Either people like leaving me out of the loop or I’ve simply become so distant that I didn’t know I was an aunt till a bit ago. I saw the stomach, I just refused to believe anything and on top of that I find out that my lovely step sisters are coming into my room to do who knows what. I don’t care really, about someone coming into my room but I really liked it if they asked permission. I know Sam raised them better than to be savages. On second thought though, stay out of my room, I want to spend it with my little niece who seems to be too innocent to see all these ugly faces.

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93 +Selfie

Oh Gods, but Seth I’m looking so ugly right now

93) What’s the hair style you wear the most?

Just the normal boring hair down. I wanna grow it out really long, like down to my ass because it’s been forever since I’ve had hair that long and I miss it.

Selfie, huh? ok :P Keep in mind that it is 11:09 right now and I am in my jammies and in no way shape or form looking cute, ok? Cool

*coughs up a picture of myself*

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my stim is to pick my face, like even when I'm going to sleep I do it to calm myself down. I have no idea what to do to stop, or how to replace it. I'm really embarrassed by it because it obviously affects my face and I'm terrified of being viewed as ugly. I don't know what to do. :/

thats probably dermotillomania. @actuallyadhd has a cool tag abt it maybe u could check that out or ask them for tips, bc they might know

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No matter what you do, you will NEVER be a "real man" to me, and what you did to your body is SICK!!! I would NEVER cut-up my sweet little arms to create a non-functional, counterfeit "penis," and I would NEVER consider you for a boyfriend/husband (if liked guys) because you'll always be a sad counterfeit and not a genuine XY male.

lmfao i don’t even have to meet you or see your face to know your ignorance and ugly. Lets just remember I don’t even have “balls”, but have more balls than you. I can put my story and my face to my name, can you? No, cause your a coward and decided to write me on anon. So i hate to break it to you, but i don’t really care what you think cause you will never affect or change me. You won’t anger me. You won’t make me sad. You just look ignorant and stupid. Your ignorance in 2016 is just astounding, and guess what, pretty soon your way of thinking WILL be the minority. 


I just want to say to all my friends and followers, new and old, that you all fucking rock.

The intelligent discourse, positivity, and enthusiasm that’s been going on the last couple of days in the face of a really ugly situation has been nothing short of awe inspiring. Every day I read more and more incredible theorizing and research. I see so much optimism and hope. I think all this bullshit has done is reassured us that we’re not only right, but we’re close.

Keep on keeping on, my loves. The finish line is a great place for us to start.

I was tagged by the BEAUTIFUL @kimbap-kidding-me <3<3<3<3 to do the selfies tag. Thank youuuuu~

As you can see , I keep getting uglier ugh Jimin wouldnt date me :’(

First one was taken at school today^^ You can see how much of a good student I am :P

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 You dont have to do this if you’re not comfortable!!!

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don't flatter yourself hun. you look like a typical below-average pasty white bitch. you're nothing special.

I know what you do. You resent the fact that other people can love themselves while you’re forced to sit around and rot with your ugly soul. You look around hunting these people to tear them apart, bring them down to your pitiful level. You’d do anything to love yourself, baby, I know it. I want you to love yourself. But hurting others won’t do a good thing, because most know how to get back up and move on, unlike you. If you keep it up, you’re only gonna hate yourself more, I promise it.

As for me, I know my value. I love myself so much, and nothing you say to me can change that because your opinion is worth nothing. 

I don’t know you and I really don’t care to. Your face might not be ugly, but I know it must be miserable existing with such a hideous soul.

Text: I love writing submissions for this blog because Gerard has, in a very indirect way, helped me through so much. My mom has fourth stage cancer, and she’s been sick for almost five years. Often I find myself very caught in the middle of wanting her to live long enough to see her get better and wanting all her pain to go away by allowing her to die. It’s a struggle I and my family face everyday, and I don’t know how to tell anybody about it. Sure, my friends know my mom’s sick, but I don’t really feel helped by anyone. But almost everyday, my brother and I sing MCR songs to the top of our lungs–and we sing loudest when life hurts hardest. That’s why “Cancer” matters so much to me. That’s why “Helena,” “My Way Home Is Through You,” “Disenchanted,” “The World Is Ugly,” “The Light Behind Your Eyes,” and “Famous Last Words” are the most powerful songs ever. And those songs help keep my brother alive too; he became depressed and almost suicidal since my mom got sick. I don’t want to give out so much on here that it makes me or other people uncomfortable. But I’m really having a hard time with how I’m living. And honestly, there are days when I don’t want to talk to anyone but Gerard. Even if he doesn’t know me, he understands me & my brother so much.

Have something nice to say about Gerard Way? Submit it here!

I’ve been drawing bowls of fruit and sheets draped over furniture all day and I’m about ready to pull my hair out. I’m going to take a break and sketch a bit tonight, but I have to start drawing for this realism project we got in art, so if anyone wants to be a model let me know. I’m just as good at realism as I am at my normal style, so I promise not to butcher your face. Unless it’s already ugly to begin with, then I can’t really help you.

I have teared up at shows, I have had tears streaming down my face at shows, but only at Allegiance have I full out ugly BAWLED. At first I was just crying and then before I knew it I was just sobbing uncontrollably.

It’s a really great show guys. Holy shit. Will gather my thoughts on it tomorrow and really tell you why everyone who can should absolutely go see it.

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Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed by how ugly I am. I'm a size 12, I have so many stretch marks (my arms, my thighs, my stomach), I don't have a well defined jaw line and so get a double chin really easily, I'm a hairy person (even my face is hairier than other people's and I've been teased for it), the pores on my face are massive, my complexion is quite red and people say I look sunburnt, and my pubic bone sticks out so much compared to other girls that I have to watch what I wear

bb im a size 12 too :))) there’s nothing wrong with being a lil bigger, i’ve learned to embrace it and i’m working at losing a bit of fat and getting fitter, you definitely have to put in the work for it though :) i don’t have a well defined jaw either! and i go red super easily, even when im not ‘blushing’ if it’s above 30 degrees i look like a beetroot hahaha, that’s one of the reasons i started to wear makeup and once you get really good and start using the right products, you can get rid of the redness and use contouring to help with your jawline :)

you can get wax strips for your facial hair! if you’re really that sensitive about it, you could wax the hair off, i’ve got no idea how often you have to do it though :(((

you need to either learn to embrace the things that make you you (sucks to hear i know, but it can be done!), or find ways that you can change those things that you don’t like about yourself. start going for jogs, set an alarm on your phone for 5pm every day, download the 7 minute exercise app and run through it once or twice :) don’t use pink based foundation! that’ll bring out the redness more :) find a yellow based foundation and invest in a green concealer, sometimes if i know it’ll be a hot day i mix green concealer with a lil moisturiser and put it on before my primer and foundation, it really helps to cancel out the redness :))) 

i love you, and if i can love you than so can you xxxxx

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(pokemondreamer) *finger slowly approaches Vi's nose* So how can you tell what's around you if you're blind? Poke at everything with a psychic ping or what? Or are you really NOT blind and just have trouble seeing through all that fur in front of your face?

Virus: “And to answer your question.. Yes. I really am blind, the fur infront of my face is just to hide the ugly eyes. I don’t want others to see them.”

Advice from an Ugly Duckling

I have a big nose, my face is full of acne, my stomach isn’t flat, I have frizzy hair and has a lot of scars all over my body. So basically, I’m ugly. Let me tell you a story. I was on my way home from a friend’s house. I was walking on the street when I came across a bunch of guys laughing. I aleady know that they were laughing at me. I immediately look down but that didn’t stop them. One guy told me that I was really ugly and another guy agreed. The other one said that he would only fuck me if I had a mask on. The guy replied “no man, she’s really ugly.” They laughed at my face and intentionally shout those words for me to hear. I cried so much that day. I was really depressed but I moved on. Because you know what? I am glad that I am nothing like them, that I wouldn’t do that to anyone. That even though I’ve heard the word ugly so many times, my personality is still beautiful. Maybe you’re not as beautiful as what the society tells you to be, but there is something extraordinary about you. Don’t let those people define who you are. Don’t let them stop you from doing what you want. Study hard. Be good at something. Be successful. Be happy. ❤

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1, 22, 46, 47, 50, 51 and 57 Wow I asked a lot oops.

1) selfie 

22) description of crush 

they’re too cute and cool for me and I love their hair and smile and personality and everything wow ok bye 

46) what my last text message says

I’ve answered this one in a previous ask and its an unfortunate trainwreck 

47) turn offs

idk soz ☆゚.*・。゚

50) favorite picture of your idol 

i was going to put an ugly edit of a trash bin with dan’s face on it but here’s a PJ instead 

51) starsign

taurus nice

57) favorite animal

I’m really enthusiastic about cats