i was just trying to take pics and i accidentally took a video at the same time that i put my phone really close to my face and said “why is she so ugly….” im screaming

General Hux
**pls don’t repost, edit or steal any of my art**


my grandma came over today so I thought I’d show her the wonderful moomin dress I commissioned from Frockasaurus, she thought it was adorable! I haven’t seen her smile like that in ages :’D

it also comes in two modes; party princess and adventure-bound cartoonist

It makes me sad that shit like “Why is everyone obsessed with Adam Driver??? Daisy, John and Oscar are so much better/hotter. The racists/sexists are at it again.” keeps popping up on my dash and in the TFA tags.

Yeah all right, go on, hate more on Adam who already gets shit for having an “ugly face” and portraying a “whiny teenager/joke of a villain”, etc.

Why don’t you just, you know, appreciate all of them for doing a great job on the movie? It’s possible. I do it.

“It’s like every woman in a movie has to be perfectly adorable, and her life is a mess … and only when a man comes in does everything really fall into place. I think the more iterations of a woman that exist, the better. Even if they’re bad, if they’re good, if it’s ugly, if it’s messy — it just is better for everyone to see all of it.”


there’ve been a couple of you asking what I look like recently and the answer is not-usually-like-this because I’ve been ill for four weeks x__x

on the upside I’m feeling better today

also I look even more androgynous than usual imho so that’s cool


just got my hair cut and while the colour fades each time it almost seems to get more iridescent? also I just narrowly avoided getting caught in a rainstorm on the way back aaaaa what the fuck UK

also apparently straightening my hair makes me 40% more anime (or maybe related to Jim Hawkins)

sorry for all the selfies in placement of actual drawings today forgive me this is all I have