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What is your favorite outfit of Tae from WOH, Danger, INU, & Run era?

OKAY SO THIS WAS JUST TOOOO BROAD FOR ME BECAUSE LIKE IDK WHAT KIND OF OUTFITS U MEAN so i just chose my favourite fansign outfit from each era!!!!!

danger - 

ughughuguhg he looked GOOD and i really like that shirt!!!!

woh - 

honestly everything abt this is iconic to me…. the leather jacket.. the striped pants…. and my fave.. THE CRAB HAT!!!!! but seriously this day will go down in history as one of taehyung’s best looks

i need u -

i love this look!!!! the hat is REALLY CUTE and i love his cute, simple, and baggy clothing style, it’s too adorable and it suits him well ^_^

run - 

honestly WILL I EVER RECOVER FROM THIS SWEATER???? probably not. he just looks so casual and boyfriendy that it KILLS ME

also run era was tRULY A BLESSING in terms of fansign outfits so here are two honourable mentions that also just killed me

the choker is honestly… something that i will never recover from tbh. i still have trouble believing it was real….. god bLESS

and this outfit was soooOOOO djhksddsfhj i mean LOOK AT THOSE PANTS fuCKKKK and also i LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt and tie, it made him look so cute n soft dfjjngdk

this post killed me to make, sorry it took so long, i get easily distracted while looking at pictures of taehyung!!!!!

Dear PJ,

Can I beg for a directior’s cut of The Hobbit?

I keep looking forward to the sequel, although I know it won’t be…

I’m just wondering about that millions of bits and miles of film what’s left of the box after the final cut.

I’m patient but eternity seems a bit long…