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Wow. I'd be a misandrist too if I were you. With a face like that and an ugly personality to match, you've never had a date

I meant to post a photo of my husband on his birthday when we went out, but here he is!

Awww, he’s so adorable. I bought him that shirt for his birthday, it looks really good on him. but then again most colours do, he has that great Greek complexion, you know? 

Anyway, we went out to celebrate his 31st birthday and we watched Inside out (it was soooo good) and instead of having a cake we got some yummy things at a bakery and we went home and he worked on the graphics tablet I bought him. 

He’s a programmer by trade and when I finish school he is super excited to make mega feminist video games with me. 

Thanks for your concern about my dating life though, so sweet <3

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I've noticed that in two of your asks, you mentioned playing the Walking Dead. I really enjoy the series as a whole, regarding choices and of course, Clementine. She had such character arch from season 1 and in season 2. In your perspective, what did you think of her. And more importantly, who did you choose at the end of season 2?


So, I’ve played season one of the Walking Dead game, and I cried ugly, gross, sobby tears. I loved it, and I loved Lee, and I loved Clementine. And it HURT ME. It took me a little while to get used to the art style, and to stop panicking every time a timed choice came on (who am I kidding, I’m panicking now thinking about them), but REALLY got invested and was very emotionally moved.

…and I OWN the second season, but haven’t played it yet! I don’t know why. Time. Perhaps fear of more ugly, gross, sobby tears. It’s on my list, though! So I don’t know ANYTHING about Season Two! I haven’t (yet) been spoiled. Really, I should play it soon just to ensure I DON’T wander into a spoiler!

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10 & 18 💕

10: worst experience?
I have 2 stories that happened at the same place on the same year (last year)😭😂 first: my eyebrows!! I wanted to go to the beauty salon who is located at like 5mins away from my house to fix my eyebrows (I didn’t like them idk) and that day I asked the girl for a natural shaped style(?!). When she finished she showed me the result and my eyebrows were so so thin (I’m not saying that thin eyebrows are ugly they just don’t match my face) and I was looking like an old grandma and now (1 year later) I still struggle with my eyebrows because they never really came back to my natural shape (even if I didn’t wax them for a year) so I have to fill them a little bit with a pencil!! Second: my grad pic. Okay so on my grad pic day I went to the same beauty salon to get my makeup done because at that time I didn’t know a lot about makeup. So I was getting my makeup done by the same girl who had fucked up my eyebrows the week before because she was the only one available on that day. She never showed me the makeup while she was doing it and idk I was scared to ask and when she finished it I was disappointed like really fucking disappointed it was way too much I had like 30kilos of makeup on my face at first I was like “okay it’s not that bad I will try to fix it at home”(+ this shit COST ME $40). Fuck. Well I came home and I just realised that I couldn’t do anything so I just took my grad picture like that and I remember feeling like a real piece of shit because ALL the girls were pretty with their makeup and then there was me UGH. Btw my picture was horrible 😅 and I never came back to this beauty salon. END OF THE STORY 🙏

18: What made you make a Tumblr?
I created my Tumblr in 2012 when Tumblr was the new cool thing and my friends already had their own so I was like why not? 💘


hey everyone!!

i came up with a fun little game

basically, for a minimum of $1 i will take a photo doing anything u want!! (obviously nothing nsfw or unsanitary)

for example:

  • putting all my hats on my head
  • holding all my pets
  • making really ugly faces
  • putting my hair in a thousand different braids
  • wearing a fake moustache
  • pretty much anything !!!!!

just donate $1 (depending on the request obviously, if youd like something super crazy or a video or something, we can discuss u feel me) to my paypal and send me a screenshot of your donation and your request!! ill post it and tag u !!!

every donation means a lot to me, so thank u very much!!


The Queen Slays

I really, really, REALLY love how Mitch looked back in 2012/2013, so I decided to do an appreciation post (unfortunately the gif count is low but still). I’ve heard people comment on how he was “fat” and outright “ugly” back then and here I am like “god I’d let him sit on my face.” I mean, really, he’s just 🍓ing flawless no matter how he looks. All y’all who says he didn’t look good need to check yourselves. (Putting the gifs under a spoiler since it’s long and I don’t want to stretch your dashes.)

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Six Selfies (shield your eyes)

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I added a seventh, very attractive selfie just as a treat. I apologize for any induced blindness. And yes, I am aware I make the same dumb face every time. I’m a man of many faces and charms.

Also high key recommend reading the captions on these. Some of them are funny and cute.

I guess I’ll tag: mercurysrose, mrsblueskies, black-is–the-color, and misha-smiles because all of my irl people I know of have been tagged

Typical Kamil-Desiderio interaction:

Kam: “look at this dumb ugly face, I’m gonna kiss it >:3”

Desi: “………………. ♥”

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how can you say you like michael's scars? they're right on his face and they're really not nice, they make him look ugly and damaged

You’ve been saying nasty shit like this in my ask for a few days now, but this is just

Okay, first of all, do not tell that to anyone who has scars and is obviously insecure about it.

Secondly, I was stating my opinion, and my opinion about liking Michael’s scars/burns is really none of your business.

I am sorry for my language but you’re such a fucking prick if you think scars make someone look ugly. The only thing that’s ugly right now is your personality and I feel sorry for you being so blinded by your false idea of beauty.

moving on!

yup so, cornerstone has ended a few weeks ago, as we all know. but what is going to happen regarding to drawings i make? will there be another series of drawings?? sit tight because i have stuff planned out and a lot to say!

lets start with something really cool

(got this baby signed at mcm last month, which was amazing =D)

you know whats even cooler? the fact that this book full of ugly sketches is now filled to the very last page. every week, 5-7 drawings for the run of almost 6 months, that is quite something. i finished it all when i was sketching for week 21, and wowee, ive thumbed through everything and there has been A LOT of drawing!

ive already made a seperate post thanking everyone, but i will do it again. without the fabulous content and without all of your support and feedback, i might have given up after week 2. so thank you, once again <3

as for what is going to happen to my drawings, there is news. cool news.

i am currently working on a new yogscast AU! its gonna be heartbreaking, its gonna be great, but its also gonna be a lot of work. i am creating a backlog so i dont run out of stuff to post the next couple of weeks, so hold on to your trousers for a little longer. im gonna aim for a full release! of course ill also keep drawing yogscast related things, so if youre here for that, youre in luck lmao

i think that was it? anyway, thanks again and as always, feel free to drop a comment/suggestion/ask and whatnot =3

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you think you're different and cool with the videos you post and shit but really you just look stupid and uneducated lol #supercool

im uneducated because i wanna make ya’ll smile……listen fam…….don’t be ugly……take a step back…..think about why you are so bitter…..did i kill ur dog?? did i spit in ur moms face..?? no fam…i posted a thirty second long video of me taking a nice relaxing pee….it was extra nice because im on my period so blood clots came out and i felt so pure….anyways…i wanted to share that time w y’all cause it’s a classic and i know many people find a lil bit of joy in tha like haha look at this bitch…peeing….lil funny…..u know how cool it is to make a few people smile via da interwebs…its a better feeling than trying to make someone feel as bad as you do i can assure u on that one….so chill……love urself…love me actually bc im v beautiful inside n out…i actually posted that too cause i looked really pretty today and i wanted to show it off and get attention….its a fun thing to do tbh……try it….look up some cow vids and take a breather…play w urself a lil…

I'm a Larry Girl

Like seriously, I am 25/8!! All day!! Everyday!! Not a game!!
👀ok just needed to get that out of the way before I say what I’m going to say next

I really don’t know how anyone can say that Laurent is ugly and Larry is better looking, I don’t know, do people really believe that’s true? And I don’t just mean because they’re identical twins, like of course they look extremely alike but there are differences. I’m basing my opinion on their faces alone, and I’m being real, I prefer Larry but I can see flaws in Larry’s face, I can’t see any flaws in Laurent’s face, it’s perfect 😂😂😂 so when people are saying Larry’s better looking what are they basing it on?
It intrigues me.