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No matter what you do, you will NEVER be a "real man" to me, and what you did to your body is SICK!!! I would NEVER cut-up my sweet little arms to create a non-functional, counterfeit "penis," and I would NEVER consider you for a boyfriend/husband (if liked guys) because you'll always be a sad counterfeit and not a genuine XY male.

lmfao i don’t even have to meet you or see your face to know your ignorance and ugly. Lets just remember I don’t even have “balls”, but have more balls than you. I can put my story and my face to my name, can you? No, cause your a coward and decided to write me on anon. So i hate to break it to you, but i don’t really care what you think cause you will never affect or change me. You won’t anger me. You won’t make me sad. You just look ignorant and stupid. Your ignorance in 2016 is just astounding, and guess what, pretty soon your way of thinking WILL be the minority. 


I just want to say to all my friends and followers, new and old, that you all fucking rock.

The intelligent discourse, positivity, and enthusiasm that’s been going on the last couple of days in the face of a really ugly situation has been nothing short of awe inspiring. Every day I read more and more incredible theorizing and research. I see so much optimism and hope. I think all this bullshit has done is reassured us that we’re not only right, but we’re close.

Keep on keeping on, my loves. The finish line is a great place for us to start.

I was tagged by the BEAUTIFUL @kimbap-kidding-me <3<3<3<3 to do the selfies tag. Thank youuuuu~

As you can see , I keep getting uglier ugh Jimin wouldnt date me :’(

First one was taken at school today^^ You can see how much of a good student I am :P

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 You dont have to do this if you’re not comfortable!!!


❤️   ❤️ MIAMI MORTY COSPLAY  ❤️  ❤️

Golden shorts, USA shorts, dollars crop top, golden cross… What else ?

Hope you’ll like it ? I look like a huge tired ugly dork, but I did my best. I hardly slept because of the roller derby championship, I nourrished my body with nothing but beer and vegetarian hot dogs for two days, so I’m not the skinnier version of me, but I tried ? I’m really challenging myself by posting this here, damn.

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Yesterday, I met Yokoyama after a long time.
Many promises remain unaccomplished 

I also really look forward for the opening day of Team A on February 10th. Yokoyama really does her best, I definitely want to burn into my eyes that figure of her.

Yesterday, Yokoyama’s face didn’t look ugly.
What a shame…..
T/N: Probably referred to this

Either people like leaving me out of the loop or I’ve simply become so distant that I didn’t know I was an aunt till a bit ago. I saw the stomach, I just refused to believe anything and on top of that I find out that my lovely step sisters are coming into my room to do who knows what. I don’t care really, about someone coming into my room but I really liked it if they asked permission. I know Sam raised them better than to be savages. On second thought though, stay out of my room, I want to spend it with my little niece who seems to be too innocent to see all these ugly faces.

@snarkyhetalian tagged me for the 20 beautiful (ah the sweet lies) people challenge so here i am rocking that straight outta Tim Burton’s movies and probably a several trashcans look 

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give me notes i spent a lot of time trying not to look ugly when i am this is hard you know even though i failed