“I won’t listen to you or anybody else! He fucks me over one time and I’m done, I’m not stupid so quit treating me like I am. At least he doesn’t and it’s ridiculous that out of all my family and friends, Joel is the only one who understands me” 

“Please Jenna, I’m telling you for your own good” 

“No, shut up! All you guys do is tell me what to do with my life! Jenna, don’t drink alcohol, Jenna don’t smoke weed, Jenna you can’t be friends with those people, Jenna don’t skateboard in the house. Blah blah blah, all you bitches are annoying and as soon as I have a chance I’m leaving with Joel! He’s going to give me the world and you nor anyone can stop me!”

So my youngest brother is unemployed, has a criminal record, and is currently facing a drug charge.

He smokes weed in my dads apartment every day, all day.

I am a full time student struggling to support myself and pay for my own education. I have credit card debt that is ruining my credit because my dad ran up my credit cards and doesn’t understand why I can’t afford to pay them off.

He happens to be at my house right now and I went to light up half a joint, because I had an exhausting fucking day taking care of an elderly lady who has a rare form of dementia and wanted to decompress and unwind after work.
My dad gets mad and says that I’m stupid for smoking and starts lecturing me about it and then bitches about how I lit it up next to him.

Why is it that my brother doesn’t get any backlash for it and I get ridiculed? My entire family thinks I’m a drug addict and yet I have no criminal record, no history of drug abuse, I am an honor roll student and take 4 classes every 11 weeks, I struggle to pay the bills because I can’t find any employers to work with my school schedule and yet I still manage to pay everything in order for me to live day to day. I am stuck with credit card debt from my dad, he left me in a house he bought to live with his ex girlfriend, who is fucking lazy and doesn’t pay anything and yet makes $18 an hour, I have to supply the food in my house, and pay the electric bill while paying for college and making sure I have gas and car insurance in order for me to get to class.

And after all of this bullshit, I get bitched at because I wanna smoke a joint?

So my brother who is a complete fuck up doesn’t get shit for it, but I get accused of being a drug addict for smoking a little pot…

I don’t fucking understand my family. I am the only person in my family who is making a life for themselves and yet I get the most bullshit.

This is so fucking exhausting… I honesty don’t know how much more of this I can take.

(Excuse my emotional rant, it’s been a long day)

  • My mom has this terrible habit of not finishing her sentences. So while I'm visiting for the summer I decided I would just start finishing them for her.
  • Mom:Hey did you take the...
  • Me:Fish? Grenade? Cherry pie?
  • Mom:No, I'm looking know...
  • Me:Zombies? Tesseract? Honor?
  • Mom:
  • Mom:Oh, nevermind.

This is probably the last set of vacation pics I’m going to post. We went to this restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort, which is basically a place where the waiters are super sassy - it’s like signing up to be roasted. 

Part of the ‘experience’ was getting paper hats with colorful things  written on them. Mine said ‘Insert Dick Here.’ My mom’s said ‘Will knit for dicks,’ which was probably more appropriate for me tbh. 

Also featuring our hot waiter photoboming us.

So a few days ago, my brother and I went to my uncle’s house with my dad. My uncle has a really fat and easily frightened Chihuahua. My brother and I never really had pets, so we basically act like children around animals. My brother, who is 21, kept chasing the dog around saying “I JUST WANT YOU TO LOVE ME.”

The dog pooped all over the floor because of it. MY BROTHER LITERALLY SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT POOR CHIHUAHUA. 

A brief update

A little while ago I posted that my father knocked up his child-bride. 

Well…they’re still together, sort of. My dad will probably seek full custody once the kid is born which means, at some point, I’ll be taking care of it. If it’s a boy my dad wants to name it Damien (he really likes The Omen) so if/when I end up with it, I’m going to train it to be Damien Wayne. Between my girlfriend and I we’ve got multiple language knowledge, knife-throwing, martial arts, firearms training, archery, etc so it’s obvious that we’d raise Batman. Otherwise I don’t know what to do with a child.

  • little sis:so at school they told us that we should all embrace our differences because we're all made in God's image, but they won't let us dye our hair.
  • mom:I'm pretty sure that God never had pink hair
  • little sis:you don't know that. He went through a phase.
Titanic Night - Dinner and a Movie

For the 100th year Anniversary of the Titanic sinking, last night my family did something that we had not done in 14 years: We did Titanic Night.

Titanic night consists of my family (mom, dad, baby sister and me) getting dressed up in our best clothes and re-creating the First Class Menu and generally pretending that we’re on the Titanic. Back in the 90s we had a pool in our backyard and at the end of Titanic Night, we threw ourselves into the pool with our clothes on and played. We even had a model ship Titanic that could float on water and we’d pretend we’re iceburgs and make Titanic hit or miss us. It was fun.

Anyway, so Titanic is A Big Deal for my family. So when the 100th year Anniversary we knew we needed to out do ourselves. What sucks though, and I just want to point this out, is that my dad died and so we were very sad he could not join us for our Titanic Night. I hope that he’s friends with Mr. Andrews and Molly Brown by now.

I don’t have any pictures but my mom, sister, boyfriend and I went to see the movie dressed up in our newer, finer, more period-accurate dresses and made a lot of people turn heads.

Then we headed over to my mom’s house for Titanic Dinner

The first thing we saw on the door to Narnia (where my mom and new husband live)

Captain Smith welcomes us in!

My mom and Nick (her new husband) broke out all the really old china from the 1920’s.

Captain Smith was of course seated at the head of the table. 

When the guests came to dinner on the Titanic there was an order that you had to go in. It’s the Hostess with the Most Important Man followed by Next Important Man and His Wife followed by the Host and the Most Important Female. So it was my mom and Jack Dawson (my sister’s boyfriend came dressed as a 3rd class passenger), then me and my boyfriend (who was also the waiter in our pretend night) and then my sister and Nick.

Out of the 14 course dinner, we made 5 I think?

I can’t remember now which ones we ate, but they were all delicious.

We also had chocolate eclairs but I forgot to take pictures of them because I was stuffing my face with foooood.

After dinner we retreated into the smoking room where we congratulated each other on being masters of the universe and danced to a string quartet Pandora Playlist.

Nick was totally in character. That was awesome.

My mom got a little tipsy off all the champagne. :\ She was not acting like a First Class Lady, lol.

My sister on the other hand was being teenagery or as she put it “I’m Rose!”

I had a lot of fun, I made my dress out of a nightgown I bought at goodwill and a curtain. Most difficult thing was making sleeves. 

Boyfriend made the mistake of wearing a white dinner jacket and only waiters wore those. But he brought a monocle so he fit in XD

Anyway, so yeah, that was our Titanic Night. It was really fun and the best way to spend the anniversary of a terrible maritime disaster. :D