*whispers* Hello, yes, rebloggle if you want one of these kindasortanottoougly,Iguesstheycouldbeconsideredokay portrait thingies of your GDA or Apres OC ’ v ’ I’m kinda busy with graduation thingies so it may take a while and they may not turn out too great, but I promise I will finish them or I’ll make my cousin punch me in the face.

Hey look at my ugly face (old pic that I look good in)
I don’t really wanna but hey I’m game
I’m Mexican American my dad is half but my mom is full (I need to spend time with get tbh)
I like this a lot it makes me feel better about myself and my color which is what I need really because I.think you have to be white to be beautiful and if you’re dark you’re ugly
Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle ✨✨

I have days where I feel ugly as hell & go on a selfie-taking hiatus.
Then I have days where I just sit in the bathroom in the mirror looking at my face & playing with my hair for hours(not really but I be in there for a while lol)
Im a gawdess both days tho 😊💁💅

LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! These took a week to get from Singapore to Kuwait WHICH IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! 

I bought these from the VERY LOVELY jinki-bunny AND I LOVE THEM!

I can never have enough VIXX I swear! ♥ 

Don’t look our ugly floor and look at my pretty face instead lol but I really wanted to take a good picture of the items because I love them so I hope this is good enough! My sister got her Onew gift as well but once they are in her hold she won’t give them back to me to take a picture lol 

Thank you also for the EXO cards ♥

Amy Reed’s Dark YA Picks

My taste in YA, and in books in general, leans toward the dark side. I love characters on the fringes, characters who are deeply flawed and struggling with things outside the realm of most people’s experiences. Extreme situations create a kind of magnifying glass on the human condition; they bring out the very best and the very worst of people. The stakes are higher. People show who they really are. And sometimes what they show is ugly.

Some call these complex, flawed characters “unlikable,” but I love them. (For more of my thoughts on “unlikable” characters and why I write them, read my guest post at Stacked Books. My new book, INVINCIBLE, is about a girl who survives cancer only to spiral into self-destruction. This is not your typical sick-lit book, not about a sweet, heroic kid facing their illness with courage and charm. It is not even really about being sick; it is about what happens after someone survives, after she gets a second chance at life and realizes she doesn’t know who she is, what she wants, or who she loves. It’s about what happens after the happy ending.

So in honor of complex, flawed, deep characters, I’d like to share a few of my very favorite YA novels with beautifully wounded heroes.

Punkzilla, by Adam Rapp: This 2010 Printz Honor book is the story of a 14-year old runaway boy trying to make his way across the country to see his brother before he dies. It is told in letters, and the narrator’s voice is one of the most unique and memorable I’ve ever read. He describes a series of seedy, sometimes dangerous encounters on his journey with the dark humor of someone who has seen more than their fair share of horrors, but beneath his toughness is a vulnerability, humor, and kindness that shines through the darkness.

Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson: This is by far the most powerful, scary, and beautifully written book I’ve read about an eating disorder. It tells the story of a girl who just lost her best friend to anorexia and is on the same path to join her. With lyrical and poetic language, she narrates her struggle and self-destruction as she starves and cuts herself in her attempt to disappear. But ultimately, despite the twisted form it takes, what she wants more than anything is to be good. There is hope here, as painful as it is to find it. This is a horrifying and beautiful read.

All the Rage, by Courtney Summers: I love all of Courtney Summers’ books, but this one is my favorite. It is about a girl who is shunned by her entire community and relentlessly bullied after coming forward about her rape by the most popular boy in school, who also happens to be the sheriff’s son. It is a powerful indictment of rape culture and herd mentality. It would have been easy to make the main character a generic, one-dimensional, flawless “victim,” but Summers is too good a writer for that. Romy is painfully human; she has her own demons to battle and she makes some flawed choices. Every word in this book reads true and real and necessary. It should be required reading in all high schools.

Girl, Interrupted, by Susanna Kaysen: This isn’t technically YA because it was published for an adult audience and the main character is college-aged, but it was my most beloved book as a teen. It’s the story of a young woman’s two-year stay in a mental institution during the 1960’s. There are obvious parallels to my own life, as I had been dealing with my own clinical depression and anxiety, and had been institutionalized for chemical dependency at age sixteen. As a teen, I could relate to the idea of being locked-up, of having one’s freedom stolen. I could relate to the feeling of powerlessness and the suspicion that important information was being kept from me. The narrator describes her fellow patients with detailed precision, and while they show obvious signs of being “crazy,” there is something relatable and admirable about all of them. It is a story about being lost, confused, and disillusioned, of trying to find oneself in a strange world with no anchors. Basically, being a teenager.

Amy Reed (@amyreedfiction) lives and writes in the mountains of North Carolina. She is the author of the gritty, contemporary Young Adult novels BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, CRAZY, OVER YOU, and DAMAGED. Her sixth book, INVINCIBLE, the first in a two-book series, releases April 28 with Katherine Tegen Books/an imprint of HarperCollins. 

anonymous asked:

dont give a fuck you still ugly af

Oh welcome back!! 

I am assuming that you are the anon from 4 months ago who had such lovely things to say about my appearance! 

While you have been gone I have continued being adorable as fuck!

Like so~!

Oh right but you said something, yes…

But what is this?

It seems I can’t hear you

Over the sound of people saying fantastic things?

How tragic

I suppose I will just continue to be fabulous then!