This just happened

Me: *standing in kitchen, grumpy and tired*

Dad: *pokes my ear*

Me: get off me.

Little sister: you wouldn’t have said that if he was Auston Matthews.

Me: well…

Dad: *bangs head on counter in a “omfg kill me why does she like him” manner*

So my youngest brother is unemployed, has a criminal record, and is currently facing a drug charge.

He smokes weed in my dads apartment every day, all day.

I am a full time student struggling to support myself and pay for my own education. I have credit card debt that is ruining my credit because my dad ran up my credit cards and doesn’t understand why I can’t afford to pay them off.

He happens to be at my house right now and I went to light up half a joint, because I had an exhausting fucking day taking care of an elderly lady who has a rare form of dementia and wanted to decompress and unwind after work.
My dad gets mad and says that I’m stupid for smoking and starts lecturing me about it and then bitches about how I lit it up next to him.

Why is it that my brother doesn’t get any backlash for it and I get ridiculed? My entire family thinks I’m a drug addict and yet I have no criminal record, no history of drug abuse, I am an honor roll student and take 4 classes every 11 weeks, I struggle to pay the bills because I can’t find any employers to work with my school schedule and yet I still manage to pay everything in order for me to live day to day. I am stuck with credit card debt from my dad, he left me in a house he bought to live with his ex girlfriend, who is fucking lazy and doesn’t pay anything and yet makes $18 an hour, I have to supply the food in my house, and pay the electric bill while paying for college and making sure I have gas and car insurance in order for me to get to class.

And after all of this bullshit, I get bitched at because I wanna smoke a joint?

So my brother who is a complete fuck up doesn’t get shit for it, but I get accused of being a drug addict for smoking a little pot…

I don’t fucking understand my family. I am the only person in my family who is making a life for themselves and yet I get the most bullshit.

This is so fucking exhausting… I honesty don’t know how much more of this I can take.

(Excuse my emotional rant, it’s been a long day)

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I really love the miraculous au!!! its so cool! could you do that one masked ballroom scene from the original post? >u< if you don't mind of course <3

Its the coolest thing ever, I spent most of tonight freaking out over it XDDD Bless @emthimofnight for coming up with this amazing AU <3

So yeah I don’t mind writing more for it haha. Thank you again to emthimofnight who told me more about the ballroom scene so I could write this!

THE INCREDIBLE FANART THAT INSPIRED THIS & other thing I already wrote for this au & a third thing I wrote for this au

Miraculous Ladybug au, featuring Killua (secretly Chat Noir) and Gon (secretly Ladybug). Enjoy!

The sad thing was, Gon almost didn’t recognize his best friend.

Not because Gon was a bad friend. Far from it; he could usually find Killua in a crowd just from the hunch of his shoulders, the hands shoved in his pockets. Gon didn’t need to see the starlight-silver hair or flash of midnight blue eyes to recognize the person Gon had grown up with his whole life.

This, though. This was entirely different.

“What’s the matter, Gon?” Killua asked, familiar smirk growing underneath an unfamiliar mask. “Cat got your tongue?”

Gon was too speechless to respond to the pun.

Killua was dressed head to toe in a startling white suit, adorned with matching gloves and an intricate cat mask that hid most of his face. His eyes- beautiful, shining, the deepest blue Gon had ever seen- glowed in the dim light, sparkling like jewels. The final touch was Killua’s hair- instead of its normal chaotic mess, Killua’s hair was now swept back in a graceful arc.

Gon’s heart throbbed. He had always known Killua was pretty. It wasn’t hard to miss the way other kids at school stared at him sometimes, despite the fact that Killua was a Zoldyck and ‘not to be trusted’ for a reason that made Gon’s hands shake with fury.

But right now- this very moment, standing in the center of a crowded Masquerade Ball, with chandelier lights glittering in the background and sweeping music drifting through the air-

This was the first time Gon realized how utterly breathtaking Killua truly was.

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this man in a leather kilt just complimented my hair & told me it fits my energy … i love this week, i love these past weeks, i love life, i love my family, i love feeling ridiculously happy and settled all of the time, i love sleeping on rainy days, i love getting lost in the city, i love going to a new coffee shop and ordering a drink, i love that big orange cat who curled up on my lap, i love my tiny plants and i love my big plants, i love my nana, i love her so much!, i love my friends - i love my best friend to the moon & back, i love film … i love my camera!, i love staying positive, i love accepting myself … the idea that we have to create and reach this unattainable beauty and life satisfaction through material ends is so damaging … i love who i am becoming and i’m meeting myself where i am … good morning

A bit of cheer for you– my family’s ridiculous little mutt, super contented and tired after a trip to his favorite park. I hope your birthday went well!

Thank you. My birthday went well, no commitments to attend to.

The Boxer 4 (final) - (A Yixing Series)

You watched Yixing’s retreating back for a second before your legs were carrying you and you followed around the corner he disappeared beyond. You saw that the door to Baozhi’s room was open and the light inside was bright and you could hear pained strangled cries coming from inside the room. Cries that set your mind on edge and made your skin crawl. You could hear a voice the closer you came to the room with the open door. It sounded like a higher, younger version of Baozhi.

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Shut up and Snuggle- Tim Drake/Red Robin X Reader

This was requested by @poisoinedhope. Sorry if this is too short!

You sat on your couch, buried in a combination of a few sweaters and blankets. You felt like crap and looked like crap. Why did your siblings have to get you sick? It was only one stinking visit and they managed to ruin your movie night with Tim. Your nose was stuffed, your face was burning, and your throat felt horrible. You grabbed your mug of tea off of the table and chugged. The warm liquid eased the discomfort for a few seconds until the pain kicked in again. You groaned and sunk deeper into the pile of blankets.

“Someone sounds like they’re having fun,” Tim chuckled.

“I’m dying,” you complained. “Remind me never to visit my family again.”

“That’s a little ridiculous, (Y/N),” Tim said.

“It’s their fault they didn’t tell me they were sick when they called to come over,” you wheezed out.

Tim sat next to your pile of blankets and handed you some medicine. You popped open the package and washed down the pills with your tea. You placed the tea back on the table and snuggled closer to Tim.

“Why are you warmer than the thousand blankets I have buried myself in?” you asked.

“I guess human warmth is better than blankets,” he said.

“Just shut up and snuggle.”

Tim laughed and joined you in the blankets, “You’re going to get me sick.”

“Then I’ll take care of you.”

“Fine, but you’re buying me some more of that peppermint coffee you got me a few weeks ago.”


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I'm so depressed I haven't left my bed all day all I do is cry my heart feels so empty and my family think I'm being ridiculous they don't get how bad it hurts I love Emma and Killian so much I just feel like I haven't had enough of them like they are leaving me too soon that there was still so much more to see but now I'll never get to see because it's over it hurts so bad. sorry I just needed to vent and no one I know would get me. it just hurts so bad :(

Oh, anon! I want to wrap a blanket over your shoulders and hand you a spoon so we can share a pint of ice cream.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the way you’re reacting is wrong. Last fall I watched my husband cry actual tears because 9 guys won a baseball game. (Cubs won the World Series after a 108 year drought for those who don’t follow sports)

Everyone finds different things that they are attached to and we react emotionally sometimes. It’s why people cry at movies or major sporting events and why a piece of art can lift our spirits… or even make us angry.

Entertainment in all its many forms gets to us. There’s a whole community of people here that understand how you feel.

Take the time to process it but try your best not to miss out on Sunday because you’re still too sad. Join all of us that will be here to cry, laugh, flail, cry some more and fangirl like there’s no tomorrow!

Step away if you need to and read something that makes you happy. Watch a funny sitcom, go view some art, just lay in the sun for a bit. Whatever you can do to make yourself feel something other than sad.

We’re here to help each other.

Kindred hearts no distance parts.

I Don’t Do ‘Parents’

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “I have a request: plz do a punk Gerard fan fic where your dating him but your parents don’t like him because he has loads of tattoos and piercings and they think he’s a bad influence on you. You then invite him round for dinner to properly introduce him and stuff happens I don’t mind what”

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1,045

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

It’s after school and you’re standing by Gerard’s car, waiting for an answer. You had asked him weeks ago if he would come to dinner at your house so your parents could finally meet him and stop thinking he’s some terrible influence. It’s a fair assumption, if you’re into assuming the worst of people, since Gerard is covered in tattoos and has at least three piercings on his face alone. He always dresses in all black and he smokes during lunch and when he’s driving home, he’s the typical bad boy until you get to know him.

He’s sweet and kind and will take every opportunity to hold your hand and make you smile. He picks you flowers and will listen for hours when you need to complain about your mom or school. He’s the perfect boyfriend, shy and sweet and completely, hopelessly, in love with you. If only you could convince your parents of this, they think he’s some asshole from a 80s film who’s gonna smash your heart and steal your car.

“Please, Gee?” You ask, blocking the door to his car.

“I don’t do parents, you know that.” He replies and you roll your eyes.

“But this is different, we’ve been together for almost two years now and not meeting my family is getting ridiculous.”

He sighs and you watch the cigarette between his fingers drop ash to the concrete.

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This little Drarry one-shot is written for the ever-wonderful, ever-amazing @soupy-george!! Happy birthday, love, Merry Christmas, and I do hope you get to enjoy some well deserved time off!! <3 

(Also, also, a massive big thanks goes out to @ash-castle and @chiseplushie for alphaing in a pinch. My friends are fantastic! Thank you so!)

The ceiling was snowing.

Laid out, flat on his back, on the Gryffindor house table in the Great Hall, Harry peered up at the enchanted sky, trying to pinpoint the exact moment the snowflakes stopped falling and disappeared from existence. It was 2:30 am on Christmas day, and he knew he should be in bed. Draco had planned their day out to the very minute, and he wouldn’t be happy if Harry put them behind schedule because he’d slept in. He had, in fact, already gone to bed a couple of hours before, but had gotten up again when sleep just wouldn’t come.

It always seemed to do that at this time of the year.

Harry wasn’t entirely sure why he was choosing to spend his hours of insomnia in the Hogwarts Great Hall. He’d always been fascinated by the enchanted ceiling – enchanted by it, you could say. The room felt even larger when it was empty, and with the lights glowing so very softly on the Christmas trees dotted at irregular intervals around the room, the air felt warm and gentle, giving the illusion of melting the snow that fell high above. The room made him feel accepted, as did the entire school, which had been a very rare event when he was a child.

Hogwarts had always been home to Harry. Now he… well, he guessed he just needed some of the magic the memories of his school years brought with them.

His father had probably laid here. Harry’s lips twitched at the thought, a sigh following the amusement like gloomy, rain-filled stormclouds. That was what his heart felt like at the moment. Heavy with not-quite-sorrow, but something awfully similar, and he stared up at the snowy ceiling, his imagination providing him with scenario after scenario of the Marauders during their years in school. Holidays had to have been a joy for them, hadn’t they?

Merlin, he wished he could have seen some of the pranks they’d pulled…

He’d never really thought about his parents at Christmas when he was at Hogwarts. He’d been too entranced by actually celebrating Christmas to give too much time to the family he’d lost as a baby. He had thought about them, of course, in the back of his mind – especially during first year – but the excitement of presents, and Christmas ham, and treacle tart had outweighed the constantness of missing his parents. That had changed after he’d left school, however, and now this sadness was a yearly tradition. One he didn’t much enjoy.

Thoughts of Remus and Sirius in their dorm, opening presents; thoughts of James and Lily married and decorating a tree, full of hope for the future. The war had shown him the meaning of loss, and seeing the anticipation of the students’ faces as Christmas approached made him crave what he should have had with an absurdly wicked keenness.

Why couldn’t that have been him?

Why did fate have to hand him such a raw deal?

“You’re being ridiculous.”

Craning his head back at the sound of a very familiar drawl, Harry watched his husband stroll down between the tables, heading in his direction. His dressing gown a pure silk, its colour somewhere between blue, green, and grey over a mint-green outfit he’d never admit to being pyjamas, Draco Malfoy looked like he should’ve been strolling the halls of some posh, upper class manor – like the one he’d grown up in – instead of an old stone castle. His pale blond hair was soft and clean, falling into his face in a way that defied the fact that he’d been dead to the world when Harry had gotten out of bed not long before, and his expression was still; calm.


Until you looked into his eyes.

Feeling said eyes focus fully on his face with unnerving intensity, Harry turned back to the snow falling from the ceiling. He didn’t look away when a shoulder pressed against his, nudging him over until there was enough room on the table for two. His breath left him in a rush at the feeling of an ankle hooking around his, a single, soft slipper brushing against the sole of his bare foot. His eyes closed.

The fucking twat always, always, knew how to get to him.

“Missing my family at Christmas is ridiculous?” he asked the man next to him quietly, voice sounding shockingly loud in the vast room. The snow should’ve had a muffling effect. Then again, it wasn’t real snow, so…

Warm fingers laced with his.

“No,” Draco said, the drawl gone now; his camouflage gone. He only ever did that with Harry, lost the mask that he wore constantly in society. It was something that Harry cherished. “Of course not. But mourning a life that never happened is.”

Harry sighed again and opened his eyes, his head turning until he was looking directly at the man he’d been married to for four years. The man who’d willingly moved to Hogsmeade when Harry had become the DADA professor at a school that, in later years, hadn’t held many happy memories for someone whose only choice was to become a Death Eater while still very much a boy. Draco didn’t see Hogwarts the way Harry did. But he’d still moved back into the area, and he still frequented the school when necessary – like now – because it was where Harry was happiest.

Because coming back to his home meant the world to the man Draco loved.

With that thought running through his head, Harry turned completely and shuffled over until he was lined up right against Draco’s side. Their ankles still twined together, he pressed his face into his husband’s chest and brought their intertwined hands up until they were clasped over his heart.

Draco didn’t say anything at Harry’s obvious need for comfort. Instead, all he did was wrap his arm around the other man’s waist and tug him closer.

“Your mother and father wouldn’t want you maudlin at Christmas, you know,” he murmured, still watching the snow, idly trailing his fingers over Harry’s pyjama-clad hip in a gentle caress Harry wasn’t sure he was aware of making. Huffing softly into the cool silk of Draco’s robe and pressing himself tighter, he ignored his husband’s rather indignant splutter when his forever-unruly hair invaded Draco’s mouth.

“I know. Can’t seem to help it.”

Draco spat out the last of his hair and hummed quietly. “Not sleeping isn’t helping. Sleep is more important than watching fake snow at three in the morning.”

Warmth lighting his chest, Harry chuckled and dipped his head to brush his lips over the fine, pale knuckles of the hand holding his. “You’re beginning to sound more and more like Hermione every day.”

He sensed more than saw the sharply arched brow. “Good grief, Potter, what a thing to say. And here I thought you liked me.”

“I do. I love you.” Then, a sigh. “Can’t sleep. Wish I could.”

Draco’s pause was as heavy as the flurry of the snowstorm mirrored in the enchantments blanketing the ceiling. His hand wrapped around Harry’s hip, pressing hard into cotton, but his voice was no different than normal when he spoke next.

Still quiet. Still composed.

Ever Harry’s anchor.

“Then you will come to me,” he said, tone so steady it was almost conversational. “I don’t know why I even have to say this. When you can’t sleep, when you can’t stop thinking, stop missing what never was, you will come to me. That is what I am here for.”

He turned then, until his front was to Harry’s front, sharp grey eyes locked on Harry’s. “You will not have the chance to miss a family that is right here. Understood?”

The words, the truth behind them, spoken by the man that he adored with every fibre of his being, rang like a bell through Harry’s blood. His body curled, heart racing, and Draco let go of his hand to wrap both arms around him, fingers intertwining at his back. How long they stayed like that, Harry wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he felt safe.


“Happy Christmas, Draco,” he mumbled, eyes closed and hands clutching green/blue/grey silk. Draco’s body shifted slightly, his cheek coming to rest on top of Harry’s head.

“Happy Christmas, Harry.”

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Someone's got to suggest this before the day is over... Nurse/Dex Thanksgiving. Some delicious fluff and adorable awkwardness with dinner at the in-laws. Dex at the Nurse's, Nursey at the Poindexter's, I can imagine each of them going so differently. But basically its all my imagination till I hear your ideas, if you are up to it. I accept your stories as canon! (Almost said I was most thankful for chillwhiskey at my family dinner)

a day late and a dollar short, but here you go, buddy! (also you’re the cutest wtf i’m thankful for YOU)

“So, Will, Derek tells us you’re majoring in computer science. That can’t be easy, on top of hockey,” Seise comments, passing Dex a plate of something that smells heavenly.

“Oh, yeah,” Dex shrugs, “It’s, uh, it’s kind of rough sometimes, but I like it.”

“Probably doesn’t hurt that he taught himself how to code before he even got to Samwell. He was proficient in one and a half coding languages before he ever took a class,” Nursey gushes, smiling straight at Dex. Dex can feel the way his cheeks heat up, listening to Nursey talk about him.

“That is very impressive, Will! Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?” She asks. Dex fights not to choke on the bite of mashed potatoes in his mouth – truth is, he has no clue what he wants to do when he graduates.

“Stop grilling the boy, habibti, and let him eat!” Amalia intervenes. Dex throws her a grateful smile as Nursey playfully kicks his foot under the table. They’ve been casually playing footsie throughout dinner, and Dex kind of hates how much he loves it.

“Mama’s just doing the whole ‘interrogate the boyfriend’ thing. Are you going to ask him about his intentions with your son, too?” Nursey jokes.

“Maybe later,” Seise laughs. Dex hopes later isn’t in the near future.

“Mom, I think this is the best Thanksgiving meal you’ve ever made,” Nursey smiles.

“You say that every year, you little smartass,” Seise says, shoving Nursey.

“And every year you outdo yourself!” Nursey rebuts, throwing his hands up. “Babe, back me up,” he pleads, looking to Dex.

“It’s amazing, honestly,” Dex nods.

“Well aren’t you sweet,” Seise coos, “I’m glad Derek’s found such a nice boy.” If Dex’s cheeks weren’t already red, they definitely are now. Nursey’s grinning at him from across the table and lightly kicking his foot and Dex couldn’t be more in love with him if he tried.

Later, when Dex is washing dishes and Nursey is drying, Nursey leans over and presses a kiss to his cheek.

“My moms love you,” he whispers, reaching down to pat Dex’s ass, “And in about an hour, they’re going to go to sleep and I’m going to blow you.”

“Jesus Christ, Nursey, you can’t just say shit like that when your moms are literally in the next room,” Dex groans.

“I’m gonna vomit.”

“Nursey, it’s just my family, they’re not that scary,” Dex huffs.

“What if they ask what I’m majoring in?”

“Then you lie and say you’re pre-med.”

“What – ” Nursey starts, eyes wide.

“Babe, I’m kidding. It’s not like they’re not going to let me date you because you’re an English major,” he reassures, reaching over to squeeze Nursey’s hand.

“But what if – ”

“Nope, no what if,” Dex cuts him off, “You’re my boyfriend, and I love you, and you’re going to go in there and charm the shit out of my family, because you’re ridiculously endearing, and, in case you didn’t catch it the first time, I fucking love you.”

“What if we just stay in the truck and make out for a little bit?” Nursey tries, making puppy dog eyes at Dex.

Dex rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling when he says, “Later.


“Promise,” Dex nods, “You just have to get through dinner.”

Nursey takes a deep breath, then sets his face into something serious and says, “Okay, let’s do this.”

I Shouldn’t Be Mobbed With My Family

All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need

I Shouldn’t Be Mobbed With My Family

Visuals are in the text of this chapter.

“Baby, why don’ we go out today? We could go for a nice brunch and after we could go pick up the girls from school. It’d be a nice change for you. You’ve been in the house ever since you had Lucas,” Harry says, concern lacing his voice. For the last week your husband has been trying to get you out of the house.

It wasn’t that you were opposed to the idea, no. You were just not in any form to leave the house. You were not getting as much sleep as your body should be getting, and even with Harry helping around during the day, the night feedings were wearing you out, breastfeeding becoming much more difficult for Luke than with Hensley or Heidi. You were lucky enough to not suffer from any postpartum depression and for that you were so grateful that Harry has been so active and involved with helping you as much as possible. It was just at the point in time where if you had the opportunity to rest from household chores, you would gladly do that above anything else.

“That sounds nice, Harry. I’ll go take a quick shower and then get ready for us to go. Luke needs another bottle, only about three ounces for now, I fed him a few hours ago and he shouldn’t be too hungry. And if you could-,” you say, soon getting stopped by a soft kiss from your husband’s lips to yours, a smile finding its place on your lips.

“It’s all under control, babe. Go wash up, we’ll be right here for when you get all freshened up. I love you,” Harry says, taking a grumbling Lucas from your arms and moving to place a tiny kiss on your forehead before turning you around and nudging you across the house. Chuckling as he saw you walk lightly to your shared bedroom, turning around once again only for him to shake his head and point you back towards the bathroom.

“We know what to do, don’t we, Luke?” Harry coos to his four month old son, earning a smile and incoherent noises falling from his lips. “I love you so much,” he whispers, placing a kiss to his son’s lips, laughing as his mouth opens and closes, signaling his need for another feeding. “Alright, Buddy, Daddy will get you another bottle,” he laughs, taking his son and the freshly made bottle to the couch, ready for a quick view of the footy match and a nice feeding.


You take your time in the shower, letting the warm water wash over your body, falling through your hair, and running down your spine as you lean back. You shave, thanking your husband under your breath, because it was much needed. You squeeze the remainder of your body gel out onto a sponge, lathering your body with the sweet-smelling wash, letting your body gain the scent before washing it away. You hadn’t noticed how dirty your hair was until your began to wash it, the shampoo in your hands knocking the flakes from your scalp and leaving a clean and smooth hair on your head. Once you had finished and you felt that your body was clean and well-washed, you stepped out, turning the water off and grabbing your towel from the rack, tying it in a knot just above your breasts.

You walk over to the conjoined sink, chuckling as you see Harry’s toothbrush lying out of its place in the cup, and toothpaste marked in the sink. You rinse it out, drying your hands after, and move forward to your place, brushing your teeth and washing your face quickly before heading into the bedroom to change.

You step into the wardrobe, letting the towel fall and taking a black panties and a bra from the dresser, slipping into both as soon as you had pulled the pair out.

“Wow,” you hear from behind you, spinning around quickly to see your husband, standing in front on you, arms crossed in front of his chest and a smirk on his lips. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Harry, stop sneaking up on me like that!” you laugh, moving towards your husband to place a kiss on his lips, watching him smile and laugh as you pull away. “Is Luke asleep?” you ask, turning back around to pull on a pair of jeans and a plain, white, t-shirt.

“He is, and he is all tucked into his carrier. I swear he’s probably sweating in there,” Harry laughs, smiling as your laugh along with him, pulling your hair up into a bun and sneakers being placed on your feet. “Are we ready to go?” he asks, taking your hand and interlocking your fingers as soon as you placed your phone in your back pocket and stood up.

“We are, for sure, babe,” you smile, walking downstairs with your husband and into the lounge, smiling widely at your little boy, and then giggling as soon as Harry says he had to ‘capture the moment’. As soon as he was done, you had picked up the carrier and made your way outside, leaving Harry to lock up the house. No more than two minutes later, after you had buckled your son’s carrier in the backseat, you received an Instagram notification from no one other than Harry, smiling from the driver’s seat as you look over at him. You quickly click on the app, smiling at the picture in front of you, its caption especially.

harrystyles: Heading out for lunch with my little man and @y/nstyles. Pretty sure he’s bundled up for more than a little chill.


You walk into the café, one hand interlocking with Harry’s and the other mindlessly sitting in your jacket pocket, trying to warm from the outside cold. Harry has Lucas’ carrier in his other hand, holding it with ease and the hostess walks you to a private table. Harry immediately takes your son from his carrier, pulling him into this arms and letting him lay there until coffee and tea arrived for the both of you.

“This was really nice, baby, thank you,” you say, leaning over your cuppa and smiling at the man sitting across from you, your heart fluttering with the sight. Harry smiles, taking a quick sip of his drink before taking your hand and interlocking it with his own from across the table.

“No need to thank me, my love. I wanted to go out with you. I always want to. I love to see you after you’ve taken that breath of fresh air because I know you needed it. We’ve been together for a long time, and I know it can be hard when I’m not home. Just tell me if you need more help, okay?”

“I love you,” you whisper, kissing his hand before letting go and thanking the waitress as she placed your soups down on the table. You and Harry ate fairly quick, not realising how hungry you had actually gotten. As soon as you both had finished, Harry paid the bill, smiling over as you thank him again, kissing you quickly once you stand up. You take the carrier, smiling down at a still-sleeping Lucas, thankful he had not woken up during your peaceful lunch.

As soon you reach the door, you can see the flashing of lights and your face immediately scrunches with worry. Harry whips around taking the baby carrier from your hands and pulling the cover over of your son. “Walk in front of me, alright? We’ll be fine, baby. I’ve got you,” he whispers in your ear, thanking the hostess in the front before opening the door and beginning the journey to his car. You stayed close, hand wrapped around your husband’s waist, head down trying to ignore the commentary being thrown your way.

“Let us see the baby! Y/N are you feeling up to leaving the house? How is life with three children now? It sure seems to be taking its toll on you! Is Harry home enough?”

“Can you leave me, my wife, and my son alone now? I shouldn’t be mobbed with my family. That is fucking ridiculous. Have pictures of me, say what you want, but you won’t take advantage of my family. So if you would, please move out of our way,” Harry yells, causing the flashing and yelling to stop for moment, allowing you to pass safely through and into the car, settling in the back seat, where you strapped your son in, as well as yourself. “Are you okay?” Harry asks as soon as he shuts the car door.

“We’re fine, babe. Thank you,” you smile, placing a small kiss to his lips and then lightly turning him around, nudging him to start to drive, this way you could pick up your girls from school. As soon as Harry began to pull out of the space and into the park, stopping the car when the flashes begin once again.

“Stop following me, please. I am just trying to pick my daughters up from school,” he says, voice frustrated and tired. He quickly closes his window, pulling up the car a tad, leaning forward to check for any other cars and pulls out of the car park as fast as possible, leaving the paparazzi behind. “Now, let’s go pick up our daughters,” Harry smiles, looking back at you from the rear view mirror, earning a grin and giggle from you, leaning forward to give a head nod for your husband to move at the green light.


“Mummy, guess what we did in Arts today?” Hensley says excitedly, a slight lisp evident. You signal for your daughter to wait a minute, picking her up and putting her in her seat, buckling her tight, and placing a kiss to her lips before walking around to your seat.

Harry smiles as he sees you and your two daughters walking hand-in-hand towards the car. This was his life. You and his children were his whole world and these little moments were times that he realised it more than any other.

He quickly steps out of the driver’s seat, grabbing Heidi by the sides and placing kisses on her face, picking her up and putting her in the car-seat, peppering kisses all along her face, earning giggles from his five-year old.

“Now, Hens, what did you do in Arts today?” you ask, watching her face light up as she begins to explain her new pottery craft.

“Mummy, the clay was so sticky, and Ms. Clyde had to come and help all the kids make it not sticky so we could make it a shape. I made mine a stage, Daddy, just like where you sing. I asked if I could have more to make you and my uncles, but she said no,” she says, head drooping low.

“Hey, sunshine. I am going to love it. Because I know you made it for me. I don’t need to be put on it, that’s okay. I love you so so so much. When we get home you better give me extra hugs, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy. I love you,” Hensley says, a smile finding its way back on her face.

You look at your husband and you can just feel your heart fill with more love for him. He always knew exactly what to say to both you and your children and his love that he shows for your babies is something that will never stop making you smile. “I love you,” you say, leaning over and pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips, earning you a smile and a dimple to indent. You love how all three of your little ones have that dimple, it was probably the cutest sight when all four were smiling and the smiles were identical, that was your family.

“I love you more,” he whispers, kissing the back of your interlocked hand.

“Mumma, Daddy, I got to draw a picture in class today. You wan’a see?” Heidi asks, already leaning over to take the drawing out of her tiny backpack. You lean back around to look, watching as your youngest daughter happily points at your family. Your husband standing next to you, then your two daughters, and little Lucas sitting in front.

“I love it, baby,” you say, blowing a kiss to her and folding the picture up nicely in your jacket pocket.

You unbuckle your seat-belt as soon as you feel the car stop, stepping out of the car to unbuckle Hensley, and then taking both her and Heidi’s hands, after Harry had unbuckled her. You walk up, opening the front door, two little girl talking about their days to each other and then quickly walking into the house, waiting by the door to step out of their shoes and jackets, then walking over to the table to do their work. You lock the car right after your husband had shut the door and begun to walk up the steps and inside the house with your son still asleep. As soon as everyone was safely inside the house, you close the door and lock it, taking the picture from your pocket, and then hang up the coat you had been wearing, taking Harry’s along with it.

You walk into the kitchen, after reaching up to take a frame from the cupboard, leaning against the island to place the picture in the glass, smiling as you saw your baby babbling on his mat, finally awake and alert, two little girls doing their school work at the table, and then your husband to come around and place his hands on your hips, leaving a kiss on your neck before settling his chin on your shoulder and looking at the picture himself.

“We truly have everything we’ve ever wanted, don’t we?” he smiles, kissing you lightly as you turn around, your hands around his neck, digits playing lightly with the curls on the nape of his neck, causing you to smile back at him.

“We really do.”

Hi, babes.

I’m working as fast as I can to get all of the Harry imagines up tonight and tomorrow, this way I can move on to the requests and other series imagines. I’m trying to sort the new blog out in a way that fits for me, so if you could please hang on for a bit.

Message me for another request and I’ll talk to you all soon.

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Lots of Love,

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anonymous asked:

9, 15, 21? thank you 😊

hi anon, thank you for sending me these! <3 

9. What’s your aesthetic?

Space! Space! Space! ^-^

15. Tea, coffee or hot cocoa?

Tea! Sweet tea is my jam, our family makes it ridiculously sweet xD

21. Favorite word?

That’s a hard one, i am getting on that ‘yaint’ bus right now xD but i also loved the word dinoflagellate when i first heard it, it just sounds funny xD

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