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Hey,Condesky,Tell us about some of your favorite things. Hobbies,favorite song,favorite drink,What's your favorite piece of art that you've drawn? How about shat makes you the happiest these are important questions >:3

I’m not that much of an interesting person, but if you want.. xDD
Well I like drinking coffee, water, fruit smoothies and things.
My favorite song right now is Seattle by Jason Walker xDD
umm… I love drawing (clearly) and writing (though I rarely do that).. My absolute favorite hobby?? Sleeping xDD
Mmmmmm… with art there are a few that I really like that I have drawn, but I don’t like most of it (I’ve gotten so much negativity in the past it lowered my self esteem tbh >> but it’s getting better I guess??) 
What makes me happiest?? Honestly, getting a chance to interact with you guys and have fun doing so ^^ I love being home and everyone’s sweet compliments makes me really happy too <w>

my favorite hobby is going on songmeanings and looking up love songs with she/her or no pronouns sang by women and seeing straight people jump through hoops to explain why they aren’t gay


anon requested suzuya’s squad eating and/or making roll cakes together so have the squad doing something special for their squad leader bc he deserves all the good things in this world