There’s a huge sense of responsibility. One of the things I was unaware of that I’m now painfully aware of is the fact that this character and other Marvel characters are incredibly important to many people. I’ve had a lot of my friends, people that I’ve known for years, turn out to be huge comic book fans that I never knew about. And the way that people talk about some of these characters, they have massively influenced their life, particularly Daredevil because he has a physical disability. He’s blind. He’s incredibly important to a lot of children or young adults who have grown up with a disability. We’re not saving the world, literally, but as actors playing a superhero, it is important and people care greatly. And if you get it wrong or you don’t take it seriously, people have a right to be very disappointed and voice that opinion. – Charlie Cox

Can we please talk about how Jon and Charlie look at each other and laugh like teenage girls, while the rest of the cast turn their heads in unison to see what those dorks are doing ? ?


Favourite River Song moment? I love the scene, it’s in her prison and I’m walking back with the Tardis over here and she kisses me. She’s brilliant. She’s just so flowery and camp and wonderful. – Matt Smith


favorite character meme: clara oswin oswald

one day you meet the Doctor. And of course, it’s the best day ever. It’s just the best day of your life. Because…because, he’s brilliant, and he’s funny, and mad, and best of all…really needs you.