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any head canons for my fave faction leader ie Desdemona

I do have a couple, beloved anon.

- she hates being called Dez, but none of the retaliatory nicknames she tried to give Deacon ever stuck. she gave up many years ago.

- she always has to be doing something with her hands. she has a particularly bad habit of tearing up pieces of paper or doodling on them, which infuriates Carrington. hence the smoking (similar texture, added boost of nicotine).

- she made her scarf herself, back before she joined the Railroad. she can knit, too, but it’s hard enough getting essential supplies into Railroad HQ without trying to get her hands on yarn. also the place stinks of cigarette smoke and feral goo and that’s hell on a yarn stash.

consider: seventeen as the cast from ocean’s thirteen

woozi as a computer hacker, jun as a smooth actor, hoshi and dk in charge of explosions and engineering, Joshua as a blackjack dealer, Dino as the young but incredibly talented pickpocket thief

i could go on and on there are so many possibilities but just THINK!!! seventeen as a casino heist concept!!!


and here’s the last post of my faves. i was going to post the ones i have of gen 2 pokemon but i’ve already made too many posts lol

anyway, Mewtwo was like my absolute favorite back in the day… and at one point i had like 5 base set Mewtwo… in fact, i still probably have more Mewtwo somewhere, they just weren’t in the book.

i accidentally deleted the picture i took of my Mew cards but they’re dumb promo cards anyway so who cares.