing because im too fucked up - im scared and also hopeful that my ex will come back (and he did. for all of 2 hours. he said he loved me and he didn’t want to lose me.. and even went as far as to say that he still wanted me to move up to MA with him… and then he asked for nudes - which i obliged because im a self-destructive idiot. but i believed him when he said he loved me. No. thats a lie. i know he hasnt love me in a long time. but i know i love him. he’s my greatest fucking weakness. he has been for 7 fucking years. i just want to be happy. as soon as i sent him nudes he went to bed and then blocked me on all of his fucking accounts. i have no way to contact him to tell him im sorry. to tell him i shouldnt have said that i loved him this last time. i just want a fucking goodbye. just tell me goodbye. or i cant let go..) 

i havent found a job. well i have but they need a copy of my ID and my SS card and both are missing. so i cant work until they get a copy. i dunno 


ive been rewatching over and over and over again (for about 10 times) an anime called Gangsta. its really good im gonna cosplay a female worick at ichibancon in january

and i just recently finished rewatching Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate and it is also really good (and graphic) and i plan to cosplay Seras in january at Ichi also 

uhmmmmmm i have a drawing request thats due on the 26 and i have known about it for the whole month and i have been procrastinating 

i absolutely hate where i live and plan to move it with a friend of mine next month. .. it’ll be the 8th time ive moved.

Do you guys know that I just don’t fucking read? ive been holding onto a book i borrowed for weeks now - i just cant sit myself down and focus on it. i cant even focus on fanfics 

so when i write - i just fucking write - i dont go back and reread it i dont check my spelling i dont look for mistakes. what you guys see is the very first things that come into my mind. so … maybe thats fascinating? i dunno 

i dont know why im writing all of this. no one really cares and i know that. no one has to care. i just want to prove that im alive, i guess. 

One Cool Thing: Quote

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I just lamented the fact in an ask that I never retain favorite lines from my own writing, but I’ll pull something I like from the last few chapters I’ve been working on.

“She looked like some dark queen, dictating to her court of shadow things.”

Drys has a very romantic view of Dreya. It’s one of my favorite things about him.

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  • bertholt: no we didn't. reiner?
  • reiner: of course not, bertholt!
  • reiner: breaking down walls as the armored titan is my least favorite thing to do