Hey! 🙋🏻 This is going to be quick ok but i just wanna thank you for following my blog 😘 it means a lot. I realise my blog isn’t the best and I sometimes post things that have been posted before! Sorry!! The echelon is like a den where I can escape for a few hours and be happy ✌🏻️ I would also like to thank those who’ve been kind and sent me really lovely messages 🙊 THANKS ! Hopefully this isn’t to annoying but I just want to thank you 👊🏻

Hi :D
  •  I’m Miranda but I don’t really like my name so you can call me Kaylee (long story)
  • I’m 16 years old, soon to be 17 :D
  • My hobbies include sleeping and tumblring)?
  • Music saves my life everyday (literally)
  • I speak english and spanish so you can talk to me in either of them
  • Bands and singers like 5sos, green day, Halsey, Lorde, Lana del Rey, and many others, give shelter from reality
  • I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks so if you feel like talking to me I’ll be more than happy :) I really need some friends
  • Eating is my passion
  • My favorite tv series are: American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Greys Anatomy, Sense8 and PLL
  • Excuse my ugly face

My depression is getting bad again it’s so fucking annoying like what the actual fuck really come on fucking come on I said I was ok with fucking dying why the fuck do you think I drink 3 energy drinks a day like come on go ahead kill me what the fuck do I gotta offer this world but am ugly face and insufficient talent

anonymous asked:

okay. so i got some new makeup the other day bc a lot of my old stuff was crappy and like five years old. and like, literally i just feel so happy with good make up on and your vids and pics helped me think about styles of makeup to try (even though i could never do false lashes lolol) and just. bless you for sharing the love and helping us clueless ladies out with your vids and pics. i felt so ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž putting it on and i just wanted to share the happiness.

right!!!! Idk recently I’ve been feeling soooooooooo ugly without makeup and I know I’m not the best without makeup but like I’ve been crying about it because I’ve been really upset with my face lately and I’m happy to get my teeth fixed again bc I feel like that’s a big part of it and idk

BUT IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE HELPED!!! Makeup is so awesome

Reasons to love Tegan and Sara:

1. Let’s start this list off by stating the obvious, they are both hot as frick.

2. Sara’s selfies.

*sweats profusely* 

3. Tegan’s glasses.

4. Sara’s dorky fucking face.

 fuck u

5. They’re both super gay and proud to be gay which is so inspiring and just great.

6. Sara’s passion for reading. 

you know what’s really attractive? Intelligence.

7. Sara’s relationship with Holiday.

so adorable.

8. Tegan’s sexy curls. 

9. They have both written some incredible songs.

To name a few of my favourites incase you wanna check them out:

Knife Going In (Sara)

Someday (Tegan)

Want To Be Bad (Sara)

So Jealous (Sara)

10. That time they both wore huge ugly ass (but adorable) Christmas sweaters.


11. They share clothes.

ugh, how twin of them

also look at Tee’s fedora.

Dear Cis People:

Don’t fucking tell me ‘oh but you looked so pretty as a girl’ no, I was never a girl 'but if you dressed a little nicer you’d look so cute’ shut the hell up I love how I dress 'it’s such a shame you go and wear those ugly boys clothes, really doesn’t suit you’ WOULD YOU FUCKING SHUT UP CLOTHES CAN NOT BE GENDERED AND I AM A BOY GET THE HELL OVER IT OR GET OUT OF MY FACE YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT I STRUGGLE ENOUGH WTH MY FUCKING SELF LOATHING I DONT NEED YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL EVEN WORSE

anonymous asked:

I find it really funny that you post a lot of selfies becuz youre fat and ugly anyways and no filter is gonna change that

okay, you know what? yeah. my face is odd-looking.

i’m chubby in my midsection

(and everywhere else for that matter)

but what i’ve learned is that that’s okay! i have some problem parts, but they don’t define me. i can still look cute in a dress

have on point eyeliner

and wear red lipstick

because guess what? i’m fat, a solid 4/10 at best, but i’m bomb as hell

Thanks! <3

an open letter

dear kimyugyeomsgirl, previously asianboyswhy:

i find it really funny. like, hilarious, even. the fact that you are a self-proclaimed “not-racist” while you stereotype asian girls, while you insult us, belittle us, and step on us. you think you’re not being offensive when you say “asian privilege.” but you’ll never have to face real repercussions for the bullshit you’re saying because you’re white.

but you’re not gonna understand that.

instead, understand how many asian girls you’ve hurt in the past few days. by calling us all ugly, calling us all submissive, boring, shy, etc. you’re just hiding behind a computer screen and it’s really fucking pathetic that you’re hurting my people with your words.

and this is all because you’re jealous that asian guys won’t date you. please.

i ask you to leave my people alone. i ask you to stop hurting girls and making them cry. we’ve ALL heard these insults before. we don’t need to hear them again or ever. you can recreate your blog five times, but i’m never gonna stop being angry because this is an issue that too many people overlook.

i’m calling you out and i’m tired and sick of you.


Got my hair cut…which isn’t noticeable at all really but still it was cut 💇🏽💇🏼✂️


Had such a great day today, I went for a meal and wore a dress and everything! 👗✨

(I’ve also been asked to do some modelling thing….Ikr..why me…?!😂)