Dating Min Yoongi would include:

- Cuddles constantly because he is secretly super affectionate
- Spending lazy days napping with each other
- Those special moments when he is really sweet and tender towards you
- You cooking for him because it’s almost impossible to make sure he eats properly
- Stealing his clothes because they are so fashionable and smell like him
- Arguing over who caused the hole in his sleeve but neither of you actually even know who did it
- Either really extravagant anniversary plans or he forgets all together becuase of work
- Passive aggressive fights with under your breath comments or angry stares between the two of you
- Actual fights with lots of yelling and storming around the house
- These types of fights that always end up with really sensual and rough make up sex
- Even though he is dominant in bed, his favorite position would be you on top riding him
- He likes to lay flat on his back with you leaning back against his knees while you grind down on him
- You can expect bruises around your waist from his grip, hair pulling, harsh bites, and LOTS of dirty talk and extensive eye contact
- Him softly kissing all the marks and bruises after because he hates bruising your skin
- Running your fingers through his hair when he is laying his head in your lap
- Slowly scratching his back every morning to wake him because he is ignoring his alarm
- Seeing that gummy smile every morning in bed as he turns to nuzzle into you - Him getting jealous but never wanting to admit it
- snuggling into him on movie night
- Back hugs when you aren’t expecting them and him just sighing happily as he let’s you rest against him
- Suggestive comments and obviously sexual looks towards you in public. He isn’t much for pda but he likes to see you squirm
- Dealing with the members calling you when he won’t answer his phone
- him buying you random things you didn’t ask for and then teasing you about how you’re spoiled and lucky to have such a caring boyfriend
- Him wanting to take care of you because you are his and he is yours
- Him squeezing your thighs and you playing with his soft hands kissing his fingertips while you lay on the couch together
- an all around loving and affectionate relationship

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—Still, if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.