All these people who I knew when I was a kid are now fawning over Cara Delivigne’s eyebrows when they used to take the piss out of me for my thick brows all the fucking time. They plucked their eyebrows till they were pencil thin and I’ve embraced my thick brows and now they want brows like mine. Who’s laughing now.

I always complain about not having self control and not being able to stick to my dreams and plans. But then I remember that one time I got jealous of someone who could move both of their eyebrows individually while I could only move one of mine. So I literally exercised my eyebrows every single day for months to be able to move both of them individually. So here I am; with no job and no ambitions - but with hella strong eyebrow game.

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5, Thorin, Bilbo, Thranduil

5. kill, betray, have on your zombie apocalypse team

ooh this one’s goood. damn, i’m slaying that ethereal dick thranduil, because there can only be one vaguely androgynous bitch with hella strong eyebrow game and it will be me i will fIGHT

im gonna have to betray Bilbo, though it would be like a minor betrayal, im not into that stealing-the-arkenstone level shit okay damn

so i guess its Thorin on my zombie apocalypse team which is probably for the best because i am weak and useless 9/10 so i need some one with tactical skills and sTRENGHT HOLY MOLY YES also his eyes good 10/10

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I'd say the most noticeable thing about you is your eyebrows. You have a very strong eyebrow game.

Only because they’re *hella* drawn on :P My actual eyebrows are pretty mediocre lol. But thank you!